Dave Masko the man who first reported the story of the strange boxes at Stone field beach and Brays Point has been keeping in touch with me regularly. However he has not really given me any real information that I can report to you about the boxes. I have been receiving all kinds of information from other sources about strange activity at the beaches prior to our investigation that happened on February 12th, 2012.

An informant calling himself “friend #5” had informed me that the reason why the beach was closed when we arrived was because the state police were there looking for something.
The National Guard helicopters were seen patrolling the area as well. At least three of the area camping sites were shut down and while it would be common sense for this to take place, the state police presence had a number of locals curious as to what was happening.
The informant had told me that he was not aware of any boxes and that the whole story seemed a bit odd. The photos of the box going around the internet could have been photographed at Stone Field beach however there is no sign of the black flat rock that is seen on that beach. There is very little sandy area there and it seemed unlikely to the informant that the box washed up there; it seemed more likely that the box or boxes were up farther north.
It was reported that there was a DUKW or DUCK vehicle sighted North of Yachats. There were a number of official people looking for the boxes and they allegedly succeeded in loading them up and taking them to Newport airfield where they were loaded on to trucks and taken away. Also there was some activity at Heceta beach on February 11th as well. On February 12th, a man checked into the Lamplighter hotel in Astoria up the Northern Coast. Apparently carrying handguns and automatic weapons.
Officers were called to the Lamplighter Motel around 12:30 p.m. Sunday for suspicious circumstances surrounding a guest. Authorities now say those circumstances included someone seeing a silencer and ammunition for an assault rifle in the man’s hotel room. Possession of those materials without a federal license is a felony in the state of Oregon. Authorities do no believe he had a license.
When officers arrived, that guest was not in his room but police told staff to call if the man showed up again, which he did just before 5:30 p.m.
They then notified federal authorities because of the possible firearms violations.
Astoria Police officers responded, knocked on the door but were refused entry.
The man then allegedly opened the door with a gun pointed at the officers.
Two officers on scene then fired once each at the suspect before he took off in a Chrysler minivan – rented under an alias that is different than the name he gave authorities and different from another name he gave the hotel.
His escape sparked a high-speed chase that reached speeds of more than 110 miles per hour across the New Youngs Bay Bridge, through Warrenton, Gearhart, Seaside, and onto U.S. Highway 26. He was stopped eight miles later with the help of spike strips and a Clatsop County Sheriff’s officer making vehicular contact with the van.
An uninvolved vehicle had its tires accidentally deflated when it drove over the spike strips during the chase.
No one was injured in that incident. There are some reporting that while the man had residence in Washington state he was Russian. The incident could be unrelated to the boxes however the timing of the situation seems odd and police will not say why the man was in Astoria with the weapons. He is also recuperating from his injuries at an unnamed hospital.
Meanwhile two callers into the show last night reported military vehicles carrying boxes on flat beds. One was reported on highway 205 heading North and and another report came from a truck driver who said he saw the same truck carrying Boxes to Lewis McChord air force base.
This also is congruent with reports that Truck drivers reported Military trucks in Newport near highway 20. On February 14th, Roger Clooten received a phone call from a company that does spectral analysis of objects and has a very good idea of what is inside the box and why the Military was so quick to grab them off the beach. After a conference call with the man we may have solved the riddle of the strange boxes. The Boxes may have contained an inert biological virus that could have been activated and released in the United States.
Tonight we bring on the show an analyst that anonymously calls himself Q.R. Bell. He does not want us to post a biography and he is willing to go on the air and reveal what he has determined was in the box, and why he has come to this conclusion.

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