It has been eight months since the devastating disaster at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan. The mainstream news has moved on and not much is being said about the radiation dangers that the devastated plant imposes on the world. Meanwhile in the time of the news blackout we are facing a dark nuclear winter ahead as the area is plagued with more earthquakes and now the possibility that the melting core could eventually trigger a hydro volcanic explosion. This is also known as a China syndrome.

The China syndrome scenario would be our worst nightmare. The reason is because the fuel element assemblies would burn through the containment vessels and housing buildings until it reaches the water below the land. This would send radioactive steam into the atmosphere and have a deadly impact on the environment.
On November 17th, 2011 the Architect of the Fukushima Daiichi Reactor 3, Uehara Haruo, the former president of Saga University admitted a China syndrome at Fukushima is inevitable.
He stated that while the story has been virtually ignored in the world news for 8 months, the tragic story is that there had not been any improvement, it is inevitable that melted fuel went out of the container vessel and sank underground, which is called China syndrome.
He added, if fuel has reaches an underground water vein, it will cause contamination of underground water, soil contamination and sea contamination. Moreover, if the underground water vein keeps being heated for long time, a massive hydro volcanic explosion will be caused. He also warned radioactive debris is spreading in Pacific Ocean. Tons of the debris has reached the Marshall Islands as of November 15th, 2011. There have been a few people who have attempted to discredit this report. However it was reported on November 19th 2011 that a moderate 5.2 Earthquake was felt near Fukushima. While TEPCO reports no harm was done to the Nuclear Plant, the mysteries of what is happening now are far from being answered.
What is happening now is that the blogosphere is reporting major radioactive anomalies happening all over the country. While it is great sport to criticize what comes as news from an unfiltered source it may be wise to become aware of what a lot of news blogs are reporting now about the effects of Fukushima.
The internet like it or not is the people’s press and from what I have been reading people are independently seeking the truth and are measuring the amount of radioactivity in the rain and in the air.
A television report provided by KTLA Channel 5 news took notice of a radiation station that post its reports online and what was being discovered about radioactive air and rain moving up the west coast. Michael Collins set a up a radiation monitoring station online to monitor the radiation levels in California. At first the radiation levels were normal set at about 40 counts per minute.
Now they are exceeding some 200 percent of normal over Southern California. University of California Berkeley has discovered rising radiation in selected produce grown in California. Six items were tested: spinach, strawberries, cilantro, topsoil, grass, and mushrooms. They were measured in Becquerel per kilogram. Five of six items in U.S. food chain sampling test have radioactive particles
Since April 2011 the EPA and others have been finding radioactive particles in milk. The last report was in early may, and then all information was blacked out.
The radiation released by the four damaged TEPCO reactors in the Fukushima Province has vastly increased. Radioactivity has now spread across most of northern Japan and as far south as Tokyo.
Plans are being made for a new Japanese capital and talk in Japan is that Tokyo, one of the world’s biggest cities, may have to be evacuated, even abandoned. Meanwhile, the radiation is spreading through the ocean and deadly particles are being carried by prevailing winds to North America.
While the mainstream has downplayed the possibility of radiation reaching the United States, independent monitoring is showing high radiation levels in the Midwest and in the Pacific Northwest.
Michael Collins has stated that he believes that radioactivity may show up in some of the fruit and some of the fish that are sold in the Northwest. Oregon and Washington may want to investigate their levels of radiation. There have already been reports that seaweed in the Puget Sound contains radiation from the Fukushima disaster.
Meanwhile the beaches may become hazardous as debris from the March 11th, 2011 earthquake and Tsunami is coming to the west coast..There have been reports of cars, tractor-trailers, capsized ships and even whole houses bobbing around in open water.
Members of the U.S. Navy’s 7th fleet, who spotted the floating debris, say they have never seen anything like it and are warning that it now poses a threat to shipping traffic.
Some of the debris to hit the West Coast may be radioactive because of the Nuclear power plant accident.
There is also the risk of some 15,000 bodies or at least body parts being washed up on the beaches.
There have also been reports of radioactive rainfalls in St. Louis Missouri and In Michigan. A report from South East Michigan claims that the rainwater actually caused burns on the skin.
Bottom line is that this is a slow motion nightmare that is secretly burning inside people, Right now there has been no real solution as to what should be done to stop the slow motion death from the disaster at Fukushima, so it will continue to blast all of us with high levels of radiation and will slowly kill millions of people around the globe for years to come. Some nuclear experts are painting the grim reality that it could take up to 50 to 100 years before any of the nuclear material at the Fukushima complex will cool down enough to be removed from the facility.
Putting things into perspective, to this day European firefighters have to be vigilant against the possibility of brush fires kicking up radioactive dust left behind by the Chernobyl disaster and having the population inhale radioactive particles. The firefighters who are asked to combat the local brush fires risk their lives because the smoke and soot carries toxins from the burning vegetation into their lungs. It is forgotten that these effects are continuing to be felt today and we must remind ourselves that the burden of a nuclear disaster of this magnitude has to be carried far into the future,
All Nuclear accidents do not recognize borders nor do they remain in the area where authorities claim they are contained. They all pose a health risk in the environment and even though we are not seeing a stark or an abrupt change in our lives, we could be seeing a deterioration of our health and well being. It will however be immediately explained away as the result of living longer and developing cancers that now are considered normal.
I don’t buy that reasoning. We can maintain healthy lives even with the onset of age. Cancer is becoming something that average people are getting at an alarming rate. It is never explained why this is increasing only that it is because we live longer and that we have to deal with such maladies, We know that not every cancer is always fatal. That life goes on and our bodies all have individual repair mechanisms that can keep us from dying. DNA damage can be irreparable from even very little exposure to radiation. However it most certainly is not detected on a surface level. People do not see the deterioration of cells and the mutations in the DNA strands causing abnormalities.
This is what is so frustrating. If no one sees the effects of the radiation no one will pay attention. One day a malignancy may show up on an x-ray and it will be explained as a result of smoking, or old age. It will most certainly not be tracked to possible ionizing radiation.
As the winter comes there are many people who are not only concerned with the threats of Fukushima, but the very real nuclear threat from other world powers. We are seeing tensions rise with countries who are nuclear powers and other countries that are rumored to be capable of Nuclear attacks. People know that once there is any use of nuclear weapons, it will be like giving permission for anyone to use them. Compare it to a room full of people and one person yawns. Then those who were too embarrassed to yawn do, and others yawn because they are compelled to do it. Once again if a bomb is dropped in country where no American is there to see it does it really affect you?
I guess one needs to ask if they feel fine, or if they are feeling run down. Do they feel satisfied with the food they eat or the water they drink? Are they getting the essentials to insure safety and longevity for their families? Can they really say they that things like major environmental catastrophes do not affect people far away from the site of the disaster? We are seeing more and more economic disruption, agricultural anomalies and soon we will witness the uprooting of people placing them in areas that are far enough away from Ground Zero. Keep being thankful that it is happening to someone else and not you… as you keep telling yourself that the morning cough is normal

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