BREAKING NEWS: Military Surveillence Blimp Exposed

BREAKING NEWS: Military Surveillence Blimp Exposed

First Ground Zero reported the Military movements in the Midwest and east Coast. Then Ground Zero Listeners informed us of a large Military train moving heavy Artillery through Portland Oregon and now we can add a sureveillence blimp that has been exposed over Ohio. “Lockheed Martin reported no problems launching an unmanned aircraft called the Hale -D aircraft from Akron, Ohio . Akron Police and Fire was on location during launch but were released after a successful launch. But Lockheed Martin officials said the flight was terminated at 7:25 am and no one is saying what happened . Harrison County Sheriff Joe Myers said although it was expected to land in Harrison County , it did not . It was not a successful flight and the Top secret surveillence blimp was supposed to hover over the area for 10 days! They will not say what caused it to crash in Pennsylvania. There were reports of a UFO — but now we know it was a Military experimental Blimp. What is Going on?

Here is the News Report
Also here is an article that was Published in UFO Magazine in January of 2000 By Clyde Lewis

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