The most recent meme being manufactured out of Hollywood is from the critically panned movie “Skyline.”  The previews, as impressive as they are apparently can’t save the film. On the screen we see large alien spaceships over the Los Angeles Skyline. The ships send down what appear to be flares that glow with the intensity of a cosmic arc welder. As we see aliens pouncing on sports cars and ships that are vacuuming up scores of humans the words “Don’t Look Up” are seen on the screen.
Well in Los Angeles we are led to believe that they don’t look up and that helicopter pilots are not capable of discerning commercial aircraft from large missiles.  We are led to believe that when people in Los Angeles hear galloping horses they immediately jump to conclusions and think they are hearing Zebras.
We are also led to believe that a government when asked about what appears to be a missile above the pacific, decides to play dumb and then 36 hours later, (enough time to scour the internet for plane departures) can come up with an airliner that could have been in the area spewing out a contrail.  They also can get all kinds of paid talking heads to say it was swamp gas, or a weather balloon, or even some buxom and sexy cougar to say it was shot down by aliens.

[youtube 7UAeSsvHhTg]

Now after a nice diet of nail biting and speculation I decided to go back and review some things you may have forgotten.
As I have been pondering the story of the errant missile that was seen over Los Angeles and watching the unbelievable spin and disjointed belief disconnects from the American people over what really happened in the Pacific Ocean I can now give you some things to think about.
There is a phrase that I want people to understand and have defined because, I am seeing it a lot. It is a phrase known as “False Flag.”   The only thing I can determine is that it is a phrase that has been abused by Alex “Jones Clones” since 9/11 to describe any and all attempts at terrorism.
This needs to end.  The more you use the term “False Flag” the more you are becoming a disinformation stooge.  Keep in mind that not everything is a “False Flag” – Not everything can be traced back to the Northwood’s Document and using the term to describe every little anomaly on the government radar is lazy, misleading and annoying. The situation with the alleged missile was NOT a “False Flag.”
Let us define False Flag, A False flag operation is a covert operation that is made to appear like it has been carried out by other entities. In other words self sabotage with blame given to someone else.
Last time I checked the government did not fire the missile and detonate it on an American city and blame it on the Russians, Iranians, Chinese, or North Koreans.
Therefore the so called missile launch is not a false flag. It was never intended be and to even say it is disinformation.
I am defining this overused term, because of all of the armchair reporters that were all over Facebook and other conspiracy blogs saying it was a false flag attack. I question the motives of people who scream fire during an obvious tidal wave.
What triggered my angst was when I read on a blog that the Government has been busted in their “False Flag” event laying a heavy spray operation that was caught and that the missile story is a red herring for the diabolical plot.
I was thinking okay Einstein; tell me who we are blaming for your so called false flag Chemtrail spraying?
Sometimes I shake my head when I see “catch- all” arguments bubbling to the surface like effluent in a sewer hole.  If it isn’t “project blue beam” It’s a HAARP project secret experiment or now Chemtrail false flag nonsense that screams of disinformation.  Looking at all of these crazy explanations I kind of yearn for those days of yesteryear when everything was blamed on the reptilian aliens from Draco.
In the meantime I would suggest paying attention to the stories surrounding the event instead of waiting for Alex Jones, Wayne Madsen or some other cointelpro knucklehead to give you their “truth.”
It is really important to understand that information; even the “words” used to describe events are being manufactured to get a result.  That is why words like “False Flag” is conveniently used in the mental rolodex, when the more appropriate term that should be used for the missile incident is “broken arrow.”  But now I guess after the entire incident people will believe what they may and willfully deliver whatever fits their agenda. Whether it be a plane, Mega Chemtrail or super elastic bubble plastic.
Anyone remember the balloon boy incident? The entire world embraced the story of the little boy who was allegedly stowed away in a homemade balloon. It was an edge of your seat story, like Chilean miners trapped in a coal mine forced to eat a spoon full of tuna and drink radiator water. Well the media embraced it and sadly enough other people did too even though it  was absolutely ridiculous to think that a Mylar balloon like that had a enough lift  to take a 50 pound boy in the air.
When it was revealed to be a fraud everyone was disgusted that they were duped into believing that a boy was in a balloon that traveled 50 miles. So what happened?  No one wanted to know anymore they just dismissed it, didn’t want to hear about motive didn’t want to hear why—it didn’t matter anymore. It was disposable news and the family’s 15 minutes of fame went over the limit.
We get used to that sort of thing here in America.  We get so many watered down narratives on the nightly news that the stories we should be paying close attention to get treated like the balloon boy story.
The story of the runaway missile should not be treated like the balloon boy story, nor should it be a story that can be easily explained away as some “false flag” event or some dick wagging contest with the Asians.  The ugly truth is still out there and when it is uncovered, reality will bring with it the pregnant pause, and then the  unsettling reiteration of overused hyperbole given liberally by the paid shills and the easy spin given to us by every sharp smiled news authority.
In this missile story authorities have spoken, they have delivered their rehearsed scripts from the Pentagon and any details are washed over and the people can go back to sleep and have their safe and happy American dreams.
The majority of Americans will just take for granted that all is well.  Anyone who questions the entire missile story or points out some of the surrounding anomalies and incongruencies will be labeled a crank or conspiracy theorist.
This is so because Americans believe that if no one was harmed then what is the point of thinking about it.  There is also some denial involved.  Americans tell themselves that our Military is superior and they can account for their activities.  If a missile was really fired from the Pacific where did it go? There seems to be no evidence to support that a nuclear warhead has been fired and if it was, why haven’t we been informed on where it ended up?
Could it be because perhaps the military doesn’t want to report an accident because it could compromise national security?
In 1950 the United States Air Force lost their first nuclear bomb, this incident known as a broken arrow has become shrouded in mystery ever since it happened. The United States Air Force wanted to conduct a nuclear attack simulation drill on the city of San Francisco. They wanted to practice nuclear strikes on San Francisco to prepare them for a possible attack on the Soviet Union.
On February 13th 1950 a Convair B36 bomber took off from Eielson AFB Alaska with crew of 16 on board.  For the so called simulated attack the plane was actually carrying a Mark IV nuclear bomb known as the “Fat Man” which was the advanced version of the nuclear bomb dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.
The flight plan was to journey down the coast of Alaska and British Columbia before turning inland. When it reached the mainland of the United States it was supposed to fly to Great Falls Montana and then carry on to complete its mission by flying over San Francisco before flying on to Texas for landing and debriefing.
All of this was classified meaning the American people and the Media had no idea that a plane carrying a loaded nuclear bomb was flying over their cities and states.
Seven hours into the flight, three of the plane’s engines suffered from flame out.  With only three engines left the plane did not have the power to stay in the air. The crew was ready to abandon the plane. Before abandoning the craft the United States Air Force claims that that the crew detonated the nuclear weapon in mid air over the Pacific Ocean with a non nuclear core the captain allegedly brought the plane over Princess Royal Island so the crew abandon the plane over land and not into the cold Pacific Ocean.  The captain was supposed to have turned on the auto pilot after that.
The truth is that the Military’s story was full of holes. Mainly because after they allegedly disembarked the captain was unaccounted for.  The plane wreckage was found in an unpopulated area of British Columbia and the bomb was nowhere to be found.  When the crash site was found it was completely cordoned off and secretly investigated by the Military.
To this day it is believed that somewhere, either in the Pacific or the Mountains of Canada there is an undetonated nuclear bomb. Since the 1950 incident there have been at least 60 or more missing nuclear bombs and they are still unaccounted for.
Two of my favorite movies are “Dr. Strangelove” and “Failsafe.” Both films illustrated in different ways the trauma of mutually assured destruction.  The concept of total annihilation was not even thought about until the cold war began.  Soon films were urging us to take heed the warnings of nuclear destruction and fallout shelters were being built in suburban areas.  Nations with nuclear capabilities are now something we are used to hearing about.
However we have been so desensitized to an all out mutual destruction that when it is brought up someone who is uncomfortable about the topic will accuse anyone who brings it up of being a doomsayer or being a ne’er do well Chicken little claiming the sky is falling.
We have all taken for granted that if any nuclear warhead is launched and meets its target it would most assuredly be from some nation who has an ax to grind against us. We have already been programmed to believe that any attack against our country is a blow to freedom and that those who attack must hate freedom.
It is unfathomable to even think that we could accidentally launch a nuclear weapon or even have a malfunction or breach that could target an American city or even a nation that is considered an ally.
However movies like “Strangelove” and “Failsafe” take these issues head on.
Back in 2007 there was a story that hit the mainstream press about a B-52 bomber that was loaded at Minot air force base with 6 active nuclear warheads. The bomber flew across the United States and eventually landed safely in Louisiana. The Bomber flew for more than three hours over at least five states before landing.  It was reported by the mainstream media that a plane with a nuclear payload was flying a “routine mission” from base to base. The missiles were carefully crated on board and at no time was the public in danger.
Later after an investigation it was found that the public statement was absolutely false.
The cruise missiles were not being shipped inside the plane but dangling from the underside of the plane. They were in fact fully armed and ready for fire. All the pilot had to do was notify a radar navigator to drop the warheads along the route. Each warhead carried a 150 kiloton payload. With 6 of them on board, the plane had the kill power of 60 times that of Hiroshima making all claims of a “routine” flight spurious.
If one of the warheads were to have been dropped or if the plane had crashed there would have been a “broken arrow” alert where a loose nuclear warhead could have killed hundreds of thousands of people.
Air Combat Command was on Stand down on September the 14th, 2007 to review Emergency Procedures. During the review there was dispute over how many bombs were loaded and how many arrived.  Some reports claimed that six bombs left Minot AFB, but only five arrived at Barksdale the munitions squadron commander was relieved of his duties, crews involved with the mistaken load including all ground personnel were decertified for handling munitions
It was then reported that a group called citizens for Legitimate Government said the six members of the US Air Force who were directly involved as loaders or as pilots, were killed within 7 days in mysterious “accidents”. This sent up a red flag that a deeper conspiracy was afoot and a broken arrow exists somewhere ready to be detonated.
Once the “all clear” was issued or the “Nothing to see here” was issued Americans went on their daily information diet of reality shows and sports events.
In that same year the USS Kitty Hawk was doing maneuvers in the south pacific. One of the stories that slipped by the American press was that during these maneuvers  A Chinese  Submarine slipped past at least a dozen American warships which were supposed to protect the carrier from hostile aircraft or submarines. The Chinese vessel was a Song class submarine and it shadowed the entire group doing their war-game maneuvers. According to sources in NATO the sub was armed. I posted the November 10th, 2007 story on Facebook to show that three years to the day we had an uninvited guest show up at our war games in the pacific.  I hoped to demonstrate that it was possible that an international incident such as a Chinese submarine encounter could have triggered some sort of activity in the pacific.  I also knew of missile launchers called club-K launchers from Russia that could have been used.
The sad thing is that when I posted the articles on Facebook, I failed to mention that this was only an idea – and that it could be part of the reality. Not the complete story. The article spread through the internet like a wildfire. I was posting all kinds of probabilities to try and kill the “False Flag” allegations.
I was told that the article was outdated.  I knew it was. But it was an incident with a Chinese submarine that happened 3 years almost to the day of our little missile mishap.
I use history as an oracle to try and determine the truth. We have had “broken arrows” and sub surprises all the time. We have incidents that happen at sea that aren’t even reported by the press and in order to find the truth you have to look at the foreign press. In order to find the truth you have to look around and see what happened prior to an event, what happened simultaneously and what happened after. After a week of connecting dots and reading whatever I could I have shaped together some very important stories that led up to the missile event and what happened after.
You will see that what I am reporting, and what I have uncovered will give you a clearer picture of what happened.  My conclusions are not necessarily the final conclusion, but with all of the stories that I have read—I can definitely tell you that it was a missile and that if reporters weren’t so lazy they would have challenged the Pentagons’ lies about planes, optical illusions and Contrails.
In order to illustrate what we may be seeing and what may be happening you have to go back to October 23rd, 2010.
A communications malfunction at a Wyoming Air Force base knocked 50 intercontinental ballistic missiles — one-ninth of the U.S. land-based arsenal off line. These missiles were offline for 45 minutes as officials scrambled to get them back online and functioning.  While the Pentagon says that there was no danger of them accidentally launching, the situation was so dire that President Obama, Defense Secretary. Gates and Admiral Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, were notified. The White House declined to say what Obama found out only to reaffirm that we were not in any danger and that there was no security breach or computer hacking from another country involved.
Officials waited 48 hours before reporting the incident and said that there would be back up plans to fire the Minuteman III missiles if the nation were on High Alert.
On November 2nd, 2010 there was a minor seismic thump that originated from the Northwest pacific region and caused the entire North American continent to ring. I was curious as to what might be happening. The only thing I could determine is that something with an awesome power, perhaps a tested weapon or a deep pulse was sent underground. The shock wave traveled 23,280 MPH — and it registered in larger waves all across the United States. The USGS recorded the waves and every reporting station was showing a disturbance underground. Montana, Wyoming and Virginia seemed to get the worst of it and there were many people reporting that they thought it had something to do with the Yellowstone Caldera.
I put a phone call into an old friend and investigator Olav Phillips and he had related to me that not only has the event happened on November 2nd, 2010 but it also has happened a couple of times after and the latest small tremor that has simultaneously been felt across the continent was November 13th, at 04:00 AM MST. This seems to be a pattern and could indicate possible tests of weapons.
As far as we are told we are not on alert. However the United States is in transition after an election Obama is out of the country along with 3000 personnel and staff.  This seems a bit out of the ordinary and people were worried that there may have been tensions brewing with China prior to the G-20 Summit.
These occurrences were strange enough, but to add to the paranormal soup the RSOE Emergency and Disaster Information Service issued reports stating that Canada had an unexplained cosmic event take place on November 5th, 2010. Large fireballs or UFO anomalies were being seen over eastern Canada and parts of the United States, NASA was called in to investigate the case and it was speculated that it had something to do with Comet Hartley 2.  However that hypothesis was criticized when it was revealed that fireballs of that size as close as they were to the earth would have emitted dangerous gasses and so the case is still not closed on the mysterious Unidentified Ariel Phenomena.
After the situation became classified as “unknown,” there were pictures of missiles being filed and posted on the popular blog Above Top Secret. The pictures were showing Missiles in the sky over Scottsdale Arizona. It was speculated that the missiles were fired somewhere near Luke Air Force Base.

No one could verify the missile launch, and the pictures that were posted were reminiscent of the nuclear disaster movie “The Day After” where missiles would fire from silos as if it were a routine event.

[youtube J7vKF0V-A9Y]

The day after the pictures were posted on the Website, the story broke on KCBS that a Missile was seen launched off the California coast. This started the domino effect of speculation.  The military denied that a missile was fired. The Pentagon had said it wasn’t one of ours and it wasn’t from any country that they were aware of. So the question was what had happened?

[youtube 0EBcjQKwAHc]

A day later there was an alleged communiqué received through a European source and confirmed by Russian intelligence that an EMP signature was recorded by a Russian satellite.  The small EMP charge was fired at about 0600 hrs PST 200 miles off the coast of California in the Eastern Pacific. This was supposedly part of some war games maneuvers carried out in the area.
The Carnival Cruise line “Splendor” was in the area and in the early Morning of November 8th. 2010 the boats engines lost power and caught fire.  The cruise was dead in the water with 4,500 people on board. Passengers were unable to use their cell phones. There was no running water and no toilets. Before the engine power ceased the passengers had felt the boat shaking.
Meanwhile 50 miles away was the USS Ronald Reagan doing maneuvers.  The first to respond to the S.O.S. was the coast guard and not the Military.  What was the Military doing in the area?  Well according to their own Military Maritime notice issued October 6th. The military was engaged in Missile exercises.  The notice was available to the public and I was able to capture a screen shot of the document.

The warning that was given to all ship captains and pilots was to steer clear of the activities in the area.  The entire document was them removed from the Military server.  We saved the document so that you can read it. The documents warning boats to stay clear can be found on page 55.

It should also be noted that a NOTAM or a “Notice to Airmen” was posted by the FAA just hours before the missile was filmed by the Helicopter pilot in Los Angeles The NOTAM clearly stated to keep away from the area because of Military activities.  It stated that “Due to an activation of W537 by the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division, the following restrictions are necessary. For the security of all non-participating pilots are instructed to stay away W537. IFR traffic by ATC provisions should wait until the W537 is released”
W537 is a wide strip of the Pacific Ocean, which extends southwest from Los Angeles to Santa Catalina, and the Channel Islands. The FAA notice was posted at12:52 Pacific time.
It is now being reported on the internet that China was responsible for the whole mess in the pacific. When documentation that has been pulled off of Military sites clearly demonstrates that there were ongoing maneuvers in the region and that Missiles were going to be used by our own Military.
Now, what do they call a covert operation by “the good guys” that ends up causing problems and is then blamed on some other bad guys?  They call it a “False Flag.”  However the only “False Flag event that is being created is all  in the minds of conspiracy theorists that are too lazy to see that this is a case of ‘cover up.” A cover up that may implicate negligence on the part of the military or anyone that decided to tempt fate on that day when the missile went off..
We may be all on the edge of our seats wondering if a war is about to happen, However if we listen to what the mainstream media tells us and a few disinformation spinners perhaps its best that we start paying attention to what goes up.  Because things that go up always seem to come down and no one wants to be the one to say that Chicken Little was right.

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