Once in lifetime not too far away, I dabbled in evangelical Christianity.  It was something I did because my original religious group abandoned me because I was a sinner and at the time played the stupid game of sinner, to saint much to my discouragement. Attending Pentecostal services was more entertaining than spiritual and I really didn’t question the sincerity of those attending.  They believed in the power of God and the salvation of Christ.
Many of those that attended church were obviously happy people and their sweetness and spirit were something you could not describe. However what really had me worried was the tactics that may of the pastors used to get people to pay attention to the word of God.
The chief tactic that was obvious to me was the “From Satan to Saint “story.  You can go to any evangelical gathering and there has to be at least one person who while playing with Ouija board became demon possessed and started drinking their own pee for Satan.
I can recall sermon after sermon where a lay preacher would stand at the pulpit and with a straight face claim that they were at one time walking hand in hand with the devil himself, some even in high positions with the church of Satan and no one would question it.
Why would they?  Wouldn’t be just a little scary to just get near a satanic bible, or a Book of Shadows, or the Necronomicon, especially if you were born again?
. The typical sermon begins like thus, “I am very pleased that God delivered me form the darkness. That in his wisdom I was delivered from the abyss and as the word of God says he has translated us from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of Christ Jesus.”
Gazing at the audience you see tears welling in the eyes of the faithful and hands raised to the square. The pastor then continues, “I was once in the entertainment industry and at that time I was introduced to Satanism.  I drank the blood of children and offered their broken bodies to the devil himself. Through initiation rituals I became a high priest in this satanic coven. But now I am a high priest serving the King of kings and Lord of Lords.”
I never quite understood why it was so important to discuss their affiliation with a satanic coven. I guess it meant more to the congregation if the person speaking had been involved with ritualistic sex, drug use, and occult magic, before finding Jesus. According to the pastor, this was just another ordinary day for a High Priest in a satanic coven.
I always wondered upon hearing these stories if the person who knowingly ate the livers of babies for Satan actually stood trial for any of his actions in order to serve the king of kings?  Is there a police record on this guy?
The answer was always no.
The question is, is it all that surprising?
There was the also the story of the woman who dabbled in horoscopes and soon she was hearing voices.  The voices were coming from her stereo and they were telling her to eat cockroaches and masturbate violently. She then left her family to become a porn star and she knew then that she in the clutches of Satan.
The funny thing is, there were no videos of her in any porn film nor was she known by anyone to be in the industry. So why the story? Why the drama?
Born again exaggeration has always bugged me.  I call it that because I don’t think there is a psychological term for it, or even a group Christians who really want to stop it.
The reason why is because as Satanists say, “The Devil is the best thing that ever happened to the Christian Church. “
The devil actually is the best thing that ever happened to guy named Mike Warnke.
When I was about 20 years old, I went to one of Mike Warnke’s comedy shows.  He performed in Salt Lake City which gave him all kinds of fodder about Mormons having horns and funny underwear.  Jokes made about those things made the audience laugh uncomfortably, but he was excused because he too was once a satanic priest to be reckoned with. Then one day he found Jesus, and a comedy ministry that made him millions of dollars.
Actually Warnke really didn’t make the money after finding Jesus, he made it after finding his good old buddy Satan.
Warnke wrote a book called “The Satan Seller” and in the book he claimed to have been kidnapped for Satan. Warnke had written that he had been saved by Jesus after sacrificing babies, raping women, conducting sexual orgies, ritual slayings, allowing his hair and fingernails to grow, drinking concoctions of blood and urine, summoning evil spirits and casting spells. He also spoke of fetish clothing, robes, and entertaining demonic hosts. Warnke also claimed he attended a black Mass in 1966 with none other than Charles Manson.
After all this, Warnke was a comedian for Jesus. He also made a fortune off selling albums, warning kids about Halloween and appearing on Larry King and Oprah. Warnke also claimed to be a renowned authority on Satanism and the occult and allegedly was a trusted advisor for law enforcement in matters of satanic crime and ritual abuse.
I was overwhelmed by this guy’s claims and thought, Warnke would be just another boring Christian if he didn’t have Satan in his life.  I mean, what would he talk about if it weren’t for his adventures in Satanism? I also wondered if much of what Warnke was saying was all part of an agenda to create a satanic panic to lure frightened young people to Jesus.
After all, if he was into rape and human sacrifice and found Christ, then why didn’t he turn himself into authorities? Why didn’t he reveal to the police this coven of perverts? If this was all a lie, then what would that say about Mike Warnke?
Well as you may have guessed it, was revealed by a Christian magazine that Warnke made up everything. After selling books, and touring as a Christ comic, Warnke had made millions of dollars off of his tall tales of being a satanic mechanic. Warnke was a pathological liar and could very well be responsible for spreading some of  the lies about Satanic rituals, witches sacrificing animals, and blood on the altars during the 1980’s and 1990’s. His claim of attending a black mass with Manson was really over the top when you understand that at the time Manson was in jail.
The American Psychological association has reported that stories of satanic panic told by Warnke and other Christian tabloid stories generated by pastors like Bob Larson are in reality non Christian source books.  They are actually books that feature Satan as the main topic and eventually lead to Christian sensationalism and satanic psychological entrapment.
The success of Christian sensationalism is based on a shared world view of Evangelical Christians.  This world view includes belief in the depravity of man, the existence of Satan and demons, and the existence of an active and organized conspiracy of evil.
While the powers of evil are an internal struggle, and the feelings of fear and real torment exist, sensationalizing the struggle creates a living horror movie for impressionable Christians and leads to voluntary entrapment.  Mike Warnke created the invincible, undetectable satanic underground, that was buried deep inside of his mind  and his imagination got the best of him.
Satanic panic of course bleeds over into some conspiracy theories with scapegoats that are well known like the Jews, the Masons, Mormons, and Islam.
Usually the main bad guys in all of Christian Sensationalism are the Wiccans and Satanists.
The satanic panic still exists today and much of what is said about Wiccans and Satanists are blurred and exaggerated by “well meaning” ignorant Christians who feel that both are the same in substance and feel that it is their duty to become self taught demonologists or experts on the occult when most of them know nothing about the occult, demons or witches.
The exploitation of the occult is used as a recruiting tool or even a sweetening tool to give a born again that “been there, done that edge” when it comes to knowing something about the devil and what the devil does.
A tragic story that also haunted my youth was the story of Alden Barrett. Barrett was the subject of the book Jay’s Journal. The book featured the downfall of a young man who allegedly fell away from his Christian back ground only to become seduced by so called satanic witchery. Bennett actually was from Utah and his parents say that the book was complete bunk. Out of 212 entries sent to the author Dr. Beverly Sparks only a few were used and the whole story of falling into the hands of “satanic witches” and their coven is untrue.
Satanic Panic is also responsible for the unfair and unfounded incarceration of the West Memphis three.  In 1993 three young teenagers were convicted of murdering three eight year old boys in West Memphis Arkansas.  Overwhelming evidence that the boys were not guilty of the crime was just thrown out because of satanic paranoia.
Damien Echols, one of the three convicted is on death row because he is “different.” He is facing death because in West Memphis Arkansas a young man who is a Pagan is nothing short of a devil worshipper.  In the case of the West Memphis three, the entire trial seemed like a witch trial.
The focus was simply on Echols and his Wiccan beliefs. One of the most troubling aspects of the case was the prosecution inviting a self described expert on Satanism to the stand who testified that because of the way the victims were tied, the nearness to water, and their nakedness, the killings could have been a satanic activity. When asked if the murders could have been satanic if they were not tied?’, he answered yes: and, if it had not happened near water?’, yes: ‘And if their clothes had still been on- could the murders have been related to satanic activity?’ And his answer again was yes.
The satanic fantasies can be dangerous things, and when exploited like in the case of Warnke or in the life or death struggle of the West Memphis three we need to be careful not to become overtly delusional about what is happening.  Satanic programming and entrapment can even be a blue print for some Christian rebellion that includes pseudo Satanism.
Strange things happen, and unfortunately there seems to be a number of Christian killers who want to believe they are carrying out the wishes of Satan himself.  Pseudo Satanists  Killers and child Molesters who claim to be doing it all for Satan  or Witches who claim to be doing the work of Satan are not real Satanists or practicing witches. They are just psychopaths.  They get their start on the path to destruction by believing that the only way to Satan is to destroy yourself, when true Satanists worship themselves.
It can be a relatively fair assessment to take what you hear from some Satan obsessed Christians as psychosis especially ones who write books about all of their horrible deeds before finding Jesus and yet don’t face jail time.  While cautionary tales are needed in every society the art of making things up for the sake of covering up something far deeper has to be investigated and not believed at face value.
Christians, who believe in an impenetrable and invincible satanic power, have already embraced Satan as an all powerful entity.  They have already resolved that God is powerless and that he is failing.  Otherwise stories like these wouldn’t attach to Christian minds.
Every Christian somewhere has had their time with the Devil. I believe that some people have had run-ins with malevolent spirits.  They are easily contained. However there are rules, and there are beliefs that need to be respected and addressed and the majority of Christians know nothing of the occult.
I am particularly concerned with this whole affair with Delaware Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell.  Once again we have a born again Christian who pulls a Mike Warnke by saying to Bill Maher on his TV show in 1999,  that she once dabbled in witchcraft.  She made mention of this around the time “The Blair Witch Project” was in theaters.
It wasn’t enough for Christina the Teenage witch to say she did a little witchy dabbling, she also said that she once kissed a male witch on a satanic altar and there was blood all over it.  What I find interesting is how critics are going after her for doing the dabbling, and conservatives are saying, she did it, she rejected it, get over it.
I think what should be said is, she lied on that show, she never dabbled in witchcraft, and the kiss she got was from some Goth kid when it just happened to be that time of the month. There was no satanic altar and once again we are seeing more the same fantasies about Satan and witches from some born again that feels the need to make up stories that can’t be verified.
When she appeared on Fox News, Sean Hannity threw a softball question about her witchcraft dabbling and she merely said that it was her little way of rebelling. That was all. No lurid details, no picnics in the woods with witch boy, no altars, no blood.  I think that she certainly hoped that no one would challenge her story.
What needs to happen now is to have the alleged male witch come forward and say I kissed her.  Having the Goth kid on Fox would , make things interesting. Have him detail the “satanic witchery” that she dabbled in. What did they eat at the picnic?  Was it babies or little furry animals for Satan?
Truth is most Christians won’t bother realizing that Satanists and Witches do not hold the same beliefs nor are they affiliated in any way.
O’Donnell like most Christians is ill informed about Witches and Satanists. They don’t know how to differentiate the two.  Witches do not worship the devil, and really neither do Satanists. I also want to point out that you just don’t casually talk about your relationships with people who want to make out with you on satanic altars.
Her whole sordid tale seems like a fabrication.
I tend to think that O’Donnell was on a TV show in 1999, discussing Halloween with a bunch of people that she saw as the cool people, the hip Hollywood crowd and wanted to fit in. So she probably thought “I must tell them that I have done something weird and unconventional or everyone will think I am just a boring Christian.”
Well anyone who knows anything about the occult, witches and or Satanists knows that she is a lying Christian, or an Ignorant one who loves to tell tall tales.
O’Donnell has not only angered pagans and Wiccans with her lie, but she has also raised the feathers of Karl Rove. Rove says that O’Donnell is prone to saying nutty things and is an embarrassment to the Republican Party. While he is all for a republican candidate he certainly shakes his head with the idea of O’Donnell.
Sarah Palin the champion for all lost causes actually is the biggest cheerleader for O’Donnell and in a feisty move went on the record to tell Karl Rove to just “Buck Up.”
For those who do not care about O’Donnell’s religious ignorance and lie, I would like to use analogy that may illustrate just how eloquently stupid she really is in this situation. Regardless of your political views you must understand that if O’Donnell appeared on Bill Maher and said “I dabbled in Islam when I was a teen, I even kissed a black guy at a Louis Farrakhan gathering” – I think people would somehow know she was talking out of her south end.
Then again, I don’t know if people would even understand that lie, or the analogy I just made and would probably change the subject to President Obama being the Anti-Christ  and what he dabbled in when he was a child in Kenya.
Politics really suck.
Hmm. Come to think of it,
I once dabbled in Republican politics when I was younger, I even voted in 2000 for George W. Bush hoping he’d win. He didn’t.  Yet, he still became president.
There lies your impenetrable and invincible Satanic Conspiracy.

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