Cirque du Parsimonia

Those of us that investigate the underbelly of what we call the “narrative” have
concluded that many historical events in the latter part of the 20th century and in the 21st
century have been staged, approximated or planned events.
The majority of people are very capable of believing a framed narrative of falsehood
promoted by a mass media, there are others who question and later reveal that the
truth is probably not all that you thought it was. Many in this Psycho Circus are left in
shock, disbelief and a refusal to accept something other than what they’ve been taught
to believe.

Narratives are stories told in social circles that have plotline with good guys and bad
guys that performs specific actions and with expected outcomes. Narratives are
created in such a way to teach society a lesson or guide the social norms and practices.
Much of what you do is based on your framed narrative of reality, every myth you
believe and every narrative that you cling to makes up who you are. As a man thinks so
he is. What he does with those thoughts is what gives him consequence.
New technology allows people to record or write their own versions of events. Those
versions wind up on the Internet. The internet has become the people’s press and
people have the right to disseminate their own views through websites and blogs. Now
we have micro blogging with Twitter where data about you travels through the net at a
rapid pace. The net is actually creating a new consciousness amongst the populace.
It is a tool for “group think” and if given the wrong information groups can continue a
vicious cycle of disinformation that eliminates diversity of thought.
The internet has been singled out as the tool that has created the recent riots we have
seen in China and the Middle East Social rumor can breed social anger and people will
bend to anything that appears to be authoritative. The electronic media can be useful
in getting information that we cannot find anywhere else but we must be cautious and
hope that what we are getting sound information and not just information that confirms
our prejudice and not what is truth.
It would be wonderful if we all could get real answers and real news when we read
the paper, or listen to the radio or watch TV. It would equally be great if we could pay
attention to what can help us and not distractions surrounding the latest movie starlet or
actor that is found with their face in the gutter smelling of cheap booze and urine.
While we were watching the unraveling of Charlie Sheen on national TV and Alex
Jones jumping the shark defending him on “The View,” there was an announcement
from NASA that should have received a mountain of attention. Dr. Richard B. Hoover,
an astrobiologist at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center claimed that he had found
conclusive evidence of alien life. There were diagrammed pictures distributed that
purported to show fossils of bacteria found in an extremely rare class of meteorite
called CI1 carbonaceous chondrites. The pictures looked like some form of alien pasta
embedded in the rock of the rare meteorites.
Hoover discovered the fossils by breaking apart the CI1 meteorite, and analyzing
the exposed rock with a scanning-electron microscope and a field emission electron-
scanning microscope, which allowed him to detect any fossil remains. What he found
were fossils of micro-organisms, many of which he says are strikingly similar to those
found on our own planet.
The “fossil found in the meteorite story” has often been announced by NASA scientists
only to be shot down by other scientists who want to silence any and all talk about life
out in space. After Hoover’s report in the Journal of Cosmology, NASA didn’t surprise
anyone by issuing a statement saying that it will distance itself from Hoover and his
Paul Hertz, chief scientist of NASA’s science mission directorate, issued a statement
saying, among other things, that “NASA cannot stand behind or support a scientific
claim unless it has been peer-reviewed or thoroughly examined by other qualified
experts. According to Hertz, NASA was unaware of the recent claims and the
submission of the paper to the Journal of Cosmology or of the paper’s subsequent
NASA once again does not support the revelation of life out in space and they are lying.
The Journal of Cosmology claims to be peer-reviewed. In this case, the journal’s editors
said it had sent a copy of Hoover’s article to 100 prominent scientists for critiques and
would publish them as they come in. In normal scientific publishing, peer review is
conducted before a paper is published to ensure accuracy.
In 1996, a researcher that was actually supported by NASA said he had found fossil
bacteria in a meteorite that had been blasted off the surface of Mars. The report, which
was published in the journal Science, was featured on the cover of Time magazine and
was trumpeted by the White House.
Eventually, most scientists were saying “Nothing to see here” claiming that formations in
the rock merely looked like alien fossils and weren’t the real deal.
Can we determine by this whole scenario that some scientists are in the business of
making stuff up? It would seem that this is the case. It would appear that Mr. Hoover
went through all of the channels to get a peer reviewed approval for his findings. The
nature of what he claims to have discovered seems to have ruffled the feathers at
NASA. So it leaves us with the question of who is lying.
Previously I had pointed out that many world scientists have said that there is evidence
to show that there is life on Mars and NASA has also distanced itself from the studies
that have shown high concentrations of methane in Martian soil. In 1976 Gilbert Levin
was the scientist who found that the Viking Missions produced evidence of life On
Mars. NASA immediately dismissed it. In 2009 it was reported that methane was being
produced again and was being detected.
Europe declared that life existed on Mars long ago. NASA has continued to be the
agency that doesn’t want to give a straight answer on matters of life out in space.
They are the self appointed authorities that shape how most of us view the cosmos.
Their attitudes and actions are setting us back and they are becoming a liability to true
scientific method by misleading the public and lying about important findings.
With all of the claims that are allegedly supported being shot down you would have a
tough time even trying to trust a scientist to give you a direct answer about whether or
not there is life out there.
It doesn’t stop with science. While the debate was being tossed around in scientific
circles about the cosmic noodle in the rock there was the return of the science fiction
TV semi predictive programming series “THE EVENT.” I have written about how this
television show has bent the rules of reality versus fiction by blurring the lines of what
may be happening behind the scenes of the alien or extraterrestrial disclosure model.
During the first minutes of the broadcast of “And then there were more” fiction was
blurred with a real story that happened back in November of 2010 about a missile that
was fired in the South Pacific. After air force commanders, military personnel and others
claimed on national news that the missile was real, it was eventually accepted that the
whole thing was an optical illusion and what was seen was a passenger jet leaving
In the first few minutes of the episode of THE EVENT we see a satellite explode above
the earth. Shiny fragments cascade downward as reporters relate the story of an
unscheduled missile launch in the south pacific. The scene shows reporters informing
the public that the missile was seen by many eyewitnesses and that it was eventually
identified as a passenger jet.
Then we are shown the briefing room of the president where it is explained that the
missile was fired in order to send a message to extra –terrestrials that there have
been preparations for their arrival. The president informs the group that the public has
accepted the passenger jet story as fact.
Now before I am told that the whole episode is fiction and that it may be a silly parallel
to finding the truth consider this.
The producers of the television show used real local news reporters for the episode.
This means that the reporters that are trusted by the various communities to deliver
objective and factual news were being used to report fiction. The episode was detailing
how disinformation can be produced and reported as fact.
The lines were blurred using real reporters and if no one had known that it was
television fiction someone may have mistook the report as real. Furthermore in a follow
up to the episode weeks later another called “turnabout” and interesting turn of “events”
occurred. The plot of the show revolved around a coup to overthrow Sophia the female
leader of the aliens. Thomas the leader of the rebellion and son of Sophia needs
Uranium to open a portal to bring to earth an alien army. In order to do so he plans to
steal the Uranium form a Nuclear Power plant in California. The plant runs the risk of a
terror threat and possible meltdown.
The fuel rods are transported by truck only to be commandeered by Thomas and
a group of gunmen. Meanwhile the African American president is meeting with
Japanese delegates. Here we see all of these memes in one episode. A coup staged
to over throw a hierarchy, a nuclear power plant in danger of attack and Japanese
delegates. Keep in mind that these episodes had all been produced and shot prior to
the rebellion and uprising in Egypt, the earthquake in Japan and the nuclear disaster at
the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.
The lines of truth and fiction blur, the memes are present and the approximation of our
possible futures creates a blueprint in the zeitgeist. It is important to understand that all
of these episodes were written and produced long before these incidents have occurred
which makes them all the more intriguing. This is a result of collective consciousness
speaking through writers of these shows or it is a preplanned agenda that is being
followed by “controllers” that set the stage for what is to come.
Equally, earthquakes, tsunamis and nuclear disasters have been the subject of many
Japanese mangas and anime features prior to the disaster on March10th, 2011. Even
Godzilla represents the nuclear destruction that the Japanese have obsessed over
since 1945 when the nuclear bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
They are used to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in that area of the world. Yet it
is beyond the realm of possibility for some people to understand that in a place where
earthquakes are common and an earthquake with such magnitude can occur in the
area, they allow themselves to create bogeyman stories where technologies with
potential to do harm are always responsible for events that could very well be natural
I am amazed to that there are more people willing to say that technologies such as the
ones found with the HAARP project were willfully used to cripple Japan and cause a
Nuclear meltdown so devastating that it placed the entire world in crisis.
Now, I know that there is potential for use of this technology for nefarious reasons, but
in this situation perhaps the laws of parsimony can apply.
When using the law of parsimony we are often warned not to create outrageous stories
to explain a simple event. It can be a double edged sword because people use it to shut
out uncomfortable data. In the case of HAARP versus natural sun storms causing the
earthquake in Jaoan The evidence speaks for itself.
The Japan quake happened exactly after 24 hours Solar flare hit Earth,. According to
a NASA website and several other space weather reporting centers like SOHO and
others, March 9th ended with a powerful solar flare. Earth-orbiting satellites detected
anX1.5-class explosion from behemoth sunspot 1166 around 2323 UT. In addition, on
March 10, 2011 around 0630 UT, a CME did strike a huge blow to Earth’s magnetic
field. This was a result of an M3 flare that occurred late on March 7, 2011.
Magnetic reverberations can be detected at ground stations all around the globe, much
like seismic detectors measure large earthquakes, and they can also measure magnetic
effects on the ionosphere. Many pictures of these waves were posted on the internet
claiming that HAARP was operational and firing on Japan. What they were showing
was magnetometers measuring magnetic waves from the sun and the earth. Because
of these technologies the Japanese knew that an Earthquake was going to happen
because they detected a magnetic wave prior with their advanced Systems..
I understand that it is hard to trust NASA and others, but the evidence leading up to
these cataclysms, bird and fish die offs, magnetic shifts all happening during solar
storms are part of a natural process and we may have to realize that Mother Nature has
declared war. However we get the unnecessary Chemtrail story, or we are told that our
government is spaying us with Phosgene gas by so called “experts” who don’t even know what happens when phosgene is used on people. Then they prattle on about how they have a great deal on colloidal silver so that you can protect yourself. This type of activity discredits the work that has been done and real science behind Chemtrail investigation.
I know that using Occam’s razor is not popular in fringe reporting but sometimes there
really is a simple answer. A cigar sometimes is just a cigar.
Both the laws of parsimony and Occam’s razor can and will always be abused. Limiting
thoughts and censoring those thinking outside the box is not to be tolerated. So it
is said by highly paid critical parents that the simplest answer in all cases always
prevails, . It is unfortunate that parsimony is held in high regard for people who have
an interest in finite science and physics. They believe that there is no need to create
a bogeyman, god or devil to explain the wonders of the world. It is as simple as an
accident, a theorized evolution or big bang. There seems to be nothing out there that
can penetrate that skeptical crutch of Occam’s razor when claims of the paranormal or
even conspiratorial rear their ugly head.
However those who dare not challenge the orthodoxy ironically believe in unseen
enemies who fight us in mythical caves using mythical weapons of mass destruction.
They also appear on news programs declaring the latest pseudo science of a warming
planet when the summers remain cool and the winters bury us in mountains of wet ice
and snow.
However there are those who are true believers that blindly fall in line for the scientific
Dark Age imposed by opportunists who tend to use Occam’s razor as a tool to cut your
tongue out. They are paid to belittle and scorn anyone who challenges the prevailing
It is a time where we are constantly hearing about possible wars brewing in countries
with names we can’t pronounce. We have heard about the attacks on our military
installations and terrorists that wish to destroy areas of open infrastructure in the United
States. The news media has single handedly brought the fear level in this country to a
fever pitch.
We are fighting a war we can’t see. We have tensions within all of us that seem to be
manifesting the ugliest self fulfilling prophecies. There are Tulpas and egregores and
monsters that manifest in front of us daily. They are our dreams coming at us and our
nightmares are just as harsh. We live in a movie, with no heroes, no saviors and an
underlying theme that death is the only way out of the terror that lurks under your bed or outside your door.
The reality of terror now gets top story status as bombs explode in train stations and
silent gunman hide in the shadows ready to shoot an innocent shopper or a child in a
school yard. The reality is that this human existence is a terror ride and enemies from all areas of the globe can pounce like a cat without warning.
I wonder if anyone really cares about the fragility of life. It seems we thrive in a
violent group think. We are all victims in America. Someone or group is always being
oppressed; someone feels that they have entitlement or special status because of race
and ethnicity, or even religious affiliation. Politics are also shaping and polarizing us
from taking care of real issues and monsters that are about to cull us all.
I wonder when we will awaken from our violent mind set and understand that we have
an even bigger responsibility in the future and that an even greater revelation is about to unfold before our eyes. It is the revelation of a core belief concerning who we are, why we exist, and if we are alone in our endeavor to sustain life in the universe.
The truth is we have never been alone in the universe. We were put here by a natural
process, the process took time to flourish and like a garden we are the fruits of
someone else’s labor.
The identity of who might have started it all belongs to the religious. However the sick
irony is that the perversion of an intelligent design model that indicates a mythological
god made this planet by hand six thousand years ago is a product of fairy tale thinking.
God is real, but the god that is worshipped in the churches today is not the god I am
referring to. Even the very bible most Christians claim to know point to the gods
responsible for the seeding of this planet. They are as of yet to be identified and they
are the reason there has been a cumulative clamor for the truth regarding the enigmatic
cosmic question.
This question of whether or not we are alone in the universe is pondered by many
individually and is answered by the collective majority. The human collective answers
silently in their hearts that we are most definitely not alone.
The overwhelming enthusiasm for books, movies and television shows about the
subject matter speaks volumes. Everyone seeks a plausible explanation for all things
paranormal around us. There are others who will not be satisfied with their answer until
the government acknowledges that little gray men are a reality.
It seems to be a long hard exercise in futility. The demand for disclosure with regards to
the UFO alien question may turn up file after file of mundane information pointing to
secret government testing of exotic aircraft. It may turn up all kinds of misinformation
that was used at any opportune moment to throw people off the trail of a classified
experiment. It will give us all kinds of data that could be open for all kinds of
interpretation and in some circles it may not be satisfactory and will remain suspect.
The self-empowered alien experts with agendas will find themselves alienated and the
result will be the cause feeding upon itself until the entire movement will dissolve.
Or there can be cool heads and open minds that prepare for open dialogue on the
subject matter. It will take years to sift out the New Age pseudo religious crowd that
looks upon our Extra Terrestrial counterparts as angels or even demons.
The task is not as simple as the disclosure advocates would have you believe.
The mainstream psychological and scientific community needs to recognize and further
study this phenomenon if we are seeking a healthy and open-minded approach to
definitive answers on these matters.
I am not saying that we should be lied to or mislead. I am stating that if just saying that
Extra terrestrial Biological entities exist is all that we are going to do then the case has
already been made and we do not have to ask our government to validate any of it.
Given the climate of the world and the various terror threats and riots, I am wondering
why I am taking refuge in UFO reports again. In the history my show I take on the
subject every once in a great while and getting a good UFO or alien article out of me is
like pulling teeth. I tend to shy away from the topic.
Lately though I have been seeing UFO reports that truly frighten me, footage that sends
chills down my spine and reactions to these accounts are even more peculiar.
My fiancé and I had breakfast at one of my favorite greasy spoon restaurants in a cozy
area of town called Multnomah Village. It is a secluded little area with gift shops, book
stores and bars. The people there are friendly and most are there to hang out and pass
the time in an atmosphere that is an escape from the downtown tension.
I was in heaven sipping coffee with the woman I love and indulging in heart stopping
diet of eggs, pork chops and hash browns with sausage gravy.
The owner of the restaurant came up to me after the meal, he knew who I was and
asked me about UFO’s. He wondered if I knew anything about some the sightings of
UFOs that have dropped people or in his words angels from the sky. I had never heard
about that and shook my head no. He then said that I had to have been aware of the
sightings in Utah and in Jerusalem above the dome of the rock.
I explained to him that the Jerusalem UFO has been called a hoax by a lot of people.
I explained that I still don’t know why the evidence of this UFO over the Dome of the
Rock is so preposterous when Utah had the same sighting. I also pointed out that the
same types of sightings were seen over Chicago and California and that there even was
a new Video that surfaced out of Brazil that in my opinion is questionable that showed a
glowing probe leaving a UFO that hides in clouds. .
The owner told me that his cook quit after seeing the UFO sightings over Israel. He quit
his job and said he was going to be with his family because he sensed that Jesus was
returning and that the glowing object above the dome was an angel coming to tell us
that the second coming is near.
I looked at my girlfriend and she gave me a puzzled look. We both couldn’t believe
what we were hearing. I asked the owner if he was punking me and he was very
I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t find words to describe my thoughts about the story. I have never heard of anyone being that affected by a UFO sighting. It just makes
someone wonder what would happen if a group of people were to be affected on a core
belief level.
The chaos would be astronomical. The mass emotional outpouring would be like a
tsunami and many people would be consumed by it.
A listener wrote me and told me he was concerned about the amount of UFO related
material I have been presenting lately. He said he was experiencing overload and while
I can concur a bit with his concern, I had to tell him that the topic is hot right now and
the implications go far beyond any and all alien speculation about such things. The
model stories have all been told and people have an all or nothing attitude about UFO’s.
When I had Doug Dietrich on the show discussing Nazi technology and its relationship
to the UFO cases, it was the most downloaded show in my recent history. However,
it was also interesting to note that out of all the shows it confused and even angered
people who were looking for some esoteric explanation for UFOs and answers to “alien”
disclosure. I wonder if UFO researchers are looking for some holistic enlightenment
form UFO stories or if they want a more practical explanation.
I don’t believe and never have believed that aliens or UFO’s should be externalized
as something that is close to god or spirituality. I also believe that the paranoid view of
the UFO phenomena is a relic of the 1960’s. It all worked in the post Kennedy era and
the mantra of “the truth is out there” was a cute euphemism in the 1990’s, but we are
looking at 11 years into the 21st century and UFOs are no longer as secret as we think.
The idea of extraterrestrial life is not as wild or crazy as the mainstream media would
have you believe.
It has always been the aphorism amongst Ufologists that there has been a consistent
attempt to suppress any and all information about UFO’s and alien visitation. With all of
the leaks and the cover-ups many cases have been debunked, or at least been retold
to the point of banality. It has also been suggested that most cases have evolved into
the realm of legend because they have happened so long ago and true witnesses are
elderly and arguably not as sharp as they used to be.
Some of witnesses have taken to their graves the secrets surrounding such landings.
This leaves the new investigator frustrated because perhaps he cannot relate to
historical accounts. Many would much rather study and understand cases that they
don’t have to blow the dust off of in order to prove that they indeed happened.
That is why there has to be a new and fresher way to approach these stories and
claims. We cannot allow ourselves to have half baked ideas and schemes based on
theories. Theories aren’t truth, nor are they facts.
People hold on to a lot of beliefs in theories with such a religious frenzy that at times
they turn off reality and then propose a theory and declare it as fact even though the
evidence suggests otherwise. With the internet they are capable of spreading just
as much misinformation as solid information that is helpful and factual. The idea of
discernment is simply not being utilized and there seems to be a frantic urge to pass
around nonsense and many people are not even aware that just because the people
have a right to know doesn’t mean they need to know.
They certainly don’t need to hear false stories that will instill unnecessary panic. It was
an annoying distraction to see my e-mail box fill up with questions about a map that was
posted on the internet that purported to show that the US Government was covering up
the fact that we are being exposed to 700 RADS of radiation because of the radioactive
cloud from Japan.
I shook my head and thought; does anyone know what happens when you are exposed
to that much radiation? I live near the west coast and I don’t seem to be throwing
up and I am not dead. So obviously the post was clearly a hoax and when it was
challenged the person responsible for putting it out there tells you to “wake up.”
In this turbulent time when everything seems to be falling apart and the world seems to
be a death circus, perhaps we need to open our eyes and understand that the reason
for all of the chaos is the angry elephant in the room. We all can interpret it in many
ways but when it charges at us, it will cause a catastrophe that we will never forget.
Sometimes it is not a Chemtrail, HAARP, Alien Invasion, or Planet X. It is simply an
angry elephant.

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