My 47th birthday came and went quietly. There were really no big parties or presents
and family matters take priority over cake and ice cream. My budget had limited me
to sipping coffee with a few friends and spending a whole hell of a lot of time being
pensive and circumspect.
It was abnormally cold and wet outside, so I had some time to just read and watch
news clips of the fabric of society being torn apart. It all seemed like Déjà vu albeit in a
darker way. It was like looking through the mirror darkly as opposed to looking through
a looking glass. We have always reflected an image of war and being on the brink of
starvation is the Orwellian meme of the 21st century. It has been an exhausting three
months into the New Year and I feel I have put a ton of time into reporting some of the
many apocalyptic events of our lives, more so now than ever before.

If I didn’t have people helping me with the shows I would probably collapse. Maybe
it is age, or maybe there is just too much going on. The wars, the revolutions, the
upheavals, the financial meltdowns are gradually taking its toll on us all.
I am realizing that when you get older you retain memories and you start to see patterns
in history that affected you in some way. I use history as a blueprint for conspiracy
history. When I speak of future events I rely on the history of my youth to help me figure
out the future. It works most of the time a pretext to a larger event.
Back when Obama was elected President I had said that his election would be historic
but his effectiveness wouldn’t. This type of thinking got me a lot of derision. I was
told that I had betrayed my listeners and that I sounded like I was becoming an instant
It seems that a great amount of selective hearing can make monsters where there aren’t
any and open the disjointed dialogue that makes Obama sound like a Savior and Sarah
Palin sound like a goddess.
In the 21st century you are either all in one place or belong to neither and making friends
is harder because there are so many people who sadly identify with politics. Politics
can’t save you from a dying planet, a world where resources are beginning to show
signs of depletion.
Now that I am showing my age a bit, I want to point out that what is happening in the
news now, all of the turmoil and crisis looks like a repeat performance of the era of 1976
– 1979..
The Nixon disgraced Ford replacement years leading to the Jimmy Carter election is
easily comparable to what happened with the Bush Disgraced 9/11 years leading to a
Barack Obama win at the polls.
People will look back at the Bush years and shake their heads because of the mess
George W. left behind. Their votes were cast with the attitude anyone but Bush, but
it wasn’t just anyone it was Barack Obama a smiling and charismatic democrat who
won everyone over with his ability to speak and with the criticism of his mesmerized
followers who would play a race card when you questioned his ideas.
I remember back in 1977 that we as a country were won over by a smiling peanut
farmer named Jimmy Carter. Richard Nixon, like George W. Bush had brought disgrace
to the presidency and his replacement Gerald Ford equally stumbled his way through
the embarrassing aftermath of Watergate.
Carter was seized upon as a latter day savior and a man who smiled his way through
every crisis and mistake. People really didn’t hate Carter they just wondered when he
would do something that made a difference. The attitude then was the same as it is
now “Carter is much better than Nixon or Ford.”
It all deteriorated quickly as the popularity has dissolved with Obama today. President
Carter was torpedoed right at the start because of what we were facing in the United
States. A Middle Eastern crisis and oil shock.
In January of 1977, President Jimmy Carter was sworn in. The inauguration occurred
during the United States’ suffering of an exceptionally cold winter.
Within days of his taking the oath of office, the nation fell victim to a severe energy
crisis. Factories and schools were facing closure because of there was not enough fuel
set aside for heat. Residential customers also faced a heating shortage. The country
was in a deep freeze. It looked as if we were hitting rock bottom when it came to energy
in the United States.
Less than two weeks after taking office, Carter signed the Emergency Natural Gas Act
to help ease the energy crunch. Later, in his address to Congress, he challenged the
nation to respond to the energy crisis as “the moral equivalent of war”.
President Carter presented a comprehensive energy policy to Congress with urgency
and forewarning that his policies would require “sacrifices” from every economic sector.
The proposed policy called for higher prices and taxes for petroleum products and
their production. He urged that it was time to back off of our gluttony for oil and begin
measures of conservation.
Carter urged the country to prepare for a new reality, to wean ourselves from our
dependence on oil by renewing our use of coal, and then from that point find renewable
or low–impact energy sources, like solar power.
That was 35 years ago. Carter had estimated back then that in 30 years there would be
national catastrophe and that our strength as a nation would suffer because of resource
depletion and financial meltdown. There would be an impact on food, water, and oil
We are 5 years past his 30 year prediction and it looks as if we are about to feel the
impact of Carter’s prognostication. There is also the element of mirroring which eerily
shows how history can be an algorithm. As the latest headlines of today tell us about
the Middle east uprisings and tension with China The news headlines between1977 and
1979 are uncannily similar. Like today there were tensions with Iran and Libya.
The Middle East was on the minds of every American. What we were witnessing was
the shaping of the new enemy but at the time we were too busy thinking up the newest
way of making fun of Colonel Kaddafi’s name or the latest Billy Carter joke from Johnny
Militias were arming themselves for a conflict on American soil. There were people
storing food and other resources because the nightly news was reporting the latest
Trucking strike or the shooting or attack of a person waiting to pump what little gas was
left. Store shelves were also barren as much of the food could not be transported.
People were able to get by back then because we were not as demanding on the power
grid, today our demands on energy resources have multiplied exponentially since 1977
It is becoming more apparent that these resources are being squeezed and withheld
making them tools to cull the population.
We are facing a complete failure of the system, a collapse into turmoil.
Our technological networks today, and all of the toys and gadgets we have that bring
pleasure into our lives are now putting more of a strain on a power grid that is not
equipped to handle the load. It does not take a prophet to realize that projections made
35 years ago will be sped up to a horrible catastrophe.
The cry goes out to eliminate cars and the use fossil fuels, but will anyone give up the
amount of energy it takes to do a search on Google?
Here is a fact for you. Google will spin that it takes more energy from your computer to
do a search than it takes Google to answer. That is fine. But the energy used is about
half the amount it takes to boil a kettle of water. So take that energy and multiply it by the searches we do daily. Now you can imagine a gargantuan kettle of water blowing a very loud whistle. When the whistle blows we usually turn off the heat.
Ever get the feeling that they have been considering that already? We have been
hearing a lot of talk about an Internet kill switch. Many see it as way to control speech
and expression. We have seen the effects of the “kill switch” with the riots in Egypt. We
have heard how the Chinese have been capable of shutting down the internet in order
to silence the Jasmine movement. This group has spread from China to the Middle
East. Americans have been told that the protests are all about freedom and people
standing up to their fascist masters. How is it that countries with relative stability just
wake up one day and want “freedom?” To be perfectly honest, believing that it is that
simple is naive.
The truth is that the protests are all about the lack of resources. In China the gathering
places were all American based fast food centers. People gathered at Kentucky Fried
chicken, Starbucks coffee and McDonalds demanding food, and justice. The shouts of
freedom and democracy came later. All of the information about the protests was sent
strangely enough over social networks like Facebook.
The same things happened in Tunisia and Egypt. The protests and riots were against
leaders who in the words of the protesters have declared war on their own people. The
leaders are creating conditions of poverty and an already strained ability to provide food
is causing the unrest.
These are the first resource revolts and it seems that they will not be the last. Look at
how this spreads and why. People use the internet to share their experiences of poverty
and hunger. They create a group think and move en masse to protest or revolt until they
are fed and cared for.
They do not plan to sink any money into food futures, or buy silver or gold. They think
that they don’t have to and this is why they are going to be in a bread line with no bread,
and having pockets with worthless money.
It also revolves around the future of the one vital resource that has kept us living and
stable and that is oil.
Our survival has depended on it and an overdependence on energy resources are
going to reduce supply. There will come a time in the future where corn will be used for
ethanol more so than for consumption. This is how bad things have become. Corn can
make ethanol. Given the choice of cultivating corn for food staples and ethanol, it would
be far more profitable in the future for farmers to grow corn for fuel sources. This means
more people who depend on corn for food will starve and the price will soar even higher.
Oil is now at more than 100 dollars a barrel which is far beyond what was predicted for
2011. We have now reached a nadir. Oil has now become a major threat to economic
recovery. If you were to look at oil as being similar to heroin or cocaine you would
notice that we are willing addicts. The demand now is high for countries like China and
Russia. The United States is also in need of the drug.
The dealers’ ramp up the cost of the drug and the major players are not at all afraid of
watching people kill for their product. They are not beyond the process of setting up
people for riots or war to keep the squeeze on a diminishing resource.
As we watch the news and see people riot in the streets, we give platitudes of “right on”
or “power to the people” or we assume that this is healthy in their development. Our
government is so willing to help a “developing country” with building of a democracy that
we don’t realize that the development also includes offering up oil It’s like handing out
coca cola on hot day at the beach.
What if every country in the world was “developed” like China, Russia or the United
States? What if their development was based on another county’s ability to extract from
the earth a life giving substance that would maintain their ability to eat, travel, and get
medical care?
Does anyone see where this is going? You may not believe in the idea of peak oil or
diminished resources, but even without the possibility there would not be enough oil
to go around. People would starve as the oil reserves would be divided up even more.
What if an all out war in the oil rich countries were to stop the distribution of this oil to
these developed countries?
What do you think would happen then?
We aren’t even aware of what danger lies ahead because we take for granted that our
might will always mean right and with all of our machines of war will have the upper
hand in securing the oil for our survival.
While we try to tell ourselves that President Obama has brought change or as
apologists tell us “he is attempting change but it takes time” we need to remember
how we were all manipulated into believing that invading countries like Afghanistan
and Iraq were justified because hidden somewhere out there were weapons of mass
We were given so many reasons to justify a preemptive strike against these countries,
and we believed them. It was only later that we realized that none of the explanations
for a war with Iraq held any validity. It was only later we realized that finding Osama Bin
Laden was like trying to find a real Jabba the Hutt. The war we are still in, a war that has
lasted over a decade is now is mired in uncertainty. It has been a liability in an area that
is a powder keg of instability.
The only thing that is certain is that Iraq holds the world’s second–largest oil reserves.
Many of the reserves are underdeveloped and most aren’t even tapped yet. So the
plan is to go in and ravage a country of its resources kill its leaders and then move in
contractors from the United States that can tap these resources, and, coincidentally,
many of these able–bodied corporations would have ties to the politicians that hold the
highest positions in the country always remember that when museums and hospitals
were being looted in Iraq, it was the Bush administration’s number one priority to secure
Iraq’s oil ministry.
These facts, of course, seem to be irrelevant now, because President Obama will tell
us with a straight face that America would never invade anyone for their resources.
Especially a resource that is allegedly plentiful, like oil. We are told that we are in this
war to secure the peace and to develop democracy just as we are told that the sudden
uprising in oil rich countries like Egypt, Jordan, and Libya is all about the enslaved rising
up against their masters.
Tom Tietenberg, a professor of resource economics stated in 1992 that “Society will
run out of the nonrenewable resources on which the industrial base depends. When
the resources have been depleted, a precipitous collapse of the economic system will
result, manifested in massive unemployment, decreased food production, and a decline
in population as the death rate soars. There is no smooth transition, no gradual slowing
down of activity; rather, the economic system consumes successively larger amounts of
the depleted resources until they are gone. The characteristic behavior of the system is
overshoot and collapse.”
When Tientenberg made this statement he was only thinking that this would happen
with an exponential growth of consumption at 3 percent a year. We of course have over
shot that growth rate and we can say that we have survived the doom saying. Skeptics
will chide the doom prophets and say that the system has held together but step outside
of your prejudice and ask yourself ‘is the system really holding together?”
We have had band aid after band aid placed on a bleeding and dying patient but
eventually the earth will bleed to death. Once it does the people living on it will starve to
With the oil resources being fought over and the precious drops are being jacked up in
price. The industry hardest hit will be industrial agriculture. The gathering of meat and
produce depends on oil that is used as raw material for fertilizers, and to run machinery.
If there are no fossil fuels to power these machines, the earth will face starvation. If
there are depleted resources to use to transport these goods, they will eventually rot in
the warehouses.
This could result in a major die–off of people all over the globe. The world population
levels would be forced to eventually adjust to accommodate the decreased availability
of resources. Billions of the population could be wiped out as a result of famine.
Take a look at the headlines now. Look at the countries where the oil is supposed to be
plentiful. People are rioting because there is no bread to be given in the bread line. This
isn’t some spur of the moment rebellion against poor leadership. These people have
been under these leaders for 40 years and now we see them finally saying no more?
When you turn on CNN and see the uprisings in Greece, Tunisia, Egypt and Libya you
may be looking at the prologue to the new violent civilization that could last 30 years
or more. .This type of third world violence would eventually move to the streets of the
United States.
When one of your biggest debts that you have to pay out is for that tank of gas you start
to worry about how you are going to get to work, and how you are going to get to the
store to buy food that can’t be shipped because of high gasoline hikes. Food prices will
go up, people won’t be able to afford to eat and we will see the same unrest here in
The recipe for an urban uprising has been shown on the nightly news. Take hunger and
thirst and the rising cost the remove it; add outrageously high oil prices, unemployment,
poverty and a recovery that has collapsed right in front of our eyes and you will see a
tidal wave of instability and turmoil in the United States.
For now we can watch it on our big screen TV’s and say that it is situation normal in the
coming Armageddon. It is easily written off as a fluke or growing pains in countries that
are “yearning” for the freedom we have. Our freedom is a state of mind as we pretend
to think that we are still in the lap of luxury. We look at the high definition images on the
screen of the desperate and poor revolting and it is akin to watching fish in an aquarium
devour each other.
The television news won’t tell you that, for these unfortunate people, the end of the
world is now. They won’t tell you that you are witnessing the last labored breaths of
a dying planet. They won’t ask: which civilization will be wiped out next and you will
probably not even realize that it might be you being seen through the fish eyed lens of
some other ignorant person living in what he thinks is the lap of luxury.

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