As the sun sets and the night falls earlier, tales seem to spin about visitations by human-hybrid looking beings. Things that go bump in the night always bump louder when they are hovering over your bed at night beckoning you to come with them. Whether they offer you eternal life with the elixir of blood or beg you to go with them in their ship of light, the visitor phenomenon has been quieted down with the passing of one of the top most researchers, Bud Hopkins. Hopkins had recorded countless entity abductions and as he got on in years had said that these entities had the power to shape shift into human form. However during a Ground Zero show I confronted him about shape shifters and asked about the Djinn, and the half man reptile entities cited by others like David Icke.

He told me that he would never go there and that these beings are Satanic. I tried to get him to elaborate on the satanic nature of abduction, and he couldn’t continue, he excused himself gave me an excuse for leaving and then he hung up the phone. He wrote me and told me that the vampire, satanic side of aliens didn’t exist and that these were demonic experiences and not in his realm of expertise. It is what is inside of you, your belief system that dictates how these beings appear to you.
Now that he has died, I am now facing n an entity investigation of my own.
Reptilian aliens or demonic entities are said to be back on the Coast of Oregon and now I am beginning to see that perhaps this was all foretold. Maybe Bud Hopkins knew and it is unfortunate that he is gone.
There have been others who have stated that the reptilian groups have already landed on earth and that they organized a colony in the pacific. They have move in among us and in some cases have been part of the experiments that have been carried out on humans. Many humans have been subjected to brutal mutilations and have disappeared, while others have been safely placed back in their beds and left with the traumatic memory of being corralled and having their blood taken, their reproductive organs analyzed and having sperm and ovum removed for hybridization purposes.
There have been others that were not so lucky.
In 1994 an abduction case was reported in Brazil and after the report a body was found brutally mutilated and exsanguinated. The male was subject to a brutal systematic mutilation. Authorities had no clue who or what was responsible. The culprits were specific about what body parts they wanted.
They removed the left eye, the left ear, the lips, the tongue, and the jaw bone. In the upper torso, two “drainage holes” were perfectly cut into the chest.
And the entire rectum track had been cored out leaving a large gaping hole, similar to how an apple core remover will slice out the center leaving the outside fully intact.
This case has been regarded a mystery and there are many people who are suspecting and alien abduction and mutilation. Exact body parts taken, blood also taken and areas of the body removed just like in most cases of animal mutilation.
The autopsy report would reveal more about what happened than what the police could produce. The autopsy report states: “We observed the removal of the right and left orbital areas, emptying of the mouth cavity, pharynx, oropharynx, neck, right and left armpit area, abdomen, pelvic cavity, right and left groin area.”
Precise “cookie cutter” holes were discovered in strategically positioned throughout the body used for extracting internal organs. This level of precision suggests that the operation was executed with speed, the application of heat or lasers, all occurring as the subject was still alive.
The autopsy conclusion implies that the victim died of a heart-attack due to extreme pain. This means that the victim was almost certainly alive while the mutilation took place.
If this is a case of alien mutilation, then perhaps we need to reevaluate the purpose and so called mission of these alien beings that visit the earth.
I have been investigating recent reports of alien activity, missing persons, and demonic reptilian appearances along the coast and while there have been a few calls to the show confirming all suspicion that something strange is going on – A recent message I received from a listener indicated in 2007 that there was a case of human mutilation similar to what happened in Brazil. A body was found by hikers, about 20 miles northwest of Forest Grove, near Brown’s camp. The body was burned, disemboweled and dismembered. The eyes had been surgically removed and that both arms had been severed at the elbow.
Autopsy revealed that it was a white or Hispanic male in his 30’s. No one knew how long the body had been at that location. There have ben a number of people who lived in the Warrenton area, Astoria, Seaside, Wheeler, and Nehalem bay who have claimed that something strange has been happening at the coast. Anything from UFO’s to abductions, missing persons, vampires and cults. The entire area seems to be a paranormal hotspot.
In the pilot episode of Chris Carter’s successful TV series the X-files a strange tale is told about Vampire alien entities abducting young people and leaving their bodies behind with two cookie cutter type holes in their backs.
The tale begins with a young woman dressed only in a nightgown stumbling through a darkened forest at night. She falls into a small clearing and sees an immense light growing over a nearby hill. As the leaves surrounding her swirl up in a circle around her, a figure approaches from the light and enters into the swirling Vortex. The figure stands over her as the light engulfs them both.
The encounter and the deaths of several young people in a small Oregon town near the Coast are investigated by Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. Mulder is convinced that vampiric aliens are responsible for abductions and the brutal bloodletting. What they had discovered is that there were three other deaths in the area and that three different examiners had signed off on the death reports that nothing unusual was seen in the autopsy,
Allegedly the case that Carter presented in the original episode of the X-files is based on some truth. It is a truth that has been covered up by authorities about the Oregon coast from south to the Northern most areas near Washington has been cited on numerous occasions to be a hot bed of alien abduction activity and that the X-files case was based on numerous reports of missing persons from Bray’s Point to Wheeler and Warrenton.
Stanley Arthur Fulham, a UFO researcher who died in December of 2010 had an interest in the activity happening along the Oregon coast. He had remarked that there have been reports in the past of strange maelstroms that form in the wooded areas up the coast. The whirlwinds are reported to be warm with red blue and white light that ease the mind and then whisk you away.
The idea of alien abduction in the area is the hardest thing that residents can wrap their head around. Yet, there were many documents released from the FB I and even England’s department of defense that were once classified revealing that the Oregon Coast seems to have a great number of missing person reports during increased sightings of strange lights and unexplained portal openings.
The view that any increase in the number of aliens taking people while in their beds – based on local police and media reports – includes evidence that is sketchy at best. To even suggest such an event, alien or even cult sacrifice is met with all kinds of derision and yet there are so many people that wind up missing and police admit “there’s no real way to know where they are.”
Fulham did claim before he died that the truth about these events would be revealed in 2011. He claimed that activity there would increase and that there would be no doubt that alien visitors would arrive. Their light ships would be seen all along the Pacific coast.
Fulham is most famous in UFO circles for co-authoring the book “Challenges of Change” that predicts UFO contacts and increased sightings in the year “2011.”
He claimed that increased solar activity will reveal that the “watchers” are above us and the strange electromagnetic changed will create an atmosphere similar to the mass UFO sightings in Mexico, July 11, 199.
The British UFO files and also several leaked sources from Julian Assange of Wikileaks actually mentions the Oregon Coast as a place of odd activity, UFO sightings, abductions and Cult ritualism involving human sacrifice.
The Oregon coast has long been associated with UFO encounters due to such things as the geologic oddity of rock formations along the coast that some say are markers for UFO visits. In fact, Stonefield is perhaps the most secluded and exclusive of the central Oregon coast parks.
There are formally declassified documents at a nearby Newport historic museum points to a period during World War II and then in the late 1950’s when “the U.S. government installed numerous secret look out facilities in the area around Cape Perpetua.”
What’s interesting to local UFO hunters is that one of these “stone” lookout bunkers still sits near the top of Cape Perpetua that looks right down on Stonefield Beach.
The area if the coast seems to be a magnet fro such activity, because it has been speculated that the bloodlines that came from the area have ties to the Illuminated watcher’s that are allegedly part reptile part human, What is interesting is that in a lot of alien, demonic possession cases exorcists and investigators have said that those who have been tormented by such entities have been chosen because of their genetics.
In most cases, line of contact and the gradually building assault can be traced back to childhood. It could be said, in general, that the process of possession has already begun before either the target or those around him are aware of the signs. In most cases there is a sensation of the presence before an actual encounter takes place.
I reported about an attempted alien abduction near Coffenbury Lake in Oregon where the male witness claimed that his female partner warned him that he would see a blinding red light prior to his attempted abduction. The woman sensed the presence at the same time as the dog and later the man was caught in a vortex and red and white light feeling as if his body was superheated. The woman claimed she was watching him disappear.
Whatever is happening on the coast of Oregon is the most fascinating mystery I have ever reported. It tops the Skinwalker investigations of Utah and the UFO fallen angel reports in Davis California. This case is still open and the witnesses need to speak, Could there be an entire area that is prone to alien visitation, abduction, and electromagnetic shifts?
The body of evidence is still out there somewhere in sands and rocks of the Oregon Coast.

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