Correct Change

There are a lot of smart people out there. I hear it all the time, people know better because of a degree, or a specialty or some nebulous gift they were given to see the future because of a near death experience.
Students who do well in school, meaning those who guess the right answers on multiple choice tests based on textbook learning come to believe that they fully know reality. Straight A’s, and  little stars on the forehead are based on what we thought we knew 10 or 20 years ago, and often times textbooks are behind the curve of knowledge the moment they are published.
Academia is well aware of the fact that even with all of their teaching they still leave you stupid.  They can’t tell you this because people would complain that testing is unfair or they wouldn’t even bother to learn at all and parents would have an excuse to skip out on helping with Homework.
Scientists, know- it- alls and skeptics forget that ultimately they are just as ignorant as anyone else. Then you watch the hilarity as argument and ad hominem take over an argument over current affairs and then stupidity rules the conversation.
Try having a controversial opinion in a blog and then misspelling a word.  The grammar police have a great time making fun of the person and flaming them until the entire conversation is completely obliterated so we can stop down to kick the guy who couldn’t spell Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis.
The more I study things, the more I scrutinize what I read and see I wonder if anyone out there has awakened from the Hopenosis that we were forced to accept to rid ourselves of the nightmare.  The Hopenosis that was used to get us to surrender everything we have fought for and challenged in this world in order to save the future.  The reverse causality has had us all scrambling for some closure.  We are looking for the way out, but are lost in the maze of predictive outcome and apocalyptic social engineering.
I always wonder how many people are waking up to what is happening now and if anyone has felt the rocks at the bottom. I wonder how are they coping with the betrayal and the struggle of telling everyone that they should be concerned and being told to snap out of it or give it a chance to work itself out.
How many more years do we have before the anesthesia wears off? How long do we stay pacified and how long can we contain ourselves from demanding accountability for the actions of people who do not have the same morality as we citizens do?
There are many whose perception have been dulled and have allowed themselves to be managed and acclimated to the idea that infinite war is inevitable and that some needs to die so that they can feel good about themselves.
Has anyone awakened to the idea that being indignant is not enough?  That protest is not enough?  That breaking windows and setting dumpsters on fire doesn’t send a message? It is just an annoying tactic to aggravate those pacified zombies who don’t know or even care about the intent of the act?
Has anyone awakened to the idea that it is time to be organized and prepared?  It is useless to just protest, it is futile to say that big brother is monitoring you, and then put that complaint on Facebook, or My space or Twitter and then complain that you are being censored when they close your account.
Can anyone see the power of Organizing without the philosophies of the dead end far left, or the prejudices of the far right?  Organizing with people who have realized that political propaganda is useless and issues that they drum up are just button pushing agendas aimed at the gullible and those that are opportunists?
Every time someone begging for your vote or your support says that they will do politics differently the always wind up bringing with them longer tentacles that have their grip on your freedoms.
Has it ever occurred to you that the media gives you a report that is nothing more than a well thought out strategic maneuver to get you to buy from a sponsor, watch a worthless network TV show or accept a policy brought forth by your corrupt government?
The evening news is there to have you react. What you should do with it is decode it, challenge it, and look at the motivation for reporting it in the first place.  Is it the public’s right to know this or is it just there to get you to buy running shoes?
Everyone is waiting for a breakthrough – they think that if they scream and yell enough someone is going to stop the world and eliminate all that they perceive as evils in the world.
Waiting is useless.
The catastrophe is not coming; it has arrived, over and over again.  Earthquake after earthquake, oil spill after oil spill…political failure and money failure, murder, and war.  Every tragedy, every mishap happens every year, week, day and hour.
Your leaders are terrified of you.  That is why they are increasing the police state.  That is why they are passing laws to take away your ability to get informed to meet in public or protest.
Do you really want to be an accomplice to the end of everything you forefathers fought for? Is there a conscience somewhere that screams out and wants to awaken others to their spiritual Armageddon?
It really gets to be frightening when I do a presentation saying that the new world order is coming as my president has shaken hands on the whole deal and decides that we must all become a world government.
As Obama spoke at WestPoint to the 2010 graduating class He pledged to shape a new, international order based on global cooperation and partnerships that address not just military, but also economic and environmental challenges.
Since it wasn’t a painful move it did not touch us, didn’t even cause a tremor.  No one understands the repercussions.  As long as there are smiles and bands playing the deal is made and the applause deafens the screams of a dying democracy.
We say that we will wait until we go to the polls to vote the bums out but we forget that even vote of protest is as worthless as no vote at all. The puppet government still has some unseen hand shoved up it to get it to work.
The people who are not awake are unknowingly on life support from a nanny state that would sooner pull the plug on you than keep you pilfering their coffers.
The state is feverishly working on a plan that will rid them of all of their troubles.  They are deciding on a covert way to end the civilization without anyone seeing that they have planned it all along.
They work in the realms of potentiality and plausible deniability. They use silent weapons for quiet wars and build empires with both body bags and red tape.
The impoverishment of people around the world can all be linked to infinite war. They leave us as paupers to cheer hooray for our side and the Militarization of the entire planet. Our Uniformed boys are killing both abroad and at home as they one day take a gun and kill a family member or shoot themselves.
Anything that is essential for you basic human needs is replaced by a profit-driven “killing machine” during wartime. The waste of resources is far more impacting on the planet than your carbon footprint and yet we no longer ration gas or meat for the troops we have to ration our resource wasting technology so that all of the enrgy can go to the killing machine that needs fuel to eat up the enemy.
Here at home the poor are being made to fight the poor. The war is not benefitting the economy.  It is siphoning out, money, blood, and resources.
The elite benefit from the death of the poor and the so called enemy.  They control the war industry, and the military.  They fund the wars through the banking cartels. In a war economy, death and disaster capitalism is good for business it is business as usual in the apocalypse and business is good.
We pay billions of dollars a year to murder innocent people. Our leaders know this yet they can sleep at night and somehow reason with themselves the need of ridding these parasites form the planet.
Don’t think that a guilty conscience will save you and that you have a way to create some sort of stink.  The “Big Brother” police state has the mandate to confront and repress all forms of opposition and social dissent.
With all of the talk of Change two years ago I think it is time we ask for the correct change.   We should start the campaign to ask for the correct change. Doing so would actually change the course of history.
We are caught in the grips of national paranoia. All of the terrorism or rumors of terrorist threats can get people to react in strange ways. Murder, looting, and death wishes will all transpire and everyone can be in the crosshairs. No one will be above suspicion.
If we see ourselves doing the same stupid things then maybe we should stop ourselves and try a new plan. Don’t let the elite sell you on the idea of your own self destruction. If you buy into something expecting change ask for the correct Change.

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