When one hears of great plagues one of the first things they think about is the plagues they have read about in religious texts. Out of nowhere strange viruses and parasites would arrive and kill a lot of people. Many of these plagues were either part of prophecy or called down by a prophet who sees his people as persecuted. A disease called down from heaven can be identified as a type of biological warfare. If the disease is unheard of on earth, and if we can’t fight off its affects it can be labeled an alien threat.
Alien seems to be a word that takes on a lot of meaning these days. We can attribute it to the aliens we see in science fiction movies and we can also see an alien is an unwanted aggressive attacker that becomes a parasite and eventually incapacitates or kills its host.
The possibility of plague and biological threats to the planet need to be considered as we are experiencing effects of active solar activity and the passing through various charged particles of comets.

Fred Hoyle, an astrophysicist, and Chandra Wickramasinghe, an astronomer, have argued that all infectious diseases—from plagues to the common cold—were originally brought from deep space by comets and transferred to earth by micrometeorites.
They believe that a comet was responsible for the influenza epidemic of 1918 to 1919, which killed 30 million people. They support that with the idea of Panspermia diseases can come from the sky. There has always been the notion that comets are harbingers of death and plague.
The appearance of comets and the emergence of new incurable diseases seems to be highly synchronous. The effects of sun bursts from various storms can also trigger diseases and reactions. However it becomes difficult to trace or directly link plagues and diseases to harsh sun activity, the only real threat that has been confirmed is cancer.
Science fiction has always tackled the idea that with arrivals of alien beings, or coinatct with these beings there can be a reaction that was similar to when Columbus discovered the new world and many of the native tribes came down with various diseases.
In the Book Heart of the Comet by David Benford and David Brin an expedition to mine resources from Halley’s comet results in the discovery of life forms that pass a contagion that wears down the crew. The discovery of life forms with a contagion on the comet convinces the inhabitants of earth that they should use space weapons to destroy the comet and all of its life forms.
The idea of diseases from space and comets has always been discussed but never really proven. However the astronauts in the 1960’s and 1970’s were always forced into isolation in case they brought with them interstellar bugs from space. The space age is 40 years old it has literally been closed down and yet there has always been an interest in harnessing the building blocks of life from Comets and Asteroids and with many failed experiments from NASA we may not ever know if some of these space diseases have arrived.
On September 8th, 2004, all eyes were focused on the Western Desert of Utah as Genesis, NASA’s solar–wind sample capsule, returned from Space. Project Genesis was the first U.S. sample return mission since the 1972 Apollo mission. This was the retrieval mission that would set the course for other such missions already scheduled for years to come. The Genesis probe was set to make history as it was to take a scoop of the particles of a comet and bring them successfully back to earth.
A fireball sighting was reported near Bend Oregon. It was a dot of light far brighter than Venus, moving across the morning sky. Oregon was having a rare clear day and observers were getting an eyeful. Moving at 25,000 mph, it got brighter as it moved across eastern Oregon into Southwestern Idaho. People in Elko, Nevada, were able to see it as it roared across the sky to its destination in Western Utah.
It was at that point that a set of parachutes was to open, slowing its descent, and helicopter pilots were to snag the capsule in midair in the same way that Corona capsules were retrieved decades earlier.
Unfortunately, it did not happen the way it was planned.
The capsule’s parachutes did not open.
The $250 million dollar project and its precious cargo whizzed past the helicopter pilots at about 150 miles per hour.
The capsule’s wobbling arc ended in a crash into the soft salt flats 40 miles west of Salt Lake City. The salt flats were probably not soft enough for the 55 hexagonal fragile wafers that were used to gather up particles from the sun. Scientists had been worried that if the capsule crashed, the samples would be contaminated.
An example of precision engineering became a heap of twisted metal buried in a desolate area near the Dugway Proving Grounds, a military facility that specializes in biological and chemical warfare.
Project Stardust was also in the works and it also ran the risk of bringing with it strange life forms or diseases to planet earth.
There were many at the time that dismissed the idea that there was a danger of planet contamination from the probes. However it was highly suspect that the probes were both programmed to fall to earth and land in a desert area near a biological containment facility.
In the book “The Andromeda Strain” by Michael Crichton, a sample retrieval satellite is sent into space to collect micro–organisms for study. A malfunction occurs and the retrieval capsule crash lands in a desolate area of Arizona.
Concerned citizens from a nearby town find the capsule and try to figure out where it came from. Two military officers are sent to retrieve the satellite. When the officers arrive in the town, it appears to be abandoned.
The officers are later heard on the radio screaming and gasping for breath. The capsule’s protective shielding has been breached and an alien bacteria is released into the air.
The new alien bacteria clots their blood within three seconds of entering their lungs.
The book was written at a time when there were serious concerns about astronauts being contaminated with space viruses when they traveled to and from the moon.
It was eventually decided that there was no reason to quarantine the astronauts.
When Apollo 12 retrieved parts of the Surveyor 3, which landed on the moon in April of 1967, bacteria was found in the probe. It had survived the launch and managed to stay alive on the airless surface of the moon.
The bacteria were Streptococcus mitis. It is a bacterium that is normally found in the nose and throat. We really have not talked about this case and that the possibility exists that an alien or mutated virus could have been unleashed accidentally on the planet.
When someone suggests that perhaps a microbial life form could survive extreme conditions or mutate, it is usually laughed at because it seems that many people believe that conditions for life anywhere, including space, are narrow and rigid.
We are told that in order to find life on a planet, it has to be so many miles away from a sun, there has to be a certain temperature for life to exist, there must be water, and the air has to have certain components to keep the organisms alive.
We have been told this countless times, and yet the Surveyor 3 story is buried somewhere in the dust of the Sea of Storms. An Apollo astronaut, Pete Conrad, even says that the story somehow got lost in the high fiving and rock collecting on the moon. Some people may even think that the story is as farfetched as the moon landing itself!
Even in 1976 when Gilbert Levin claimed that there may be microbial life, perhaps diseases on Mars NASA dismissed it.
Science has documented however that anaerobic life that lives beneath the earth’s crust can survive without oxygen. In fact, it is estimated that bacterial life forms that live inside the earth are far greater than the mass of life above the crust.
If this type of life can exist here on the earth under extreme conditions, then logic dictates that extraterrestrial microbes almost certainly exist and it is imperative that we understand that not only could there be microbial life that is harmless, but microbial life that can infect us.
There are new reports from NASA that are saying that they found bits of DNA building material on meteorites pointing to a possibility of Earth being seeded with life from elsewhere.
However back in 2004 they downplayed the possibility of Stardust and Genesis contaminating the planet after their contact with comet dust, particularly comet dust from Comet P/Wild 2. Genesis crashed and the canisters containing the space dust were compromised.
Did NASA accidentally find an extraterrestrial disease that may have been brought here through panspermia, conducted tests to duplicate it and in fact unleash a life form or even a disease from space?
It is a remarkable coincidence that just prior to these space missions, people were complaining of a strange illness that new reporters and health officials called “The X-files Disease.” It was later called Morgellons a name taken from an essay called “A letter to a friend” written by in the 1600’s by Sir Thomas brown describing a case of distemper where the children begin to sprout coarse hair in patches on their backs.
While Morgellons can be described in this fashion the truth seems like it is taken from the pages of a science fiction novel. It is a ectoparasitic disorder and has all of the markings of some strange extra-terrestrial threat. Morgellons has been describes as an alien contagion.
Morgellons is not being investigated as a threat. In fact there are many physicians who have likened it to Fibromyalgia or other maladies that seem to be psychosomatic in nature.
There are a few doctors that are saying that this disease is a sophisticated nano -technological threat. That somehow it was released to the public and that now many people are beginning to see the strands and bumps that appear with the disorder.
The claim is that Morgellons is not one disease but a system of multiple attack vectors that damage the body in numerous ways and carry various DNA and RNA strands.
The possibility of alien ectoparasites was even challenged with the advent of prion threats that also threaten the world.
People now are familiar with prion diseases like “Mad Cow Disease” or Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, or BSE. It was first mentioned in the news, when there was a contamination threat of beef products. It seems coincidental that just after the report of the prion outbreak there were reports of Cattle mutilations throughout the United States. It was found that the prion remains active even after being subjected to high heat levels.
In tests that were similar, high temperatures did not affect the stands associated with Morgellons. We now were seeing a heat resistant drug resistant contaminant. Nothing on earth could conquer the invasion of the new alien threat.
There are a lot of people who speak about the subject of these new alien diseases. Many have speculated that this attack is an experiment on the American people and a continuation of MK NAOMI. a biological testing experiment on humans. They have tied them to Chemtrails and so now I throw my theory into the ring.
Morgellons is a product of the reported alien infiltration and intrusion.
We have heard that there are many ways this can happen, from alien abduction, personal contact with extraterrestrials, panspermia and other ways the earth can be seeded with: life-forms. It can be said that new and emerging diseases can most definitely be a part of those life forms.

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