This week we observed the fifty year anniversary of cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin’s epic
flight into space. Gagarin’s Vostok spacecraft blasted off from Soviet Kazakhstan and
into the history books Gagarin was declared the first Human in space. Or was he? You
can’t just go back and rewrite history today especially about the space program. There
has been speculation about fake moon Landings, Nazi saucers in space and many
other speculations but nothing compares to the real Soviet cosmonauts who preceded
Gagarin’s historic flight and died horrible and hideous deaths.

Ground Zero has explored this before and we have demonstrated through recorded
evidence that brave men and women risked their lives for the Soviet space project only
to be written out of the history books because of their failure to come back safely to the
earth after blasting off into orbit.
It was no challenge for Soviet leaders to erase the existence of “failed” test pilots
who had been sent into space that had not survived the trip. The fact is that early
spaceflight had such a low mortality rate. The most astounding thing is how The
United States while behind in the space race still had a better mortality rate even when
Astronauts would be crammed in something that was little more than a machine with
less processing power than a toaster oven and returning to earth guided by less than a
steering wheel is quite simply incredible.
Since the alleged Moon landing of 1969 and the shuttle missions that have now been
scrapped for secret military drone aircraft, things have changed so drastically and
secrets have now been declassified about Saucer technology, The Soviet Space
program and the battle that is being planned in our sky.
With the fall of the Soviet Union and the Iron Curtain, the curtain of secrecy came
crashing down. Potential atrocities in the field of biological and chemical contamination
and warhead development were quickly published in books for years as a steady
stream of information came about of the Soviet Union’s experiments in research and
development of anything that would give it technical superiority over the United States.
Along with a failed moon landing mission and several deaths while ships were within
Earth’s atmosphere, no documents were ever found indicating there had ever been a
human death in space. Doesn’t it strike you as peculiar that with the danger involved
with spaceflight there has not been one death reported in space? Not even with
the early experiments in Russia? Is it even stranger to fathom that during our moon
landings there was no death in space or even a mental breakdown?
Tonight on Ground zero we will present proof that there were deaths in space. The Soviet Union
and the United states covered it up nicely and neatly and avoided the task of a grim rewrite to history.

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