On January 23rd, 2009 George Anthony, the father of Casey Anthony and Grandfather of Caylee was reportedly found despondent in a Florida Hotel room. It was discovered that George was attempting suicide. He had texted to his family that he wanted to be with Caylee the two year old girl that was taken away by her mother Casey July 15, 2008 and 31 days later was reported missing ..2-year-old Caylee’s remains were found in a trash bag on December 2, 2008.
George Anthony left behind a suicide note that seemed a bit cryptic. It appears that if people were really following the Casey Anthony case they would look at the letter and realize that there seems to be more here than what the media has given us. about who is involved.

Now that a verdict has been turned over and Casey has been found to be not guilty, I decided to do some reverse engineering of the entire story to see what seems to be missing. The suicide letter and some other things are indicating that perhaps Casey was involved with a deep conspiracy.
In the George Anthony’s letter he says that he had to buy a gun because of some of the people that Casey was associating with. He believed that they were responsible for Caylee’s death and that Caylee was in danger.
The letter stated on page 5:
“Go after these people Casey hung with prior to Caylee being gone. That is why I got that gun. I wanted to scare these people. You know. They know more than they have stated. You cannot – sugar coat, kid glove these people. They need hard knocks to get info from. Sure that will not bring Caylee Marie back, but was Casey threatened? You know, Casey does not deserve to be where she is! I miss her. I miss her so much. I am worried for her. Her personal safety is always on my mind.”
George Anthony indicated that there was a conspiracy threatening the family that he felt responsible for. He indicated that these people were powerful and that you couldn’t use kid gloves with them. This indicates that a powerful group, with the means to harm his family may have been involved with is daughter Casey and may have murdered or abducted little Caylee Anthony.
The case may have more occult overtones than we can see is a passive observance. If you dig deep enough you may find all sorts of oddities that make you pause. As I have been reverse engineering the case as quickly as I can because I am really concerned as to why a case like this has becoming so “special” in the minds of Americans.
These types of cases happen very day in America. Mothers neglect their children, there are kidnappings and murders. This case however has a special place in the hearts of Americans and as an observer I do not understand why. I also do not believe that everyone who is involved with the armchair vitriol can know enough about the case to make a judgment.
There seems to be an underlying possibility that Caylee Anthony was a victim of a ritual killing that was carried out by a group of powerful people that knew Casey and that terrified George so much that he wanted to buy a gun and later attempt his own life .
Following the verdict of the Casey Anthony case Anthony’s Defense Attorney Jose Baez spoke to the press outside of the Florida courthouse. He thanked his legal team, praised his “adversaries” in the Prosecution, and decried a media that he felt convicted her before the verdict. He then said something in his speech that seemed to be from out of nowhere. He stated “Murder’s not right no matter who does it, whether it’s a ritual killing or someone becoming a victim in a drive by shooting. It’s disgusting and I think, if this case gets any attention, it should focus on that issue, that we need to stop trying to kill our own people.”
The idea of ritualistic murder or even a satanic ritualistic murder has always been part of the satanic panic that has gripped the nation back in the 1980’s. The darkest secret that according to critics has never been proven by Law enforcement is that incestuous families participate in ritualistic sacrifices which include aggravated sexual abuse and murder. There is also the prevailing concept that Luciferian Illuminist groups that are evil offshoots of The Masons routinely kill or sacrifice children in winter and summer rituals held in remote places.
There has always been a question as to who is the father of Caylee Anthony. Both George and Casey’s brother lee have been rumored to be the father of the child. However serology tests had indicated that both men were not the father of Caylee. The idea of the defense bringing up incest in the family was met with gasps in the courtroom and the comment of ritual killing is also a strange Freudian slip indeed.
Casey had sated to a friend that Caylee’s father was a random one night stand, however there e were many men that were tested including Jesse Grund who turned out not to be the Father. Jesse is the son of the Reverend Richard Grund who reported to be the director of a Christian group called Solomon’s Porch
Solomon’s Porch is supposed to be a Christian group that uses holistic methods to find peace and harmony. They are also reported to be tied to the Supernatural Response team a group that uses supernatural methods to find God, Just what are those supernatural methods and are they a strange cult that Casey wanted to distance herself from? They claim to be an occult deliverance community which sounds like a rescue mission to pull people away from occult entanglements.
If anything it seems that Casey was involved with shady groups that perhaps Jesse and Reverend Grund attempted to pull her from, but as George says in his letter you can’t use kid gloves to get rid of them and Casey now has these shady groups looking to possibly harm her and now the American people who have become a lynch mob in their quest to prove her guilt in the murder of her daughter.

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