It seems that lately many of the possible terror threats that lurk in the shadows are being accompanied by so-called sophisticated “internet threats” that work in tandem to produce some sort of wide spread breach of a network grid.  The internet spins a threat and people will either believe it with great zeal or dismiss it much to their own ignorance.
We are beginning to see many phantom stories that indicate probable outcomes.  They aren’t necessarily real, but they are sophisticated enough to be considered as very real potential threats.
I still am getting response from the Black Jack show article and the mass evacuation threats I presented in the article Slaughter gate.
I have always wondered if “Operation Blackjack” is a presentation similar to the 1930’s broadcast of “War of the Worlds” However after I dug deeper into the story it has become more complex.
Nuclear terror attacks are a real possibility and now with the oil rig disaster it is not at all hard to imagine some 40 million people having to leave the Gulf states and move elsewhere.  That is only if the oil spill becomes a more ghastly ecological threat or the gasses forming in the gulf ignite creating an underground implosion sending a tsunami towards Florida.
This is all being talked about now as the media blackout on the whole affair has now created a space for speculation.  However, no matter how outrageous it sounds these doomsday possibilities need to be considered.
You see, in their quest for global sustainability the elite would not think twice about seeing the deaths of millions of people.  You may think I am crazy but they don’t see you as anything but fodder and collateral damage. Just a figure in the number crunching of compensation budgets and money given to rebuild what they have destroyed.

[youtube DPwH3SiRqPQ]

Yes we are all the small people. We have always been that way.  We are just the slaves who give them carte blanche to build a new world for them.
We are all watching this waiting for it all to have some happy ending.
I can’t help but remember the comments Steven Spielberg made when he was asked why he remade the movie “War of the Worlds.” His comments were that he wanted the United states to see what life would be like if we thrust into the refugee experience.
While the motion picture so brilliantly painted the picture of a world torn apart by an alien attack it also demonstrated how human behavior can become so primitive and at the same time appear to be so thick.
For example, the movie begins with a horrible lightning storm.  The main character played by Tom Cruise find the strange lightning to be entertaining and his childlike interest seems to turn off his little girl who has a survival instinct.  She demands that they hide in the house.
The lightning gets more violent and then stops.
He then leaves the house to see where it all struck.  He winds up in the center of the community near a church. There is a big hole where everyone has gathered. The hole spews force ice and then the ground starts to rumble and crack.
People are still gathered around the area where the hole has formed.  Then the hole turns into a mound of dirt and pushing through is a large machine with a huge headlight and three legs.  People are now snapping pictures with their cell phones and using video cameras to record the event.
The Tri-pod machine rears back and a loud horn is heard.  The Horn is dreadfully frightening and people still are watching the monster machine.
The mechanism then extends its arms.  Electric arcs start to emit from the two pronged hands of these gargantuan tri-pods.
It is then people get the clue.
They run.
For some it is too late, they are pulverized where they stand.
The question is when would you have run away?  For me I would have high tailed out the minute I saw the ground crack open.  People have said to me when I bring this up that it is fiction and most people would have ran,
But I am not so sure.
Here is a more real scenario.
On August 11, th 1999 a huge and powerful Tornado touched down in downtown Salt Lake City.  While Tornadoes can touch down virtually anywhere, Utah is not prone to large and powerful ones, especially ones that destroy the downtown area.

[youtube eSorTVDSJqQ]

I had a friend who worked in a Hotel in the area. She was told that a Tornado was coming and instead of taking cover she walked outside to see it.  She told me that she saw the huge funnel coming right at her and she didn’t know whether to run or marvel at its power.
I get the feeling that this same type of scenario is happening with the Oil Spill in the Gulf.  We are used to hearing about oil spills and how they are cleaned up that we are taking for granted that everything will work out and that we have nothing to worry about.
People who are nowhere near the spill are not thinking that it will affect them. But it can and will. This Oil spill will be the real test of the Butterfly effect and we will see just how one spill can become something that becomes far graver over time.
I had a caller into my show say that he believes that this will be America’s Chernobyl. This rang out loud to me because I remember that I was told that Chernobyl is the Ukrainian word for Wormwood,

[youtube 4-Kt5RvdJQQ]

Wormwood prophetically is taken from the bible Revelation Chapter 8: 10-11 to mean a Star that falls from heaven and kills a third of the sea life and destroys the ships in the oceans.
It is a coincidence worth noting but an even bigger one comes from Nostradamus.
In Century 2 Quatrain 62 we read
Mabus will soon die, then will come
A horrible undoing of people and animals,
At once one will see vengeance,
One hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet will pass.

The biggest joke is that many interpretations of this couplet say that MABUS is another name for the antichrist.  They have tried unsuccessfully to convince me of this.  However I certainly am curious about Obama’s pick to oversee the clean up operations from the oil spill.
He just happens to be Navy secretary Ray Mabus.

[youtube Yc-kwbpDwJ8]

There is also the little sentence that deals with a comet passing.  Let’s see, Obama appoints Mabus to oversee a disaster with the potential to kill people and animals and a comet just happens to be seen over London during his announcement. Comet 2009 R1 McNaught was seen in the skies over Europe when Obama addressed the nation about Ray Mabus.

[youtube uN8LhdD08gM]

There is a Pink Floyd Song that comes to mind when I think about how people just act as if nothing amazing and equally threatening is happening around them. It is called Time from album Dark Side of the moon  where the lyric says:
And then one day you find
Ten years have got behind you
No one told you when to run
You missed the starting gun
And you run, and you run to catch up with the sun, but it’s sinking
Racing around to come up behind you again
The sun is the same in a relative way, but you’re older
Shorter of breath and one day closer to death

[youtube ntm1YfehK7U]

It is funny.  Lately I have been thinking about how the world seems to be so broken.  We have become so dependent on having other people tell us how to react to certain situations and when we follow their lead we wind up being betrayed.  It seems that putting your faith in a politician or religious leader is a recipe for disappointment and suffering.
The most horrible things it seems, is when those things that are immoral and blighted are somehow all made whole again with an empty apology and court settlement.  Priests and teachers can all be sexually abusing the young and virtuous and it seems that a simple I’m sorry or a court settlement changes the attitude. It doesn’t change or alter the damage that is done. You can’t put a price on the psychological damage and what might happen in the future to that spiritually disfigured human being.
When murders happen all things are washed clean with the state sponsored execution. A murder carried out by the state, is called justice, merely a synonym for vengeance. No matter where you stand on capital punishment ask yourself if you would be able to carry out the killing of a convicted killer. Many can’t, that is why it is the Government’s job to do it.
We have a hired hit man with our government, a full on killing machine we can rely on to whack that which we find unpleasant.  This is evident in that we are still fighting an extended war.  No matter how society views this Mcjustice it is becoming more evident that those in power are shaping a brave new world without us.
War and the threat of war are central to U.S. foreign policy. Not just a war against us domestically but war that shapes the globe and prepares us for a New world order where the classes are destroyed and the rich remain sovereign over a enslaved workforce that is fed the idea that they are working for their freedom.
It used to be that winning wars and declaring peace made us feel good, and now waging wars and continuing them in the name of some dream of freedom keeps us all feeling good about ourselves.  As the prospect sickens the heart thickens and soon we forget just why we fight and accept it as the way the world operates.
I worry a lot about the dissociative opinions I hear by other talk show hosts and people who really don’t stop and ponder what is really going on.  Either they are in denial or the trauma based programming has numbed them to the consequences that await us.
Do we really need to have more faceless Middle Eastern fathers killed, or mothers and daughters raped and sons abducted in order to feel free in this country?  Do you really feel all that free?  Is it comfortable wrapping yourself in nationalist dogmas to make you feel confident about the blood cement that bonds you and your government elite at the hip? Do you really think that with their wars and their investments, and ecological disasters that they are going to protect you when extinction is at our doorstep?
History has proven time and again that the powerful will save their own skins.  With them there is no valor for the sake of the many, no martyrs, just opportunists who are given honors and placards for accomplishments that they have yet to achieve. I am talking about how Barack Obama has received the Nobel Peace Prize and still we wonder why he has one?  Why does a man who has done nothing to further the cause of peace is honored as a peace keeper.
It is obvious now that Barack Obama is just the same old trickster with the ability to manipulate and use the media to create a charismatic mind raping of those who still feel victimized by the eight years of the Bush Administration. Those who do not see the “value of compliance” may have to face the harsh coercion which is effective in times of crisis.
The “Hope” that Obama pushed during his campaign is flickering now that he is president.  There was always that looming fear that t the Federal Government is preparing for mass detainment and martial law.
The very thought of “the end”  is now on the minds of Washington.  We are now learning that core intelligence points to different doomsday scenarios where millions of people could be displaced, injured or killed.  We are looking at an alarming rate of inflation, gas prices increasing, and food ending up in short supply.
It is no secret that the Federal Emergency planners along with homeland security have been training pastors and other religious representatives to become secret police enforcers who teach their congregations to “obey the government” in preparation for a declaration of martial law, property and firearm seizures, and forced relocation.
From the Churches to Colleges, new laws and proposals are being passed to federalize control through law enforcement and national security. The Churches and schools are literally being “paid off” by the government to enforce restrictive laws.
Alcee Hastings a democrat from Florida has proposed legislation that would legalize and authorize the construction of National Emergency Centers on open and closed military bases which would be run by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
This country has been preparing for the national security state for years.  There have been many times that I have warned my audience about a bigger event than the attacks of September 11th, 2001.  There are many people I am sure that were thinking that the major event I spoke of would be an attack carried out by an enemy.
However as we reported since the earthquakes in California and Haiti there are disasters that can be carried out with technologies, or events that can transpire where officials  create the disaster and then use plausible deniability to distance themselves from any culpability.
All it takes is the push of one domino and the chain reaction creates the desired crisis.  It has been noted that disasters can be created by social engineers to generate the chaos needed to implement policy that would not normally be accepted by the American people.
In times of pain and suffering the government moves swiftly to enact laws and policies that revoke human rights and dignity. If you need proof that such actions occur, all you need to do is look back in history at some of events that madmen have carried out in order to change public opinion.
As a clinical experiment in terror it is rumored that Winston Churchill and Franklin Delano Roosevelt were responsible for allowing the British bombing raids to take place through a secret agreement with the Tavistock Institute.
Tavistock kept records of the results as they watched the “guinea pigs” reacting under “controlled laboratory conditions”. They worked through a group called the American Heritage Foundation and answered to a number of psychological groups that implemented a Psy-op in order to break down the psychological strength of  an individual and render him helpless to oppose the a New World Order.
Funding For Tavistock and other psychological think tanks was  initially provided by the Royal family, but soon to include the Rothschild’s and the Rockefellers.
Dr. John Coleman wrote a  book about Illuminati mass  thought Manufacturing in “The Committee of 300.” The book covers the Tavistock behavioral science techniques and the idea that Tavistock may have been responsible for the meteoric rise of  the Beatles. According to Coleman, The Beatles were brought to the United States as part of a social experiment which would subject large population groups to brainwashing of which they were not even aware.
The phenomenon of the Beatles according to Coleman, was not a spontaneous rebellion by youth against the old social system. Instead it was a carefully crafted plot to introduce by a conspiratorial body which could not be identified, a highly destructive and divisive element into a large population group targeted for change against its will.
It was theorized that Tavistock began the whole LSD craze and paid artists to begin writing songs promoting drug use.  Tavistock recruited the Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd among others to carry their message as well.  Groups like the Grateful dead were asked to play at Bohemian grove. Tavistock and Stanford Research then embarked on the second phase of the work commissioned by the Committee of 300.
This new phase turned up the heat for social change in America. As quickly as the Beatles had appeared on the American scene, so too did the “beat generation,” trigger words designed to separate and fragment society. The media focused its attention on the “beat generation.” Other Tavistock-coined words came seemingly out of nowhere: “beatniks,” “hippies,” “flower children” became part of the vocabulary of America. It became popular to “drop out” and wear dirty jeans, go about with long unwashed hair. The “beat generation” cut itself off from main-stream America. They became just as infamous as the cleaner Beatles before them.
However the experiment had gone horribly wrong. Some of the sleepers became completely tuned out . Others became unstable. So there was a counter antidote to the experiment.  The culture was then exposed to the likes of Charles Manson and his mind controlled killers. Soon the so called “Free love generation”  became a generation that feared death. Suicidal adolescence became less appealing and so the “Hippy”  transformed into the “Yuppie”  or “boomer” waiting to become activated again in a future time.
Is it a coincidence that Manson allegedly motivated his followers to kill while on acid trips listening to the Beatles White album?  The song Helter Skelter convinced Manson that a war was going to happen between Blacks, Whites and the Social classes.   Aren’t we seeing that agenda played out now with the idea that the new terrorists are racist extremists that are angry because we have a Black president?
In 1980, a book appeared called “The Aquarian Conspiracy” that put itself forward as a manifesto of the counterculture, defining the counterculture as the conscious embracing of irrationality — from rock and drugs to biofeedback, meditation, “consciousness-raising,” group therapy, UFO’s and psychodrama.
The “Aquarian Conspiracy” declared that  the 15 million Americans  that were involved in the counterculture were about to start a revolution.  The revolution that was believed to have been left in the haze of Marijuana and  LSD.
While many praised the book for its positive and constructive views there were others who saw it as a guide for programmed “flower children” to rise up and begin the task of a collectivist “conspiracy.”  One where the world would come together in common cause similar to the writings of Karl Marx.
When George H.W. Bush made his “New World Order Speech” On September 11th, 1991 to the joint session of congress he was confident that the New World Order would come and be established under the direction of the various Psy-op institutions run by the CIA, and NSA. These groups would unite in common cause to fulfill the vision of the founders of the U.N.
So the programming of the counterculture in the 1960’s has provided an entire generation of sleepers ready to except a Marxist Model and a New World Order. So this programmed sleeper cell was programmed to be activated at a future time.
With all of the same whistles and bells that started the revolution of flower power back then.  This time “flower power” had changed into a more accepting attitude to Socialism and the ideas of Hegel-and Marx.
Paul McCartney recently was honored at the Whitehouse with a Gershwin Prize.  He fell over himself praising Obama which got him a lot of criticism both here and abroad. Many called it “kissing the first ass” as he sang love songs to Michelle Obama and haphazardly insulted Former President Bush,

[youtube rcLEfMhTkHs]

Don’t you find it a bit odd that a knighted former “Beatle” Paul McCartney played for the President of the United States the very songs that allegedly programmed an entire generation to allegedly accept a socialist state?  Even John Lennon wrote songs about Marxism. He admitted that The song “Imagine” was an ode to the communist ideal. Lennon was quoted in the book Lennon in America, by Geoffrey Giuliano as saying that the song is “an anti-religious, anti-nationalist, anti-conventional, anti-capitalist song, but because it’s sugar-coated, it’s accepted.” Lennon also described the song as “virtually the Communist Manifesto.”
The song has been translated in different languages and is probably sung and played more often then any national anthem It proposes a collectivist view of the world.
Collectivism is a term used to describe any moral, political, or social outlook, that stresses human interdependence and the importance of a collective, rather than the importance of separate individualism.  In other words defining one’s self or one’s work by a group or collective  rather than by one’s own individuality.
As humans , we have tendencies towards  defining ourselves in collective groups.  Mostly by our religious and political views.  There are some who define themselves by their country of origin . There are some who predict that the future will bring us to a time where the entire world will function with a “hive” mentality.
Collectivism has found varying degrees of expression in such movements as socialism communism and fascism. The least collectivist of these is social democracy which
gradually reduces the imbalances of unrestrained capitalism by government regulation, redistribution of income (Sharing the wealth) and varying degrees of planning and public ownership. In socialist systems collectivist economics are carried to their furthest extreme, with a minimum of private ownership and a maximum of planned economy.
Look around you and realize that the idea of a ‘collectivist” world order is ready to be accepted. Anyone who says no to the “collectivist” dogmas will be made an example.  They will be criticized and devalued in society as pariah.
The programming of minds to accept a New Social Order or a New World order has been going on for over 40 years.  The generation that was programmed first  is now in power.  The younger cynical generations are trying to fight the programming, but it becomes difficult when  faced with the idea of survival.  Tweeners, Generation X and the various generations after  are being influenced once again by the older programmed counterculture.
It is interesting that the programmed “yuppie” finds himself in the same environment as he found in his adolescence.  A culture influenced by drugs, and the prospect of a socialized movement.  He is being plagued with social issues like abortion, population reduction and environmental sustainability.  He is also living in times of war. A war that is fighting against ideologies that he doesn’t really understand.
It is the idea that Then is now and Now is Then.  The future is all about some idealistic potentiality, mixed with the predictions of doom. The present then remains stagnant out of fear.  It is all linked to prophecy, predictive programming and crisis trauma ritual.
The older generations are fearful of some technologies and are ever vigilant for threats from within, and threats outside of our existence. Some are so overwhelmed they, retreat. Some use new technology for an escape into a vague haze of hyper-reality.
The rat is doing exactly what it is programmed to do.  When it is ready it will hit the lever and allow the controller to give it what it needs to sustain itself. It is no longer a responsibility of the individual but the collective in power.
We in essence become “the little people”  because the financially powerful see us as no more powerful than a bug that can be squished,
In the last election, both political candidates  proposed  new Government Agencies, new militarized police forces, nationalized health care, social reforms , and proposals that would alter your rights to privacy.  The new Global agenda was being prepared to replace the sovereign  agenda.  The idea of a  silent “Communist revolution” was being embraced by both political parties.  Because both parties are “owned”  by groups that want to push globalization and state socialist orders.  The people just followed along blindly and accepted these socialist policies without question.
The socialism creep gets blurred by the War effort.  It is the new status quo, which sets the stage for the worldwide push for Global sustainability and world control.  We declare war on everything.  We have a war on drugs, poverty, and terrorism.  Even the climate is our enemy because it to is allegedly unstable. The world needs an  enemy that we all can agree is a threat.  However it will take more money and centralized government to fight it.
War is the staple of the New World Order ‘s foreign policy, because it is necessary for the governing party to direct the anger and frustration of the people outward, rather than inward, at themselves.  During war, a people are more willing to project their hatred and fear at others, criticize the enemy’s government and in the same process adopt some of the same “horrible” traits of that so called enemy.
Your programming has provided you with the means to hate or want o fight against the Muslims, yet at the same there was an overwhelming acceptance of  a President with a Muslim name and a Muslim background.  He also has an unknown heritage  and yet that is also okay with the people because they are already  accepting globalism.  You are picking up traits and or habits of your so-called enemy.
The enemies of the state at any given time wanted to spread their philosophy everywhere.   Now we as Americans are doing the same . The more you find out about THEM the more you realize you are just like THEM.  It is uncomfortable in some respects to see that the programming is working.  As Huxley had said, “People will accept the abolition of free will by methodical conditioning, the servitude made acceptable by regular doses of chemically induced happiness . ”
Many people think they are choosing what is best for them when in reality they are responding to trauma provided by the power elite.
Don’t believe, me?
Perfect example of this is how the media demonizes sports celebrities like Tiger Woods for having sexual affairs.  Business executives pull advertising in order to appear Moral when probably the very same executives are having affairs with other executives.
Same goes for the feigned demonization of pot smokers and at the same time the very people doing the demonizing are actually the same who are pushing for legalization of the use of marijuana.
Does anyone see the mental disconnect?
The proposal for legalizing pot stems from the idea that it would bail out the economy.  Once again demonstrating that a crisis moves  people into a direction that they wouldn’t normally move towards.  But in the past no one would even dream of legalizing it – now it seems that th economy dictates  that it be done
Problem- reaction-solution programming makes you a responder not a chooser and the responses you make are made through a series of shocks to the system.  This creates an inner sense of disharmony and social dissociative response.  It is part of the plan to get you to participate and encourage the process of “chemically induced servitude.”  You begin to believe that if everyone is doing it, it must be for the common good.
This is a frightening response mechanism because it all goes back to what I said in the beginning of this article. How much warning do you need before you act?  What does it take to get you to care?  To legitimize your happiness and your freedom?
We must not think we deserve better or else we would fight to save ourselves and prepare for what looks like a very turbulent time, The longer we wait to move the more we edge ever closer to danger and a brave new world built without us.
When people feel tossed about like feathers in the wind, helpless to control their  futures, they turn to  mass movements, to anything to which they can surrender their individual will.   They put all of their faith in leaders and messiahs no matter how dishonest or manipulating they are.
That is why now, we must understand that the  programmed sleepers have awakened and have  decided to accept the open conspiracy and indulge in the permanent revolution.  The sorry thing is that no single person can be blamed for wanting it.  It has been  a refuge all along and now it seems to be the only safe solution for survival.  The majority want it.  Those who say they don’t will eventually give in too.
As governments accrue more power to themselves, they seek out ways to expand and complete their control – and fear and dread secure  the ideal atmosphere in which to enforce this type of mindless conformity.
Prior to 9-11 the United States was a country that had a healthy suspicion of the policies of their government.  There was investigation after investigation into wrong doing conducted by the state.
After the attacks people turned to government as a protective entity.  There were those who questioned motives and they were completely shut down. They were told that it was not patriotic to question those in authority.  The Government somehow was synonymous with country and constitution.  Now that we know that there have been sins committed no one wants to cast the first stone.  Because we are all in some way to blame for what has happened.  The deaths of our constitutional rights were encouraged by the fearful.   The Power of the police state will not be relinquished.
We bail out bankers, not banks and we don’t call it socialism. What is the payback? Who will come back for their past due bill?  Countries and economies go down, while achievement and enterprise disappear.  What then?  Do we see where this may go?  Government a takeover of companies is by Mussolini’s definition is fascism.  So many crises, carrying so much of a burden and no one can understand it. They stand blinded like a deer in the headlights.
Now with the predictions of disease, famine, climate change, economic collapse and war ahead of us (All part of a CFR/NWO agenda) — no one wants to feel as though they are going to be forced to face it alone.
Now we see one of the biggest and worst environmental threat in known history happening in the gulf of Mexico,
You are being told that things are under control, that the little people will be compensated.  People all smile and say that it is definitely justice to see this.  But what good is compensation when the entire area, your home is condemned and your hometown is no longer a place where things can survive?
Sure the money sounds good to the observer because no one wants to have to worry about surviving.  It’s all taken care of by a  couple billion zeroes right?
Everyone wants to think that a tragedy can be a gain.  But what price can we put on the loss of an eco-system.  What price can we put on the threat of an unstable sea floor in the gulf where the geographic shelf can give way and cause a huge tsunami and kill millions of people?
Is there a price that can be put on the constant panic attacks, the physical toll on the body, the sickness, and the thought of death?
People just don’t get it.
We are more into benefiting at the expense of others, not healing people.  Government operates the same way.  When the government provides and we eagerly accept, we have already taken the bait.
Is it so wrong to individually prepare yourself for what is to come?
Wouldn’t it be prudent to have food, drugs, water and other necessities on hand if there is an event where you were made to be a refugee in your own city?
Like a weatherman predicts storms and like doctors determine health problems with symptoms, you can see for yourself that the future is becoming designed by those who are in power. It is now difficult to determine coincidence, determinism, cognitive association and synchronicity.
Today it is important to focus, be vigilant and prepare.

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