With all of the talk about time travel, antimatter , electromagnetic vortices and opening
doorways to allow beings to come through that we can train to carry out our wars I worry
that perhaps we are crossing these borders of time without a thought or care about
what it does to the multiverse. If there is a multiverse we can conclude that the quantum
entanglement is probably not good for our world and that we are seeing the results of
temporal tinkering as disastrous. We are seeing an increase of UFO activity, natural
catastrophes and rituals of death being performed. The question is for what purpose?

I have determined that a lot of the stories of anomalous activity we are seeing in the
news is no accident. It is also interesting to note that we once again have been thrust
into the time loop provided by the destruction of the twin towers in New York City. I
have lectured on this subject many times and have pointed out that there seems to be
a group or cult of people that become mesmerized by the temporal tower and how this
advent in our lifetime is as significant as the crucifixion of Christ.
What if I were to say to you that the world is preparing to be resynchronized with the
sun and that the borders between time and space are being lifted?
The idea of re-synchronizing or restructuring an era is not new. It is just that now in this
epoch, we are seeing events that have literally stopped our progression. The collective
consciousness of this planet has gone into full post traumatic shock. We are not
moving forward in our evolution or our transcendence.
Since The attacks of September 11th, there have been conspiracy theories of all kinds
that have emerged that talk about “inside jobs” “complacency” and missing planes.
However, there is one theory that seldom is brought up in conspiracy circles and that is
the idea that the attacks of 9/11 were part of a magic ritual that allowed time to virtually
stop and loop in a virtual Mobius strip. This could be why we seem to forget significant
events or why we accept a narrative that produces no facts. It seems that in our minds
something has stopped one program of linear time and has inserted a new program in
its place.
The attacks on New York were similar to the fall of the Etemenanki, or temporal Tower.
This is the catastrophe that the ancients witnessed in the beginning. It is a metaphor
for the destruction of the temporal doorways or entrances that consist of the legendary
pillars that hold up heaven. The Twin towers and their destruction are actually a
modern metaphor for striking the temple or destroying the entrance to Heaven. It is the
destruction of the temporal tower or the closing of the time portal to our creator or other
possible entities.
The Tower Card in the Tarot Deck is numbered 16. Placed side by side there are
two destroyed towers two cards numbered 16 or 2 “16”’s . 216 is 6X6X6– 6 cubed.
The synchronicity is uncanny. The meaningful coincidence is a clue. We are now in a
holding loop and now science and mankind are rushing to open a portal in order to bend
and change time as we perceive it.
Osama Bin laden was allegedly killed on May 1st. May is the 5th month add the number
of the day you get 6. It has been 66 years since the death of another evil leader similar
to Bin laden, Adolf Hitler. Osama Bin laden was also killed by Navy Seals team number
6. At first the operation was known as Geronimo, however Native Americans objected to
that name. The name Geronimo of course belongs to a Native American hero, whose
skull is the centerpiece in the tomb, a secret place where the members of the Skull
and bones society meet at Yale. After some pressure the name of the operation was
changed to Operation Neptune Spear.
A curious name for sure as Neptune is the God of the sea. The proxy Bin laden that
was shot and killed in Pakistan was beheaded and placed in the sea. Neptune is also
known in occult writings by different names Poseidon, Hades and Shiva. He stands
guard over the deep with his trident, a three pronged infernal replica of the trinity
Satan, Antichrist and False Prophet. Neptune is also recognized as the lord of sea
and air. Many associate his image with that of Satan as well. The use of the Trident
has always been associated with lightning and fire from heaven. The British historian
and novelist H.G.Wells put it best when he once observed,
“There is magic in names and the mightiest among these words of magic is Atlantis,
Neptune, Poseidon the guardian of Leviathan. Leviathan is known as the great Dragon
or beast of the apocalypse.
The cyclical representation of time is the Ouroboros, or dragon eating its tail. An
Ouroboros is associated with the eclipse or darkened Sun. The literal darkening of
one’s soul.
The black sun is also another name for Saturn the 6th planet, which is associated with
Chronos . Chronos is the god associated with time. The black sun is also a metaphor
for the black hole and the absence of light and time. The advent of equilibrium.
There is a 9/11 memorial that is being contracted that will be unveiled during the 10th
anniversary of the 3000 that were killed in New York and Washington DC. Inscribed
on the walls of the memorial is a curious quote from Virgil’s “Aeneid.” The quote is “No
day shall erase you from the memory of time” will be placed on a wall over the remains
of the dead victims of the attack.
This is no accident because of what is coming and what the world leaders hold as
sacred. What I am about to propose may sound crazy but there is a connection as
to why after the death and burial of Neptune, Osama , Satan, we must pay attention
to the myth of Atlantis and Neptune and his trident that is capable of re-opening
of the “magical Stargate” created by the Temporal towers that was destroyed on
September 11th, 2001 and the pentagon, the womb of the Pentacle was pierced in a
ritual that in some minds is comparable with the crucifixion of Christ. Our apocalyptic
culture sees this as part of a fulfillment of prophecy. They see it as a prelude to
judgment day or the Mayan final cycle of creation.
The Mayan Calendar was devised as a Sun calendar. As with all time we measure it
with our relationship to the Sun and it has been the Sun that has ruled us for many
centuries. However the Sun is changing and the future will change, time will change,
and history as it stands is in limbo. Ritualistically the events of 9/11 were a ritual to end
the epoch and the events of 2012 will open a new epoch we are about to see an abrupt
change in paradigm and time.
The twin towers of the World Trade center were designed to be similar to that of the
Holy city of Mecca, a center in time with two minarets and the great secret stone in the
middle to signify the sun stone. The same design is seen at the Dome of the Rock
in Israel. There are scientists that are claiming that time is literally running out. They
say that perhaps billions of years from now time will cease to exist. Time has been
shifted several times on this planet as cataclysmic disasters have jolted the planet’s
Synchronous movement.
It hasn’t been by much but significant enough to alter the tilt of the planet’s axis.
Experiments dealing with temporal dimensions are happening at large colliders. Their
purpose is to open a space time wormhole to travel through time or even see the
past. There are those that see what is happening at CERN as a way to fulfill prophecy
because the experiments that are conducted there represent the beginning and ending
of all that is. It is the doorway that opens in concentric rings and allows the crossing
into a new world. The concentric rings primarily symbolize vibration. In addition, they
can represent a vortex. The vortex is believed to be the compliment and open us up to
the biblical Eden and book of Revelation’s New Jerusalem, the 12-gated city that will
descend from the sky. This discovery if found will also known as the discovery of the
new and everlasting Zion, the passage to Atlantis a Stargate to an even deeper cosmic
NASA has now confirmed that Einstein was correct when he concluded that there is
a space-time vortex around Earth, and its shape precisely matches the predictions of
Einstein’s theory of gravity. During the Gravity B experiments they concluded that there
is a space time vortex above the earth. This is an important breakthrough. It is also
equally interesting to note that scientists at Antihydrogen Laser Physics Apparatus at
CERN trapped 309 atoms of antimatter for more than 15 minutes. The longer they
can trap them the more information they can gather about Charge, Parity, and Time
Reversal symmetry
The rituals that we have witnessed in the past week have yielded some very special
and frightening revelations. The choices of words used in the rituals are there to
somehow tinker with the temporal gates and alter the way we perceive time, and how
we evaluate what we are told. We somehow block the realities for the potentiality and
in some cases we witness reverse causality. The entire tower destruction and temporal
suspension is an ancient meme. From The Tower of Babel to the Twin Towers the
symbolism stands for a ceasing of communication with the creator Gods. This is part of
the death of an Era and a reshaping of another.
The two pillars respectively connote the active and the passive expressions of Divine
Energy, the Sun and the Moon, sulfur and salt, good and bad, light and darkness.
Between them is the Sanctuary. The sanctuary is the New Jerusalem. This is why we
will never forget the events of September 11th 2001 because it also was ritualized with
death, sealed in blood and fire, a ritual that affected the past as well as the present and
future. Think of it this way.
If it weren’t for the 3000 dead at Ground Zero in 2001 we never would have seen the
fall of Communism in 1989. It was Osama bin laden who worked with our intelligence
to bring down the communists during the war in Afghanistan. If the Cold war continued
through the new Millennium we probably never would have seen the twin towers fall.
But the event happened – it was destiny in the time line and the 3000 that died will also
affect the future as their legacy will be perpetual war and we will never recover from the
senseless acts of bloodshed that this one event continues to influence.
The potentiality for darker days ahead seems to be looming as we illegally cross the
borders of time.

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