Since the explosion of the ET/UFO phenomena in 1947, speculation about alien intrusion on planet Earth has been rampant. Half a dozen theories dominate the debate, but there is one theory that has yet to be examined. It did not emerge after 1947, but approximately 1600 years earlier. To be precise, the evidence of this theory came to light through a discovery in Egypt in 1945, although the significance of the find was not realized until 1947.
French scholar Jean Doresse identified the Egyptian discovery at Nag Hammadi as a cache of rare Gnostic texts. In the texts was information about “alien intrusion” of planet Earth. The ancient texts included a full-blown explanation of how inorganic alien beings came to be present in our solar system. Physical descriptions of these beings occur in several Gnostic codices. Two types are clearly identified: a neonate or embryonic type, and a draconic or reptilian type. The texts also revealed a darker secret about mankind and his relationship with the beings. This relationship had to be tested. So mankind went about developing a method to summon these beings from heaven.

Ancient seers detected and investigated the problem of alien intrusion during the first century CE, and certainly well before. Gnostics taught that these entities envy us and feed on our fear. Above all, they attempt to keep us from claiming and evolving our “inner light,” the gift of divine intelligence within. In short, the ancient seers knew the character of the beings thousands of years ago because they met them face to face. So between 1945 and 1947 it was time for the US Military to figure out who the ETs were, where they originated, how they related to us, and most important of all, how we ought to relate to them.
It is believed that there were many experiments conducted in order to create a vortex or some doorway to allow these beings to enter into our presence. After all, FDR had reason to believe that the Nazis were already in contact with these beings. The Nazis had ties to several occult groups like the Thule society and the Vril. Both groups had claimed that through a series of rituals they were able to open doorways to allow the alien presence to arrive. The so called presence had revealed to the Nazis new technologies that could be used for war and human death and suffering.
It has been reported that in 1943 president Roosevelt had ordered a group of scientists to carry out experiments that would in clued opening a dimensional portal. Before he died Al Bielek appeared on Ground zero and spoke of the Philadelphia experiment. He had indicated that while the story goes that it was an experiment that was to tests Einstein’s unified field theory it also blew a hole in space time. A hole that he said was 40 year s wide. The “secret” that many people are not aware of is that Bielek had said that this was actually the first official alien contact by the American scientific establishment. When the wormhole opened aliens had come through in 1943.
The aliens were well cared for and it took time for the beings to learn how to communicate. These aliens again were used to create weapons of mass destruction. FDR ordered a treaty of mutual noninterference with the alien beings which meant that they were capable of doing whatever is necessary to ensure that the war effort would be well stocked with new and destructive weapons. After they completed their task they went back to wherever they came from.
On August 6, 1945 U.S. B-29 bomber Enola Gay, dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan The fiery deaths of the Japanese sent a signal into the ether. The bloodshed, sealed with fire in a magical ritual was “Diluvium Ignis” the flood of fire and second baptism spoken of in ancient texts. It was a signal to the aliens that the mission was accomplished and that it was time to speak again. The dark secret of the aliens is that they initiated a cataclysm on earth anciently. According to Apocryphal Gnostic theory the trauma that we all absorbed thousands of years ago was the mass slaughter of innocents in order to provide nourishment for alien Gods.
Jack Parsons an L. Ron Hubbard were then called in to do a ritual to summon these aliens again in 1947. They conducted a ritual knows as the Babylon working that was to unseal the dimensional doorway that was opened in 1943. The culmination of the ceremonies was reported to have been successful, having resulted in ‘extra-terrestrial contact once again. The beings were described as looking exactly like the sketches provided by Aleister Crowley of an entity he summoned called LAM.

In 1947, it is alleged that a ship from space carrying a crew of Extra-terrestrials crash landed in the desert outside Roswell. It is important to understand that all of these experiments and events happened in roughly the same areas on the map. This area is known as the 33rd north latitude parallel.
While stories of Roswell and eyewitness accounts vary there is one unpopular story that is seldom told about the incident. While any story is as sensational as the next, this story paints a grim tableau. If this secret of alien contact were to be the true story, then perhaps it would explain the deterioration of the world’s psyche and the resulting chaos that has transpired since 1947.
The United States Military moved in on the crippled space craft. The alien ship was destroyed, several of the Extra Terrestrial crew were dead and those that remained alive were either killed on the spot or were taken from the site to be interrogated. There are accounts of one alien that was taken and held captive by the military.
The interrogation process included torture and isolation at first.
The alien being held by the United States survived three years in captivity. The task of getting the being to communicate in a language that could be understood on earth took a short amount of time. The being was taught language through linguistic studies. In order for the being to communicate clearly, surgeons were called in to operate on Vocal chords. According to reports, during the healing process the alien enjoyed eating Strawberry ice cream and listening to Tibetan Music.
The secret files released on the matter claim that after much duress the alien died in captivity in 1950. The body was autopsied at Wright Patterson Air force base. The entity was described as being yellowish grey in color with large eyes. The pupils were large and black and the white areas of the eyes were described as slate colored. The being had no body hair except in the under arm and pubic area. He had a large head.
Recently there has been a video posted on You tube that purports to show an alien that is in custody and is being filmed for observation.
Here is a close up shot of the video so that you can see the alleged alien magnified.
Many believe that the alien held hostage was asked many questions about weapons, technology and whether or not there were other species similar to him that have visited Planet earth . The alien obliged to give information, while caged and under heavy guard. There were things recorded about the heavenly beings that had a hand in creating human DNA structures and simulated DNA structures that were infused with a similar EBE known as the Draco, or the reptilian species of the entities. These beings allegedly are able to physically change and adapt to surroundings. The alien claimed that many of these creatures had already come to earth and lived underground.
It has been alleged that many of the aliens that lived underground went rogue and left the planet putting the United States in a very precarious position. It was assumed that mutual noninterference contract now meant that aliens were now going to secretly meddle in the affairs of earth and come back in greater numbers for an attack.
Less than a month after the alleged alien crashes at Roswell the National Security Act of 1947 was written. It separated the Air Force from the Army and created both the CIA and a National Security Council. Legislators were told the CIA would protect the nation, but they didn’t anticipate the danger of unaccountable power, at the time. Although Congress was supposed to approve overall budgets for the CIA and the NSA, which was created on Nov. 4, 1952, the new agencies had secret budgets that were given without legislative approval. There were several detainment and base camps that were built and it has been proposed that many were literally set up (as in the case of Area 51) to back engineer technologies and to allegedly house any extra terrestrial fugitives.
It was recently revealed that there has now been a protocol set up by the United Nations to ensure that if and when the aliens return we need to understand how we are to handle them.
In 1997 the Declaration of Principles Concerning Activities Following the Detection of Extraterrestrial Intelligence was ratified by SETI and The United Nations. In the document it states:
We, the institutions and individuals participating in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, recognizing that the search for extraterrestrial intelligence is an integral part of space exploration and is being undertaken for peaceful purposes and for the common interest of all mankind,
Inspired by the profound significance for mankind of detecting evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence, even though the probability of detection may be low,
Recalling the Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, Including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies, which commits States Parties to that Treaty “to inform the Secretary General of the United Nations as well as the public and the international scientific community, to the greatest extent feasible and practicable, of the nature, conduct, locations and results” of their space exploration activities (Article XI),
Recognizing that any initial detection may be incomplete or ambiguous and thus require careful examination as well as confirmation, and that it is essential to maintain the highest standards of scientific responsibility and credibility,
Agree to observe the following principles for disseminating information about the detection of extraterrestrial intelligence:
1. Any individual, public or private research institution, or governmental agency that believes it has detected a signal from or other evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence (the discoverer) should seek to verify that the most plausible explanation for the evidence is the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence rather than some other natural phenomenon or anthropogenic phenomenon before making any public announcement. If the evidence cannot be confirmed as indicating the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence, the discoverer may disseminate the information as appropriate to the discovery of any unknown phenomenon.
2. Prior to making a public announcement that evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence has been detected, the discoverer should promptly inform all other observers or research organizations that are parties to this declaration, so that those other parties may seek to confirm the discovery by independent observations at other sites and so that a network can be established to enable continuous monitoring of the signal or phenomenon. Parties to this declaration should not make any public announcement of this information until it is determined whether this information is or is not credible evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence. The discoverer should inform his/her or its relevant national authorities.
3. After concluding that the discovery appears to be credible evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence, and after informing other parties to this declaration, the discoverer should inform observers throughout the world through the Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams of the International Astronomical Union, and should inform the Secretary General of the United Nations in accordance with Article XI of the Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, Including the Moon and Other Bodies. Because of their demonstrated interest in and expertise concerning the question of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence, the discoverer should simultaneously inform the following international institutions of the discovery and should provide them with all pertinent data and recorded information concerning the evidence: the International Telecommunication Union, the Committee on Space Research, of the International Council of Scientific Unions, the International Astronautical Federation, the International Academy of Astronautics, the International Institute of Space Law, Commission 51 of the International Astronomical Union and Commission J of the International Radio Science Union.
4. A confirmed detection of extraterrestrial intelligence should be disseminated promptly, openly, and widely through scientific channels and public media, observing the procedures in this declaration. The discoverer should have the privilege of making the first public announcement.
5. All data necessary for confirmation of detection should be made available to the international scientific community through publications, meetings, conferences, and other appropriate means.
6. The discovery should be confirmed and monitored and any data bearing on the evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence should be recorded and stored permanently to the greatest extent feasible and practicable, in a form that will make it available for further analysis and interpretation. These recordings should be made available to the international institutions listed above and to members of the scientific community for further objective analysis and interpretation.
7. If the evidence of detection is in the form of electromagnetic signals, the parties to this declaration should seek international agreement to protect the appropriate frequencies by exercising procedures available through the International Telecommunication Union. Immediate notice should be sent to the Secretary General of the ITU in Geneva, who may include a request to minimize transmissions on the relevant frequencies in the Weekly Circular. The Secretariat, in conjunction with advice of the Union’s Administrative Council, should explore the feasibility and utility of convening an Extraordinary Administrative Radio Conference to deal with the matter, subject to the opinions of the member Administrations of the ITU.
8. No response to a signal or other evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence should be sent until appropriate international consultations have taken place. The procedures for such consultations will be the subject of a separate agreement, declaration or arrangement.
9. The SETI Committee of the International Academy of Astronautics, in coordination with Commission 51 of the International Astronomical Union, will conduct a continuing review of procedures for the detection of extraterrestrial intelligence and the subsequent handling of the data.
Should credible evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence be discovered, an international committee of scientists and other experts should be established to serve as a focal point for continuing analysis of all observational evidence collected in the aftermath of the discovery, and also to provide advice on the release of information to the public. This committee should be constituted from representatives of each of the international institutions listed above and such other members as the committee may deem necessary. To facilitate the convocation of such a committee at some unknown time in the future, the SETI Committee of the International Academy of Astronautics should initiate and maintain a current list of willing representatives from each of the international institutions listed above, as well as other individuals with relevant skills, and should make that list continuously available through the Secretariat of the International Academy of Astronautics. The International Academy of Astronautics will act as the Depository for this declaration and will annually provide a current list of parties to all the parties to this declaration.
The declaration seemed to have a more open policy about alien contact than the previous Brookings Document that stated that all things that indicate any extraterrestrial proof should be covered up.
It has also been documented that the United States has already made preparations for a global invader. The Military has already determined that a scientifically advanced civilization does not necessarily equate with a tranquil and peaceful one. In fact there have been many reports that any alien invader would be predatory and that earth is definitely cruising for an alien bruising. All contact with Extraterrestrials must be dealt with and interpreted as a hostile invader seeking out resources. There have ben war games that The Military has trained with that actually include the alien invasion scenario. They have war gamed every scenario possible, In many of the war games that have been simulated by the military, the military lose their battle with the aliens., This has forced the Military to work on experimental weapons to combat and alien attack and use asymmetrical warfare scenarios. As it has been determined Co-existence with aliens is not going to be easy . Humans are not at all predisposed to trust alien beings. Humans have a hard enough time trusting each other and we need to stop and ponder the true impact such disclosure would have on the world. We are inching closer to the revelation of the alien presence on earth. Maybe they were here to save us at one time. But mankind stepped in and mixed the substance. The hybridization of the alien with the human mind has become an awful mistake.
Most of these “hybrids ” are in places of power. They have declared war on the humans of earth.
In short, in early US policy and in future human-alien relations, a distinction must be made between issues involving aliens that we only think we know from Science fiction stories and alignment and policy regarding the real alien that is not anthropomorphic or hostile to human kind. I tend to wonder if those cheering on disclosure think that all aliens are “Nordic” blonde supermen and women who have a on leash either an alien grey or a yeti with energy sources that will eliminate Greenhouse gasses? Even in Star Trek some of the most human looking aliens certainly have their agendas and we most certainly have ours.
The crash at Roswell alerted some people to the idea that there was some sort of direct divine intervention. Truth is, if there was an intervention it most certainly did not help us. So either Roswell was a complete and total fabrication, or the aliens that came here were either of no consequence to us or we literally found them, quarantined them took all of their weapons and technology and murdered them.
Now they are coming back to settle the score. Keep in mind that it appears that aliens prioritize their resource needs over the ecology and survival of target planets. They will come as explorers and in other cases they may come as harvesters of life and proteins. There is also reason to think that those who seem to be predisposed of wanting to accept them with open arms are either misinformed or dysfunctional hybrids.
If the dysfunctional hybrid aliens are among us then like any invading force they bring with them their own diseases and they take our resources. Look at how the planet has allegedly deteriorated since 1947. Look at the way the promethean gifts have fallen from the sky and how we are using them as weapons of mass destruction.
Perhaps all of the technologies we have back engineered are scraps that they can easily shut down. Maybe all of the technological gifts that we either took or were given by the aliens are merely chotchkies and the real power will be seen if and when they return.

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