It wasn’t long ago but images of war were everywhere in my home city of Portland Oregon. There was a train yard in the south end of the city where a large freight train was being readied for a long journey to California. On flatbed cards in the train yard were all sorts of tanks and cannons. There were cars loaded with jeeps and ordinance.

I compared it to a scene in the movie Super 8 where a train carrying Military equipment and a boxcar with an unknown alien monster was parked in a small town. This was real, there wasn’t an alien, nothing peculiar only the feeling in my gut that something was out of the ordinary.
The sighting of the train was reported all over the internet. Pictures were posted and the moving train was caught on video and beamed into my cubicle via You Tube in High definition and each time I watched it I was chilled to the bone.
What I could deduce was that more war was coming and in areas not only overseas but in my own country.
Then there were the chilling phone calls to my show. Listeners from all over the country were seeing trains carrying tanks and trucks. There were convoys of vehicles being seen moving across the country. There were also sightings of DHS vehicles. There were reports of busses that were modified to sustain mass arrests and the train car rumors were also starting up again. These train cars were not typical. They were reportedly train cars that were equipped with manacles and in some horrific rumors guillotines were onboard these cars.
I had not seen these cars, however the rumors were that a Portland Company Gunderson Steel had the contract to make these box cars and that they would be used to transport anyone who refused to be a part of the New world order.
Then there were the reports that FEMA Camps also known as detainment camps were on the ready to accept detainees. There were skeptics saying that the camps were a lie and that there were none in existence. They would chide the so called “paranoid” that we would have no reason to detain American citizens. That was until the NDAA was proposed and made into law.
There were colleagues that would say on their shows that the NDAA was not all that alarming that American citizens would not be harmed by this. I was not so convinced and ranted from soapbox that this would be the end of America. I was called everything from a jackass to a doom monger. I was given a label of alarmist and yet with all of the things I was seeing my intuitive nature was leading me to the hypothesis that we were not going to escape a World War scenario where we would see death on our own soil in mass numbers and that there would be power black outs, internet blackouts, soaring fuel prices, food shortages, and a devalued currency.
We watched and read about the training exercises on both coasts and the reports of black helicopters in Los Angeles flying from sports stadiums to banks doing maneuvers and putting fear into the hearts of citizens below. The governments assuring the people that the maneuvers were for some future training. However most were not convinced. There many people prepping for certain military take over. There were new trends in buying non perishable food, guns, ammo, storing fresh water and setting aside some money for redeemable and or alternative currency like Gold or Silver that would retain value.
Some people could see the trend, while others feel that they will not be affected. That they know that everything will work out and that all of these blatant indications are mental expansion and paranoid speculation.
Then there was one of the most shaking announcements made on the Internet.
On February 6th, Cliff High of the popular website half past human made a dire prediction that we had 26 days to prepare for the truth. We had 26 days to get our lives in order for the inevitable end to all of the speculation about our fate.
He approximated that on or around March 2nd, 2012 that Israel would attack an American naval ship to create a false flag event much like the U.S.S. Liberty. There would be a huge loss of life to American sailors provoking an official declaration of war by the United stated against Iran.
This would provoke an equally harsh reaction by Russia and China. He also includes that the plan is all part of an agenda by Zionists, the Club of Rome, Opus Dei, and the illuminati to wipe out a billion people. He says in his approximation that the West Coast of the United States will be the target in this instance.
The most disturbing part is that Cliff has a lot of facts in his favor. Not only is he using the Web bot technology to find key words leading to this conclusion, but there are also several other key figures who have intimated and also have warned that any war at this time leaves us vulnerable to mega death scenarios on all shores. Not that Iran is threat, but their allies are formidable adversaries if provoked which could lead to a scorched earth scenario and mutual destruction scenarios that would barely be survivable.
Bombing Iran could be the final blow to an America that already is in decline morally and financially. I also posted on my facebook page some chilling saber rattling from Iran. lireza Forghani, head of the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s strategic team, was quoted as saying: “It would only take nine minutes to wipe out Israel.” Israel could be destroyed in a single day, if not by Iran, then almost certainly by Russia or China.
That kind of talk is frightening because if it takes 9 minutes to wipe out Israel how many minutes would it take to eliminate life in the United States? Israel now has reported that Iran has a missile that can go 6000 miles. With that capability they could reach the United States.
The question is where?
Well if you measure approximately 6,000 miles downrange from Tehran, you can figure that Ground Zero would be near Boston Massachusetts. If the missiles were positioned on the Western border – you could approximate the target down 400 t0 500 miles. That target would be Washington D.C.
Now I really don’t want to alarm anyone, but exponentially the United States could fail rapidly, in as little as 5 minutes.
How can it be done?
Giving the overall structure of how things have become in this country and with the dependency on the word and direction from our government, a bomb directed at Washington D.C. would cause a complete disintegration of the power structures and all things would implode in an alarmingly rapid rate. If the internet and information sources collapse, and the government is left in ruins, shock and fear would ensue.
This could all come down and level our way of life in 5 minutes.
Don’t believe me? Here is a fact, the average American is wired for linear routines. Waking up, driving to work, sending kids to school, coming home, cooking dinner, having their entertainment and information sources served to them through newspaper, internet, and television. We are all living in a relatively routine constant, that seems to not break down under normal circumstances. Now from time to time we have things that upset our routines. There are deaths, sickness, and other unforeseen circumstances we adapt to and in those times we react differently to each. We see these as obstacles that we must all be prepared for. However, most Americans have not prepared for an event that is not natural in our everyday routine. Therefore the exponential component of a nuclear attack or even a wiping out of government has not been experienced by the people of the United States.
In order to jog the memory, the attacks of 9/11 affected New York in a gradual way after the main event. After the Towers fell and the announcement that there was a terror event, the way of life in New York changed exponentially. It took an hour for the entire country to realize that there would be no flights, and no other reports on the news except the attacks and replays of the towers coming down. For 18 hours the initial sting had crippled all of us psychologically, and then we were told after the trauma that we would declare war. We were still in shock, and accepted the criminal take over by government in the United States.
Now imagine that same government, being the protector and keeper of the country being taken out in one bombing.
The rate of events and changes would ramp up at a rate beyond comprehension. At that time anything or anyone could assume power and where would you be without any direction. This is why being reliant on government is so dangerous, especially a government that has been flaunting its paranoia of being attacked for so long. Eventually we may see a self fulfilling prophecy and we may all watch the entire set up fall like a house of cards.
How then are we to return to normal? It may not be fixable and the powers that be know this. It will be easy with a highly traumatic event to once again shape public opinion, and deliver disinformation to the masses as certain forms of communication are eliminated or prohibited by which ever power takes charge of the disaster that most certainly is in the making if we pursue the fighting in the Middle East.
We have this uncanny habit of approximating what will happen in the future based on what has happened in the past. If we come out of it unscathed we breathe a sigh of relief and say the world hasn’t ended and we are fine. However what has happened in the past tends to intensify in the future. We have gone from terror attacks as small as Oklahoma city, to the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. We have gone from a small amount of terrorist casualties, to 3000 dead and some 400, 000 more dying from the attacks of September 11th, 2001. We are now fighting wars where we see that there are over 1 million dead and wounded in Iraq and thousands dead in Afghanistan.
Now, using some circular logic, where do you think we are headed logically with regards to safety and security in the future at the rate we are going now?
Now you can understand why Cliff High has made his calculations.

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