On Friday March 23rd, 2012 I wanted t express my deepest concerns for magnetic field research and whether or not it was wise for us to experiment with particle accelerators. The science seems to go unquestioned at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN and there are still many facilities that are becoming equipped with ionospheric heaters similar to the HAARP project in Gakona Alaska. HAARP has actually emerged as the “go to” scapegoat for earthquakes and weather anomalies; however we have now graduated to more powerful tools and scientific toys to create all sorts of anomalies on the planet.

For at least a decade Los Alamos Labs has been trying to demonstrate the power of a “non destructive” magnetic field. The day before I spoke about the possible dangers of magma displacement due to magnetic field manipulation a huge magnet hooked up to an even larger generator kicked out a pulse 2 million times stronger than the Earth’s magnetic field. The result was a loud scream that can be compared to the loud sounds that have been heard all over the earth.
One Tesla (a unit used to measure magnetic field strength) is approximately equivalent to the field strength inside the coil in a typical loudspeaker. High resolution MRI machines generate about 10 Tesla. With 16 Tesla, you can levitate a small object. Up on the other end of the spectrum, neutron stars create magnetic fields in excess of 1,000,000 Tesla. The magnet at Los Alamos generated 100 Tesla quite a powerful filed of energy to be released underground.
The world record for a human-generated magnetic field (is about 730T, and using 400 pounds of high explosives, the Russians were able to generate a field of a staggering 2,800 Tesla. But it’s hard to do much with fields of this strength when simply generating them levels everything nearby.
Los Alamos 100 T is minimal of course but it all seems to be a curious experiment when there is no mention as to why it was done. Los Alamos didn’t say that they were creating a super weapon, or an earthquake machine, or weather forced multiplier. They were just breaking records and destroying magnets in the process.
However the conspiracy theorist in me is saying that there may be an attempt to use the data from this experiment to document quantum phase transitions or even Einstein bridge creations, which would be amazing and dangerous all at the same time.
From the Predictive programming in television shows like “Flash Forward” and “Fringe” and movies like Stephen King’s “The Mist” we see that creating a portal or ripping open a dimensional portal can level a city or even create a weak area in the Magnetic field. We have not as of yet heard of any anomalous appearances’ of Monsters however the whole weekend seemed like a prologue for a spectacular science fiction disaster movie.
After the firing of the magnet and the awkward high fives and smiles from scientists in an underground lab I was noticing all sorts of interesting events transpiring.
I received a facebook message from a listener in Chile Named Hector. He and his family were in the middle of Sunday’s 7.4 earthquake and he had the time to send a message about alarms going off and the power grid collapsing. He then ended the message with “Greetings from the end of the world many things are happening here, the UFOs to earthquakes are always with us.”
The message chilled me a bit because it seemed like it was a message from another world. Like some parallel universe sending me a message that in that world, in that reality, there was finality, so quick, without fanfare or warning. The earth sank and the people held on to what little life they had left.
Meanwhile prior to the major quake in Chile the news was reporting that something unexplainable was happening on the planet Mars. Amateur observers were puzzled by an anomalous cloud that had formed 150 miles above the planet’s surface. The immediate hypotheses seemed to be that something on the surface had churned up the dust cloud above the planet. There were others who were trying to determine of something of considerable size had collided with Mars and that the cloud was an indication of impact.

Of course there is also the possibility that volcanic activity is happening on Mars which would be remarkable to watch and to speculate about. Overall science is declaring the cloud a “mystery” and is in the stages of making all sorts of speculations. I am sure that many of them would not include alien activity even though for some time there have been indications that something intelligent is trying to send messages to us from out in space.
Putting aside the delusions of alien grandeur there is some interesting circumstantial evidence that some force is pulling on the Universe and that our solar system is having a number of anomalous convulsions where matter is being pushed and pulled and the Sun is also responding with violent bursts that seem to go unfelt or noticed by human kind, even though above and below we are seeing turbulence that is not creasing and contrary to what we are being told statistically the world we know is changing and the solar system is also flushing out the old material much to the peril of the earth and other planets in its wake.
Astronauts at the International space station were also in danger over the weekend as potentially dangerous space debris forced them to temporarily seek refuge in escape ships designed as escape pods.
The debris, according to NASA was a fragment from an Old Russian satellite named Cosmos 2251 that smashed into an Iridium Communications spacecraft in 2009. The dangerous debris field forced NASA to move the Space station out of harm’s way however it most certainly was a close shave for the astronauts.
Looking at the charts for near earth objects there were at least two rocks in space that also were in the vicinity and their approach were awfully close to planet earth. It was proposed that by Monday march 26th, that a number of space objects would approach the earth and that there may be some magnetic disturbances associated with the encounters. The Seismic servers at USGS were monitoring vibrating activity all over the planet which may be connected to all of the NEO’s passing over head triggering a magnetic response.
2012 FP 35 and 2012 FS35 are both within 0.4 Lunar Distance and .06 lunar distances from earth. On April 1st, 2012 a near earth rock called 2012 EG5 will be within.06 LD.
Timing of all the heavenly anomalies and magnetic tests seem to all fit in a paranormal way. Alignments and powerful space bodies creating electromagnetic spikes are perfect catalysts for quantum bridges. These were called “serpent ropes” by the Myans and were most definitely the means by which the sun gods of old would travel to earth.
There are even many groups who are now moving to areas in South America and other areas of the Globe to welcome what they believe will be the Elder Gods of Prophecy in May of 2012 because of a belief that the gods shall return from the sky using a vortex or “black hole” generated by the induced magnetic tinkering of a secret “complex” using CERN and magnetic tests similar to what went on at Los Alamos. This is something far deeper and remarkable than just triggering earthquakes.
This may be a way that science can somehow be responsible for the bringing forth of an Extraterrestrial God. It is a remarkable leap to speak of the possibility but from a scientific perspective there are all kinds of interesting things and remarkable coincidences that are happening now. Many things that have been monitored have peculiar similarity to what has been written of in ancient texts regarding the return of the solar deities. The columns of fire, the serpent ropes, the angels of the fiery whirlwinds and the rings opening in the sky are all allegedly vehicles for the hosts of heaven.
At about 8 o’clock this morning I got an email that I thought was appropriate for what was on my mind. It was brilliant if not for the coincidence of what I have been explaining about worm holes and magnetic vortices, but for the conversations I am sure it would generate.
“Hi, I listen to your show on occasion and generally think you are a nut…but you might be able to find out more about what the heck this might be?” the e-mail enclosed a picture of a large black ring in the sky over Portland. It was seen over an area called Gresham during the morning commute. The local news also picked up on the anomaly and no one could explain the smoky ring that looked like a hole in the sky.

Anymore I wouldn’t be surprised to see a wormhole open up and then close again signifying that someone or something took a quantum leap into the sky.
In the Gnostic tradition there is a promethean statement in Latin which is Igen Natura Renovature Integra; “by fire nature is renewed whole.” In a strange coincidence we see that the acronym is INRI. As we prepare to celebrate Easter, many will see the INRI above the cross in paintings depicting the crucifixion. The Bible states that it meant Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews. However, it seems to be a hidden message of knowledge as Christ brought the promethean fire and gave more knowledge to mankind. Anciently the sun god worship or the son of god worship was always about the return of the God King from the Sun.
Are we preparing for such and arrival or are we nudging god to open a bridge or a stairway to heaven in order to fulfill a prophetic template? The year to come will be the true test of our faith and ability to understand that powers that w do not understand sometimes bring with them dark matters that must be attended to.
If God is coming – are we the ones creating the return?
The words of Luke apply to the faithful when he says “Men will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken.” As Hector from Chile says “Greetings from the end of the World” –a place where earth and heaven is opening as well as many souls and minds to the fragility of existence.

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