I still use city transit to get home at night. The Bus stops that I use are in the banking district downtown. The studios where I work are below Merrill Lynch and there is a Chase Bank, a Bank of America and a Wells Fargo bank all within a small walking distance from my office. Most of the people I run into at the Starbucks or at the bus stop are either government employees or Bank workers.

The government workers conversations are all about the economy and the bankers talk about their business as well. It all sound like a total mish mash or anxiety and numbers. One Night I was talking with a woman who worked in a very high place at the Wells Fargo bank.
She said to me that after being at the bank for nearly 35 years she was leaving. I asked her what she was going to do. She told me that she was going to leave the bank and close her accounts and invest in Silver.
I asked why silver and she said because it will just be safer that way, and I can cash my sliver for more value as it grows. It won’t be safe in a bank. I was eager to dig for a story and she told me, that it was hard to explain why the sudden change of heart. She just said that sometimes you do things that you know deep down are smart and that when you start seeing some changes that are peculiar you know that something big is about to go down.
I guess I understood that when your gut tells you something, sometimes you go to go with what you feel. She was older and said that she saw what happened to people she knew when she was a kid. She heard stories from grandparents about the war and the great depression. It was programmed into her when she was a kid and she knew somehow that the signs are there and she wanted to get out while she still had her soul, and her earnings.
It is difficult now to try and explain what life is like in a major world war because the majority of Americans who lived through one are dying or are already dead. It is equally hard to explain what despotism is because most Americans don’t think that the United States is capable of falling for the mob mentality in Government. Many in denial are already contributing to the mob not realizing that one day they may find themselves targeted and outcast.
It is hard to also tell someone that there is an afterlife because we do not know for certain. We hear that there is one; we are told that there is one yet the only people who know for sure are already dead. Lastly we are now facing one of the greatest financial crises in our nation’s history.
It is hard to find anyone who lived through a depression or a run on the banks and so all we know is what we have read about, and even then many of us can’t even comprehend the aspect of having our little lap of luxury pulled out from underneath us.
There are many Americans now that have gone from being six figure income families to poverty. None of them were prepared and most of them thought that it would work itself out. The warnings were given at the end of 2011. It was said that it would be best to prepare by having hard currency such as Gold and Silver saved and held for security.
To those who are unprepared – the time is nearing its end for preparing.
I was reading the other day that the state of California faces collapse by March if they can’t come up with $3 billion dollars to stay in the black. In 2012 we were always wondering if California would fall into the Pacific, now what we may see is something much worse.
What we are seeing now is preparations for the worst case scenario as Los Angeles has been treated to a number of urban warfare drills with black helicopters buzzing buildings, especially buildings that house financial institutions.
The proof was in the footage, captured by Cal 9 CBS Los Angeles, showing a huge Black Hawk helicopter hovering over the US bank building along with four other OH-6 choppers, known as “Little Birds”.
The pilots were making runs to and from Parks to U.S. Bank and other areas which are rumored to be Annexed FEMA holding sites at Dodgers stadium and the Staples center.
We have been reporting transport of military vehicles to California as well and people were wondering why so many tanks and ordinance being sent by Train? What could be happening? Well think of California as a country and not a state. If it were a country it would have eighth-largest economy in the world. Now imagine the chaos when the eighth largest economy falls into the red.
George Soros launched the fear meme after picking up on statistics offered by a website where it was shown in the tag cloud that in one week last July the word “debt” was mentioned more than 7,000 times on major U.S. TV news networks. By October, mentions of the word “debt” had dropped to 398 over the course of a week, while “occupy” was mentioned 1,278 times, “Wall Street” 2,378 times, and “jobs” 2,738 times.
Using a little bit of online analyzing you now can see what is being planned in the near future. The occupy movements have not gone away, debt is still hovering over us and Soros believes that even if the occupy movement has appeared to retreat, they will return and in greater numbers. As anger rises, riots on the streets of American cities are inevitable. This is why we are seeing more military deployment at home and black helicopters with combat readiness in the air as was seen above Oregon when a strange contrail appeared in the sky looking as if it made a 90 degree turn.
We also need to look into the reports of treatment of prisoners, and the use if what are being called less than legal weapons in the United States. Many Americans who are not prepared with food , ammo, dugs, water and Gold or Civil as a method of exchange will find themselves in the middle of an eager police and military willing to crack down and use strong arm tactics on citizens.
We have already seen the breaking of tradition with the passing of the NDAA and several other draconian laws in the works to shut down free speech online. We will probably se a lot more of these measures being carried out, and as many lines are drawn in sand someone like you or someone you know will walk across one of them and then you will see how preparing will help you get through, bank holidays, food shortages and all sorts of other problems where the ability to pay for anything will stop as the paper dollar will be worthless.
Once you see your material value declining then what will you do to survive? If you have nothing now, if you are ill prepared, do you think an armed revolution will work?
It has always been America’s back home answer to everything, the Wild West gun slinging solution to the black knight coming in and carrying out debauchery. Well some statistics may discourage this. In the United States we have been so Military centric that we have literally created the most powerful domestic security apparatus in the world. Many Americans think that the security apparatus in place is for Middle Eastern terrorists. Well it is only part of the plan. We already have mistreated and jailed nearly 6 Million Americans and have at least 300 internment camps that are vacant and maintained with several others on standby if it is warranted in order to jail and otherwise detain anyone trying to take over the system of terror that the elite have devised for our future. The Elite are planning on the inevitable demise of the currency. Depending on what happens in the Persian Gulf we will see the collapse sooner rather than later. There will also be scandals regarding GOP candidates and their money schemes. When the monetary system unravels and new criminals will be drawn and quartered those with current precious metals will survive.
There is a term that you need to know about and that is Irredeemable currency and parallel currency. Irredeemable currency will eventually be the debt laden note known as the dollar. The parallel currency is always the one that has redeemable value and that is of course metals such as gold and silver.
Don’t think that only the rich buy Gold and Silver, it can be affordable if you know the right people and develop a relationship with a Gold and Silver buyer and seller that can be trusted to advise you to buy responsibly. You shouldn’t put off an opportunity to have a parallel currency.
Any debt crisis in the European Union, China, Egypt, or even California will start the dominoes to fall. Even the slowdown of global growth is a stealth and silent creep that can easily devalue your currency making it irredeemable currency.
There is a disadvantage to using gold and silver as a hedge against irredeemable currency and that is this financial crisis while huge in scope is slowly moving through and smashing hopes and dreams of Americans. Only a few people now are feeling it and seeing it. That is why many people procrastinate getting their parallel currency because they really wonder if there really is a crisis when they see so much material gain in the world and not much hardship.
The establishment media has allowed for us to hear about the hardships only during the holidays in order to generate donations to charities. In the meantime there are still long lines at the rescue missions, families breaking up over financial problems, people dying in the streets, and being jailed for vagrancy. There are people still living out of their cars and recently a Yahoo news report did an in depth study of families that earned a 6 figure income that now have crashed. One family was living in their foreclosed home waiting to be evicted.
Shelter, water, food, protection, sanitation and heat are important considerations. Do not plan to rely on the government for help, unless you don’t mind living in a sports stadium for days on end while things get sorted out—or until they decide to move you to another city to start over.
The economy of the United States, currently based on debt and spending, is not sustainable. There is no solid backing to our money, our paper notes are not tied to gold or silver. We spend and put the balance on a credit card, and the government does the same thing. Trade some of your saved dollars in for silver and gold bullion while the dollars still have some value. Silver should be used primarily as a way to hold the value of your money for the long-term. You can sell silver coins as you need for redeemable currency. When I first looked at silver as a no risk investment it was about $15 per ounce. Now silver is hovering at $30 -$40. Buy it while it is still below $100 dollars and ounce and watch it gain value much like a savings account.
The changes that are coming are inevitable, the system cannot hold at its current struggle. All it takes is one spark to light the powder keg. Whatever you do to prepare will be your shield against anything that might harm you and your family.

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