It has been at least one month since I aired a report from a frantic ham radio host about what the nation’s truck drivers have reported about the Military transporting vehicles and personnel en masse across the United States. Since that time I have received e-mails and video proof of this activity from all over the United States. I must state for the records that I do realize that there has to be a way to get Military vehicles from point A to Point B, however it does seem that there is a mass awareness of these movements and sightings of Black Helicopters, Military transporting of vehicles by train, and armored vehicles traveling through the Midwest and east coast.

If there is a threat to the country or if there is a secret alert status, it has to be imperative that these vehicles are placed in strategic locales to protect the homeland. The sightings of these vehicles can be interpreted in many ways and while we hope to convey a sense of calm about our protection, it is also healthy to also consider that there may be something coming that would warrant the beefing up of urban security with military vehicles that do not have desert camouflage but digital gray camouflage used in big cities.
Three years ago without any warning black Helicopters buzzed the skies over Portland Oregon. While there were many people who claimed the Helicopters were normal, it was later learned that the Helicopters over Portland were Military and they were doing an unannounced drill over the city.
The Department of defense felt that they had no need to announce the attack on Portland and many Portland residents were shocked, some of them crying the streets worrying that the city was under Martial law.
The choppers carried flash bang bombs and ammunition. According the Naval Safety Center it was a hazardous but necessary part of combat training” They claimed that the training was carried out so that both Navy and Army soldiers will know how to maneuver helicopters in cities overseas.
Others thought differently. It seemed to be obvious that the training was to familiarize soldiers with the terrain of Portland Oregon in case of a possible terrorist attack, natural emergency or civil crisis.
The Department of Defense was responsible for alarming Portland residents with an unannounced exercise. They flew their threatening black helicopters at treetop level. They were dropping soldiers from the choppers on to rooftops and drowning the citizens in terrifying noise, giving them the idea that something terrible was happening to their city.
The helicopters were MH-6M “Little Bird” light assault choppers, designed for insertion and extraction transport. They are modified for special covert operations, especially those in urban areas where they can land in tight spots. They would be perfect for riot situations, because they can be modified to carry weapons and personnel. Most of the activities that are associated with these small helicopters are “Special Operations” exercises.
The sight of the Black helicopters signaled to me that America has changed dramatically and that this type of activity should be seen as for our own wellbeing rather than threatening.
Especially when people would like to believe that they are just as safe with a Military creep in their community as with an isolated terror attack.
It has been confirmed that the US Government has been authorized to train and deploy 20,000 troops for urban combat within the borders of the United States. This training was authorized by the Pentagon. According to report from 2008 in the Washington post the purpose of this training has been solely for possible a mass terror attack, natural or manmade disaster and civil unrest following an economic collapse.
There was also a Rand Corporation Study that called for an internal civil police force to combat any civil disobedience in the event of a national crisis. The study was compiled to determine the feasibility of pre-positioning troops, the implementation of a state no fly zones and the availability of rail and air for the transport of Military vehicles to strategic areas and predetermined “zones” throughout the United States.
Listeners to Ground Zero in Pennsylvania reported seeing Black Chinook Copters doing maneuvers many of course turned out to be near Military bases, however the activity would not stop after dark, listeners complained that the choppers could be heard after Midnight well into the wee hours of the morning.
On July 1st I was notified of some more bizarre occurrences with regard to Military vehicles across the United States. After one report based on truck driver observations there seemed to be at least 10 more calls throughout the month of July from people who witnessed 100’s of Military Personnel on the move in the United States. The most significant of all sightings was a Military Train that moved through Oregon the week of July 20th, 2011.
There was some interesting “Blog talk” being seen at a website that tracks these types of train movements. One blogger commented that the Train was parked in the Oregon Brooklyn Train yards near Milwaukie and that people who were there taking photographs had their cameras confiscated by armed guards in Black uniforms. It was reported that the guards were from homeland security.
The Train was reportedly heading to Yermo California and was a top security payload. There was a few videos that wound up on You tube of the train, but it should be noted that as the train passed through the yards at Dunsmuir California, it was reported that the webcam was ordered turned off. Why is this train such a top security priority if it was a routine transport?
I had speculated that with all of the talk of crisis in the United States with the Default debt ceiling false flag there may be a need for Martial Law. It is rather frightening to consider that before Martial law is declared that the executive branch could suspend the Constitution and appoint a :”special legislative body” to conduct the business of governmental continuity.
There are several branches of government capable of doing this however it is very coincidental that President Obama created a “super congress” a stealthy way to disenfranchise the majority of Congress by denying them the chance for meaningful participation in crucial executive decisions. The question is was this move constitutional? It seems highly suspicious. This means that there is now another handpicked group that will push through policies that perhaps an entire congress wouldn’t. This means that members of congress that wish to debate
Presidential proposals cannot do so. The super congress circumvents the power of a full congress. The super congress of course is said to be created to assist the president with tax and spending decisions, however this provision is an excellent way to keep other decisions (going to war, overturning posse comitatus etc.) out of the reach of members who are not in agreement with the agendas of the executive branch.
Barack Obama has literally created his own 12 disciples. This is astonishing. This is like watching the moves of a chess player.
What is the next move and what will we see as far as movements of more Military vehicles and personnel?
Keep your eyes open and ears to the ground.

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