DEBT RATTLE : The New American Coup

DEBT RATTLE : The New American Coup

It was reported recently that student loan debt has now reached 1 trillion dollars. It is unfortunate that in the United States we encourage young people, or even the parents of young people to go into debt to get an education that only guarantees financial Armageddon.
This does not guarantee recovery in any form and this is where we need to look to understand the conspiracy of debt enslavement and the underlying burden that will eventually lead to a policed enforcement of debt collecting in the future.

Bankruptcy attorneys are observing firsthand the calamitous rise in student loan debt, as a recent survey conducted by the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys found that 81 percent of bankruptcy lawyers disclosed that the number of prospective clients holding such debt has inflated “significantly” or “somewhat” in the last three to four years.
The student debt debacle, which some experts are labeling the “next debt bomb.” and it is quite simply “bait” that is offered to Americans that is taken willingly because of the fear that there will be no jobs available without education.
There have been Public service announcements preying on minorities and low income prospects stating that a future of constant debt is in store for those who do not get a degree and yet the way to get there is to go in debt.
In the meantime tuition costs are always going up, and it always is a gamble to bet against your ability to succeed in your field of study and are able to even get a salary that can pay back the debt.
It’s a racket that starts the cycle of debt in the lives of Americans.
Under U.S. law, student loans can rarely be discharged, even in bankruptcy, making them more difficult to shake than credit cards or past-due mortgages. The government can also confiscate tax refunds and Social Security payments, as well as paychecks.
The federal Government while saying that they want to make it easy to get an education resort to draconian methods at times to collect on unpaid loans. In some case they are forgiving and in other cases they send SWAT teams to collect unpaid loans.
In a case that was filed in Stockton California, Kenneth Wright was awakened by Police at 6 AM by police breaking down his door, grabbed by the neck handcuffed before he and his three young children were put in a police car as the officers searched his house. His estranged wife had defaulted on student loans and committed fraud.
The police then stated that the case was a criminal investigation and not a student loan case. After the incident was televised details of the case were then kept from the media and the media retracted its statement of student loan fraud.
More than likely the case was presumably s student aid fraud, which another problem because the ease of obtaining government grants and loans. The cash machine is such that students can register for different programs under multiple names and Social Security numbers. We see the need to commit identity theft and fraud because of abject poverty. The checks arrive, they are cashed and the student walks away from the debt.
However the question is whether or not you need a SWAT team to collect.
The question is whether or not this is the future for citizens who are not capable of beating the debtthey were encouraged to go into for an education, home, or other expenses.
When we think of a totalitarian government, we can see in our minds eye images of rail cars, and cyanide, concentration camps and political figures that make the rules and change them for expedience. Here in the United States the image of these realities have been looming for some time and have been part of topics heard on Ground Zero as executive orders and NDAA draconian measures will be implemented to limit your ability to get resources and to sustain a normal life in the United States.
The conspiracy that should always be considered is the banks developing a plan to gather as much money as possible to make an insolvent government solvent and they will use whatever means necessary to insure that you as a citizen in this new world order remain on the brink of starvation, otherwise you would have no motivation to work for government that wants to redistribute wealth and keep you in the throes of debt.
The Average American is enslaved by the banks because of debt that is most certainly rendered unplayable because of the collapse of the housing market caused by the blatant frauds and lies that are encouraged by the elite.
As a result the President decides to sign away our 4th, 5th 6th, and 8th amendment rights.
Then we see the chess pieces move that guarantees a military industrial complex seeing a decline in foreign defense spending increasing the paramilitary police forces that will in the future be charged with going door to door enforcing government usury.
This happened in Argentina prior to the dirty war, it is happening in Greece and it is becoming more and more of a problem in the United States. Debt enslavement is the hidden coup in the open conspiracy to keep Americans from revolting against their masters. People are so programmed for work and exchange that they forget that some of what they earn is supposed to be for survival and pleasure.
However the mainstream narrative seems to seldom report that the power elite, are now confiscating citizens assets with the backing of regulators and the “new police” that come knocking at the door early in the morning to enforce an order to collect .
How is this different from what the Nazis did to Germany?
The Executive orders recently updated and signed by Obama are quite clear in pointing out that all resources would be under the control of the executive branch and it also seems to be cart blanche for other selected entities to begin the process of wealth extraction in the case of national crisis. This would be carried out in peace time or war time.
Your debt will be used as a cudgel against you and your peers will also judge you by the way the government carries out its decisions about your liability to its progress. It is frightening to speak this way because people are used to being enslaved by their own debt. They see it as a fact of life, and there are so many who are trying to put out all fo the fires, however more fires are sparked when penalties, added charges and enforcements put you in a situation of hopelessness.
The world spins out of control at the hands of of charismatic despots and it is seems the whole of society allows it.
This is the Banality of Evil and its ultimate price is societal collapse poverty and eventually your death. The beast system that has been talked about by eschatologists is the system that controls resources and demands a tribute for those resources. Many say that it is in the form of a “mark” or the great 666.
The mark is based in your blood and your soul sold to the system for survival. The idea is to see just how far the human spirit can tolerate the enslavement because of debt and the sustainability of human labor to fulfill the requests of a demanding government.
History repeats itself and we fail to take action to change course before it is too late.

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