Given that there seems to be a serious investigation into the Baltic Sea USO and a keen interest in discussions about ancient aliens because of a TV series and the new movie Prometheus, I am feeling that while disclosure has always been something that UFO and alien investigators have wanted, there are so many events happening that will force the government to announce that there is more to Exobiology than just free energy machines and questions about what really happened at Roswell.

Disclosure is a deeper issue that strikes at core beliefs and while we think we are cosmically mature enough to accept the “truth”– we may not be able to handle the complexity of such revelations.
The metaphor of the UFO, the alien, the conspiracy, and the final possession or surrender of earth and its inhabitants is slowly replacing the chariot of fire, the angel, evil, and the final judgment and rapture of the faithful into the presence of God.
This seems to be the prevailing philosophy of the information underground.
We look at religion with our eyes squinting through a small hole. Equally Science seems to be looking through the same hole with eyes skewed and sees things in a different way.
In the small hole we see simple encounters throughout history as being godly and angelic and as the hole widens through time we see a new perspective that rips the hole even wider. We start to see a new religious and scientific synthesis taking place where man learns that his origins cannot be completely explained with science or religion unless we apply a migratory hypothesis. Man and his counterparts in the universe have quite possibly hopped from planet to planet and that the Genesis that we read about in the Bible is only part of the story and not all of it.
The Bible could be a book that explains the origins and the future of man in such a way not to upset or provoke a harsh response. It uses mythologies and metaphors that try to tell the story in storybook form. It doesn t want to reveal everything, it leaves the reader with the responsibility to use wisdom and realize that we have everything God has right at our fingertips and if we apply them then we will find the truth. We will be able to figure out where we came from. What our origins truly are.
We need to reach through the veil and see beyond the cover that is draped over our minds and see the truth. Beyond the dressing and the and beyond the trappings of religious dogma and the egoism of science.
A literary parable that illustrates my point is the unmasking of the “Great and terrible” Wizard of Oz in the L.Frank Baum masterpiece. Pulling the curtain revealed that when we see “magic” for what it truly is, we begin to see truth. We begin to see that we have the power to know what the wizards know, because they are just like us. They just know the right buttons to push. They know the tricks of the trade. They know all of the secrets and are fearful of what might happen if you figure them out.
The Wizard wasn t a mean, ugly troll he was only a man. A man who didn’t t want his flaws known so he hid behind a powerful facade. He was the ultimate shaman.
If you recall the Wizard really didn’t t give the Scarecrow, Tin Man or Lion anything that they didn’t already posses. He just told them that they had the knowledge, wisdom, and courage within them.
We have in our midst the same “Wizards” who rule in the real world. They are our politicians, and religious leaders who grandstand and give us political agenda and religious piety that is truly entertainment for the gullible. They have used all of the tools and subtle tools to get you to follow them.
They want you to believe in them. They want you to see beyond their flaws and the flaws of their agendas. They want to bait you with a little bit if truth that can be spread over the ugliness of their mundane lies.
They wouldn t want you to pull the curtain aside and find out the truth. It would obliterate the control they have over you.
History has shown that governments and religions would never surrender to a new Idea or theory or even evidence that something is about to change. Did Pharaoh ever listen to Moses when Moses clearly gave him evidence to show that some powerful force was causing waters to divide, pillars of fire to appear and bushes to burn?
Did Pilate ever listen to Jesus when he began speaking of another kingdom outside of the earth that he ruled in? Will governments, scientists, and religions ever acknowledge the existence of beings that perhaps are visiting this planet and are manipulating and changing the course of our evolution?
Not without a fight.
While we focus on a broken economy, and immigration debates generate a xenophobic attitude about earthly aliens. There are several other than earthly alien stories that have been in the news and while we prepare for the Olympic New World order propaganda and the threats of terrorism false flag events and speculations about staged alein threats take center stage, there are other rings in this circus and in one of them is the “information creep” about a factual extra-terrestrial presence in space and on earth.
As we see the first attempts at “disclosure” there are people are looking for, and expecting, the wrong answers, when the correct, but far less glorious, fulfilling, and even mundane answers may well be right under our noses.
Most of the information about UFOS and aliens will most assuredly not be what the New Age alien cultists are expecting because many have put faith in their discoveries and made them spiritual and faith-based, sometimes bordering on, or fully, a delusional response to the phenomenon.
When our government or the world governments bring forth information on Aliens or UFO’s it will be on their terms. Any information will be permitted and most certainly will not appease the majority of those that have put their time and money into theories of known unknowns. This would cause a schism and would most certainly become the first shot at developing a mix of science and religion for the ecumenical world order.
Believing there’s something else “out there” (where ever that may be) that is largely unknown is one thing, but faith in specific attributes about that unknown thing, especially relating to the typical cataclysmic model, is quite another. People say that seeing is believing, but now we live in times where people are capable of creating sophisticated fakery, where stories are created in CIA board rooms and clear images of UFO’s show up on the internet in order to show homegrown computer graphics packages.
Regardless of what we see, whether it is a fake rubber alien dummy being cut up on a television special or watching a face hugger grip its next victim we are now being educated in the revelation of the method.
The alien worlds are hostile, and benevolent all at the same time and every different group that speaks of the reality of such beings can give a portion of the truth, and a government disclosure would be far from giving the right Intel to a public that struggles with their own faith.
There is nothing in this realm that brings us to the conclusion of factual evidence. Science seems to take a cynical view because they are worried that when these beings are acknowledged other science will be put on hold, and all of our energy would be put into finding out more about them.
I tend to think that perhaps we know more than what we think and there have been messengers that have illustrated the idea of divine communion with cosmic gods since the beginning of time.
It has taken thousands of years, many books and sacred texts to continually wire the human mind for the arrival of Gods, demons, angels, demons, extra-terrestrials, aliens or whatever metaphor you choose to use.
Whoever is behind it has had the sound knowledge of social engineering and a clear view of the intended goal. Keeping a mystery is a subtle weapon and keeping a secret is a manipulative tool to get the reptilian mind working to try and reveal the secret.
There are many who have matured and have belief systems open to the possibility that our gods are something more than some romanticized mythology where they appear as effeminate toga wearing titans that lack emotion.
It is obvious that mankind received some sort of assistance from beings outside the realms of earth on it s evolutionary trek. However how is it that we can attribute the assistance to one being? Could it be that there are more in the realms of the most divine? I am not trying to be polytheistic, just a bit more pragmatic.
If we are the creation of these beings then perhaps our genealogy could quite possibly be traced to them directly. That our blood lines are similar and that we may have a similar genetic makeup.
Leaving us to conclude that perhaps we are they and they are us. This would make it impossible to actually find too many differences in the DNA of an alien if we are the products of them.
We would be the offspring of cosmic geneticists.
In Kubrick’s 2001 a Space Odyssey the ape man reaching out to the Monolith and touching it gives new meaning to what it means when the Ethosphere collides with mankind. We see it also in artwork such as Michelangelo’s portrayal of Adam the first Man reaching out to heaven for the touch of God.
Which brings us to the Christian Genesis where Man became as God. He ate from the tree of knowledge. The fruit given to him by his soul mate. The fruit was first shown to man by a being that is metaphorically called the serpent.
A reptilian creature who gave man knowledge. An extra terrestrial knowledge which caused a great fall of mankind.
The serpent obviously is either a Metaphor or it is a constant for a being with superior knowledge that has interacted with mankind and its subsequent progeny. This serpent reptilian being appeared and gave man an extra terrestrial knowledge catapulting him into perhaps a downward spiral. It all depends on how you look at it. The confusion that the bible fails to illustrate is that man in paradise did not grow and could not replicate.
After the arrival of the serpent being, or extra terrestrial entity, mankind was able to duplicate his species. Which was what God had commanded him to do in paradise. But in this state he couldn’t. He was stuck in a paradox that only an extra terrestrial messenger could solve. The Extra Terrestrial serpent being gave man his second leap into his evolution and gave him the powers of creation within his own physical body.
The Serpent or the “visitor” has gotten a bad rap in the Bible but it was the intervention it’s self that set a plan of human kind in motion. It was the next step.
The disclosure of the reptilian alien presence in society today could indicate that once again man is on his way to become kicked into another phase of his evolution. If he learns that they are here, or have been here all along, imagine what would happen after the disclosure. Would we conclude that the gods are among us? Would we see them as devils?
Would we realize our relationship with these beings on a level of subtlety or will we have all doubt erased with a messianic arrival of a God from space? Either way the core truth is the same we were all part of an extraterrestrial plan, and extraterrestrial blue print created by a being or being that did not inhabit this earth.
Life came from somewhere out there.
We just have to learn to live with this reality.

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