One of the best places to report some important information that you don’t want anyone to hear about is on CNN during a Sunday talk show. Paul Krugman an op-ed columnist for
The New York times appeared on the show GPS with Fareed Zackaria and made the statement “If we discovered that, you know, space aliens were planning to attack and we needed a massive buildup to counter the space alien threat and really inflation and budget deficits took secondary place to that, this slump would be over in 18 months,” he said. “And then if we discovered, oops, we made a mistake, there aren’t any aliens, we’d be better”

It took a few days for the mainstream media to analyze what he had said and to have commentators joke about it with uncomfortable laughter.
The idea of manufacturing an alien threat has been one of the chief conspiracies that have been spoken of in “fringe circles” since the first suggestion of it by Serge Monast in the early 1990’s.
Since that time we have been seeing many attempts at alien “proof” developed by frustrated special effects artists that have eventually have been outed as hoaxes; however there is something about these hoaxes that seem to have a running theme.
They are all there to generate the meme of secret missions to retrieve such aliens, that the aliens are dead, and that many of these aliens that are recovered are connected with Egyptian or Mayan imagery.
For example I remember the first time I had heard of the “alien autopsy” there was a lot of homework that went into this hoax and I contend that it doesn’t matter if they are hoaxes or not, they actually make an imprint on our consciousness and they are part of a ritual or drill to prepare us for the real encounter when or if it happens.
The mental flashbacks that it caused and the historical nature of ritual overcame me and I was convinced that while the “hoax “itself was subtle the impact of a ritualistic murder and autopsy that reminded me of several famous murder or autopsy scenes.
One in particular was the assassination of President Kennedy. The de-classified Pictures of Kennedy on a table and the alien was uncanny to me. It seemed similar to the ritual that Shelby Downard once spoke of called “The King Kill” where and important figure, like a king or a God or master is killed and then ritually butchered because of the failure of his kingdom. It is literally a ritual of an alien nature to restore a kingdom that has fallen into ruin. The alien autopsy had many people spellbound and it made its

mark on the collective consciousness of the people. The Fox television network aired Alien Autopsy Fact or Fiction special with Jonathan Frakes as host. The special was aired twice on Fox and each time there was in excess of 17 million viewers. Time magazine compared it to the Zapruder film saying that no other film has had so much intense debate since the movie that showed Kennedy’s brains being blown out in Dallas.
Each viewer regardless of whether or not it’s a hoax now has that snuff film in their consciousness and the ritualistic autopsy that some believed was a satanic ritual performed on a human.
Another so called elaborate Hoax is the Apollo 20 / Mona Lisa videos that made their way through the internet in 2007 and had struck me at first as a guerilla marketing campaign for a movie that I heard was going to be about Apollo 18. This movie idea was buzzing around the internet as a possible secret film that was shot by Stanley Kubrick or a secret depiction of some alien encounter on the moon that was in the possession of Hunter S. Thompson. It was allegedly a secret UFO film that would present the frozen dead bodies of aliens that looked like Aztec or Mayan Gods.
I devoted an entire Ground Zero lounge to the videos and the report because I was not sure of what I was seeing and I had already felt that there were parts of the story that were hoaxed but I needed to investigate this story for my own good.
As the story goes, In April, 2007 a series of videos began appearing on YouTube under the username retiredafb telling the story of Apollo 20. Then on 25 March 2007, Italian ufologist Luca Scantanburlo interviewed somebody who identified himself as William Rutledge who claimed to be the commander of the Apollo 20 crew. Rutledge also claimed to be the account owner of retiredafb. However, Scantanburlo never met Rutledge in person because he conducted the interview over Yahoo Messenger
During the interview, Rutledge claimed Apollo 20 was a top-secret mission launched in mid August of 1976 from Vandenberg Air Force Base in Santa Barbara, California and conducted jointly by the United States and the former Soviet Union. He said the other mission members were American Leona Snyder and former Soviet cosmonaut Aleksei Leonov, the first human being to walk in space. The purported lunar landing site of the mission was near Delporte crater on the far side of the moon. Rutledge said the videos show that he and Leonov discovered the remains of an ancient lunar civilization. He also said they brought back artifacts to earth for study, including a frozen female alien.
The story began with pictures and video that was placed on the internet taken from the Apollo 15 missions showing a crater that had some strange cigar shaped rock or spaceship embedded inside. It was estimated to be as tall as the Eiffel tower and as long as the Queen Mary.

What followed were images and video that was all too convincing of Rockwell Engineers loading astronauts into a capsule, The controls and the door of the LEM with the Apollo 20 insignia on it ,astronauts showing their faces and a corpse of a female and male that I thought looked like Adam and Eve.

However the female was nicknamed Mona Lisa.
They appeared to be frozen and the female was moved into what appeared to be the control area of the Lunar Module. The bodies appeared to be well preserved and showed very little signs of decay. There was also detail to the possibility that the aliens had been subjected to ripped flesh because of skin splitting in the cold and the areas around the lips started to decay first, similar to what happens when humans decay in the grave. Rutledge the man who was on the mission claimed that he believed the female was in some sort of hibernation state.
The peculiar part in this whole story is that there has been a person who claims he helped fake the whole story many internet sites have claimed that the story is faked and yet the principal players and witnesses still stand by their story.
Rutledge claims that he and cosmonaut Lexei Leonov landed a Russian made LEM (LUNAR MODULE) near the giant alien ship and entered inside . They found ancient artifacts and two bodies that they claimed were the “pilots” — one of the boides was fully intact and in excellent condition. She was a female and video revealed that she had breasts and that her body had been well preserved. A male body was also found but it was not intact, it had deteriorated and all could be saved was the head.
They Named the woman alien Mona Lisa. She had six fingers and toes.

    “We went inside the big spaceship, also into a triangular one. The major parts of the exploration was; it was a mother ship, very old, who crossed the universe at least milliard of years ago (1.5 estimated). There were many signs of biology inside, old remains of a vegetation in a “motor” section, special triangular rocks who emitted “tears” of a yellow liquid which has some special medical properties, and of course signs of extra solar creatures. We found remains of little bodies (10cm) living in a network of glass tubes all along the ship, but the major discovery was two bodies, one intact.

The “City” was named on Earth and scheduled as station one, but it appeared to be a real space garbage, full of scrap, gold parts, only one construction seemed intact (we named it the Cathedral). We made shots of pieces of metal, of every part wearing calligraphy, exposed to the sun. The “City” seem to be as old as the ship, but it is a very tiny part. On the rover video, the telephotolens make the artifacts greater.
I don’t remember who named the girl, Leonov or me — was the intact EBE. Humanoid, female, 1.65 meter. Genitalized, haired, six fingers (we guess that mathematics are based on a dozen). Function; pilot, piloting device fixed to fingers and eyes, no clothes, we had to cut two cables connected to the nose. No nostril. Leonov unfixed the eyes device (you’ll see that in the video). Concentrations of blood or bio liquid erupted and froze from the mouth, nose, eyes and some parts of the body. Some parts of the body were in unusual good condition, (hair) and the skin was protected by a thin transparent protection layer.
As we told to mission control, condition seemed not dead not alive. We had no medical background or experience, but Leonov and I used a test, we fixed our bio equipment on the EBE, and telemetry received by surgeon (Mission Control meds) was positive. That’s another story. Some parts could be unbelievable now, I prefer tell the whole story when other videos will be online. This experience has been filmed in the LM. We found a second body, destroyed; we brought the head on board. Color of the skin was blue gray, a pastel blue. Skin had some strange details above the eyes and the front, a strap around the head, wearing no inscription. The “cockpit” was full of calligraphy and formed of long semi hexagonal tubes. She is on Earth and she is not dead, but I prefer to post other videos before telling what happened after.”
I was confused that perhaps they revived Mona Lisa on earth?
The only thing that can be verified is that the Apollo 15 footage and pictures of what looks like an alien space craft are part of the NASA document.
All of the other claims are outrageous. The footage of Mona Lisa is also remarkable because she has the appearance of a real human that has been dead and preserved.
Rutledge has not made a dime off of his claims; there has been no book, or movie rights. Many of the videos of the missions have been taken off the internet. This whole story did not make any mainstream media outlets and was never reported on some of the many UFO shows that air on cable.
All that is left is grainy badly made videos, trolls trying to debunk the video and a sculptor named Theirry Speth who is selling his works of South American images that appear to be similar to Mona Lisa. In fact there are people who say that he faked the whole thing.
The story may capture the imaginations of more people now that a new movie is being released about a failed secret mission to the moon.
The Apollo 18 movie is about to be seen in theaters and while there are many people who are not too convinced that this film will be a breakthrough in science fiction—it is beginning to spark interest in the Mona Lisa EBE case.
There is a considerable large group of people that believe that something strange did happen on the moon and that there is good reason we have never returned to the lunar surface.


Click here to listen the the 8/17/11 Ground Zero show discussing Apollo 20!


If you’d like to discuss Apollo 20 check out God Like Productions @ http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1599240/pg1. GLP is a great forum and has a great discussion going on Apollo 20.


[flv:/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Apollo_19_inciden.flv 500 385]
Apollo 19 Incident
[flv:/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Alien_Spaceship_on_The_Moon_Flyover_Before_Landing_Apollo_2.flv 500 385]
[flv:/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/APOLLO_20_ALIEN_CRAFT_ON_THE_MOO.flv 500 385]
[flv:/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/APOLLO_20_ALIEN_MOONBAS.flv 500 385]
[flv:/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Apollo_20_EBE_Mona_Lisa_16_mm_Fil.flv 500 385]
[flv:/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Apollo_20_EVA_.flv 500 385]
[flv:/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/APOLLO_20_EVA_3_EXTERNAL_VIEW_OF_THE_TRIANGULAR_SHAPED_SPACECRAF.flv 500 385]
[flv:/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Apollo_20_Legacy_Liftoff_Of_Apollo_20_Saturn_.flv 500 385]
[flv:/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/APOLLO_20_new_videos_new_adres.flv 500 385]
[flv:/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Apollo_20_preparing_for_DP.flv 500 385]
[flv:/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Apollo_20_Snyder_ingres.flv 500 385]

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