I really didn’t have much time to comment about a recent show where I had two minds, one of an alchemist named Zareth and one of an astrologer, Dr. Luis Turi to speak about the Venus transit. While the Venus Transit to astrologers is symbol of the famine and the renewal of life, I was curious to wonder why there was no mention of Immanuel Velikovsky and his theories about Venus. His basic theory is that in Earth’s recent past—there have been global catastrophes and wars between civilizations that are influenced by objects in the Solar System moving around.

Velikovsky’s ideas suggest that Venus was originally a comet that was ejected from Jupiter and moved around the around the Solar System, having close passes with Earth and Mars, thereby causing the catastrophes that Earth supposedly had in the past. This all can be read in his book Worlds in Collision.
I was first acquainted with these theories after I worked on projects for a website called While many astrologers would be concerned about Mars and Pluto as influences for war and catastrophe the Velikovsky theory had me vexed as the Venus Transit was being spoken of as a lifetime event.
Of course I voiced my concern about Venus Transit from catastrophist angle and how it would affect planet earth and what exactly would transpire after the event. Venus Transits are rare, and tend to come in pairs. We had the first one of our lifetimes in 2004 and the recent one this year. The previous pair occurred back in 1874 and 1882, then 1761 and 1769, and so on back through history. Venus is our nearest neighbor, and during this transit, or conjunction with the Sun, is only about 26 million miles away from the Earth.
If we go back to 2004 and the transit that occurred in June of that year the months that followed were very active with UFO activity, earthquake activity and the war that raged on in the Middle East. While some people may not connect the dots to the transit and its aftermath the earthquake that occurred on 12/26/2004 in Indonesia had very close ties with Venus transit. A planetary alignment has been theorized to be responsible for tidal forces that seemed to be strongest.
There were also strong Gamma Bursts associated with the earthquake. These baffled scientists and also was known to bend the earth’s magnetic field.
2004 was also the year where a remarkable UFO sighting made national news and was reported by the Mexican Military. Just one month prior to the transit Mexican Air Force pilots presented infrared video footage from a military air patrol on March 5, 2004 against drug smuggling, that shows at least 11 very hot “spheres” moving irregularly with apparent great speed.
The objects could not be seen with the naked eye, neither the crew on board nor ground personnel confirmed any radar contact with the objects in question. There was remarkable coverage by the mainstream news about these UFO’s and once again people were prompted to look up and wonder if they are alone in the Universe.
On June 5th and 6th the second Venus transit occurred and I pondered the coincidence of an 6.1 magnitude Earthquake in Honshu Japan and a magnitude 5.9 earthquake that struck off the coast of southeastern Taiwan.
On the day of after the second Transit Dr. Luis Turi appeared on Ground Zero with a dire warning. He said that the skies would answer our questions on June 7th 8th and 9th. However Turi wanted us not to confuse Venus with Pluto and that we need to understand the benefits of the Venus Influence. While astrology can produce interesting coincidences
Well it seems that the skies are at least hinting at what be on the horizon and what it may be is a World War.
We have all been hearing about possible World War for some time and even though speculations fly and the national rumor becomes an overwhelming obsession, events in the skies above Israel, Lebanon, and Russia are beginning to paint a frightening picture of a war in heaven. The spectacle is being reported as a UFO flap, an unscheduled meteor shower and ICBM launches in Russia that are going virtually unreported in the mainstream news.
In the Book “Gods of Eden,” William Bramley accidentally uncovered a sinister connection between UFO’s and major disasters. As a lawyer and war historian Bramley had set out to write a book about war and during his studies he was finding that before cataclysmic events or major wars reports of anomalous activities in the skies above the earth takes place.
Bramley has documented that UFO’s and alien appearances are subtle and not overt attacks on mankind. They appear before during and after a major disaster or cataclysm to observe. Bramley contends that governments and the major religions know this but do not know their intent and that is why it is difficult to disclose the real mission of these beings.
There have been reported sightings of UFO’s over Colorado Springs near NORAD. The recent sightings and video from the area shows that lights are forming in a Triad over the facility. This happened the day after the Venus Transit and once again is a curious calling card for anyone who is seeing a pattern. These UFO’s most definitely can be tied to the war machine and that if there are overseers piloting these ships from space they could be watching for the spark that will kick off the conflict leading to an all out world war.
In biblical parlance we often hear that before any major earth event there are signs and wonders in the night sky. The World has seen an increase in Unidentified Ariel Phenomena and large Near Earth Objects have fallen into the atmosphere giving spectacular light shows.
On June 7th, 2012 twitter accounts from Israel were buzzing with stories of fireballs coming down out of the sky. Observers were saying that it looked like a UFO or rocket invasion, while scientists were claiming it was meteor shower. The same phenomenon was seen over Lebanon and there were reports of night launches of missiles over Russia.
This is significant as many of these countries are impacted on a global scale by proxy combatants of the United States, NATO, and Warsaw Pact countries.
We are closer now to a world war because loosely defined there needs to be a military conflict spanning more than 2 continents, in which at least 20 major countries participate in an attack against a common enemy. So all we need is Israel to start attacking Palestine, North Korea attacking South Korea or the US, or China invading Taiwan, a Syrian conflict or an Iranian conflict with Nuclear power and World War 3can officially begin.
There is an echo in the transit and if you lean towards the idea of catstrophism these weird theories will play out. The next few months will show worldwide collapse, plague and war.
The war approaching will overshadow our ability to plan for the future however the future is ours to shape among the ruins. In this war, The angels, demons. Zombies and the vampires are gathering in the matrix for battle .
They are ready to pounce on the vulnerable. The indications are that times will be so desperate that perhaps we run the risk of becoming vampires or zombies ourselves. We will see a time where some of our perceived allies in the world will become bloodthirsty and devourers of the spirit.
Your beliefs will be challenged once again and the shock treatment will give you reason to go against what you truly believe. It is important to always listen to your heart. You have the power to counteract bad programming.
The Apocalypse begins in your soul before it ever becomes physical.

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