One of the most notorious movie series that plays with your mind are the “SAW” films. They have been available in my cable “on demand” section for a while. They are free and so for some reason I watched the first one to kill some time.

As I watched I remembered the reason why I think these films were made.  They were made in response to movies like “The Passion of the Christ” where traumatic scenes beat into you a message.  For the Passion film it was trauma based exposure that sent the message that you must also suffer like Jesus in order to live forever.

[youtube 2hSudjBHz3s]

SAW on the other hand was an initiatory ritualistic film that demonstrates human behavior in desperate situations.  It actually sent the message that when placed in a hopeless situation against their will humans will eat each other if they have to in order to survive.

[youtube Mq7FVtth39s]

You can put someone on a cross or in the cross hairs of a mechanized death apparatus and see how they will cut open the stomach of another human in order to find the key that turns it off.

Put people in a place where they feel they are losing a grip on their personal freedom and watch them as their minds unravel and every programmed fear is exposed and every frayed nerve is left exposed, raw and ready to snap.  When the nerves snap and the mind is open, what suggestion will enter in?  What can possess it?

What course will the mind take?  We are having those questions answered every time we see the mainstream narrative reinforce the forecasted doom on the horizon. When times become hopeless and the tragedies pile up and the morgues are full to capacity the American people, maybe even the world will want a Savior.

Then the course of the mass consciousness will be guided by an authority or someone who appears to be in a position of authority, maybe even divine authority.

[youtube ZCamiWs-KMs ]

The first president of the United Nations General Assembly, Paul-Henri Spaak, who was also a prime minister of Belgium and one of the early planners of the European Union , as well as a secretary-general of NATO, affirmed, “We do not want another committee, we have too many already. What we want is a man of sufficient stature to hold the allegiance of all the people of the world and to lift us up out of the economic morass into which we are sinking. Send us such a man, and whether he be God or devil, we will receive him.”

The American people have endured many painful initiatory rituals at the hands of the power elite.  As the world readies for its triumphant passing into a new paradigm, the forces of chaos will see to it that the future will be fraught with pain and suffering. Gone are the days of sanitized ideologies.  The world has adjusted the levels of evil to make way for the painful advent of pathocracy.  There are too many coincidences to indicate that sinister influences may be at work.

In order to reveal these sinister occult influences we must go beneath the political skin and realize that there is something far more valuable to the elite.  It is something that everyone possesses.  That of course is your blood.

It is more valuable than oil in some respects. In a world of vampires it is fresh meat that attracts the beasts.  They kill indiscriminately and leave behind witchy or dark signatures or sigils that when revealed demonstrate that not only are there puppet masters but others that pull the strings of the puppet masters.

[google -5403028724490710410]

We may not be able dissect and analyze the entire truth because of the darkness that exists within the confines of core intelligence.

The darker projects are being carried out and it looks as if it is all by design. Many religions are altering their doctrines to allow for the practice of occult ritual, folk magic, and ceremonial magic. These rituals are violent, sexual, and paranormal.

You can look at these changes in religious attitudes and notice the similarities of ritual that can date back to Renaissance magicians, the Jewish Cabbala and the Babylonian secret schools.  The use of numerology and divination are all part of the apocalyptic blue print.

Those who know of the sacred numbers and codes are paying attention.  Because they know that the fullness or quickening is about to take place and the return of the Gods of fortresses is about to manifest.

The various interpretations are fascinating and I have been reading furiously to see if there is a pattern to be revealed.  There are so many avenues to expose and so it is difficult to write about all of it. The most fascinating paranormal aspects are too outrageous to share especially when most people believe that they are too sophisticated to believe in old fashioned demonic infiltration.

Before I sat down to write this article I went to the local coffee shop to get my caffeine fix. I ran into a minister who happened to catch my show on KUFO.

He asked me about the “pale horse” meme and we started talking about my theories about how the pale horse metaphor has been working its way through the zeitgeist and that the antichrist spirit is also a ghost that has now appeared in the machine and that the gears and levers of control, war and death are now being flipped to trigger a response that encourages a lack of humanity and a beastly spirit.

He brought up something that I was very surprised to hear about coming from a minister.  He mentioned that the Avatar theory that he had heard of in one of my past shows sounded like the Old Testament stories of the cacodemon.  I was taken aback by the word. I never heard of the terminology. He told me that it was an old way to refer to the shape shifting child eating demoniacs in the times of Enoch.

I knew of reptilian shape shifters, and child sacrifice horror stories from David Icke but coming from a minister the story took on a fresh approach for some reason.

The minister told me that the book of the Apocalypse speaks of a Dragon devouring a child in the presence of the mother who is the woman of Babylon. The passage of scripture explains the arrival of the Antichrist.

He said that the Dragon devouring the child is literally a cacodemon that has possessed the body of the mentor or father figure of the young child.  The possession of the human form by the cacodemon makes the human an avatar that acts on behalf of the demon that possesses it.

After a long discussion I left the coffee house and headed to the library and read about the cacodemons and their domain.

There wasn’t much about cacodemons in my small town library except for the information I gathered that most cacodemons can be controlled by dark sorcerers while rogue cacodemons without hosts sometimes enter into the bodies of the war dead, still born babies, miscarriages and abortions.  They dwell in the areas of plague and they have the ability to enter the bodies of animals, but they prefer reptiles.

Well of course they do.

When they are inside their Avatar, they can carry out horrible events. One of their most notorious actions is to abuse, molest and even eat the children of mankind.  They prey on the weaker animals and use them as resources as well.

They allegedly hide in plain sight and when confronted they deny that they are inside the bodies of the spiritually dead.   The spirits are familiars and allegedly know everything about you except your thoughts. The whole time I was reading I realized that there are darker powers far greater than any of a Satan or a common devil.

You may believe in the Devil, but do you know who he really is? He is depicted as a horned monster that for some reason did something to really make God Mad… But what we are seeing now in the 21st century is something very peculiar.

Everything we have put our faith in is beginning to show that it is corrupt and vile. It seems like it is permitted, and will be useful in some way to further the mission of the New World Order.

It seems that 21st century thinking tends to revert to 12th century superstition when things demonstrate their propensity for blight.

Even the Catholic Church is admitting that we are seeing these 12th century demons allegedly returning and possessing the bodies of the living. Many of whom are those who are in positions of authority.  This is a major statement when the exorcists of the Roman church and the Jesuit Generals are preparing for a war against these cacodemons.

[youtube 9G4RKG4Xl2E]

Christians always say that GOD is in control however all you see is ritualism in places of power and ritual child sexual abuse and ritual murder carried out by Priests.  This seems to be a Pandemic throughout Europe much like it was in United States 10 years ago.

The Apostle John’s prophecy in the biblical Revelation warned that man’s beastly nature would rule him if he joined the Imperial Cult of Idolatry. This Imperial cult was defined as a unified effort to mingle philosophical and political dogma in order to bring about a new spiritual enlightenment.

In essence men would place themselves in positions of political and religious power, acting on behalf of God eventually declaring that their lawlessness is ordained of God.

The Imperial Cult will also use scapegoats and straw men to draw the blame away from their lawlessness, identifying evildoers as the contemporary persons or institutions of the times.

This is happening now and the pathocracy is adjusting evil to justify mass murder, sexual molestation, and trauma based mind control in order to bring about changes in the human psyche.  The Cacodemonic Empire seems to be growing at the expense of human life and virtue.

The messianic expectations of all the major world religions are unwittingly paving the way for the rise of the Antichrist. The reality is that all of the major world religions on earth are awaiting a “Messianic figure” or “Avatar”  who will bring dramatic changes to the earth.

With the anticipation, and the world view that all are facing an apocalypse in the years to come, wouldn’t it be a logical leap to consider that those with Satanic aspirations or even those who may be possessed by some cacodemon could use these apocalyptic expectations to establish a fear doctrine or Luciferian blue print in order to establish a powerful   government that has the appearance of being a Theocracy or Imperial cult?

The State religion would form in the ruins of the established Churches that have desecrated by an invasion from within. It would be a plan where the wolves would “out” the wolves and the sheep would still be led by wolves with greater hunger to mislead and destroy.

The Imperial Cult forges on, quietly pushing its agenda of world dominion by establishing the one world system of control. Attempts have been made to establish a collective of governments and religions for the alleged cause of “peace.” The imperial cult idea never dies in history it just changes its names.

And with the efforts of peace being touted as virtues within the cult the covert agendas are far from bringing peace.  The movements bring with them death, suffering and mental possession.

As mankind  becomes more and more used to a “global consciousness” and the “dream”  of world unity, as well as the ecumenical movement breaching doctrinal barriers for the sake of religious unity, it becomes entirely likely that the coming Avatar, Beast, Anti-Christ or False Prophet will assume power in this way.

The world is already being primed for it. It also follows that in the event of a major worldwide crisis, such a person could rise with calm assurance and strong charismatic leadership to lead the world into the  new age. We are being programmed with numeric time tables and dates such as 2012 also have people worried about a darker future.  The world no longer trusts God– because he is proving his absence.

This is not by any means an insult to religion or God. This is evidence of a lack of faith and that a possible demonic force has gripped the consciousness of every religion and government.   The devilish messiah speaks… And people do not question.

[youtube H2ucZlQCx0c]

It is a vicious circle that will lead to enslavement.

Even though there is mounting evidence to show that prominent religious organizations and government institutions are being used to create the “beast’ system, it seems to be reflexively painful for the majority to admit that perhaps the prophecy of apostasy has conveniently been swept under the rug.

Many of these religious groups seem to be off limits to those imaginative apocalyptic minds for some reason. Maybe it is because of the pain that is caused and the ridicule that begins when someone points out that major religious organizations could nudge God and give a push to the apocalypse by teaming up with underhanded entities to fill their need for material gain, and human control.

While most religions conveniently talk the good talk when it is prudent, they do nothing to promote peace and hope.  They preach war and conflict and invoke the adversary more than they do God.

Once considered the lunatic fringe, the conservative militant Christian movements that hide amongst loyal and faithful Christians along with Zionist Jews and fanatical Islam have now exercised their political influence all over the world.

Militant fundamentalist groups within these religious organizations are the most supportive of globalist wars in the Middle East because they see them as a part of the divine blueprint in the Book of Revelation, the book of Daniel and in the Koran.

Other Militant groups like the recently arrested Hutaree were supportive of a mass takeover of the United States because the Christ-centric group was obsessed with hunting down and killing the Antichrist.

[youtube afU8-fAGOkQ]

They allegedly wanted to murder police officers and kill people as they attended their funerals.  The whole plot was non-Christian.  It was conspiracy of 9 individuals under the control of either a psychological operations narrative or quite frankly demonic influence.

Many people were critical of their religious zeal and surprised that they were about to attack.  Let’s be realistic, each and every faith has some very evil ideas about what they can do to those who not think like they do.  Their leaders are possessed with messianic complexes that give them a sense of entitlement.  It gives them reason to be martyrs for a cause and they have no problem with taking others down with them.

[youtube Pi77koTk8mc]

Many abuse their self made authority and are now being exposed as vampires that have molested, ritually abused and in some cases murdered children.

[youtube sbl–JbGGQ4]

With all of the known abuses in religion and government, isn’t it safe to say that we have left the evil power to creep in and corrupt that which we deem sacred or holy? Is there a demonic apostasy that is not only shaping religion but governments as well?

While many New World Order cranks seems to align the UN with the great and abominable government of the anti-Christ, it may be important at this time to look at some of the other controlling bodies in our culture that seem to be have the potential for world domination.

There are many groups that will declare and promote the end of the world, and that their master plan will save you from any evil that might be lurking on the horizon.

There are many people today that fear some invisible universal threat. While many who claim to be enlightened say that these threats are hoaxes, keep in mind that these threats and dangers are very real. They have a potential to harm.

It doesn’t matter if you believe in demons, cacodemons or monsters because it is evident that there is a virus in the system and that it is growing.  The virus has infected the host and without a healing or cure the destiny is the cessation of order.

You may feel that this demonic apostasy is not harming you now, if the demonic army exists and they are on the march–they may not even reach your city or neighborhood, but their potential for harm triggers the primal fear and creates the need for man to act primal, to tap into his bestial nature and become an unwitting survivalist.

Most of the reported dangers today are being exploited and magnified in order to trigger physical and emotional response.

All of the attacks and plagues that await us are becoming tools for political and religious control. They are guaranteed to trigger memes in people. These attacks and threats of disease and plague can be used as complex psychological operations, carefully designed to convince those who are already prone to apocalyptic fantasy that their world is on the brink of collapse and that a new world awaits them in the future.

The possibility of danger has triggered an upheaval in the public consciousness. The crisis created relies on the dissemination of certain political, religious and emotional memes that overpower the need for rational consideration of evidence and probability of such things actually doing harm at all.

The danger, while very real, could easily be diffused. However, we do not hear of the solution until it can be either marketed or exploited for the sole purpose of getting people to sway in a direction that may be just as harmful.

I am finding myself seeing this on the nightly news and in headlines everywhere.  Numbers, phrases and locations, from the latest earthquake to mass murderer to fallen hero I am noticing that there are forces that will see to it that the system deteriorates in favor of a new order.

Last week after a rigorous attempt to illustrate a pattern regarding the Pale Horse meme in concert with the mystical numbers 9 and 13, I took a break and hoped that there would be some sighting of a monster somewhere or a UFO that was not photo shopped to talk about. In fact one of my listeners had written me a small note asking about when I was going to talk about monsters again.

I had contemplated an answer and basically told him that I think that every show I do, I talk about monsters.  Some monsters are paranormal like werewolves and then there are monsters that hide under the skins of men, wear the three piece suits and plan that which is now being called in the media ritualistic collateral murder.

[youtube BYyHzkmFpXU]

Some monsters hide behind uniforms as they abuse their authority and see people as walking meat targets for sport. Thus the riders of pale horse win many battles with sword and plague wiping out anyone who crosses their path.

[youtube b1a80tYRJMA]

The meme of the horseman still rides as a 30 mm cannon gunner, code named “Crazy Horse 18” in an apache helicopter headed up a crew that opened fire on innocent civilians in Iraq. The brutal video appeared on the internet courtesy of a whistleblower site called wiki leaks and became a viral wunderkind after I spoke about the Pale Horse meme in “Soldiers of the One: The Pale Horse PSY-op.

When I heard the conversation between the soldiers in the video and the name of the gunner, his crew and his number I realized that there are some real wicked things happening in the Zeitgeist.

Crazy Horse = Pale Horse

18= 6+6+6 or 1+8=9

As I had written before and spoke about on my show, the rider of the pale horse had arrived.  It was signaled by numeric coincidence and carried out by avatars that were under the control of some force that only can be described as inhuman.  The Collateral Murder video and its viral meme reinforced the metaphor I spoke of.  It also quite possibly gave proof positive identification of how the Empire of the cacodemon operates.

The gallows humor by the soldiers and the disregard for human life is evidence of how programming can create an army of beastly men that look for blood sport in the middle of a war.  It is the excuse for collateral murder and the biggest casualty of war, the truth.

Is the failure to recognize the loss of humanity part of the “anti-life” or the “anti-spiritual”  attitude that the elite want us to have?  Is this our initiate ritual to the electronic cremation of care where we surrender our guilt to a darker deity, or cacodemon for absolution?

The beastly nature of man is the great 666.  It is not some chip that you have inserted in your body.  666 IS YOUR BODY! It is your body beaten down to the point of accepting willingly an alien infection by a cacodemon master.

If we reduce all living things to carbon we reduce them to 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons or 666. The number of man is 6. This number is even shown to be that of man in Taoism. The number of man’s society is also 6. The number of the World and the Demiurge is 6.

666 can also represent the incomplete bestial man through his three phases of birth, life and death. Those who give into their bestial nature will eventually destroy themselves. 666 is also a representation of the Imperial Cult and the lies it produces in order to kindle man’s hatred of others and self loathing.

Dispensationalist sects use Armageddon fear and a future full of dime store numerology signatures.  2012 becomes the number for the age after the unrighteous devour the planet.  This starts a domino effect, setting off other numbers from 666 to the 144,000 and their so called rapture with God.

These thought forms have been written in a pseudo religious science fiction by Tim Lahaye and his “Left Behind” book and film series.  It is entertainment for Christians in order to get people who haven’t picked up their bibles to declare that they know the truth because they saw the movie.

The truth is the Pale Horse meme and the numeric triggers are all simple examples of a switch that can be flipped causing feeble carbon based body to be stall in unfamiliar spiritual and physical territory.

This creates a schism, and in the confusion a confluence of the possessed conspires to hold up a charismatic figure that can appear to remedy the crisis.

This is where you will find your antichrist.

It will happen in the time when many will be fooled into holding the government and religion in a state of Apotheosis even though it is obvious that these religions and governments are flawed and corrupt.  The sympathies of the people will be manipulated and the socially engineered sheep will choose their shepherd.

The qualifications of the antichrist are not based solely on some body count or great blasphemy. There are astrological requirements, bloodline requirements and many other so called prophetic requirements that have to be met in order to pin the tail on the Antichrist.

There are people who tend to believe that the enemy of the state is the anti-Christ, that a leader they disagree with is the anti-Christ. They even want to believe that mass murderers like Hitler are prime candidates.

Well they aren’t.

In a recent survey it was learned that the numeric programming associated with Barack Obama has conservatives painting him as the anti-Christ and the speculation is a distraction from what is really happening.

[youtube _Zle7BUUigc]

The America-centric ego somehow has decided that our manifest destiny includes producing the anti-Christ among other nonsense.  Look around and listen what you are seeing is an unraveling of a sick and traumatized consciousness.

The numbers of the beast are being used in political witchcraft to deter from the fact that the satanic numbers have pretty much switched on a self destruct mentality and the world is nearing its date with destiny.

The United States is about to be brought to ruin in a controlled paranormal demolition. Ritualistic warfare that will devalue everything that we once thought was sacred. We are seeing the beginnings of a well controlled demolition of religion and Government, only to be replaced by a leadership that is empowered by the dark forces of the underworld, possessed by so called cacodemons.

From animals, to women, to children, to babies, to nations, to peoples, through us, their human Avatars, the demons kill indiscriminately and they feast on the innocent.  And soon it will be all of humanity that is consumed, a reminder of the great sacrifice known as the world wide cremation of care.

[youtube fUuHLmWlYjw]

If there is a demonic war happening, then it is evident that the possessed avatars are far more organized now, and that they are in positions of power. They also have armchair warriors who cheer on the carnage and criticize those who see the perpetual human sacrifice in acts of war.

When we mix this demonic infestation with apocalyptic overtones Jonestown, Ruby Ridge, Waco and other calamities are all prologues.  They were mere rehearsals to the more dramatic eschatological scenarios to follow.

We are dealing with a 6000 year old meme to bring to pass a 21st century scheme. Good and evil have now blurred together, and those shades of gray continue to baffle even those who claim to know the mysteries of God or to understand the Devil.

If the cacodemons exist, and the new empire will be run by a demonic Avatar then we must understand the process instead of using prejudice as a base for our opinions. This kindles social war.

Social war expanding to civil war is in the blueprint for the corrupt tyrannical empire of the future.

With extremism towards Barack Obama and racism as its catalyst we will learn the hard way how government and empire expansion is successfully carried out. We are prone to striking down the one who leads us in favor of the other.

Through the use of manipulation, intimidation, scapegoating, surveillance, social war, civil war, and murder we eventually realize that our government is possessed with blood lust and greed.   In the demonically possessed mentality murder works. Murder is the way to advance the agenda and keep the planet in a constant state of conflict.

Murder is what “serious” henchman on the world stage do. The men in the shadows possessed by the reptilian powers direct the puppets to act on behalf of the cacodemons, the lines to power may be harder to trace than we realize.

In the Empire of the Cacodemon there is no law but the law of power; there is no way but the way of violence. There is no morality, there is no liberty, and we share no common humanity.

Eventually mankind will be made to hate each other.  For some the hate will be so great that they will no longer see their fellow man as human, but as obstacles in the way of their demonic aspirations.

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