There seems to be a legend about the North Oregon coast being an area where synchronicities happen. Residents have talked about strange twists of fate that occur there and many say that it defies logic. It has been described as a “Lost” moment citing that a lot of experiences there can be compared to the plot of the ABC Television show “Lost.”
Some of the areas where these strange anomalies happen are at Nye Beach, Wheeler on the Nehalem bay and now according to two eyewitnesses Coffinberry Lake. Coffinberry lake is popular hiking and tourist spot , located on the Northern Oregon Coast between Warrenton and Hammond.
I have been working on a story about reports that I have been receiving about anomalous activity happening on the North Oregon coast Near Warrenton. The story accidentally fell into my lap and now I am being told of magnetic Vortices in different areas, missing persons, reptilian/demonic appearances, missing time and stories that sound very much like abductions throughout the area.

When asking questions of my audience about a possible paranormal event occurring in this area there were several calls talking about strange anomalous activity that include strange red lights, missing time, missing persons and an inordinate amount of suicides.
Stories like these are very hard to investigate because there is a lack of people who are willing to put their reputations on the line and speak with a reporter who is acting on a hunch.
I received an email from a gentleman who said that he had heard from a listener that I was talking about strange activity in Warrenton Oregon. He commented that he only caught the last half of my show and wanted to have coffee with me and chat about an experience that he and a female companion had on September 12th, 2011.
He met with me alone and told me that he wanted to speak with me about an encounter that he had just the night before I spoke about the events I was investigating. He and his companion were on a hike together in the Ft. Stevens, Coffinberry Lake area when she claimed that she was feeling a texture in the air.
The air was thick and felt like a “net” was holding them back. He related that his companion noticed in front of them a ball of red light that looked like it was opening up like a gate or doorway. He said to me that he didn’t see it and wondered if she was having a stroke or some sort of physical seizure. She kept asking him if he was seeing anything and he kept telling her that nothing was there. Then he said that he heard a buzzing sound that he describes as sounding like something revving up. The buzz started sounding like a scream or a high pitched whirring noise. He said he was hit by a wall of white light that started turning pink and then bright red. He recalled looking at his arm, and said that it reelected a very bright red light and for a time he thought he was going to burn up. He took a moment to look up and he noticed that while the red was surrounding him the moonlight cast a deep blue in the sky. He felt a very dark presence and then he says he blacked out.
After he related his experience I had asked him if his female companion could come to our meeting and speak with me about her experience. He explained that she had to go see an eye doctor. I told him that if she was to leave from her eye appointment I would wait to speak with her alone about her experience just to see if both stories would match independently of the other.
We had coffee and discussed some things. I asked him if he ever watched the X-files and he said he had watched occasionally and was at the event we had with Dean Haglund, the star of “The Lone Gunmen” an X-files spin off.
I asked if he ever saw the first episode of the X-files where Mulder and Scully were called away to an Investigation in Oregon, The plot dealt with a about a group of people that graduated the same year from high school had been taken up in a Vortex by aliens to be used for their blood. I told him that each victim was found to have holes in their neck. He said he was unaware of the episode and that there were no entities that he saw only that in the confusion he lost his hunting knife.
I asked if he misplaced it or if he felt someone took it. This confused him. He felt that maybe it was taken and not misplaced. This indicated to me he was blocking out a possible entity encounter and I eagerly awaited the arrival of his companion so she could give me her account of what happened.
He insisted he saw no entities, only being engulfed in the red light and hearing the sound of what he could describe as the spinning, of a small engine.
His companion had phoned and said she would be interviewed independent of him and arrived an hour after he did. I told her that I heard her friend’s story and wanted to hear her account. She had described the same event only she had reported that the feeling she was getting was exhilarating. She said that everything in the woods began to feel like it was enchanted, she used the word Camelot to describe the surroundings. She had indicated she saw the red light and asked her companion if he was seeing it. She said that she had commented that he would see it soon. At that point the light engulfed both of them. She described a humming noise, the noise went from a buzz to a higher pitch. She said the feeling was pleasant, like the relaxing effect from receiving nitrous oxide at the dentist. However, she realized that the event was not pleasant for her friend. He kept on saying “Get them off me” – get this off me. She then swore she saw him dematerialize for a split second. The next thing she knew he was at the other end of the path.
The stories were exactly the same only the experiences were different. Both were engulfed in the red light, both heard the hum and the spinning noise, but each one had a unique interpretation.
I am trying to ascertain whether this event was an attempt at alien abduction, or if it is part of the natural process of a vortex that appears out of nowhere. After reports of strange activity in Warrenton, near the area of this apparent portal opening I am beginning to wonder if there seems to be a magnetic pinch in the area brought on by the recent sun activity.
Every living thing on the planet is impacted at one time or the other by a chaotic electromagnetic influence brought to us from disturbances from the sun.
Sinuous waves move above us delivering charged particles from the sun during or after a CME.
A few scientific theorists say that the magnetic particles can be powerful enough to form a rotating vortex that concentrates and warps magnetic field lines in certain area of the earth,
In the meantime this investigation is still underway and I think that we will be hearing and seeing more interesting things out of the North Oregon Coast.

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