Today as the vote has been counted, and the smiles of the vermin are everywhere America is unaware that they have been lured into the trap of a well thought out False flag event created to begin the controlled demolition of our country. The agents of chaos in this country have always known that they must run a government of exaggeration dishonesty and hypocrisy. He media has to spin the movements of the government as valiant efforts to avert danger. That way they look like dragon slayers and heroes instead of crooks and criminals.
The other night my roommate had rented a Red box video called Time Bandits, He had never seen the film before and I told him that it was a film created by Monty Python alum Terry Gilliam. I explained that the movie was remarkable and that I would watch it with him.

As I watched I completely forgot the scene where the dwarves who go through time being robbers just happen to find themselves in the Middle Ages robbing from a couple that seemed to be part of the aristocracy. They take all of the gold and riches and wind up in a forest with a group of unkempt beggars who turn out to be the “merry men” of Robyn Hood fame. Robyn hood , played by John Cleese appears with a cheesy grin and looking very clean compared to his companions. Everything around Robyn was “jolly good” and whatever he says is made to sound smart or hysterical as his merry men indicate nervously to onlookers that they must laugh.
He looks at the dwarves and asks them about how they like robbing? They laugh and say that it pays the bills and Robyn hood smiles and lets them know that it is time to distribute the wealth and give some of it to the poor. He motions that it is time to give the treasures to the poor as they line up – Robyn gives away gold and precious metals to the frail and poor as one of his merry men throws a punch at them to the face. Each poor person gets a gift from the smiling Robyn hood only to get pummeled by the dirty merry man.
Robyn asks “is that really necessary?” one of the men replies “I’m afraid it is.”

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The irony is that I could easily see this as a metaphor for our government today. The smiling and Clean Robyn hood is Barack Obama and
the merry men in congress not only rob from some of the rich but they take pleasure in stealing from the middle class as well. They spin that it is for our own good and any redistribution of wealth comes with a nice punch in the face.
I realized too late that the whole edge of our seat spin on the debt ceiling crisis was theatrical drama similar to reality TV plot that pitted me in a corner as to should I comment or ignore it. I chose to ignore it towards the last minute and saw it as a false flag and a covert way of securing money to further the policies of a socialist world order that is stealing and lying its way into our future, destroying sovereignty and prolonging our hubris of empire building.
There is no doubt that we are in trouble for the debts we have accumulated and in reality we are facing a complete failure of our system within the next year or two creating even more chaos that I am sure the powers that be will stage an event to find yet another band-aid.
I don’t trust the compromise that states that in 10 years will see a slash of $2 trillion from federal spending. The reason is that I will be facing my mortality with Medicare, Medicaid and social security on the chopping block.
They also claim that in certain stages we will see cuts in defense spending, but in 10 years we could see ourselves in another war, and a terror attack staged to require that we demand more spending for Military defense for new trumped up enemies far deadlier than Al-Qaeda. In my opinion we haven’t escaped any crisis, if anything we have opened ourselves up for a punch in the face from our leaders as we move closer to the precipice of a New Centralized world government.
The associated press has attempted to explain that we need not worry about the benefits that exist except we may see less and less of them as the cuts they propose will limit the use of all that we have put into that nebulous account that we may never see. It has been reported that Social Security, Medicaid and veterans’ benefits would be exempt from the automatic cuts, but payments to doctors, nursing homes and other Medicare providers could be trimmed, as could subsidies to insurance companies that offer an alternative to government-run Medicare.” Medicare benefits to seniors would not be cut.
We will get a piece of the pie, only a smaller slice than before and I am sure that the eugenics directive of letting the old suffer will become a necessity under the new plan making the “Satan Sandwich” remark by Representative Emanuel Cleaver an understatement.
The irony is that it looks like many of our representatives had no problem eating that Satanic sandwich, because where will many of them be in 10 years? Where are our futures? Have they forgotten about the legacy we must leave behind for our children?
This is child sacrifice and elder sacrifice on the altar of Mammon. It is also not well known that Unemployment benefits will dry up at the end of the year. This will be an interesting turn of events if we see the unemployed on the street and families destroyed over this.
Economist Paul Krugman has painted a frightening vision of this debt ceiling plan that he believes will turn America into a harsh society. Krugman has been quoted as saying that the united states will wind up being a “country in which, step by step, more and more people are cast out into a situation of not having health insurance and poverty, and so we slide back to a Victorian notion that life is full of evils and that’s too bad but that’s the way that God made the world. That large numbers of the poor, large numbers of the elderly just live in dire poverty and don’t have health care because life is tough.”
So as you can see this is the first blow, the first punch in the face that will leave a mark. The decisions again made by our leaders that will not help us. Now our concerns should not be focused on Wall Street but on the streets where we all live and the people that will be forced into those streets in the next three years.

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