I can’t believe the comic book lifestyle we live here in the United States. All things in the news seem to be more outrageous every time I read it. Oil spills miraculously disappear, UFO’s are seen over China, and the President of the United States selectively chooses a constitutional law in order to tear at the already frayed nerves of the American people.
It is as if a magic spell has been cast and the people are jumping like rats to the tune of the piper.
All of the skeptical jeers and sneers that are given by armchair myth busters are being drowned out by the crazy antics of our leaders all over the world.
Prince Charles recently spoke up and told the world that he has a destiny that is yet to be fulfilled and that is to save the world.  He also states that along with his duties as savior he wishes that more and more people would implement Islamic beliefs to save the planet.
He spoke to Islamic studies scholars at Oxford saying that the environmental catastrophe that awaits us is not just a consequence of our industrialized nation but our neglect and ignorance towards sacred practices. In his words “The inconvenient truth is that we share this planet with the rest of creation for a very good reason – and that is, we cannot exist on our own without the intricately balanced web of life around us. Islam has always taught this and to ignore that lesson is to default on our contract with creation.”
Charles is supposed to be a practicing Christian however there have been rumors for years that he secretly converted to Islam.
Meanwhile our own president who has a Muslim name, Barack Hussein Obama has now become a constitutionalist by defending the proposal to build a Mosque two blocks from Ground Zero.  He has defied the constitution on many levels and this one he decides to endorse much to the anger of the American people.

[youtube EZOIBEEvbO0]

The thing that is interesting is the American people are demanding that he goes against the constitution and stops this Mosque from being built.
Americans are now demanding that we make exception to the constitution because Muslims want to build a Mosque two blocks from Ground Zero. This is amazing!
The most god awful example of how we have been mesmerized and manipulated to do exactly what we shouldn’t be doing and that is discriminating against a group of people because of the so called actions of a small portion of the 1.8 billion Muslims that this Mosque represents.
This is signifying that the people of the United States are creating a Holy war mentality at home and implying that the Mosque will be a Target for homegrown terror if built in Manhattan.
We are participating willfully in what can be called a messianic mentality where it can and will be the lit powder keg necessary to start what is known as Eschaton or the countdown to the end of the world. Bombing of one Mosque can lead to more and when they are destroyed and holy sites are defiled we will most definitely see the entire planet at war for the control of government based on religious privilege.

[youtube TUS57ns6uDA]

The thought of a world wide apocalypse looms as we see changes take place that will dislodge many people from their comfort zone.
In the catholic View of Christianity the idea of immanentizing the eschaton or facilitating the end times is considered anti-Christian.  The idea of bringing forward a pseudo messianic government is considered blasphemy.  And yet we are seeing before our eyes all faiths clamoring for an eschatological end to their lives in hopes that the heavens will open and God or someone who is most like him will return and gather up the faithful for that final ascension into the sky.
This is something that sounds very much like a theme from a science fiction movie. I know that there are many people of all of major faiths that believe that their way of thinking should be the one true way at the time of the Eschaton.
The eschaton or the time of the end is being encouraged now because the leaders of the world want you think that to end world would stop it from becoming any worse.  They will attempt to guide and acclimate you for the end and many people who are seeing a messianic future will become victims of their own folly. The more they are convinced of their manifest destiny the easier it will be to walk them into a philosophical and quite fatal trap.
All of what you are seeing is part of a ritualistic process.  Something that the “engineers of society” revel in. It is human alchemy and messianic tinkering.  Time is short and so the countdown is beginning. It seems that we fillow the code of the the Jesuit Order “Ad Majorem Gloriam Dei”; A slogan which rationalizes the idea of allowing the demise of a few to warrant the survival of the many.
It is also been called the charge of “some things must pass away  for the greater glory.”  The greater glory of god—or perhaps the greater glory of mankind.  Either way – in the future someone has to die in order to allow others to live.
And what is the greater charge of the end times? It is simply to take upon one’s self the initiative to eliminate all things that you see as imperfect.  Now you can’t do it yourself that would be murder. But hire an army to do it in the name of some God, it becomes that civil commandment.  Thou shalt not kill, until you are told to do it for God.
We must understand that the theater that is the end times is a pyramid of sorts, three major players coming to one point in history and battling to the last man and woman. There are three scripts that are being read and three different outcomes that are being fought over.  The Christ returns, The Imam teaches, and The Davidic Anointed one shall rule in the new temple.
All three can’t get along. One has to be the only one ruling the world and who will be the first to have their savior on a throne for all to worship?
Well the ways of “God are mysterious”  because no one cares to expose the hypocrisy that has taken root in all of the faiths and in our blindness we have also allowed the so called devil to handle all of the affairs of the faiths. His ways are quite interesting as he plays out the great joke like the jester in the court of the king.
All of the kings and rulers are laughing and the peasants are clueless.  We are now watching the countdown to eschaton and I will demonstrate why I feel we are already giving in to suggestions of Armageddon because we see everything as a threat to our faith’s version of how the apocalypse should be carried out.
Religion and Science as a resource has lost its effectiveness for some people. It doesn’t satisfy people who have the ability to think outside the box.  People have slowly become “urban agnostics” even “urban atheists” where publicly they are not religious but privately they pray or practice magic or some other ritualistic endeavor. Many are quick to believe in whatever confirms their suspicions making objective information difficult to obtain.
We are now at a point in our evolution where our knowledge no longer comes from just books and teachers but from electronic flashes and signals that program us into thinking that certain things are fact when in reality they are far from the truth.
Science fiction predictive programming has given the images,  the memes,  and the consensus philosophical “evolution.” The technological simulations have provided us with a plausible acceptance of what is ahead in our futures. Gone is the day of  Science fiction providing escapism.  It now provides us with enough fodder to develop a religious zeal for our own doom.   It was said about 2012  the movie– who cares if there is no plot and poor acting– we have come to experience the end of the world from the safety of our own comfortable theater chair.
The thing commonly overlooked is that all of these “glimpses” into the darkest futures do nothing to build upon faith. They merely bring up more questions and in some cases disillusionment. The doom and gloom of “secrets” and peeks into the abyss are nothing more than distractions.  The coincidences that we see may be all part of the plan to direct us to a doomsday in 2012.
I however have another theory on the matter and I delivered the theory twice about how there will be an attempt to change the way we measure and perceive time by 2012.
I presented a show in 2007 and again in 2010 called “A.D. 2012 the Foretsructuring The New Aeon” Where I had theorized that a new epoch would begin in 2012 where we would see an attempt to change our calendars and clocks to reflect a new universal and cosmic time.
I lamented the fact that presently The date of December 21, 2012 is being used as a tool to program a self destruct curse amongst the people is being encouraged  by dispensationalist authors and speakers that want to fore structure an apocalypse by design. An apocalypse that is close to all of the framed predictive programming we have been seeing in our entertainment, one that goes “by the book.”  Picking through Nostradamus like a vulture and quoting scripture to further the crisis programming is being encouraged.
But keep in mind that the whole 2012 fear is based on a calendar that ended.  It had nothing to do with the world ending only time ending.
Mayan Elders have said that the whole Idea of 2012 being the year of the end of the world or judgment day angers them. The Mayans developed 17 different calendars, some of them claiming to chart time accurately over a span of more than ten million years the particular Mayan Calendar that has steadily drawn global attention since 1987 is based on the cycle of the Sun and the Pleiades.
The world is preparing for some apocalyptic event on December 21st, 2012.  The numeric sequence has caused a virtual reverse causal affect and may even create a self fulfilling prophecy of doom.  The date is really not the true date in the long count of the Mayan prophecy.  The true date of the crossing of true galactic center is October 28, 2011.   This is called the final cycle of creation.  There is a promise of renewal that is overlooked and this happens after 2102.
If you want to be literal and sound crazy ancient history and even Mayan calculations have determined that the world has already ended. Eschaton has begun and time in a philosophical sense has now stopped.
Our transcendent evolution is inert.  We are waiting for another event of upheaval and in our anticipation have decided to not move forward with a positive future but have resolved in our present state to immanentize the eschaton.
December 21st, 2012 is not the end of the world but many think that it is the return of the serpent Gods.  Many consider the half man half reptile demonic in nature. The Mesoamerican deity, Quetzalcoatl – the “Flying Serpent” is depicted as an anthropomorphic flying dragon “God.”
The Bible also speaks of the return of Leviathan or the Dragon in this time frame.  The year 2012 is the Chinese year of the dragon. Are these mere coincidences or  purposeful numerological  magic? Is the “Dragon” a metaphor for some astrological event or will we see the return of a monstrous beast from the deep?  Symbols, numbers and signs point to the possibility that a major paranormal event will take place in our future.  It will be a major event that will shake space and time, synching the cosmos. There are many clues to consider when looking into the Dragon or serpent God metaphor.  The cyclical representation of time is the Ouroboros.  It is the dragon eating its tail. An Ouroboros is also associated with the eclipse or darkened Sun representing the “cycle” or revolution.   The black sun or Dark Star is also another name for Saturn the 6th planet, which is associated with Chronos . Chronos is the god associated with time.
The Dragon’s association with time is that it represents a time of change and a new direction.  Its power may signify chaos and destruction but the Chinese would say that they are part of “the spirit of the true path to perfection” meaning by change comes the rebirth.  The Dragon clings to a stone that when touched brings changes and enlightenment.  The touching of the stone is a very interesting metaphor.
Science fiction has given us an image that represents the stone in Stanley Kubrick’s  2001 a Space Odyssey.  The Monolith, an elongated onyx slab appears at the dawn of man.
As an orchestrated bit of predictive programming, the film opens and we begin to interpret the images of planet alignments and astrological events that represent the passage of time. Kubrick is demonstrating that the Sun, moon and stars affect mankind and that the planets were first used to direct our destiny.

[youtube ML1OZCHixR0]

The time is 4 Million years B.C. and the Monolith appears as a cold alien sentinel on planet earth.  It is a dark tower that sings out to the monkeys and signals that life is about to change for them. The head of the monkey clan reaches out to the Monolith and here we see the interpretation of the partaking of forbidden fruit, a story that biblically demonstrates how man evolves with knowledge and enlightenment.  The other monkeys gather and we see again the glowing Sun above the black slab, directly beneath the crescent of the Moon.
.It is quite literally a lesson in how chaos is the motivator for change in this world.  The out of place Monolith truly affected the monkey’s subconscious and he had to reach out and communicate with the alien artifact.  The alien influence changed him and made him aware of his future.  It thrust him forward in time and brought about an end of his primitive state and creating a thinking and communicating creature.
If you can permit me, I can say with all honesty that the metaphor of the Monolith is with us today and it does play a role in symbology that has touched my unconscious mind and the minds of many others who are waiting the moment where we will begin a resynchronization of our Universe.
During the multimedia show that I presented about 2012 I presented some ideas that have been expressed by others like Dr. Jose Arquellus who has written books on the Mayan 2012 enigma and its association with Time.  Many of the theories I presented were also influenced by William Henry, Jordan Maxwell and Jake Kotze. I had realized after the September 11th, attacks on New York and the pentagon that the event was soon to be canonized as something hallowed and quite literally as important and in some cases more important than the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
It was literally the millennial event that symbolically threw our country and the entire world into a time of no time.  Where as the towers collapsed so did our ability to spring forward and create a constructive rebuilding of our lives.  When the dust settled the Monolith appeared looking over the rubble in an eerie way.

Of course I am speaking of the Millennium Hilton Hotel that was designed to look like  the Monolith and remained unscathed to look over the destruction, ironically in the year 2001. The Hilton Hotel Logo when gazed upon shows the two towers with a vortex circling them much like a Stargate.
The synchronicity is uncanny and the symbolism creates a “stop gap” in the mind because of how it affects us.  We have inside of us, stories from the bible and elsewhere that speaks of a major disaster that transpired anciently that caused the fall of man and his ejection from paradise into a hostile environment.
Old Testament writings speak of the Garden of Eden and in a similar story the great tower of time and eternity was brought to ruin by God.  This confused the inhabitance of the earth and their ability to evolve stopped because of a confusion of the languages.
The attacks on New York were similar to the fall of the Etemenanki, Tower of Babel, or temporal Tower.  This is the catastrophe that the ancients witnessed in the beginning.  It is a metaphor for the destruction of the temporal doorways or entrances that consist of the legendary pillars that hold up heaven.
The Twin towers and their destruction are actually a modern metaphor for striking the temple or destroying the entrance to Heaven.  On conscious level the attacks are simply an act of hatred and terror. On the unconscious level it is the leveling of architecture that was literally designed to be symbolic of a holy worship site.
If that is hard to believe, you must understand that the Twin towers were built to represent the pillars of the temple and the holy Muslim site of Mecca.
The World Trade Center’s architect, Minoru Yamasaki, designed buildings for the Bin laden family and the Saudi royal family. When he designed the towers he used an architectural style that merged modernism with Islamic influences.

When Yamasaki designed the plaza of the world trade center he literally replicated the plan of Mecca’s courtyard with two enormous, perfectly square minarets (the towers), a sphere which represented the Kabba stone and he secured the composition in a Fibonacci spiral, similar to Mecca’s. Muslims believe that   the “Golden mean” mapped on earth is The Kabba in Mecca.

The representation of time, and the spiral of eternity and the Ouroboros.  Literally we are seeing the man made attempt at a Stargate on earth, the World Trade center was literally a monument to commerce, time, and faith.  With a secret unconscious architecture that was meant to be the stairway to heaven and the glory of God.
So the building itself represented far more esoteric meaning and was a monument that was built as a metaphoric Time piece.  Much like Stonehenge or even the Dome of the Rock in Israel.

I was fascinated to read that a large clock had been built towering above the city of Mecca.  The tower is now the second tallest structure in the world.  It overlooks the mysterious Kabba stone that is enclosed in a dark Monolithic structure between the tall spires or minarets. It is also interesting to see that the Tower was designed by a German Company and built by the Bin laden family as well.

The huge clock is now a point of contention because Mecca wants to Challenge Universal Time.
Muslim scholars at a conference in Doha in 2008 presented scientific arguments that Mecca time could serve as a true global meridian, given that Mecca is actually the center of the world.
I have concluded that while money, oil and resources are being fought over as we approach a manufactured Armageddon, there is one resource that will be controlled and changed and that is how we view and measure time and temporal dimension.
There are scientists that are claiming that time is literally running out. They say that perhaps billions of years from now time will cease to exist.  Time has been shifted several times on this planet as cataclysmic disasters have jolted the planet’s Synchronous movement.
It hasn’t been by much but significant enough to alter the tilt of the planet’s axis.  Experiments dealing with temporal dimensions are happening at Large colliders. Their purpose is to open a space time wormhole to travel through time or even see the past. They are conducting experiments where they want to actually see how creation began.
However in order to make this happen there needs to be an opening of a temporal portal  a Stargate, or opening a “seal” to use biblical speak.   Science and magic will have to come together to accomplish this goal.
I know that much of what I am writing may not sit well with you or you may not understand the mystical ramification of what is transpiring.  Time is now being change. Its measurements are being challenged and its dimensions are being opened.  We may see ourselves in a whole new way if time can be altered or challenged to better our lives.
Sometime topics are harder to share than others.  It seems that while I attempt to convey esoteric Ideas during my multimedia shows there are still a great deal of listeners that I suppose are either fearful of what I tell them or they are frightened at the idea that I am allowed to speak at a Masonic lodge.
The truths that I convey are perfect for the lodges because it is there that I can demonstrate that the esoteric need not be so secret and that occult need not be the only tool that the elite can use against us. Many are warned to avoid occult discussions or presentations.
It needs to be said that all things that are religious are based in occult ritual and occult writing.  At one time the bible was forbidden to be read by the peasant and was only intercepted by the religious clerics of the day.
Be rest assured that whatever I compose, write, or transcribe from others is most certainly something that is to be of your benefit.
I am also on a journey of discovery and those things that I have been told not to discuss I do not fear discussing.  The topics that I approach are topics I feel are important not just for physical well being but for that which is transcendent as well.
The world is an interesting place and human behavior is just as fascinating.  The ways human beings deal with their possible futures are just as fascinating.  If you take the time to take a look at context and immerse yourself in zeitgeist it is not too difficult to see where the future is taking us.
Like a weatherman predicts storms and like doctors determine health problems with symptoms, you can see for yourself that the future is becoming designed by those who are in power. It is now difficult to determine coincidence, determinism, cognitive association and synchronicity. Many have said that Irony is dead.  However I have determined that   the power elite have taken a lesson from Hermetic Arcanum.  Always keep them guessing with symbols and names connecting events and if something weird happens you can always call it a huge coincidence.
However most things we are now seeing are not coincidence they are well planned out and have markers that point to mystic vibrations and symbols that tap into the Jungian collective unconscious. Some things that are revealed are not always meant to trigger thoughts in your conscious mind but you unconscious mind as well.  There are images and symbols that melt into you and as you take for granted their appearance they communicate to you on a visceral level.
There are events in our lives that can be an effect from some cause.  When causes between meaningful events happen we call it Synchronicity, a part of time where we see the evidence of determination or random accident. It is hard to tell which because  synchronicity or meaningful coincidence is such a  complex mental construction, subject to conscious and subconscious influence, not every correlation in the grouping of events by meaning needs to have an explanation in terms of cause and effect.
We now have predictive programming and arguably it can be said that much of our causal engineering today is producing a kind of reverse causality where the future, as nebulous as it appears is quite literally being created in the present.  That is why it is important to understand what is happening with time and how our masters wish to control it, bend it, and force it to act in another dimension for them. I know all of this sounds crazy but Orwell once said “Who controls the past, controls the future; who controls the present, controls the past.”.
It can be modernized to say that who controls the media controls the past present and future.  The media can report that red is green, that black is white, and that the past is the way they say it is.  It is framed with the present lens, glanced at only in seconds, absorbed in the collective unconscious and forgotten when confronted with who won the Dancing with the Stars competition.
The media constructs the narrative and reports on the agendas of the elite. They control how you use your time and where you should serve your time and to what purpose or cause deserves your time and concern.
Time is the fundamental organizing principle of human beings. It is the most basic and therefore the most powerful form of self-ordination.  To some it is our greatest threat to personal freedom as we are slaves to time.
Our evolution depends on how we use and measure our time.  Past present and future happen simultaneously in the unconscious mind.   Einstein also theorized about simultaneous time dimensions.  Now science is beginning to unlock the secrets of time and this will have to alter our attitudes about what can called temporal limitations.
We once again reach to the Monolith and touch the stone for knowledge.
It’s about time.

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