I received an e-mail the last time we had solar flare from an alarmed listener who just bought an I-phone. She informed me that periodically she gets phone calls that register as No Data Sent. Each time she turned on the phone she was horrified to hear what she calls alien gibberish. She related to me that these calls give her the creeps and wondering if her phone was being plagued by demons. I recalled that one of the first shows I had done was a show about Phone calls from the dead and how EVP can sometimes be left on the phone. I explained that this happens sometimes ar phone centers and how I worked at one time at a phone center where we heard calls for quality. At one point there was a call that had a lot of gibberish and then a voice that said “Let the bitch die.”

Needless to say we were given the creeps by the phone call, but since there was no number given or area code we did not pursue the issue. I was fascinated by what I was hearing and began looking into the possibility that demons could call people at random and scare them.
While many people get these calls, the majority of those who receive them do not believe they are from demons or even ghosts. They have reason to believe that the calls are coming from aliens announcing that they are here. Even though this anomaly happens all the time there are only a handful of people stepping forward to admit that they have been receiving calls.
The reason that so few speak up is because no mainstream news organization has reported the anomaly to the general public. I am sure they do not want to start a panic , but if this were an attempt at alien contact wouldn’t it be logical that the aliens would prefer to communicate on a device that is most accessible to humans?
It is interesting to note that the cell call that is an alleged alien signal seems to be the 21st century’s answer to the abduction phenomena. Many people are receiving these calls and are traumatized by them. There are others however who conclude that they are just interference and hang up or erase a message in the voice mail if one just happens to be left. When calls are made to the phone company about these instances the phone company always says that there have been no reports of these instances or they have no explanation as what these alien calls are. There was even an instance where a person looked at the I-phone and noticed there was a mysterious photo sent to him.

That is shocking !
Here is an outrageous thought. What if they really are calls that are attempts by aliens to make contact with humans?
I know it sounds crazy, but understand that the protocols of reporting alien communication at SETI have changed and the decoding and reporting signals has become far more sophisticated. There have also been denials from SETI and NASA that there have been several so called Alien Signals coming from Ganymede one of Jupiter’s moons. Remember that I had reported that a signal was supposed to have been detected in the 1980’s when Ronald Regan was president. NASA and SETI astronomers picked up on a radio signal that seemed to have a coded message that was definitely artificial in nature. The signal was run through multiple computers and made no sense So of course NASA and SETI issued a statement saying that the data did not constitute a confirmed first contact.
On January 7th, 2012 there was a report that SETI actually picked up a signal from the Kepler planets. Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, announced that SETI found its first batch of “hits” within the data collected from over 80 possible candidates. However it was later reported to be a false alarm and SETI denied that they discovered anything.
So here is a theory worth considering The technology we’re using to make contact is not the same technology used by any other civilization other than our own within range.
Let us also theorize that the aliens nay not recognize that the radio telescopes are used for communication and understand that mass communication between humans happens on computers and cell phones. We scan for signals using advanced technology and equally they could be scanning fro signals where human speech and thought can be found. We speak in beeps and pulses from the telescopes provided by SETI but aliens could very well understand that communication signals are coming from Radio stations, television stations and cell phone towers.
So wouldn’t it be logical that Aliens would choose to communicate using these tools rather than speaking to sequences of beeps and tones? It is simple really—we could be over thinking everything. Perhaps we are trying without success to signal deep space when the aliens are actually near us in the Jovian system’s moons or even on Venus or the moon.
On January 23rd, 2012 a Russian Scientist went on the record as saying that he has solid evidence that there is life on Venus. Venus is widely considered to be lifeless and barren, thanks in part to superheated clouds of sulfuric acid that cover the planet so this is a bold assertion.
Russian scientist Leonid Ksanfomaliti of the Space Research Institute at Russia’s Academy of Sciences reanalyzed nearly 30-year-old images from a Venus mission made by the Soviet landing probe Venus-13 in 1982. He claims to have discovered several photographs featuring mysterious objects that he claims resemble a disk, a black flap and even a scorpion. Immediately after this announcement NASA published a debunking of another unexplained object near Venus and Mercury, They also were able to debunk an anomaly discovered in footage from NASA’s STEREO-B spacecraft . One was a cube that was allegedly in space heading for earth and another craft that appeared to show a triangular “vehicle” out near Venus.
Ground Zero had Interviewed Donny Gilson about these anomalies and received many e-mails stating that the anomalies had been debunked and that there was nothing to see. However Russian Scientists are saying otherwise and we are now hearing strange sounds emanating from the sky, increased solar activity and now cellular phones receiving garbled messages that sound very alien in nature.
I am sure that perhaps we will have logical explanations being served up to the public in order avoid any alien panic, but it is most interesting to note that any attempt by an alien civilization to contact us would have to be by the book. It would not even cross the minds of the most arrogant scientists to think that first contact would be by phone or by radio and TV signal interception. Movies give us the myth but what of the reality is that some extra-terrestrial entity is dialing our number, and we are not answering. The phone is ringing and we are letting it ring or having go to voicemail.
In the film Star Trek the Motion picture, the probe Voyager makes a return to earth with a message for its creator. It had found civilizations and technology all over the cosmos. It was angry because no one was there to receive the call.
In another Trek story whales are extinct. When an extra terrestrial craft attempts to communicate with the whales by sending out a shrieking noise, there are no whales to answer the cosmic call. So the alien craft started to destroy the earth.
We are now hearing that strange sounds are coming down from the sky over the northern latitudes.
The earth is also trembling and shaking and yet there are no detectable earthquakes. Some scientists are calling them sky quakes.
The sounds are similar to those we have heard before in Science fiction movies from War of the Worlds to Star Trek.
Is it all a hoax?
Is it a delusional theory that is pieced together by empirical evidence?
The possibility is quite probable, that is if you believe aliens have been trying to contact us.
Maybe we need to graduate to thinking cosmically. Maybe we should not be planning our demise; we should be planning for our enlightenment and empowerment.
When you get the call will you be ready?

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