The clown has always been a ceremonial trigger and psychologically affects everyone who sees it. Lon Chaney the man known for his thousand faces had once quipped that there is nothing scarier than a clown after midnight.
When I was small child I watched the Batman series with Adam West and Burt Ward. I once asked my mother with every ounce of naiveté I possessed, why the Joker was able to go places without people recognizing him? It was a valid question because let’s face it, he was dressed like a clown, he was a criminal, he was unmistakably a psychopath and yet he was able to move about Gotham without suspicion. His face was an exaggeration, pale and clown like. No one called the commissioner, no one was suspicious. It was unreal. Then again it was just a TV show.

My Mother told me that there are people in this world with enough power and Money that can wear masks or hide behind their wealth. They can convince people that they are good and do good deeds. Sometimes though they can look good on the outside and be bad on the inside. In other words people are not to judge a book by its cover. She coined an old bible scripture that stated “By their fruits, ye shall know them.” It was good dime store philosophy – however it still confused me and since then I have always been obsessed with evil clowns.
While Living in the New American Century, I am beginning to understand how a “joker” can be accepted as a God or a hero. Neo-fascists and criminal celebrities are raised up for our worship and people follow suit with some sort of sick and twisted Idolatry and pop communion. In our never ending Pathocracy the majority have not been schooled in the mythologies and symbolism that effect us in some devious way. I have learned through esoteric philosophy that the trickster has the ability to disguise himself and lead people into a trap.
In the ancient Gnostic beliefs the trickster is a God. The God you make a deal with to come to this planet. It is neither man nor woman . It is an androgynous figure with distorted features, who plays tricks or otherwise disobeys normal rules and conventional behavior. Ancient memes within all of us confuse the trickster with the hero. The trickster and the culture hero are often combined in ancient cultures. It was Karl Jung that gave a very interesting view of the Clown turned Carnival barker who collected young, impressionable souls for food sources. The word Carnival itself is taken from the Latin ‘carnus’ (‘flesh’) and ‘levare’ (remove) as in being skinned or shed of meat.
According to Jung the Trickster loves to play malicious pranks on people. His home is the Carnival and he manages to achieve through flash and showmanship what most people can do with their intelligence. He has the personality that appears to be gentle and childlike and yet on the inside, the trickster is dark, conflicted, and threatening. He can convince even the keenest of intellect to play in his world and has the ability to draw upon the innocence in the unconscious to cover up his devilish intent. The trickster is also obsessed with changing his shape and demeanor.
The Clown is an ancient symbol of the shape shifter whose expression bends and molds a visage of death. I always wondered why people feared clowns and as I grew older I was able to figure out that not all clowns are evil, however there are clown faces that represent the death mask and it is those faces that I would like to comment on. I would also like to throw out a theory about the reality of how those who have portrayed the death clown have met horrible ends.
At the moment we are being haunted by the reports of Michael Jackson’s death and the trial of his doctor Dr. Conrad Murray. I am not actually following the trial, but every so often I see pictures of Michael Jackson and his ghostly clown like face and I realize how much we have all forgotten how hideously ghoulish Michael looked in life.

He had conflicts about race; about fame, beauty and the ability to reinvent himself over and over. Jackson played the role of a shape shifter. In his videos, Thriller and Ghosts he held the public spellbound because as he exclaimed in the Video “he wasn’t like other guys.” He may have been schizophrenic, or he may have been transgendered. Although Jackson tried to separate himself from the occult he most definitely exposed himself to dark arts.
In the early 1980s, Jackson began to transform into something quite stranger than a werewolf, Jackson began to delve into the occult. His videos were given disclaimers. But that didn’t stop Jackson from associating with the likes of URI GELLER . GELLER of course was a CIA and NSA psychic asset.

GELLER was a remote viewer , one of the chosen ones who was capable of stopping the heart of an enemy with a thought. It was during this time that Jackson’s looks began to change drastically.
It is at this point where Jackson may have been programmed into an archetypical possession. We have all heard of “demonic possession”, as in The Exorcist where a person is over taken by evil. Archetypical possession is layered programming where the spirit is seized by “walk in” entity during extreme fatigue. It happens during periods of fasting, heavy drinking, drug use or even near death experiences. The conscious mind is set aside or falls into a fugue state and the unconscious archetype comes forth and freely expresses itself, essentially overwhelming the conscious mind. Jackson may have been mind controlled and programmed into his archetypical demiurge state by his handlers. His mind was convinced that he was either godlike, angelic and without judgment or moral grounding.
A person that archetypically possessed is also known as “GOD REALIZED,” where the person is programmed to be aware of his “divine self emergence. “ The person then goes through a metamorphosis similar to a Monarch Butterfly in a chrysalis. The subject literally opens up to the entry of an actualized archetype and performs within that archetype. These experiments known as MONARCH experiments were written about by John Ronson , Adam Parfrey, Cathy O’Brien and other authors who have attempted to expose occult programming practices within the auspices of the CIA, NSA and the military.
Michael Jackson also announced that he was being assisted by a personal “Magician” named Majestic Magnificent. There was no record at the time of this magician being an actual performer. He was a mysterious handler of Jackson’s affairs. Jackson’s “magician” was also there at the time of his death. John Moehring, editor of MAGIC: The Magazine for Magicians, stated that he’s “never” heard of Majestic Magnificent in the magic trade. No one had ever heard of this Magician – who was he?
Could he have been a handler, or was there something darker that Michael kept secret. He was a living embodiment of a ghoulish clown with his own dark magician doing his will. There are speculations that claim Michael Jackson was a part of some strange occult organization or is the victim of a Monarch CIA Mind control program and that his personal magician is really one of his CIA controllers. These controllers have created a form of pedomorphosis in Michael where he retains as an adult, traits previously seen only in juveniles. This is also called evolutionary Neoteny. Moving in evolution from child to man child. From man child to meek feminine sylph. A sylph that resembles a clown or harlequin.
It has been proposed that Michael was programmed into becoming a Neo or new Puer Aeternus puppet. His face was clown like, pale and ghoulish both childlike male and female balanced in the social matrix. He could be transgendered or genderless, as a clown he became androgynous and a NEO human. The face of Jackson like all other faces that employ overly ostentatious features, with an exaggerated grin attract people because we all have a fascination with the cold face of death and the animated revenant with its promise of death and renewal.
Today I was walking to the office and I saw again a face that accentuated the idea of the death visage. It was a mask that was worn by a protestor a symbol that represented the stealth group known as Anonymous. The mask is a facsimile to another androgynous neo figure known as the Agent code named “V” from the movie V for Vendetta.

“V” was more of the effeminate male as featured in the film, similar to the demeanor of Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson would often go out in public Dressed as “V” and would also place masks on his children. The Face of “V” represents the clown prince of chaos. That is why it is the face of Anonymous. It is the task of Anonymous to create chaos, whether it is a protest, an occupation or an attempt at hacking computer systems. The face of the “V” represents an idea that cannot be destroyed even in death. The grinning ghoulish clown is a haunting image and the archetype is seen in a lot of films and Musicians also have been known to use the face by applying makeup. Michael Jackson permanently made his face look ghoulish, however Marylyn Manson, the Insane clown posse, and KISS play with the demonic clown look, making them ageless and larger than life. Gene Simmons of KISS explained that when KISS eventually took off the makeup, the whole feeling of the band had changed. He was having a hard time adapting to being a pretty boy, or hair band front man.
Eventually the temptation of the smell of the greasepaint won out and KISS again wore their ghoulish faces for their fans. In films the death visage appeared in various horror films and it turned out to be an effective tool to terrify audiences all over the world.

Characters like Michael Meyers from Halloween, Captain Howdy from the Exorcist and the immortal death image of the Joker portrayed by Heath ledger is associated with the clown, the trickster, or the shape shifting, transmogrifying devil, all with the power to mesmerize, trick, and in some cases attack.
Why should you fear a clown? It is simple really, the clown represents death, shape shifting, the deceiver or trickster. The image of the trickster is a powerful one and anything associated with it, any triggering mechanism or meme could spark a backlash or ethereal blowback. The result is chaos. Chaos has no regard for race, creed, color or morality.
During the buildup of a massive viral marketing campaign for the second Batman movie franchise the Dark Knight, images of Heath Ledger as the Joker started popping up everywhere. One of the most disturbing images was Ledger in joker make-up with puffy scars on his lips. While most clowns wear a full white paint, and use colorful accents to their image, Ledger chose to wear “corpse paint” a term coined by death metal bands to invoke an image of death and decay. The colors they use are limited to black white and red.
Ledger’s Joker was the image of the classic “dead clown” and was even more ghoulish when you consider that after playing the Joker Ledger died of a drug overdose.

After her death from an accidental overdose Fox News commentator Greta Van Susteren released a video showing Anna Nicole Smith eight-months pregnant, her face painted like a clown and clearly stoned out of her mind. She talks to a doll in a baby carriage as if it’s real. The Video was shot by her boyfriend Howard K. Stern. He asks her in the video if she is on mushrooms and then says that the video he is making will be worth a lot of money.
Brandon Lee the star of the film, The Crow was in full corpse paint when he was accidentally shot in the abdomen while shooting a scene. He died on the way to the hospital.

The crow is called the “clown” of birds.
With ledger’s Death there was a cold feeling that came over Hollywood. There were so many people that felt that it was the part of the Joker that killed Heath Ledger. However it was the clown that vexed Ledger and there were many instances where he was made to play a clown.
“Clowning Around” was an Australian film produced in 1992. It follows the story of 14-year old Simon Gunner, who has been in and out of foster homes all his life and dreams of becoming a professional circus clown.
The film was shot in Perth and Paris, and was Heath Ledger‘s film debut.
He also played Bob Dylan in the film “I’m Not There.” Coincidentally in Don McLean’s hit song American Pie he refers to Bob Dylan as the Jester.
The Joker was not Ledger’s final role. He appeared in the film The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus as Pierrot, the sad clown and fool. Ledger died before the film could finish and so there were other actors that portrayed the role creating a shape shifting theme throughout the film.

As the Viral campaign of the Dark Knight took hold and the internet was buzzing about the film, Ledger’s Death and The Joker. More sneak peeks were released and soon you could not escape the hype. Image after image, poster after poster showing the Joker with the words “Why so serious” written in blood and Heath Ledger in corpse paint everywhere. There seemed to be more Joker pictures than those of Batman and occasionally you would see Aaron Eckhart in publicity stills as Harvey Dent. Of course both the Joker and Harvey Dent were featured in the film. Dent eventually becomes two face, the man with two personalities changing from one to the other.
The Trickster, Joker, or clown is often associated with the devil or death. Heath Ledger who is now dead, playing a personage of death is the darkest irony. Actors who worked with Ledger claim that he merely disappeared behind the makeup. Jack Nicholson allegedly warned Ledger that the role had a consuming effect and that it was dangerous. Ledger was unable to sleep, the character haunted him. Sometimes an exaggeration of reality can trigger memes and memories. While an evil clown has Gotham city in a grip of terror, art can imitate life with such poetic catastrophe. Gotham City of course is the exaggerated darker side of Chicago, home of many famous clowns. One in particular was Pogo the Clown, the sick and demented alter ego of child killer John Wayne Gacy.

When Stephen King wrote the book “It” he devised a character that he believed embodied childhood phobias and the idea of a Killer Clown came to mind. Pennywise the clown reminded us all of Gacy’s Pogo, but according to king the clown was a mixture of Bozo, Clarabell and Ronald McDonald.

It is inferred that Pennywise is a thought form that was created by the children. He is in reality Bob Gray a shape shifter that befriends children and then harms them.
Is it a horrible coincidence that an archetype of a clown is used to lure children away from the parents and then he attacks and kills them? Pogo the clown, the alter ego of John Wayne Gacy killed 33 boys.
Michael Jackson, was surgically altered to look like a grinning clown believed, or many people have claimed he was programmed to believe he was a shepherd of children, a literal pied piper. This they explain is why there is this mural found at the NEVERLAND Ranch showing Michael leading the children to another place called the Pied Piper.

Michael Jackson allegedly had 13 operations on his face. One would assume that these operations were botched because of the way he looked before he died. But would someone in their right mind make that many errors in judgment? Jackson’s face each time it went under the knife was headed in a coherent but abnormal direction, the direction of creating the smiling Peter Pied Piper. When asked by reporters who the real Michael Jackson is– he would reply “I am Peter Pan.”
When you assess the real Archetype of Peter Pan you must dig all the way back to the Pied Piper of Hamelin. The pied Piper was a rat catcher in the 11th century who could dance and sing. He also played instruments and was able to get the rats out of Germany. However in one instance he was promised a fee. The mayor of Hamelin didn’t pay.
But the piper returns on a Sunday morning, when all the grown-ups are at church. Again he starts to play a tune on his flute. This time, all the children follow him, as he walks out of the gate to the mountains. Suddenly, a cave opens in the mountain. The piper walks into the mountain, still followed by the children, and the cave closes again.
The children were never seen again in Hamelin.
That is all a part of the legend – the reality is that “Peter the Pied Piper” was a real man but not a mystical figure According to Author William Manchester he was horrible, a psychopath and pederast who, on June 24, 1484, spirited away 130 children in the Saxon village of Hammel and used them in unspeakable ways. Accounts of the aftermath vary. According to some, the victims were never seen again; others told of disembodied little bodies found scattered in the forest underbrush or festooning the branches of trees. The Pied Piper is a lot like the “Royal Rat Catcher” who is employed to capture Children in the story Chitty Chitty Bang Bang .
Funny how Michael Jackson recorded a song called Ben. A song that was for a horror film. It was a sequel to the movie Willard. It is about a young boy that befriends a rat named Ben that leads a swarm of trained/telepathic rats to kill his bullying enemies. How coincidental is it that there is another RAT SINGER from Germany that is now Pope who is also called BEN a successor to St. Peter. Another Pied piper? There are similar connections.
In Germany there is Black Peter or KRAMPUS , a character who precedes the arrival of St. Nick at Christmas. Black Peter and KRAMPUS both look like goat headed devils and both do horrible things to bad children. KRAMPUS has been known to beat Children and throw them in the river. PAN is a goat headed god who plays the flute. The representation of Karl Jung’s trickster the horned , shape shifting, and clownish devil. The Black Peter Piper Pan legends sometimes share similarities
The Pied Piper story often has a similar element to the “Neverland” of Peter Pan in as much as in some of the narratives, The Pied Piper doesn’t kill the children but takes the kids into a mountainside from which they are taken to a land where they will be happy away from the cruel adults for the rest of their lives. They never grow up and live in a land – a virtual “Neverland” of earthly delights.
So when Michael was accused of molesting a child, or when he freely admitted to sharing his bed with young boys, he may have seen it as one big game, one big cartoon. He has been programmed to be Peter Pan – he is Archetype possessed and he was only doing what his handlers and programmers wanted him to do. Or it could have been something else.
Back in 2006 it was revealed by Court TV’s Diane Dimond that Michael Jackson’s high pitched voice is not real. It is an affectation. Liza Minnelli also stated that Michael’s high voice is not his real voice and that he was also the master of disguises anything from facial prosthetics , false teeth to fake noses, Michael had a closet full. More evidence of Transmogrify programming? Archetypical Possession? Trickster Shape Shifting? Neoteny? The mind can reel with this information.
With all of the occult and paranormal activities in his life. With all of the accusations of child molestation and strange ritualistic behaviors, Michael most certainly would be one of the most enigmatic figures of our time. The Mask he wore, the Mask of pop communion gave the majority of people a “God Feeling.” That perhaps Michael Jackson was more than human. Maybe even alien. Maybe Jackson was just a visitor and that in death he will become far more powerful. After all, a trickster doesn’t always want to go quietly into that dark night.
An example of this is the curious marketing scheme that was being used to promote the Joker in the Batman movie. We have pointed out the dark death image for Ledger but there was another subliminal marketing technique that has eerie coincidences attached to it.
During the marketing of the film there was a lobby card image showing the Joker, portrayed by Heath Ledger holding up his Joker “calling card.” The card showed a Joker with lance. The joker has the head of another joker on the lance showing that he has decapitated someone.

In a creepy coincidence, a month prior to the “Dark Knight’s” debut an unfortunate accident took place at Six Flags over Georgia. Asia Leeshawn Ferguson of Springfield, South Carolina scaled two six-foot fences and passed signs that said the restricted area was both off-limits and dangerous to visitors in order to retrieve a hat that had flew off of his head while riding the Batman roller coaster. He was struck by the coaster and was decapitated.
In a grizzly coincidence there is a scene in the Dark Knight film where the Joker is seen in a semi truck trailer with the words “HYAMS AMUSEMENT RIDES” and then the words “LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE.” Spray painted on the truck, is a big letter “S” changing the word LAUGHTER to SLAUGHTER. To the left of the word SLAUGHTER is a Ferris wheel and a rollercoaster.

We have already been subliminally subjected to beheadings, and slaughter, there has been a decapitation accident in reality and one more coincidence that needs to be examined.
On a Bus ride in Canada a horrible event took place. Vince Weiguang Li, of Edmonton Alberta calmly attacked his seat mate Tim McLean without provocation. He stabbed him several times and then cut the victims head off. He marched around the Bus with the severed head eating pieces of flesh from the body.
In the recording of the police radio transmissions, officers refer to the attacker, as “Badger.” They said he was armed with a knife and scissors and was “defiling the body.
The use of the term “Badger” is coincidental when you consider that certain animals represent the Joker or trickster. The native Americans would call the trickster Coyote. In Europe he is known as the sly fox. In Asia the animal that represents the Joker is the badger. Vince Weiguang Li was Asian and he claimed that he was now condemned to walk through the aisle of the bus like a trickster after his death.
Consider again the Joker’s death card and how it shows a clown holding a severed head, the beheading of the boy at the Six Flags Batman ride, and the words “Slaughter is the best medicine” on the side of a truck that advertises carnival rides. The beheaded victim on the bus, Tim McLean worked as a “carnie” and was coming back from a carnival when he was attacked.
In a strange coincidence McLean was a “juggalo” or a fan of the hip hop group “The Insane Clown Posse” he called himself Jokawild on his social network website. He would often wear “cannibal clown” make up at the carnival consisting of black and white “corpse paint.”

Tattooed on his back was a huge Joker tattoo.

You may ask yourself why people fear clowns. It is obvious that clowns seem to have a mystique about them that some people find disturbing. Clowns will try and manipulate you into falling for their pranks. They are somewhat creepy, but only out of their element. Put a clown at a circus, or in a carnival, he does not seem out of place.
Put him on a city street late at night, in a movie a Music video with a rising pop star or even at a Hamburger stand he may raise a few eyebrows.
McDonalds recently had been debating over the controversial retiring of Ronald McDonald. Some executives say that he represents the old McDonalds and that many see him as a representation of the great manipulator of children leading them into a trap of Childhood Obesity.
But like any good trickster he isn’t going anywhere. As far as anyone is concerned the clown that may be a representation for juvenile excesses or for onset atherosclerosis, heart disease and obesity will remain as a symbol of the fast food company.
Knowing now what we do about clowns, isn’t that a little creepy?

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