I hardly find myself in a position where I am obsessing over demons or even the possibility that the spirit of an ancient demon has somehow manifested itself in our back yard. However I have reached that point now and I hope that eventually I can move on and tell everyone that the coast is clear on the matter. At the moment it seems that the coast is not clear.

When the eclipse of the moon took place during the winter solstice I felt compelled
to write about the demons of the north and how they return in times of anxiety and
violence. The symbol of the blood red moon on the solstice happens once every 400
or so years and so I was thinking about the dark superstitions and whether they had
any merit. From Krampus and his comparisons to Molech and the deaths of children
it seemed that the blood red moon would remind us that traumatic death looms after
such an event and as we were waiting for our transition into a new decade nerves were
shaky and for some, future’s were even darker.
There was some criticism sent my way from listeners who were wondering if I was
having some sort of psychotic break or if I have turned into a bible thumper preaching
dime store dispensationalism.
I can assure you that the concerns I have are not rooted in bible study but in the
collective unconscious and how the souls of everyone are getting programmed with
metaphors and archetypes that lurk in the depths of core belief and somehow are
resurfacing as some sort of “off switch” that guarantees self destruction. What we have
coming at us most certainly comes from within us and the apocalyptic mind set has
collectively created what is known as a Tulpa.
A Tulpa is part of a parable that generates enough energy to manifest visually. It is
conceptually similar to that of a spiritual architect that designs a thought form. There
eventually is a template and a blue print that is followed and repeated. When the
process becomes ingrained in the collective unconscious the thought form can manifest
visually as if it is being constructed piece by piece until it shows itself.
A Tulpa is quite literally the idea that objects and events can happen by sheer willpower
alone. It is causal engineering that can either benefit or destroy the group or person
that has created it,
We live in times of viral populous acceptance of ideas both negative and positive.
Messages no longer travel from mouth to ear. They travel digitally and conveniently
from house to house via uplink. These viral ideas are visualized through carefully
placed predictive programming and hyper-reality.
At times it is uncanny how we can visualize something in a TV show or movie only to
have it happen in reality later. TV and movies no longer borrow from reality; they are
now making the reality. When we see aerial views of major cities being destroyed by
natural disasters and then are told that this major event is coming in a specified year,
we must understand that this kind of imprint can actually manifest as something real
and devastating.
Apocalyptic subject matter has always been tossed around since the 1950’s, however
we are now seeing the Apocalypse loom large in the public’s imagination. With
apocalyptic thoughts come apocalyptic imagery, and the manifestation of apocalyptic
monsters and events which by the looks of the headlines are happening right on
Last year during an event where I prepared several power-point presentations about
the future I had clearly stated that all of our myths, fears and preoccupations about the
future and the year 2012 all revolve around our core beliefs in the gods of the Sun and
their affect on the earth.
This is something that is in our core belief because the planets, the stars, the earth
and the Sun all have myths surrounding them, which paved the way for religions and
dogmas that explain everything away with an ancient scripture or metaphoric angel and
Prior to 2011 I had warned my audience during a presentation that we were at a time of
no time and that all fears focused on 2012 needed to be refocused because there was a
secret within the Mayan prophecy that stated that beings or serpents form the air would
be seen prior to the so called doom date.
This is called the final cycle of creation. According to the Mayans the serpent ropes
would lower from the northern regions of the earth. During these times mankind would
see all sorts of peculiar activity. These serpent ropes, dragons or flying beings were the
lords of the air anciently. Many times we have heard of the possibility that these flying
lords would eventually use their ropes to come down from the sky and there are plenty
of people who believe that they are our external saviors.
In 1997, just after the appearance of comet Hale Bopp there was an urgent message
that was sent out by the Hopi Elders regarding the future of the planet.
They claimed that there would be appearances of the red and blue Kachinas in space.
After the appearances of the Kachinas humanity would see strange things going on with
the seasons, the trees, the bees, frogs, and other anomalies in the cosmos signifying
the great transformation of human beings. The Kachinas have often been part of the
ancient, native legends to describe anomalies in the heavens and shifts in the way
humans interact with their world.
Further in the Hopi Prophecy it was stated that after the appearances of these
anomalies in the sky, the great war, perhaps World War III would be started by those
peoples who first revealed the light , the divine wisdom or intelligence, in the other old
countries like India, China, Russia, Africa and the middle east.
From the Middle Eastern world there are also monsters from mythology that declare
their dominion of the air and sea. These beings are spoken of in ancient writings. Many
of them are the same demons people fear today. They have been given different names
and all of them are centered on environmental changes with the planet.
One such demon is Pazuzu. Pazuzu was the king of all demons and ruled the air and
sea. He was an Assyrian and Babylonian demon that would control the wind and the
storms. He had dominion over the birds and the fishes as he was also the demon of the
sea and marsh lands. He appeared as a winged serpent with the head of the dog and
was known to bring plagues and locusts in his wake. He would swoop down silently and
with a brush of his wings create ulcers on the skin and diseases of the heart and gut.
Pazuzu appeared in Mesopotamia in ancient times and disappeared. Arguably he
appeared in the 20th century as a cryptid character known as Mothman. In 1966
Mothman appeared in Point Pleasant West Virginia at a time where the country was
caught in the throes of emotional anxiety. John Keel the author of the Mothman
prophecies had pondered the possibility of the Mothman being a Tulpa or a shadowy
psychic construct that materialized because of consensus thought.
The creature appeared to warn the people of potential death and destruction. There
were many UFO sightings in the area and simultaneous dreams of a long and thin
grinning man who called himself Indrid Cold.
The deathly pale and emaciated form would walk the streets or appear in dreams
smiling and saying that there was nothing to be afraid of even though the grin he gave
made the person’s blood run Ice cold.
I shared this story with my listeners after I was informed by my friend Sarah that a
fictitious character named “slender man” had been mentioned in blogs and how people
were sharing dreams of a slender bald man looking in on them and grinning. I admit
that I was chilled about hearing of these dreams because I was worried that it was a
possible indication that some sort of psychic construct was being formed and that an
event would transpire where there would be thousands dead.
The grinning thin man also was related to the Mothman stories and I was very surprised
to find a story about a giant butterfly that was seen in Los Angeles in 2010 in the fall
and winter. I had searched high and low online for opinions and stories about the
appearance and apart from the new age feel good aspects of the sightings, Crypto
zoologist Loren Coleman wrote about the 1942 sighting of the Mothman or Butterfly
entity in 1942 and how 6 months later a 6.6. Earthquake hit southern California. As
I connected the dots on the Grinning man, Mothman and Pazuzu my listeners were
calling in with their stories about dreams they were having about coming in contact with
the deathly presence of the grinning man.
There were others like Damon who listened to the show and shot two pictures. Two
moth faces showed up randomly as he shot pictures through Ice, the light bended to
create the random image.
The coincidence was stunning.

The pictures showed the images of the moth’s face and sent a chill into everyone who
saw them in the studio. We were seeing a Tulpa form right before our eyes. A group of
people listening were dreaming of the grinning man and hearing about his connection to
the Mothman or the creature that represented the Demon Pazuzu.

Pazuzu the devil who delivers harsh winds and storms is a deliverer of pestilence
and according to ancient pantheons will appear in what is known as the final cycle of
creation or aeon to destroy fowl and fish, dry up the marshlands and plague the grain
with locusts.
He was in the class with several other winged gods or feathery dragons that have
been spoken of in ancient writings. All of these dragons and flying serpents have an
association with changes in the sun. They have been called the lords of the air or the
flying wonders referred to in ancient Old Testament wisdom. According to the bible, the
gods of the forces would fly up from the underworld and wreak havoc on the earth prior
to the coming of the ‘antichrist.”
That is all up for discussion and ideologies differ in opinion however in the world of
pop-paranormal and Hollywood the message is a heavy handed apocalyptic wakeup
call about what is supposed to happen in this future of eschatological science fiction. I
seem to be preoccupied with winged demons, whether it is Mothman or Pazuzu. But the
fact remains that he symbolism of the flying entity is a powerful meme and in times of
anxiety it would seem that it manifests in Tulpa form and spins into synchronicities and
autonomous manifestation.
The seeds of the possible future have already been planted through the use of clever
predictive programming. I have spoken many times of the causal reversal where
futures are approximated using clever prognostication in the media and using the
revelation of the method to have it be seen as something that has been seen before.
Take for example the recent world wide bird and die off. While everyone in science is
trying to tell us that thousands of birds and fish dying all over the globe is normal it is
eerie how it all seems to be like some biblical nightmare.
First, red winged blackbirds fell out of the sky on New Year’s Eve night 2010 in
Arkansas. Soon there were similar reports of dying birds in Louisiana and Kentucky.
Witnesses in Italy said thousands of turtle doves fell from the sky, Wednesday, January
5, 2011. The birds were falling out of the sky like little balls and upon inspection their
bills had a blue stain on them. This would indicate that the birds had suffocated.
It also was reported a mas die off happened in Biobío Chile as thousands of Black
Shearlings fell from the sky dead. All of these birds died in a domino sequence. As
if death had moved in a swath and killed all of the birds. Some were suffocated and
others had been with broken wings, necks, beaks and legs,
As soon as the reports of the dead birds hit the news there were already millions of
people looking for biblical prophecy to somehow explain the mass bird death. Many
people were worried that the event heralded the opening of the Seventh seal, that this
was the Seventh sign being revealed.
Frankly, this could be a product of predictive programming both from over zealous
Sunday school teachers and from the movie “The Seventh Sign.”
In the film Demi Moore plays a woman who is pregnant. During a get together with a
strange man named David, she is told of an ancient Talmudic legend of the “guf.” The
guf is simply a treasury, so to speak of souls needing to be born. The Talmud teaches
that the Messiah will not come until the guf is emptied of all its souls. According to
Jewish legends the guf is like a huge nest of souls. The souls of the unborn children
are carried by birds. The birds are the ones who carry the souls from heaven to the
newborn babies. When the guf is empty, the world is ending.
Many people probably are unaware of the Jewish mysticism found in the Talmud and
with the Kaballah but can we imagine the metaphor that is all of the birds dying and all
of those lost souls of children never to be born. It is a symbol of the mass culling of our
future generations.
The other remarkable anomaly that transpired in concert with the dead birds was the
culling of fish. It began with thousands of dead crabs being found near Kent in the U.K.
There was a mass die off of fish in the Arkansas River some 125 miles away from the
bird die off in Arkansas. There were dead fish in the Chesapeake Bay, in Port Orange
Florida thousands of fish were reported washing on shore and more reports came in
from Brazil and New Zealand about dead fish. .
This also triggered religious fears of an impending apocalypse. It says in the Old
Testament; in the book of Ecclesiastes that in the time of the Messianic arrival that no
one will know of the time but they will see signs.
“For man also knoweth not his time: as the fishes that are taken in an evil net, and as
the birds that are caught in the snare; so are the sons of men snared in an evil time,
when it falleth suddenly upon them.”– Old Testament
Bird deaths or the appearance of bird like gods have always been connected to spiritual
awakening, death and resurrection. Their activities have always been watched by
primitive cultures to predict changes in the wind. Birds are always used in mines to
detect poisonous gasses because they are more sensitive and die before humans do.
The unfortunate thing about the bird and fish die off is that it has accelerated fears
of the end times and the Mayan calendar’s due date coming which is December
21st. 2012. It is believed that we are living in the Mayan end times and Christian
dispensationalists are also keeping the end of days marked on a calendar.
Many researchers who have garnered mass attention have stated that Mayan calendar
speculation all hinges on the ‘arrival” end date and the precursory final cycle of creation
that allegedly is to begin October 28th, 2011. However the bird and fish deaths may
have accelerated that theory and seems to be an indicator that something is not right in
the universe. Perhaps something has nudged the process and we are speeding faster
to our fate.
People are putting all kinds of apocalyptic significance to the date because of the
conjunction of the sun with the Milky Way and the crossing of our earth into the
forgotten 13th house of the Zodiac known as Ophiuchus or the Serpent holder. The
serpent holder is significant as the serpent from the air, or the reptilian “god” shall return
to its sacred source finishing the old Aeon and opening a new one.
The alignment according to new age researchers will open a dimensional conduit to the
gods. It is a doorway where we can simultaneously experience the feeling of temporal
balance. The old shall pass away and the new shall arrive.
The Mayan “prophecy cycle” is supposed to be a time of signs and magical
breakthroughs where mankind is about to break the chains of time and that as soon as
we reach galactic central point time will literally collapse on itself.
There seems to be urgency for mankind to somehow explore his world and the
possibility of other worlds, and other dimensions that may exist. In 2009 we became
aware of the huge super collider at CERN and how scientists were trying to find
the “god particle” open a doorway to other worlds that are theorized to be functioning
simultaneously with our own.
CERN is located in Geneva. Geneva and “Saint Geniis” are similar to the
word “Genesis.” The purpose of CERN is to find the Origins of Man and the Universe.
It is interesting to note that in 2009 there was a short lived Television series on ABC
called Flash Forward where a facility similar to the CERN super collider has a temporal
experiment that goes horribly bad causing living beings on the entire earth to black out.
During the blackout humans have a glimpse into their own futures, there is a significant
date they see and it is April 29th. It is an interesting juxtaposition that April 29th is also
the date Hitler Married Eva Braun and coincidentally Prince William will marry Catherine
In a very powerful episode called 137 Sekunden. We are told that the word Sekunden
is the German word for seconds. The time span where everyone in the television
show blacked out was 137 seconds. It was because of the collider catastrophe. The
creepy part of the show is that even though it is a work of fiction, Flash Forward did its
homework in the episode. A Nazi war Criminal named Geyer has a vision about his
freedom from a Munich prison. After he blacks out he remembers looking into the prison
courtyard and seeing dead crows on the grass.
The number 137 according to Geyer is the number of the Kaballah or the Gematria
number of the Jewish mystics. The Number 137 is also well-known throughout the
physics community as the approximate inverse of the Fine Structure constant. It is
coincidentally named Alpha. It is simply an electromagnetic constant and if it were any
bigger we could not be able to differentiate between tangible matter and that which we
can conjure in the ether. It is most associated with the idea of creation from nothing or
life from the vacuum. It is similar to the idea of the Mayan final cycle of creation. It is
according to the mystics a process which proceeds from one sabbatical state of balance
and harmony to new state of harmony and balance.
In the Kaballah the number for prophecy is 64 and the number for wisdom is 73.
Combined the number add up to 137. The story line of Flash Forward dealt with people
who had a glimpse of their possible futures and in the process it created a causal
reversal where people were confined to their various fates and tediously trying to find
meaning in the signs and wonders of their various prophetic dreams.
It’s as if they had a glimpse into the other world and wanted so desperately to combine
the time lines and create a quantum entanglement or the god effect. It was all
accomplished by trying to find the God particle and as the powerful colliders fired they
sent a shockwave through the earth and in the process the things that were most
sensitive to the shock died and some even disappeared in a twinkling.
It was also discovered as per the Nazi war criminal character that a murder of crows
had guaranteed his freedom because of the information about the experiments and
what he knew of the dying off of crows in the world. The story then flashes back to an
incident in the Ganwar region of Somalia where a young boy tending goats witnessed a
murder of crows flying over head and then dropping like stones to the ground.
It was the result of an electromagnetic perturbation that caused the birds to become
anxious and then die. In the movie “The Core” we learn that man’s tampering with
the electromagnetic field has somehow stopped the earth’s core from spinning. As the
event happens there is a horrific scene of pigeons becoming confused and they begin
to fall from the sky and slam into cars and buildings. What follows is strange weather,
which includes force multiplied storms and violent earthquakes.
These cautionary tales of predictive programming remind us that the magnetic fields of
the earth, when altered or when changing can create an imbalance. We can see in our
reality a virtual canary in a coal mine scenario where the birds are demonstrating to us
that the resonance of this earth is transforming.
Sometimes there are things all around us that indicate that the world is on a collision
course with destiny. The tempting of fate seems to be a great sport with those who
control us. They are able to make laws, take away rights and dictate to us what is
sacred and what is profane. In the end however what wins is nature. Nature is neither
good nor evil but it carries out justice.
Earth’s rising base resonance has been changing for some time now. The Schuman
resonance or “Earthbeat,” is rising dramatically. Though it varies among geographical
regions, for decades the overall measurement was 7.8 cycles per second. This was
once thought to be a constant; recent reports set the rate now at over 11 cycles, and
climbing. Science doesn’t know why, or what to make of it.
While earth’s “pulse” rate is rising, her magnetic field strength is declining. According
to a study from the University of New Mexico, the field has lost up to half its intensity in
the last 4,000 years. This decline can cause all kinds of changes in the natural order of
things. Perhaps the recent fish and bird deaths are a prelude to what we will have to
experience and what may not be reversible.
This has nothing to do with climate change, or weather anomalies. It has everything
to do with the earth changes that are natural and that have transpired for thousands
of years. It is recorded that has magnetic shifts and solar changes happen the earth
experiences earthquakes, floods, volcanic activity. There have been many great stories
form bible speaking of winged angels of death, and hands reached forth killing the first
born and turning rivers and streams to blood.
These accounts are no different from what I have described earlier form Mesopotamia,
Egypt, American Indians and the Maya. All of these accounts have been attributed to
influences from space, and our very own sun.
Although it may not be popular for HAARP watchdogs and for Chemtrail observers it
needs to be pointed out that while there could be connections to both with this die off of
wildlife, I am hoping to illustrate a more natural solution to this die off and in essence, I
see it as a more profound paranormal or less normal occurrence and this is far more of
a fright than thinking it is something caused by some government conspiracy.
On December 30th, 2010 the US Department of Defense’s polar-orbiting satellites
detected a number of bright ribbons of Auroral light circling the North Pole. According to’s Paul McCrone, images were assembled of this phenomenon at the
Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center in Monterey, California.

Like the serpent ropes spoken of by the Mayans, and the snake like appearance of
a flying “demon” or “dragon” the images show a sinuous path of the of magnetically
charged particles entering Earth’s upper atmosphere and moving like a scythe across

The theory is that that these bands of highly charged particles descended south over
Europe and whipped around to North America on New Year’s eve was blown by the
Solar winds causing fluctuations in the magnetosphere.

If you look at a map you can see how it moved. From north to south the wind picked up
the charged particles and Europe began to see crabs dying. Birds were dying in Europe.

Arkansas had abnormally warm weather which spawned intensified storms. There
were Tornadoes, dead birds and dead fish. There were also reports of earthquakes in
Arkansas, Chile and Argentina.
Strange weather has also been seen in California, mudslides, snow and also
Tornadoes. Like dominoes falling in sequence, the earth begins to convulse as the
magnetic field fluctuates.
A strong argument can be made that since the birds and fish died during the night, it
could be theorized that the magnetosphere bends inward during the night and so the
passing of the aurora wave was most powerful causing the animal life to die. These
magnetic storms can crate low frequencies that cannot be heard by humans. There are
some people who are sensitive to Infrasound waves and there are some birds, animals ,
and fish that are affected in different ways. Some people may experience anxiety
attacks, or nausea. Some may feel dizzy as the low frequencies can affect the inner ear.
Sometimes these odd sensations create those feelings of being haunted or can cause
minor hallucinations.
To some species of birds it can play hob with their built in compass. Infrasound may be
produced by wind, earthquakes, ocean waves, avalanches, volcanoes, and meteors
entering the earth’s atmosphere.
All of those phenomena were happening at the time of the bird and fish die off.
But I am sure I am only giving you parts of the puzzle. I am dot connecting both the
rational and irrational, from the biblical to the mythological and mystical. All of these
notions make us who we are and we should not be ashamed of speculating about
something that in our core beliefs signifies a precursor to some major event where loss
of human life may happen.
In ancient times these events created visions of winged demons and Gods like Pazuzu
and Quetzalcoatl. They were associated with wind storms and plagues. Birds would die
and fish would wash up on the shores. They were symbolic of something greater on
the horizon. It was symbolic of the final cycle of creation, the alpha and the omega, the
quantum entanglement or God effect.
Whatever plans we have to leave the earth, whatever scientists are doing to open
doorways to other dimensions may have to accelerate if we are to believe in the ancient
prophecies of change happening soon.
No matter how hard skeptics and critics try to write off the simultaneous die off of fish
and birds as normal or the result of fireworks or some other ludicrous idea, it needs to
be indicated without argument that this is a “wake up call.”
How you interpret it, whether it being religious, scientific or conspiratorial it should not
be watered down so you can sleep soundly at night. I get frustrated when people write
off these anomalies as ho-hum so that they can feel superior and no t have to worry
about their precious world coming to an end. They laugh and mock people as dullards
because they see the world in different ways.
I can say with every bit of confidence that this event has affected everyone. Whatever
you choose to believe to rid yourself of anxiety or fear of the unknown will implant a
shadow archetype that will just manifest as some Tulpa or egregore later on. We see
our world changing and opinions of what is happening are diminished for so called
sober explanations. Just so we can get back to work or lose ourselves in some random
TV show while the apocalypse rages on outside the comfort of our homes.
And when you get ready for bed, you can always close your eyes and listen to the
galloping of the four horsemen. When you open them you can be astonished to find that
they are riding Zebras.
Welcome to earth in the year 2011.

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