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Ron Patton | May 30, 2010

In theory, one of the main functions of public education is to help create a citizenry that understands the functions of government and is able to make informed judgments about how public policy will affect future generations. It is a basic justification for studying history often repeated by historians, that those who fail to learn about the past are doomed to repeat it.
We study history in order to understand how humans have responded in the past to similar events and situations. As a society, we should have a compelling interest in making sure that people understand how government functions, within the context of our history.

[youtube yfrQalpmdqk]

But, at the same time, there are powerful commercial interests who see an informed citizenry as a direct threat to corporate power. These corporations would rather have a citizenry that is easily influenced to accept whatever message is given them by the corporate-controlled media. For this reason, they find the topics of the American Revolution and the Civil War to be particularly dangerous. The possibility that people might view government as an instrument of the public will, much less take up arms to oppose entrenched power, is a dangerous idea that must be squelched on all levels.
That is why people who understand history can cut beyond partisan dogma and controlled propaganda in order to see the ulterior purposes behind those who represent our government and their nefarious actions.  Part of the dilemma for anyone who truly wants to understand these actions and re-actions is that ‘nothing they do’ within the circles of power and greed seems to make any logical sense. Thanks to highly controlled information many Americans are unaware of the criminal activity that is going on behind the scenes.  Many who are aware are helpless to do anything about it.
Ordinary criminal schemes are usually easy to decipher. Money trails can be found, and their telltale tracks followed to whatever may have been the point of such an effort. But this ‘super-plan’ for domination includes the complete destruction of most (or all) that matters – and none of it makes sense to the civilized world.
The bending and mutilating of constitutional laws and human rights have been well documented. The continued power grabs and wanton greed of the warlords are finally being revealed.  No longer are we to guess about the intentions of those in power.
We no longer have to speculate about targets.  They have all been published in books and in essays submitted to think tanks that are financed by the same self important fascists that have their cold grip on our nation. Many things that we see on the horizon re revealed through predictive programming. Programming that foreshadows world events in fiction, movies and television.
The latest predictive programming buzz goes to the Nicholas Cage Film “Knowing” a film that was released in 2009. The movie is an apocalyptic thriller that throws together doomsday numerology, apocalyptic events, aliens and a spectacular extinction level cataclysm that is far more satisfying than the plodding earthquakes, volcanoes and floods provided by the movie 2012.
In the film Nicholas cage is watching late night TV when he channels urfs the local News channels. At midnight he happens to land on a channel reporting a fire in the Gulf of Mexico.

[youtube hmgeA3dr2uY]

Turns out that an Oil rig fire has devastated the waters in the gulf and later we learn on a news program in a convenience store that the dollar has taken a dive and the stock markets are crashing.

[youtube cVm9TH0PWII]

This is all followed solar flare activity causing GPS system satellites to fail. This creates plane crashes and subway crashes.  The whole catastrophe is based on sun activity that will eventually scorch the earth.

[youtube pXq7qFCKifc]

Funny how both an Oil rig fire disaster and an economic disaster are both mentioned in the movie one event starting and another starting up in sequence.
Art creates a form of reverse causality.
Predictive programming acclimates the public and approximates a future where we can just stand idly by and watch the entire system of social programs, the welfare of the states, the counties and the cities of the United States disintegrate.  It seems that plots for movies and TV are centered on apocalyptic fear.  Create enough images of death and destruction and soon the entire world will not want to invest in a future that they know will be dead on arrival.
The country has been wrapped inside a massive shroud of fear and with this fear there is a demand for more control by the powers that be.  This unfortunately is a mistake. A mistake we could have avoided if we just paid attention to history.
Truth and fact are the hardest things to produce now, because we live in times where we can manufacture both.  The truth you believe is now determined by the messenger.
How can we trust anything coming from the talking heads when their main benefactors are major suppliers to the war effort? Do you think they would tell you the truth about accurate causes, casualties, and even criticisms about the war and the government that keeps their businesses thriving? Would they tell you about how these companies are the biggest polluters?
Of Course not.
They are a well oiled machine in the business of creating news that takes the evil out of the evil that they perpetrate.
It is difficult to deliver truth apart from the mainstream to a group of people who are ready to discredit it because it does not fit their preconceived notions of what they believe.  Telling someone that what they have been taught their whole lives is fraudulent can cut to the core of their comfort zone.
However it is important to understand that it is vital to open your mind to all options because it is here that we can at least make an attempt to understand why our government can get away with what it does. Why their illegal activities continue without public reprisal or revolution. Why torturers go without prosecution, and fear mongers continue to hold us hostage with their words of terror and hate.
Has anyone in the media had the balls to demonstrate the real reason why our leaders voted a unanimous “YES” for a fraudulent, no-accountability $700 billion dollar “bailout” extortion scam of 340+ million US citizens?  Despite MASSIVE public outcry all across the entire country in vicious opposition to this premeditated Swindle of the Century?

[youtube HaG9d_4zij8]

How is it that the American people just roll over and play dead and refuse to investigate Fascist Unethical Corporate Kickbacks?  Is it because they do not know the truth About America?  Do they care? How do we as Americans get the truth about why chaos and criminal activity are happening in our own government?
Take a look around you.  Take a look at this false flag future. NO ONE respects money anymore.  They don’t respect work for that money either.  Nor do they care that others toil for them and provide services or information only to have it underbid or oversold and under delivered.  You could offer someone an opportunity to make money and they won’t accept it because it isn’t enough money.
If it is enough money they hold out for more and stifle any growth or hard work to obtain it.   That is why socialism is such an easy sell to Americans.   It is the hand out for just breathing, and the high price for inhaling what little air they can give you.
What a Joke.  This is where we are.  It is sad but true.  Value is sacrificed for the bottom line and people are left in the crossfire as the elite bet against you even living another day.
You don’t believe me?  Take a look at the various perceived crises, the disaster, the destruction.  You call it tragedy; the elite see it as progress.

[youtube JG9CM_J00bw]

These little tragedies are acts of god and preplanned acts of terror. With the trauma comes the excuse.  The excuse to create a safe utopian gulag with political spirituality used to religiously convert you to the idea that you need video-surveillance cameras, eco friendly light bulbs, higher taxes, and an open heart to the reality of paying into a fantasy healthcare plan that will never give you as much as band aid unless you say “how high” when the government says “jump.”
Freedom and democracy have gone from reality to a hypothetical situation.
In the 20th century it worked for America in the 21st Century it has become a stumbling block.
It is now evident that the value of life has been depleted and money will no longer have meaning.  It will be just paper to be swept away and lives will be devastated by financial ruin.
I recently had a successful multimedia event where I pointed out how the new world government is being established and that it will need a crisis in order to be the solution for the world in financial and spiritual bankruptcy. The show dealt with the Antichrist but only from the point of view held strictly on a political and semi-religious level.  There is more to it all than some Christian bogeyman that everyone wants to pin the blame on.
The willing participants will be we the people. The New World order will get a lot of its power from inability to be self-reliant in a time of social, spiritual and financial upheaval.  For the show that I did about the Empire of the Antichrist I failed to include my findings on how the world financial collapse will also bring about the rise of the world leadership and the New World Order.
I base this knowledge on historical algorithm.  Currencies have failed in history before and the results of these failures are in the body count and the ruin left behind.  The ruin is not just what is left of the buildings, and blight.  The ruin is also measured in the loss of character of the human being when times are tough.  There is always that fighting spirit of recovery in some people, but when given hopeless circumstances people will be known to eat each other.
If you want to know the outcome of failed economies you can dig into historical accounts provided after the Revolutionary war, Pre Nazi Germany and the Weimar republic, The Argentine Dirty war and its failing peso and many other countries that have had to face the failures of the banks.
Biblically when the economy failed in Egypt the land became the Pharaoh’s and the Egyptians became slaves.  When the Weimar Republic lost their economy they became ruled by the Nazis.  The question is what government awaits us if our dollar fails?
We could see a government out of control and acting on its best interests regardless of party or political interests.  We could witness hostile takeovers and attempted coups against the Obama administration. You will see the Federal Reserve go into survival mode as people will demand it to be dissolved.
We are in a very vulnerable position as we rattle our sabers against North Korea and Iran.  One major terrorist attack in the United States would cripple us and our economy so bad that we would see martial law declared. Much like the “dirty war” of Argentina we could see a war without borders or definable enemy.
In testimony before the Senate Committee on Intelligence, President Barack Obama’s new Director of National Intelligence, Dennis Blair, warned that the deepening financial crisis posed a major threat to U.S. national security and warned that if it gets worse it could trigger a return to the “violent extremism” of the 1920s and 1930s.
A Homeland Security State will not be out of the question and the whole society could become militarized much like the Germans were prior to World War II. The Global Governing Structure would be and could be implemented in order to reign in control over the banks.  During a global crisis you can bet on any number of scenarios based on historical maneuvers.

[youtube gwaAVJITx1Y]

Just because we think we are informed and technologically advanced doesn’t mean we can escape the actions that have followed a financial disaster.  Once the U.S. financial meltdown begins many other nations follow suit. A new governing body would be empowered to maintain and enforce social stability.
The group would be called temporary and then would become formalized as the New preliminary world advisory board on “Continuity of Government.” This group will remain as the world governing body until we forget that they were put there in the first place.  They will be or financial saviors working miracles with socialist policies and economical corporatist structures. The solution would be a global centralized currency and World Bank.
States in North America are already fearful of globalization are at the ready to utilize state constitutional authority against the Federal Government.  The question is would the fed declare war on the states in order to keep their policies intact?
Almost half of the state legislatures are currently considering or have representatives preparing to introduce resolutions to reassert the principles of the 9th and 10th Amendments and the idea that federal power is strictly limited to specific areas detailed in the Constitution and that all other governmental authority rests with the states.  New Hampshire’s resolution actually called for the dissolution of the United States.
The Union is showing signs of implosion.
We may be seeing the beginnings of civil unrest.
It may not be widespread, but it may be seen in larger cities like Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City.  Tensions are high and finances will plummet creating impoverished cities and a complete gutting of real estate.
It was recently reported that 24 experts all believe that a financial meltdown and martial law are on their way here in America.  It seems that the future that has been proposed has once again affected the present in such a way that there are numerous events transpiring that will guarantee some sort of implosion in the states.  We are now cleaning up from an environmental disaster so severe that it will have an impact on the fishing and oil trade.  The oils spill has gone on for too long and every day this means horrible consequences for an area that is watching its coast die.
We are on the brink of war with North Korea.  We are seeing an increase of rumors regarding more troops for the Middle East and at home border clashes with Mexico are now creating enough tensions that the Military is being called in there.
The chains that kept the monster tied down are now beginning to weaken and soon  it will rise again and the mobs will not hold back as civil tensions could lead to an all out civil war. It may be in the coming months that a traumatic event will deliver a crushing blow to the morale of the United States.  This event will deliver with it devastation so great that one would be led to believe that it is supernatural, or biblical in nature.  A growing monster will be unleashed and the economy will most definitely be effected ads parts of the United States may have to evacuate in order to flee areas that are virtually unlivable.
I have pointed out consistently that rituals and traumatic events have either been conjured or orchestrated by Intelligence cabals in order to create a crisis as an object lesson to test the faith of the people. The people are left with no choice but to bow before the holder of the keys of power.  The keys that are held by the elite are being used to unlock the door to the abyss.  The abyss is where our monster awaits. The door swings wide open and the United States will have to deal with ruin and financial catastrophe.
Circumstances point to the theory that many of the traumas that we have shared in the world have been the result of dark magic.  That the groups within the CIA, NSA, Mossad and other secret societies carry out rituals using phrases, names and memes in order to set forth a crisis that can be remedied with control.
Overt criminality by leaders and passive, unclear thinking by the proletariat has become the norm in The United States.  The two go together, creating a symbiotic ecosystem of tyranny.  Fraud, theft, and murder have become widespread; just as the scale of lies told and believed have reached new heights.  Irresponsibility has become socialized while people in the honest pursuit of good get thwarted. The transition from one form of government to another will be negligible because of forces we cannot and will not fight against.
Some may try to fight, but they will be the unfortunate few that will be in the body bags that bring about changes.  However these changes are more for the empowerment of the police state rather than truly providing a safe and sustainable country for our progeny.
It is difficult to paint this picture of dread while every well intentioned freedom fighter is in the face of the perceived enemy saying they are tearing down the New World Order.  However there is always some sort of hope that rock bottom can be a great teacher.  If we wind up at the bottom, if we realize that are not too big to fail, then perhaps we can step in and make the correct changes in order to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.
A country that eats, drinks, and sleeps in a piss pool of cynicism can’t expect much progress towards a bright future. You will pay dearly for the decisions you let other people make for you.
Demand the correct change.

Written by Ron Patton

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