Dr. Jack Sarfatti a leader in the physics movement was troubled. He claimed that as a young boy n 1953 he received a series of phone calls from the future. The voice according to Sarfatti was metallic and declared that he would be one of 400 geniuses chosen to carry out a mission in the future.
The voice was said to be coming from a master computer on a spaceship. The computer wanted to urge Sarfatti to meet in a place where he could receive contact from Extraterrestrials and be taught.

Being a teenager he said he would. He gathered his friends together to await contact but nothing happened and Sarfatti realized that he was a victim of a practical joke.
His mother however painted a different story saying that the phone calls were very troubling and every time the phone would ring and Jack answered she started to see a change come over her son. She claims that the calls had made her son act in a peculiar way. One day she intercepted the call and told the voice to no longer bother her son.
There were no more calls after that, but of course Sarfatti now is a well known Quantum physicist.
Back in 1973 Uri Geller a super psychic who was part of the first earth battalion team was receiving strange messages from a celestial body in space. Gellar said that what he was experiencing was contact from a space probe that he called SPECTRA. SPECTRA he claimed was a supercomputer that was orbiting around the earth. While Gellar was known as the mystic guide for Michael Jackson, he also was the subject of an investigation by the CIA about this alleged Extra-terrestrial probe that was speaking directly to him.
While it is unknown if anyone else was experiencing these futuristic messages an article in Spaceflight, the magazine of the British Interplanetary Society had Astronomy and Science writer Duncan Lunan claiming to have identified and deciphered a hidden radio message sent by an alien space probe that had been caught but overlooked in the late 1920s by a collaboration of Norwegian and Dutch researchers who were studying the long delayed echo effect.
Published along with an accompanying editorial disclaimer, Lunan maintained that the putative message came from an object at the L5 point in the same orbit as the Moon, sent by the inhabitants of a planet orbiting Epsilon Boötes.
He came to the conclusion that the message was, “Start here. Our home is Upsilon Bootes, which is a double star. We live on the sixth planet of seven, coming from the sun, which is the larger of the two. Our sixth planet has one moon. Our fourth planet has three. Our first and third planets each have one. Our probe is in the position of Arcturus, known in our maps. The claim was reported in TIME magazine and the CBS Evening News It was included in Rod Serling’s 1975 TV documentary In Search of Ancient Mysteries.
In February of 1974 Science fiction author Phillip K. Dick claimed that he was being contacted from a computer probe that he claimed it was from the future. Once again he heard an electronic voice that called itself Valis. Dick claimed that he was hit by a pink beam of light. It happened while opening the door to the delivery girl from the pharmacy. When asked what Valis meant Dick had mentioned that a metallic voice claiming to be a probe from the future called itself a Vast Artificial Living Intelligence System.
VALIS helped the author turn his life around with highly accurate advice, provided a range of deep mystical insights and even found him a new literary agent to help give his career a boost. However, in the wake of his contact with VALIS, Dick found his mail opened, his phone tapped, his house broken into and himself under surveillance from shadowy government agents and individuals connected to companies conducting scientific research for the US Department of Defense.
Until his death in 1982, Dick struggled to understand what had happened to him, writing more than two million words of a document called Exegesis that tried to analyze much of what VALIS had revealed. While he had many theories about the nature of his experience, one of the strongest was the one portrayed in his 1980 novel, VALIS. In the book, VALIS is suggested to be a sentient computer from the future in orbit around Earth, beaming messages to selected individuals.
He theorized that there have been throughout history probes, and spaceships that would beam down intelligence to certain people. That many of the most learned minds of the world would hear that small metallic voice from a celestial body that come close to earth.
A few years after Star Trek was cancelled by the networks, producer Gene Roddenberry was approached by a clandestine organization called “Lab 9.” lab 9 was a group of individuals that were sent to contact certain people under the direction of an intelligence that was hovering out in space.
They hired him to write a movie script based on their channeled communications from pan-dimensional entities known only as “The Nine.”
According to Roddenberry the 9 were a real world galactic brotherhood. Lab 9 was like a group of investigators that are similar to what is seen on the X-files. Lab-9 was in communication with an extraterrestrial intelligence and was very interested in speaking with Roddenberry. He wrote screenplay about the 9 — and the council did not like it Roddenberry spent a considerable amount of time with the Lab 9 group as they conducted psychic experiments and contacted the Nine through their remote viewer Phyllis Schlemmer.
Years later the script was revised and became what we know today as Deep Space 9. One of the central themes in the show about a space station orbiting a distant planet, is the impact a race of being called The Prophets – who are capable of time-travel and beaming information directly into human minds – has on the lead character.
Roddenberry had mentioned that the 9 would return to earth on a special date in the future and that they would attempt to make contact prior to their arrival.
The events that have transpired in the last few days have had be pondering the possibility that something alien is associated with YU55 asteroid. The asteroid, estimated to be the size of an aircraft carrier is so far passing the earth without incident.
However scientists decided to put the Goldstone and Arecibo radio telescopes on alert to monitor the Asteroids pass. The press was notified that the telescopes would take picture of the event, which doesn’t make sense because there would not be sufficient light to get pictures of the probe. The surface is dark and does not produce its own light.
Could it be that the radio telescopes are being used to get a signal from the asteroid as if it were a probe and not a natural rock?
We first proposed that the YU55 could be a space probe because of the history of supposed contact scenarios with VALIS SPECTRA and other important claims. The careful and skillful way of using an alien Intrusion could be disguised in the disinformation that has been produced about rogue satellites and their landing sites.
When the UARS and ROSAT satellites were being tracked by NASA there was a report that Ground Zero for the landing would be in the North Pacific somewhere near Astoria Oregon. As we prepared our news crews to get a sighting the satellite disappeared and there was no sighting. However there were many alleged sightings of some strange lights in the sky all over the United States.
There were also other stories that NASA concluded that the space satellite had crashed in the North Pacific. According to first simulation and tracking NASA claimed that the doomed satellite went down in the N. Pacific just south of the Aleutian Islands around 0730 UTC September 23rd 2011.
Then there was change in the mainstream report pinning the target in Canada. A few Days later it was confirmed that the satellite UARS did not crash anywhere near the North Pacific or Canada. It was said to have crashed in the South pacific halfway between Australia and Hawaii, perhaps closest to what used to be called Christmas Island just after midnight Saturday the 24th 2011.
It was a strange miscalculation and it seemed that every place in the world had claimed that something had come down from the sky or that they saw a debris field. NASA made everyone look stupid.
After both satellites were confirmed dead and lost the focus was both on Comet Elenin and Asteroid 2005 YU55. While Elenin seemed to be a distraction moving quietly above us YU55 was heading towards as at 33.000 miles an hour. It was announced that on the day that the Asteroid would move within 210,000 miles of earth two drills would take place. One would be the Pan European drill “Poseidon” and the other drill called “Pacific West 11.”
Pacific West 11 would be an exercise where military crews would prepare for a huge Tsunami destined to take out the entire west coast. The drill would commence at about the same moment as YU55 would pass on November 8th, continue through the Nationwide US Emergency Notification on the 9th and end on the 10th.
On November 8th, 2011 something very interesting thing happened. A super low pressure system formed in the Northern pacific near the Bering sea. The storm, moving inland from the Aleutian Islands, was expected to bring hurricane-force winds with gusts up to 100 miles per hour, heavy snowfall, widespread coastal flooding and severe erosion to most of Alaska’s west coast, the National Weather Service warned.
The weather service is saying that this storm is life threatening and it is also moving North as opposed to moving further south into the lower 48 states. Isn’t it odd that during a drill for high water and tsunami dangers, a rare pacific hurricane hits the area where the drill originates? Wouldn’t it be a good cover for a communication attempt with a possible probe? That is if the YU55 is a probe. It has been speculated in fringe circles.
We can’t say that the Asteroid has not passed without incident. The rare storm . the earthquake swarms in Oklahoma and one other incident that affected Ground Zero.
The night before the passing of the asteroid Ground Zero received an anonymous communiqué with an Ip address that was located near Okinawa. It was from a monitoring station that was curious about an article I had written regarding the examination of the YU55 asteroid. I was speculating the possibility of the asteroid being one of those probes similar to VALIS or SPECTRA. I was saying that the test where we shutdown the digital grid and await instructions was a way we can keep the channels open for any communication from YU55 or anything else. The letter initially confirmed that the UARS probe was brought down over the Aleutian Islands as reported. That there was new technology there that was being tested to steer these space anomalies as they come. It was intimated that the Bering Sea is an area where a secret base similar to AUTEK existed. There is believed t be an airport there a powerful array and several other secret installations that can be used to track and catch things from space. For some reason the e-mail stated that there would be major earthquakes happening throughout the world after this encounter with YU55.
Okinawa was hit with an earthquake. The links to the communiqué were broken.
It’s now a mystery.

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