Back in 2010 I had a conversation with Dr. Nick Begich about HAARP and several other man made marvels that would affect the ecosphere. The conversation continued and the subject of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN came up.
I had been concerned about the project mainly because I watched the Stephen King movie “The Mist” when I was recovering from Cancer and the story chilled me to the bone. The Story of a Secret Military Project known as Arrowhead is alluded to by a member of the Military. The man is one out of three that were responsible for taking part in the Project the other two kill themselves.

The man explains that he had heard people at the Arrowhead facility near the small town say scientists had discovered that there were in fact other dimensions and only wanted to build a “window” to see to the other side. The window became unstable. There were weather changes and small earthquakes and then things started coming through the vortex. Many of them were creatures that had never been seen before on the planet.
While we are aware that “The Mist” was fiction I asked Dr. Begich how we would know if the Scientists at CERN had made a grave mistake and released strange particles or strangelets under the earth.
Begich paused and told me that the first sign would be major earthquakes that would be strong enough to cause axial precession and perhaps volcanic activity in places that were once dormant or quiet. I also had conversations with Rex Church Magister of the Church of Satan about the same thing. He was an amateur follower of what was happening at CERN and considered it the most Satanic project on earth. He was concerned that it was quite simply a dooms day machine that is being used to communicate with underworld beings or even uberterrestrails spoken of by the Thule society and the infamous Vril, the group responsible for the occult connections to the Nazis.
I was then given a book called “Flash Forward” by Robert J. Sawyer where a Collider experiment similar to CERN causes everyone on earth to experience a ‘flash-forward’ “break” in time. People all over the earth see events twenty years in the future. Of course with everyone’s consciousness temporarily out of their bodies global catastrophe ensues and subsequently everyone has to come to terms with what their glimpse of the future told them.
I have always worried about what the consequences to the earth after the possibility of opening an unstable portal or even releasing a strangelet underground at the facility.
Here we are now in 2012 and it seems that the earth is speaking to us and that we are seeing what appears to be abnormal rocking and shaking of the places where earthquakes were unheard of before. Even in places of Volcanic activity we are seeing a gradual rise in incidents.
Keep in mind that in 2010 the CERN Collider was only working at half of its potency level. We have been told that what is happening is “safe” however there are some who are now questioning if there is data that has nopt been reported that may have dire consequences for the planet.
I don’t want to jump up and down and scream doom about particle physics, because I am not a physicist. I most certainly know what my gut us telling me and I can look at data and watch cataclysmic cycles and I can now see a surge in Earthquake and Volcanic activity. By all accounts we can now say that the earth has almost doubled its mega earthquakes and these quakes have certainly caused the earth to wobble and ring.
Also it has caused the earth to tilt off a few degrees with each major blow from inside of the core. We can claim that all fo these earthquakes have something todo with Military projects such as HAARP, but we also need to understand that we are also pushing the earth to its limits by creating conditions for a “big bang.” This can trigger responses from the magnetic
field and create earthquake conditions and volcanic perturbations in iron rich areas of the globe.
The LHC is creating a powerful gravitic-magnetic field. It is creating a ‘ring’ of charged, massive particles that can interact with the magnetic fields of the magma and Earth’s center.
This is not hard science or pseudo science, it the new normal for a planet that seems to be the battered partner and the response is the shaking, the sounds of underground creaking and pushing and many thunderous rumbles and explosions deep within the earth’s crust.
A large ring encircles the area near CERN. It has the circumference of about 27 kilometers and inside it are 9300 magnets. Could this be displacing magma inside the earth? Someone needs to ask the question. The collider is a scientific machine that no one questions and yet it seems to be a monster that when lit has started creating these maga-quakes, tsunamis and disasters.
Need proof? Well, there is some circumstantial proof that something isn’t right. The day the Collider was fired up there were four earthquakes that hot within hours of the tests.
A strong earthquake measuring 6.1 in magnitude struck southern Iran. Then it was reported that Northern Chile was struck with a 6.0 tremor. Then a magnitude 6.9 earthquake rattled Japan and then within minutes of a magnitude 6.6 earthquakes hit Indonesia.
Can anyone top that coincidence?
Once again I will say to the naysayers that the earth normally has earthquakes. The earth normally has volcanic activity. The earth is alive however it is the megaquakes and their severity is what I am concerned with. I am also curious about how the authorities are reporting these quakes.
The biggest example of an anomaly is the Clintonville Wisconsin explosions reported in the news recently.
Explosions were reported in the news and residents in Clintonville Wisconsin were being shaken by what felt like underground explosions and waves of shaking. The authorities ruled out earthquakes, and proceeded to investigate all other options. It was later determined the Clintonville was having earthquake swarms of the1.5 – 3.5 variety.
Clintonville residents were skeptical of the Quake reports. Needless to say there are many people beyond the area who also see the explanation as odd or out of the norm.
In fact Paul Caruso, with the USGS said it’s hard to find data for earthquakes in Wisconsin because there just aren’t any quakes. He went on the record saying “The earthquake history of Wisconsin is almost nonexistent,”
Once again need it be repeated that the Earthquake history in Wisconsin is NON EXISTENT.
However the area itself is the remnant of dormant volcanic activity. Twenty Miles west of Clintonville is Rib Mountain some claim that it is an extinct volcano. While others report there is no evidence to support the claim. If you go back billions of years ago you would know that Lake Superior was formed because of Volcanic and glacier activity. molten basalt erupted from the Mid-Continent Rift.
This rift extended from near Detroit, Michigan, north through what is now Lake Superior, to Minnesota, and then south to Kansas. Lava flowed from the rift for 22 million years, resulting in a layer of basalt as much as ten miles thick. The land sunk under the weight of the basalt as the Earth’s crust pulled apart. The rifting and sinking formed the broad, shallow Superior basin.
Had the rift continued to evolve, the North American continent would have split in two. So figure that Billions of years ago there was volcanic activity in the area. Now it seems to be happening again. Why? What could possibly explain this? Could it be that the earth is now experiencing Magma displacement and we are witnessing some bizarre echoes of lava activity because of what may be happening at CERN?
As I have said I am not a particle physicist or geologist, but I am seeing some pretty abnormal activities and no one seems to be theorizing or drawing any conclusions from the anomalies.
There is also a similar component for all of the quakes that have been happening recently. They have all been happening in areas of iron ore deposits. Michigan and Wisconsin have a lot of iron ore deposits, as does Chile, New Zealand and Australia. The Yucatan areas of Mexico also have huge iron ore deposits. Something that is magnetic is pulling or pushing the magma up to the surface causing seismic thumps and quakes. The Geomagnetic filed on the earth may be weakening. Is this natural or are we seeing the result of mankind’s tinkering with the forces of the Universe.
Remember the strongest magnetic field on the earth is being produced under the earth by CERN when it is fired up to full potential. I want to know if the disturbances in the magnetic field can create a major butterfly effect which created 7.0 or greater earthquakes surging in all areas. Keep in mind that what many call Global Normal with the earthquakes is NOT NORMAL at all. In 2010 I reported that it was the year on record with the most mega-quakes. These are quakes that register higher than 7 on the Richter scale. Then the same was reported for 2011. 2011now holds the record. Here we are in 2012 and we are having earthquakes in places where the history of such quakes is NON EXISTENT.
This is no longer a question of science or doomsday statistics. This should be a matter of public concern. This is NOT Normal, NOT natural, and we need to look into every possibility for the strange anomalies.

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