Many people do not know that there is this imaginary line that gets crossed every once and a while in news groups and social networks where the longer any argument goes it inevitably turns to a discussion about the Nazis. This has been a phenomenon online that was observed by Mike Godwin and has been known ever since as Godwin’s law. As the internet continues to influence our lives, we are beginning to see that people are screaming Nazi at ever term, thus diminishing the validity of the claim.
There are so many people crying Nazi that it is hard to differentiate between Nazis, fascism, hate speech and just what is a Nazi or one who has Nazi beliefs , or blood and soil nationalist ideas.

The predictive programming of all of the Nazi talk lies in the movie Captain America. The opening scene is in a castle located somewhere in Norway, where a planned attack by Nazis is taking place. German leader Johann Schmitt has made his planned assault on a Norwegian castle looking for a powerful talisman that is hidden in the casket of a Templar Knight.
Schmitt of course has decided that his plan is far greater than Hitler’s plan to rule the world and seeks out to wipe out everyone who he sees as unfit for the world, Schmitt sees himself as a God and has established a secret cell of followers called “Hydra.” “Hydra” of course is appropriate because according to Schmitt, if you cut off the head there are several other tentacles that will carry out his wishes. It is later revealed that Schmitt is none other than “Red Skull”
Red Skull of course is the metaphor for Totenkopf or the “Death’s Head” skull of the Nazi secret societies.
Doesn’t strike you as coincidental that Nazi’s attack Norway in a film just before there is a real attack in Norway, by a blonde haired blue eyed suspect, who is a Blood and Soil nationalist that holds many beliefs comparable to a card carrying Nazi?
As the meme of the Nazi ideology grows and people remain in denial about his Nazi leanings because he wanted to kill Muslims instead of Jews, the Godwin law seems to be coming true because we are beginning to see a myopic view of what Nazi views are and many people are throwing out their dime store Nazi knowledge that sounds like it comes from a few Hogan’s heroes reruns.
One of the most important news issues that falls right into the Godwin ideology is the latest remarks from Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck.
His inflammatory statement about the youth camp victims of the Norway terrorist attack, being like Hitler youth has now created a firestorm of finger pointing and Nazi meme spilling that if not controlled could easily create a massive civil hate crusade.
Even the National Jewish Democratic Council criticized Beck for his Hitler youth remark.
Sixty-eight young adults were killed Friday in a shooting spree on Norway’s Utoya Island, which was hosting a summer camp connected with the Labor Party’s youth wing. Eight people were killed in a connected bomb blast outside the government headquarters in Oslo.
The confessed killer was dressed like police officer and before he carried out the attacks he made a video and had written a manifesto denouncing the encroaching multiculturalism of Europe and the Cultural Marxism that he felt threatened his country.
His manifesto was plagiarized from Unabomber Ted Kaczynski and his views were based in Knights templar lore and the crusades. His values against Marxism and Islam were similar to what Hitler wrote about Marxism, Jews, Slavs, and gypsies.
However the idea of him being a Nazi or even a conservative right wing Christian seems to be a reason to dub him a lone nut with no further criticism. He shoots and kills many people and represents the views of blood and soil nationalism, however his ire against Muslims is echoed by the conservative Americans in social networks and blogs, and his ‘struggle” is also felt by Americans who have very interesting views on the immigration of Latinos crossing our borders.
The morning after the shooting I was reading all kinds of “sympathy” about the Norway killer and how many did not condone his actions, but could understand his problems with the Islamification of Europe.
There were exchanges lamenting the long lines of Latino immigrants getting welfare, and taking jobs from Americans. Many Californians were screaming about how Gov. Jerry Brown signed The Dream act into law easing access to privately funded financial aid for undocumented college students. He also signaled that he was likely to back a more controversial measure allowing those students to seek state-funded tuition aid in the future.
“Now they are giving illegal’s education,” one guy had posted, “this is outrageous”.
Another stated “Don’t get me wrong, Hitler was a crazy man who killed the Jews, but is it so bad to declare that this is our land and that we don’t want any Illegal Mexicans leeching off our system?
Someone replied “you must be native American I take it?”
I wondered if the person would be at all opposed to shipping them off in trains to camps to await processing. The idea that any land belongs to anyone seems so old school that people forget that America used to pride itself on asking for the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to be free.
Not anymore.
Then comes the denial that the Nazi ideology is not still with us, that it is overkill to even bring up Nazis when referring to a mass killing in a place where just recently a Labor party leader stated that the Jewish holocaust never happened. Labor Party lawmaker Anders Mathisen reportedly told a Norwegian newspaper that the Holocaust never happened and challenged readers to prove him wrong.
He declared that “There is no evidence the gas chambers or mass graves existed,” Even reputable Holocaust historians have admitted it cannot be established.”
Mathisen reportedly has spent months researching World War II concentration camps and is advocating changing history books, He also published his reported his “findings” on his Facebook page.
Mathisen reportedly has accused Holocaust survivors of exaggerating their stories. He also said that the public has been brainwashed into believing in the Holocaust by films such as “Schindler’s List.”
Even though lawmakers have asked him to step down he refuses.
The Labor Party sponsored the youth camp where the gunman Anders Behring Breivik shot the young adults as they ran in terror. These kids are the same group that Glenn Beck talked about during his Hitler youth comment.
Meanwhile more and more information about the gunman in the attack in Norway surfaces, Anders Behring Breivik, the suspect was active in 2009 with neo-Nazi organizations in Europe,
Scotland Yard was investigating Breivik’s claims that he began his deadly “crusade” after being recruited to a secret society in London, and that he was guided by an English “mentor”. He also was a member of the EDL the English Defense league which has come under fire for the numerous members who are card carrying Neo Nazis.
Apparently the police knew the gunman’s name before the arrest because he’s was on an intelligence watch list since March.
Questions have been raised about why it took 90 minutes for the police to reach the victims of the shooting and stop the carnage. .
Breivik has said he was “surprised” he wasn’t stopped sooner.
Now, Christian blogs are denouncing that he was a Christian, that no Christian would commit this type of heinous act.
The Christians have an excuse to say that he wasn’t Christian the same as they hqave with Hitler. They contend that no Christian would take part in secret societies and that no Christian adheres or believes in Norse mythology. However he did believe in the protection of the primacy of Europe’s Christian culture as opposed to multiculturalism and the Islamification of Europe.
He believed himself to be a defender of the faith, of the land where he lived and wanted to cast out any impure human that wanted to take over Europe.
A post in the blog “Catholic Answers” shared a very interesting thought: about the struggle of applauding the killer and keeping moral I withheld the name of thaman who posted:
“I sympathies with him. There is no depth to the (hypocritical) anger I consistently try to dispel in myself which is directed toward the Devil and his dealings on Earth. I cannot, in good conscious, completely disavow my sympathies with those who are brave enough to fight for their beliefs. I know such a belief, on my part, is wrong, but it is how I feel. I am militantly Catholic,
I reject all that is not, I do so because the links between anti-Catholicism and the degradation of the world are apparent. I was an atheist, and I was a sympathizer with all things un-Christian and anti-conservative. I know how the Devil works (so I think) politically. I know that morally, there is no excuse for violence because life by the sword ends by the sword. Still, I cannot pity those who die by the sword of their own choosing. As harsh as it sounds.
“Gott mit uns “
He ended his comments with Got Mit Uns, meaning “God is with us” the same phrase that accompanied the Swastika and the Death’s head or Totenkopf on most Nazi belt buckles.
These buckles were worn by real Christian Germans who served under Hitler.
Being raised on Science fiction, it was Fritz Lang’s Metropolis and books like Starship Trooper that showed me that in the Future
there was always the idea of a Hitlerian Social structure that would keep the inhabitants of Earth in line. Between Orwell’s 1984, and Huxley’s Brave New World I had the seed planted in my head that many Science Fiction writers could see the political structure deteriorating long before the doomsayers of today.
I was most impressed with a Star trek Episode called “Patterns of Force.” This Episode dealt with the idea that tenants of Nazism when they are applied to any government will corrupt entirely.
The story deals with a Missing Researcher. If I recall he was an agriculturist, a farmer who ends up missing. When the Enterprise approaches the planet Ecos to investigate why they had lost communications with the researcher, it is fired upon by a nuclear warhead.
Well of course the Enterprise wonders why the planet has nuclear capability and they decide to beam down. They beam down and what they see shocks them. Kirk and Spock realize that a Nazi movement has swept the planet, complete with the ethnic cleansing of a targeted group of people. This was the law because an act of a Coup undermined the original leaders, and a secret government lied to the people and led them to believe that their leader was making these evil laws for the benefit of the “system” and the well being of the people.
Spock and Kirk were thinking that this researcher violated the prime directive and established a government. A Government that used parts of Nazism because according to Spock Nazism was “the most efficient government system the Earth ever knew.” It preached patriotism, superiority, manifest destiny, standards and practices that were not only enforced by the storm troopers and Gestapo, but also by the people who would police their neighborhoods for Jews who by mandate were considered enemies of the state, and the bane of humanity.
The bone Chilling Moral to me was that there are those who still would like to see “the most efficient system” be reestablished and used as a global government. That they would try and do it without a Hitler, however it is impossible to do so because in a system of absolute power, corruption eats its way slowly to the surface. So slow that the very act of deception and lies go unnoticed. The nature of deceit is that it always comes dressed, packaged, and presented as if it were the truth. Plato once described a “Nazi” like order that would have to utilize deceit, death and racial or ethnic targeting in order to keep people in line:
Even Robert Heinlein gave the impression that future armies would be fighting in a fascist society similar to the Nazis in Starship troopers.
The unfortunate thing about the killing sin Norway is that it has unleashed the meme of Nazism in the ether. We see it on the big screen in Captain America, and a man who sees himself as a protector of American values has thrown in the Godwin in the middle of a tragedy.
The unfortunate thing that we cannot see is the double standard in all of this Chaos.
If a white blue eyed, Blonde haired, Aryan, Christian, blood and soil nationalist with obvious ties to dark secret societies and neo Nazis carries out an act of terror, then he is declared a “lone nut,” a victim of nothing but his own individual lunacy. He is declared a mind controlled stooge by conspiracy circles. This mind controlled “zombie” is then placed in society, by some unknown group that cannot be traced. He stands trial and is sent to jail.
If a Muslim does anything similar the suspect becomes a symbol of his race or religion or ethnic group and the entire group falls under suspicion. Then there is harassment and retaliation. In some cases there are bombings and assassinations of his country’s leaders. Sometimes there is all out war, and people like Anders Behring Breivik write manifestos saying that more Muslims need to die.
A lot of Americans support a war that’s mission is to do the same thing. Many of them are good Christians. Many of them are on their way to becoming great believers in Nazi ideologies. They are just doing the lord’s work, does that count?
What do you think?

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