The ideologies of our political leaders are the most primitive ideologies that when exploited trigger the memes necessary to cause our reptilian brains to activate and become territorial and protective of our material surroundings. In our primitive fear we reject our spirituality and become more bestial.

Line upon line and step by step we desensitize ourselves to others and their pain. We marginalize those who are not of our tribe and demand our isolation in order to feel a sense of security. Our world becomes mediocre and bland, and we are told that anything that goes out of the lines, or thinking outside the box is anathema.
The so-called war on terror is no longer a war against an organized terrorist threat. It is a war against creative thinking, a war against cognitive liberty. It is a war against the truth. It is a war for your mind, to change your morality, your ideologies, your habits and your attitudes about democracy and the rite of freedom, We begin to see the destructive group dynamic being implemented little by little until it consumes the consensus reality.
It is a war to gauge our pain and our tolerance. It is a war to coerce you into a New World order, a world currency, and a one world religion.
The prophecies found in the scriptures that fuel the battles today are being connected and published to an already fearful audience
Everything is in place, it is a sold out show. Everyone is ready to strap themselves in and watch it from the sidelines. The internet apologists are up and ready to praise Obama and the curtain in World War III.
We see the Syrian killings on the nightly news, we hear the trumpets blowing, we see Iran scrambling for their Gold and silver reserves and seats are being sold to the highest bidder to watch the attack on the so called lurking threat that in the opinion of most Americans needs to be irradiated for the sake of some hypothetical freedom they claim we have.
The threat of weapons of mass destruction is once again being used as justification of attack. Extremism is now being cited as the new enemy which no longer just singles out radical Islam but American Veterans, self professed patriots, and sovereign citizens.
Both Coasts are now experiencing mass Military occupation. They are conducting drills and preparing for the big dance with aircraft carriers, drones, and black helicopters which are leaping from bank building to bank building carrying out very careful agendas that are more than obvious. While other governments scramble to save their economies, the United States is also prepared to bite down on the gun butt for their position in the great World War.
Here we are hanging on to our villains and fresh off of a Super bowl win we see that team psychology is playing out and somehow forgetting that metaphorically speaking the Patriots lose.
The narratives are sized up like great mythologies of warriors going into battle and defending a country rather than attacking one. The warriors are really frightened young boys doing their duty and wondering why there is once again a surge in bloodlust. Some though are seeing at as routine and have already shrugged away the very idea that they are killing real people and that those people who are just as frightened will shoot back. In one instance we may even see a frightened foreign soldier in a silo being ordered to wipe out an entire city by remote control just so he can cash his combat pay to buy bread and a few items for his family.
It has all of the drama and action of a blockbuster film. There will be no credits and no overtures to indicate that the war is on and some people may not even want to watch, but they will be affected. Soon the parodies of the Beach boys Barbra Ann will appear on conservative talk radio with talk show cheerleaders singing along “Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb bomb Iran” and people will want copies, download MP3’s and will be sued because of copyright infringement.
How are we doing? It is becoming routine, like a morning ritual.
Like brushing one’s teeth, you have to stand in front of the mirror and mug at your reflection reminding yourself that in this chaotic world you are not crazy. You can acknowledge, however, that most of the world has somehow lost the ability to differentiate between order and chaos. In fact, the new creed is to create chaos and then restore a New World Order.
The lines become blurred and as you learn by example you understand that if you support the diseased government that continues to grow out of control, you are supporting the same ideology that bred the likes of Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler.
Yet you want to tell yourself “never again” and yet it happens again and history seems to repeat itself and there is no responsible person ready to stand up and say haven’t we been here before? Haven’t we seen this staged performance before and wasn’t the outcome just as devastating?
We have reached a stalemate between belief and action in the United States.
The majority have allowed themselves to be fearful, self-absorbed cattle that move only when told to by those who claim to be the “cult of personality” that is there to preserve certain belief systems while at the same time employing destructive group dynamics.
The thoughts of these groups and their actions towards most problems have not matured beyond the medieval days of the early monarchies. We move throughout the world using our methods of torture and death to bring about a so-called lasting peace.
Some are beginning to ask, why?
Our Government’s answer continues to be war and bloodshed and the evidence is mounting that in the silence and the complicity of a majority we have supported the deaths of tens of thousands and now more are on the way and several body bags will now have to be put out with the morning trash in the United States.
Good Mourning America, it didn’t take long for it to happen.

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