Ground Zero Guests 4/27/11

Ground Zero Guests 4/27/11

Tonight on Ground Zero: The cult mentality is alive and well in this country. From tea party zealots to Birthers, to Christian extremists and Muslim terrorists. Cults who use the destructive group dynamic are not limited to fanatic religions or radical self help groups. They are using political means to bring about their agendas. They have infiltrated science groups, political groups and use destructive means to bully people into following their philosophies. Tonight Ground Zero Invites reporter Dave Paull who was able to go undercover into the compound of the Bhagwan Shree Rashneesh cult in the early 1980’s to talk with the group responsible for committing the first act of biological terrorism on US soil. Dr. Jonathan Burgess joins us tonight to share some experiences an insight into the Branch Dravidian cult that met their fiery death at the Waco compound. Burgess was at Waco twice to rebuild the compound and has some interesting stories about the cult that was murdered by the United States government. Clyde will share with the audience his experience with the Heaven’s gate cult, where 39 people committed mass suicide in an attempt to unite with an alien god who lived with the Evolutionary Level above Human.

Dr. Jonathan Burgess

David Paull

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