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Ron Patton | December 17, 2018
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The cultural impact of extraterrestrial contact will certainly force changes to terrestrial science, technology, religion, politics, and ecosystems resulting from contact with an extraterrestrial civilization.

It is closely related to the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI), which attempts to locate intelligent life as opposed to analyzing the implications of contact with that life.

The potential changes from extraterrestrial contact could vary greatly in magnitude and type, based on the extraterrestrial civilization’s level of technological advancement, degree of benevolence or malevolence, and level of mutual comprehension between itself and humanity.

The medium, through which humanity is contacted, be it electromagnetic radiation, direct physical interaction, extraterrestrial artifact, or otherwise, may also influence the results of contact.

Incorporating these factors, various systems have been created to assess the implications of extraterrestrial contact.

2017 was the year of confirmation and while 2018 appeared to be a time for acclimation we can blame political noise and earthly turmoil for the lack of impact that the announcements of life in space have made.

It is frustrating to have all of this valuable information to have it be drowned out by Russian collusion conspiracies and rebellion against oppressive global empire building.

It was a year ago yesterday that mainstream news, namely the New York Times confirmed that the Pentagon was studying the UFO phenomenon and whether it was a threat to national security.

After a full year of confirmation, we now have NASA and other scientific institutions giving us either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer to finding life elsewhere—and others who are more cautious are giving us a confident maybe, which is entirely confusing.

We are all seeking the truth about this matter and even though the mainstream is caught up in framing the President for crimes and other impeachable offenses, the dialogue has changed a bit since we were told that our government has an interest in UFO’s and as we edge towards 2019 I am sure that either in the latter part of next year or by 2020 we will somehow rise above the political noise and focus on what has been limited to what can be called confirmation containment.

It should be known, if it is not known already that an Ad Hoc Committee on SETI Nomenclature was convened at the suggestion of Frank Drake after the Decoding Alien Intelligence Workshop at the SETI Institute in March 2018.

The purpose of the committee was to recommend standardized definitions for terms, especially those that are used inconsistently in the literature and the scientific community with regard to intelligent extraterrestrial biology, communication or contact with extraterrestrial civilizations and possible sightings of craft that may or may not be from advanced extraterrestrial civilizations.

The truth is the preparation for disclosure is imminent.

There are now 9 pages with 24 terms defined, ranging from the simple alien, intelligence, extraterrestrial to the complex like Schelling Point, Fermi Paradox, Drake Equation and a list that is acronym-heavy, like CETI, SETA, METI, Active METI, Artifact SETI.

Starting at the top, SETI as a noun is: “A subfield of astrobiology focused on searching for signs of non-human technology or technological life beyond Earth – the theory and practice of searching for extraterrestrial technology or technosignatures.”

Extraterrestrial is defined with the rider that the terminology is complicated by the interplay between Earth and the wider solar system, while alien is defined but not loved. It is to be avoided as a noun and is not even recommended as an adjective. Definitions of intelligence are “slippery and much broader than technological”.

Based on the agreed definitions, natural and artificial seem pretty straightforward, but even here there is a note referring to slipperiness because they are “not even well defined for observable phenomena on Earth.”

Even as terminologies become well defined there are slippery areas where science will be forced to be a bit more straightforward with their findings so there is really n reason to broadly define what is found and that there is no question as to the validity of discovery.

As we have learned in the past that whenever there is a remarkable claim about unusual phenomena – there is a broad explanation that leaves a gap so wide open that scientists can say that a certain phenomenon or artifact is either artificial or natural.

Such is the case with the always controversial sighting of Oumuamua.

Oumuamua was quickly found to have an orbit that did not belong to our solar system. It had an origin elsewhere in our galaxy and a trajectory that saw it traverse the inner solar system over the course of a few months.

It passed close to the sun and to Earth and was found to have an unusual geometry, about 200 meters long and some 35 meters wide, rotating every seven hours.
The discovery of ‘Oumuamua generated a lot of attention in the scientific community, and in the media. Given its unusual geometry and its origin outside the solar system, questions were soon asked as to whether Oumuamua could be a spacecraft.

Observations were made with radio telescopes to search for any direct evidence of transmissions indicating intelligent life.

While traditional scientists were dismissive of the possibility of the artifact being a spaceship – it was this event that raised some collective excitement and many scientific papers were published about how unusual this event was.

President Trump was notified that scientists were following this craft and that rumor has it that this event came close to being a disclosure event. After hearing about the remote possibility of this elongated object was an alien space craft, he started pushing harder for the establishment of the “Space Force.”

After we were informed that the Pentagon was investigating the threat assessment of Unidentified flying objects a meeting was called by the National Academy of Sciences’ Committee on Astrobiology Science Strategy for the Search for Life in the Universe. The meeting was held at the University of California, Irvine.

It was at this meeting that Astrophysicist Jill Tarter, one of the world’s best-known leaders in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, stated that the so-called SETI program will have to be renamed.

Tarter explained that the phrase “search for extraterrestrial intelligence” generates an incorrect perception of what scientists in this field of study were actually doing. A more appropriate title for the field, she said, would be “the search for technosignatures,” or signs of technology created by intelligent alien civilizations.

To me, this meant that secretly these scientists who scan space for space signals from extraterrestrial civilizations may have stumbled on something that may be a signal from extraterrestrial technology rather than direct conversations between biological entities.

Eavesdropping on a conversation between alien civilizations would be fascinating, but detecting an alien signal with a technological signal may be forthcoming; however, there would have to be a staff put in place that would be capable of interpreting the signal and its signature.

This created also a new terminology or acronym known as SETA.

SETA stands for Search for Search for Extraterrestrial Artifacts, which is a subset of SETI while METI – Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence – is straight out “controversial” and has been certainly a concern for scientists who believe intentionally sending signals to alien my wake a sleeping giant and attract hostile alien life.

In May of last year, we reported that scientists were actually looking for a space artifact called 1991 VG, which left scientists scratching their heads since it was first discovered by astronomer James Scotti on November 6, 1991. It passed by the earth in the summer of 2017 and the findings of this alien artifact were actually kept classified.

Based on its unusual features and properties, some scientists considered 1991 VG a candidate object in the ongoing search for an alien spacecraft or probe in our solar system at the time it was first discovered.

Scotti discovered the mysterious, small, fast-moving space object with unusual features in November 1991 while searching the skies for asteroids at the University of Arizona’s Kitt Peak National Observatory.

The object, only about 10 meters in diameter, exhibited strange properties that raised the astronomer’s suspicion. It moved faster than expected for a space object its size and had an unusually fast rate of rotation. It also exhibited an anomalous pattern of brightness variation that suggested it was not an ordinary main-belt asteroid.

Scotti tracked the mysterious object for two nights, collecting data needed to plot its orbit. He was surprised to find that it had a heliocentric orbit strikingly similar to Earth’s. He was also surprised to find that it was due to brush past Earth at a distance of 280,000 miles the following month and that it had already passed close to Earth at least once in the past. Data plotting 1991 VG’s orbital trajectory showed that it passed Earth around March 1975.

In short, 1991 VG’s combination of properties and features suggested to Scotti and his colleagues that it could be an artificial object built by someone and launched to space. But although the scientists admitted frankly that 1991 VG could be an alien spacecraft or probe operating in our solar system, they were unwilling to concede the suggestion without overwhelming evidence supporting it.

Unusual Space artifacts when observed are now kept secret – that is of course only if it can be hidden away from the public, however Oumuamua was a different case as it was difficult to hide a large elongated artifact that seemed to accelerate and decelerate at will.

It was not reported that we attempted to communicate with the artifact and that the action was seen as controversial.

The controversy was over whether or not it is wise to reply to future hypothetical incoming transmissions, and theoretical work on how to communicate with ETI, but others consider these to be distinct from METI.

In contrast, Kardashev Scale, Fermi Paradox, and Drake Equation all appeared uncontroversial, as there were typical definitions with some guidance on usage and when to use these criteria in science papers.

Then there is another term called Schelling Point which is considered to have “priority over and is to be preferred to terms in the literature that have not caught on such as mutual strategy of ETI search, which includes synchrosignals, or a convergent strategy of a mutual search for duplicating signals or communication.

It is obvious using empirical evidence that perhaps Oumuamua did send a technosignature and that this anomaly is still being assessed for a possible direct hit.

Also, the RIO scale was updated.

RIO is now RIO 2.0 which was developed by astronomers to express their estimates of the importance of a report of detection or contact with an extraterrestrial species.

It has not been adopted by the International Academy of Astronautics as of yet and so it currently has no official status.

While we are now in the Christmas spirit it may be a great time to discuss certain signals that have been detected at the poles. The North and South Poles have detected neutrinos which can be seen as extraterrestrial signatures that pass from pole to pole.

When protons with high energy – from violent events in the cosmos like supernovae and quasars hit the Earth’s atmosphere, a burst of neutrinos is formed, which passes through the Earth. The neutrinos formed over the North Pole pass straight through the Earth and very small proportion of them hit the ice at the South Pole.

This year unexplained Neutrinos were detected and it was proposed that with so many there could be a reason to suspect it to be a technosignature or proof of combustible fuel from an unknown spacecraft.

Research groups have now studied atmospheric neutrinos in the IceCube detector at the South Pole for three years and have analyzed 5,700 interactions between atmospheric neutrinos and atoms in the ice.

There’s a multitude of conspiracy theories having been spun over the years about the mysteries of Antarctica; from secret Nazi bases to the Flat Earth to ancient pyramids. We do know there have been many clandestine operations around the South Pole which have been shrouded in secrecy.

Reports have been coming in about a lot of peculiar activity in the southern hemisphere, from earthquakes to UFO activity. Many of these stories may or may not have connections to Antarctica, but the most southern regions of the planet have produced more questions than answers and it is anyone’s conspiracy du jour as to what may be happening there.

It was reported last week that two fire-safety technicians died during maintenance inside a generator outbuilding at McMurdo Station on Ross Island in Antarctica.

The technicians were working on a secret project for the National Science Foundation.

NSF declined to disclose any personal information about the two workers, except to say they were employed by a Virginia-based company, PAE, which in turn was hired by the US Antarctica program’s logistics contractor, Leidos, headquartered in Colorado.

There are some paraconsistent theories that claim that there has been interest in possible underground work as it was reported that scientists uncovered proof of a possible underground civilization that left behind artifacts that may have an extraterrestrial component.

Now, we can safely say that 2018 has been a huge dumpster fire as all of this information has been disclosed and a whole year has gone by and not one mainstream media source has analyzed the information in detail.

The impact has not been felt yet. The interest and public scrutiny is yet to be seen as only a small group of people are aware of how nontraditional science is now waking up to the reality of extraterrestrial intelligence.

It has all has the feel of sliding open a top drawer in an X-files episode.

Maybe it will be on hold until we can get our political problems out of our system.

And in the event of an alien detection, the way news influences opinions will be vastly more complicated than one person simply reading a news story and logging the reaction of the people.

Conversations, social media, conflicting news stories will certainly create more confusion and so there seems to be no hope of a defined disclosure.

But what is important is to state over and over again that Science is softening its stance on life in space.

Confirmation of alien life is becoming a constant at this time, but there is still some apprehensive containment of the information that is being doled out here in the United States as NASA wishes to have the monopoly on just what isn’t and what is the truth about the cosmic imperative.

I secretly believe that the truth about extraterrestrials will have to come from the major religions.

People who are confident in their own religious beliefs should not be threatened by the existence of ETI.

I contend that all of the demon alien comparisons are being pushed by those who do not have confidence in their faith.

Anyone that has faith in their creator should not feel that they are being spiritually assaulted by the disclosure of Extraterrestrial intelligence.

We’re on the verge of things that people have wondered about for millennia. Within all of our lifetimes, we’re going to understand that there is life on other bodies in the solar system.

We’re going to understand the implications of that for life here on Earth that is if intelligent minds are listening.

Written by Ron Patton

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