On a cold night in the west desert of Utah, one of the country’s most important army
bases goes on lock down. Dugway proving ground is the United States’ most secure
biological and chemical weapons facility located just south west of Salt Lake City.
The commanders tell the media that the lockdown is because of a “serious concern.”
Dugway has been featured in many Science fiction films like “Species” and “Rage”
because it holds and protects the country from serious biological contaminants. If there
was ever a “Zombie virus” it is probably there along with other viral nastiness both
human and non-human.

Dugway is also rumored to be the new and active replacement for Area 51. There
have been many interesting tests of new weaponry and aircraft seen in the area. On
January 26th, 2011 the entire facility goes on lockdown. No one gets in and no gets out.
Imaginations run rampant about why the facility has gone to such drastic measures.
Meanwhile, outside in the cold Utah night a strange occurrence is taking place. Residents in Utah County, an area 40 miles southeast of the Dugway facility are seeing a strange UFO in the sky. Witnesses tell the local news that a UFO that has blinking red lights is releasing what appears to be a glowing orb that lowers to the ground silently.
The orb is described as very luminous or ultra bright. It lowers slowly from an unknown aircraft with red lights that move around it.
The aircraft and orb seem to be over the geographical location of the Dugway base. The coincidence seems to be uncanny and the connection of the lockdown seems logical up until the base notifies the media that the lockdown was because of a missing vial of VX gas that was not found in the inventory.
However the UFO over Utah County remains a mystery.
The story becomes just another typical UFO story in a mountain of others that wind
up on You Tube and systematically torn apart by wannabe analysts that will troll the
internet waiting for video that they can flame and call a fake without even knowing the
background of the sighting.
Video evidence of anything that looks other than worldly will most definitely get the once
over by people who always claim to have an extensive background in CGI and know
that someone is out to Hoax the world with a video that shows a blurry UFO dancing in
the sky.
While it is of some benefit to have watchdogs calling out the hoaxes it can get awfully
annoying when those who claim fakery later become fakers themselves showing us that
if they can fake a video, it has to be some sort of hoax. What most debunkers fail to
do is to look at the sighting in context. They do not consider motive for creating the so
called hoax. They don’t consider how the appearance of such a sighting and or story
will affect the collective unconscious. They don’t bother to search for surrounding stories
or perhaps corroborating witnesses. They just go about creating a rebuttal in hopes that
they can partner with you tube to sell car insurance. I always see the debunkers as
lazy, ill informed, and willing to say anything to debunk a ball of light in the sky as CGI.
That is because they assume that people believe that all anomalous activity in the
sky is connected to interplanetary extra-terrestrial spaceships. They also feel that it
is necessary to enforce finite physics. They believe that there is not anything beyond
what we have already seen in our microscopes. Anything that violates their rigid belief
systems must be proven to be faked or there must be a way to somehow demonstrate
that anything extraordinary can be faked and so therefore it is faked.
This type of thinking and behavior is in my opinion the equivalent of what falls out of the
southbound end of a northbound bull.
Lately there has been a buzz about a number of anomalous activities that have been
happening in Egypt and in the holy land.
About the same time as the UFO was seen over Utah an event allegedly took place in
Jerusalem where the same type of UFO was being recorded hovering above the Dome
of the Rock. The UFO incident was a doppelganger for the Utah event.
The first videos that surfaced were recorded by two onlookers who were standing on the
Armon HaNatziv promenade, which is south of the old city of Jerusalem. The witnesses
were facing north towards the Kidron valley some 20 minutes when they noticed a
ball of light appearing in the restricted air zone over the Dome of the rock. One of the
observers speaks to the other noting that it may be a police helicopter.
The light then descends rapidly and appears to hover over the temple dome. For a
few seconds there is no movement. Then there is a flash of light and the object shoots
rapidly up into the sky. The witnesses pan upward and in the night sky you can barely
make out revolving red lights that seem to be affixed to some aircraft above.
Immediately after this video was placed on the internet there were knee-jerk responses
by trolls who without research determined that the authenticity of the video should
immediately be called into question. They attempted to show how the background
didn’t seem right, that the glowing orb in the sky can be made in a computer. They
even had questioned its authenticity because according to the skeptical wunderkinds
there had to have been more than those two guys that saw the thing, because it was
assumed that a tourist attraction like the Dome of the Rock should have had more
people videotaping it and the anomaly.
I was thinking to myself that the chances of a lot of people video recording an event
like this at 1:00 AM during Shabbat are pretty slim. The Jewish Sabbath or Shabbat
happens from Sundown Friday till sunset Saturday. I would also like to point out that
pictures from an Israeli weather cam positioned farther away from Jerusalem in the
Nayot district to the southwest shows a small light that wasn’t there before. This light
appears around 1:00 Am. The light appears at 00:57 and then it appears again at 4:30
in the morning.

I want to emphasize that these screen captures do not prove that UFO was there only a
light in the air that wasn’t there days, months, or even years earlier. However this is only
another piece of circumstantial evidence to support a light of some kind over the dome.
Another video surfaced from the Armon HaNatziv promenade from a man who was
also recording the event on his cell phone. Both videos were synchronized to show the
descent the huge flash and then the blurring ascent into the sky. Both videos seemed
to complement each other.
A third video then surfaced however this one looked as if it was faked. The reason it
looked like it was a faked video was because while the UFO appears above the dome,
there is no reflected light from the UFO on the dome itself and before it shoots off into
the sky there is no brilliant flash.
It is also interesting to note that the third video has been used by Israeli news Channel
2 and has been scrutinized as fake. The other two videos were ignored. Meanwhile a 4th
video appeared on you tube and this time the footage submitted seemed to once again
show geographic locations movement and the flash before the UFO blast off into the
This video appears to be taken at Mount Scopus looking south. Mount Scopus is
known as the lookout mountain to get a great view of the old city and the Dome of the
Rock. Four people in a car are traveling near Mount Scopus and it appears one of the
occupants needs to take a leak. He steps out of the car angrily and slams the door. His
friends pretend to leave him and he chases the car. He walks to the overlook and is
followed by a female, the male driver and a camera man or girl. The video then abruptly
cuts to a large bright object hovering above the Dome of the Rock. As in the first two
videos shot from directly across the valley there is a huge bright flash and the orb bolts
to the sky.
Now I wanted to point out something that was lacking in Video number three and that
is the glow on the Dome itself. The fourth video clearly shows that when the orb leaves
after that flash, the glow on the Dome disappears. The Dome is also reflecting the
increased light as the orb moved overhead and to the left leaving a shadow on right side
of the dome. Pretty detailed for a so called hoax. When the light blasts above the light
on the dome disappears.

Now that all of the videos have been released and the debate over whether or not
ET has decided to do some sightseeing the fact remains that the Dome of the Rock
is probably the least likely or better said the worst likely place to have such a UFO
The Dome of the Rock has been Ground zero for religious tensions between Jews,
Christians, and Muslims for nearly 2000 years. All three religious sects have fought for
control of this 35-acre property that sits in the old city of Jerusalem.
The question of who owns the 35 acre property and who the temple belongs to has
been what has curtailed any notion of peace in the Middle east. Jews have contended
that the new temple of Solomon should be erected on the site. When the old temple is
destroyed and the new one is built it will be a sign that it is time to welcome the new
Fundamentalist Christians interpret the coming of the Jewish messiah to mean the
Second Coming of Christ. Muslims oppose any and all desecration of their holiest of
sites oppose any encroachment on their holy site because the spot is actually where
Muslims believe Mohammed ascended to heaven on a White horse with the angel
Gabriel to receive the Koran.
Reports of a UFO over the Dome have now caused many Jew, Muslim and Christian
to speculate over exactly where it was headed , what it might be and perhaps have
given it a religious significance. Some researchers have said that the orb or great light
appeared above the Dome and then moved over the Garden of Gethsemane. While
skeptics see a hoax, science fiction enthusiasts see aliens and those who are religious
see an angel, Elijah or even the Prophet Mohammed retuning on his white horse.
While the internet was buzzing about the UFO event over the Shrine in Jerusalem there
were other events taking place that were overlooked and from a Fortean perspective
need out attention in order to piece together what might be a paranormal event on a
grand scale or a well planned or staged event that is meant as a worldwide Psy–op to
have us believe that a supernatural event is coming to usher in a new “golden age.”
After the incident in Jerusalem there were reports of a strange comet like object in the
sky above Kazakhstan. The mages that were documented on You tube resembled the
same UFO that was recorded in Hangzhou, China in July of 2010. Once again skeptics
were crying “hoax: then even though the hoax shut down the airport because according
to authorities the UFO was gigantic.
While the “comet” has failed to capture the attentions of the majority of the internet,
there a few people who have weighed in on what was in the sky. Opinions range from
a “Russian Rocket” a rogue comet or again the possibility that the Mahdi is sending a
message to Islam as he rides his horse through the night.
Muslims like Christians believe that a day of judgment is coming. They are encouraged
to look for signs that the apocalypse is near. The arrival of the Mahdi is the most
anticipated and central event that faithful Muslims are waiting for. The arrival of the
Mahdi or “the guided one” is one of the first signs that the final judgment is at hand.
While the word Messiah is a Judeo Christian term, the Mahdi is considered messianic
and the one who has been declared a anointed one to both Sunni and Shi’a Muslims.
Muslims believe that the Mahdi is a deliverer for all mankind.
Islamic tradition says that the Mahdi will appear and join with an army of Muslim
warriors carrying black flags. The Mahdi is supposed to lead this army to Israel and re-
conquer it for Islam. The Jews will be slaughtered until very few remain and Jerusalem
will become the location of the Mahdi’s kingdom on earth.
When the Mahdi returns to earth he will appear at the temple in Glory, and will also be
among the fighting Muslim Brotherhood. He will appear on the back of a white horse.
Many Christians believe that the “White horse” prophecy has been misinterpreted by the
In the sixth Chapter of the book of the Apocalypse, the scripture says that in the visions
of John he saw a man sitting on a White horse in the midst of the mobs waiting to
“And I looked up and saw a white horse standing there. Its rider carried a bow, and a
crown was placed on his head. He rode out to win many battles and gain the victory.”
There continues a description of several horsemen who ride in the final days each horse
having its own symbology. There is war, famine, conquest and death. The horses
also have colors. The white horse is a horse of Conquest; this horse is the horse that
the Mahdi is supposed to arrive on. A Red horse brings war, the black horse brings
plagues and the pale horse which is a deathly white and greenish horse brings death.
The question is are the horsemen literal or are they symbolic? Could it be they are
astrological archetypes or memes?
As pointed out in a previous Ground Zero Article “Look to the Sun for the Warning” I
had pointed out that the signs in the stars are confirmed by the warnings from the sun.
Anciently we were told of the crossing star or the heralding light that would arrive and
signal the beginning of the final cycle of creation. There are four constellations that are
symbolic of the horsemen. Sagittarius is the rider of the white horse. The Black Horse
is Libra, and the Red is Scorpio. Ophiuchus represents the pale horse of prophecy and
with his arrival comes pestilence and death. Later he uses the snake to heal the sick
and raise the dead.
The crossing star or the light that appears before the horseman has been called
Wormwood. Wormwood is believed to be coming from Orion. The orb or star shall
appear before the arrival of the Antichrist. Wormwood is a symbolic star or comet that
passes over the earth can causes the waters to bitter, killing fish and birds.
The meme of all these eschatological archetypes are somehow manifesting in our
reality. A UFO over a religious shrine whether it be hoax or not creates a thought form.
It inspires and triggers the apocalyptic wiring as we are now seeing rebellion and mob
like behaviors in Egypt.
It is important to also cite an incident that took place during a broadcast on MSNBC
where reporters were covering the riots in Egypt. During the broadcast of the Rachel
Maddow show, The camera pans across the rioting crowds. About 10:25 seconds into
the report the camera captures what appears to be a ghostly rider on a pale green

The images from the report were put together for a special Ground Zero TV Clip that was effective in stirring an apocalyptic fever,

LINK TO: GroundZeroTV Secial Report Dome of the Rock UFO

It is obvious that the image is caused by the refracted light from a raging fire off glass
but what is amazing is the well defined horseman image riding into the sky. Once again
you can logically explain away the simulacrum as a trick of light, but how do you explain
the mind’s way of interpreting the pareidolia as the pale horse of the apocalypse or the
Mahdi riding his ghostly horse amongst the warring factions of the Muslim brotherhood?
Can we compare it to finding the image of Jesus in a Tortilla or are we seeing a sign
or indication that are collective unconscious is generating apocalyptic answers to the
various supernatural Rorschach tests?
The anomalies we are seeing have been exploited in such a way that we are hardwired
to see these images. Christian belief systems get a nudge as the memes of heavenly
anomalies become evident and the prophecies of a messianic return all revolve around
what the New Testament calls “wonders in heaven.” Jews and Muslims see them too
and the advent of a UFO above a holy shrine is like seeing the arrival of a celestial god.
Suddenly everyone is seeing these religious archetypes and fearing that the end is
upon us.
The late Philosopher Jean Baudrillard has said that what has happened in postmodern
culture is that our society has become so reliant on models and maps that we have lost
all contact with the real world that preceded the map. Reality itself has begun merely to
imitate the model, which now precedes and determines the real world.
He believed that we are in a time of hyperreality and that there needs to be a movement
of hyper skepticism where intellectuals stop legitimizing the notion that there is some
ultimate truth behind symbolic “appearances.” Doing so enables the elite to manage
public opinion easily.
The elite are watching how we respond to these anomalies from the sky and the sacred
images that appear spontaneously in water stains. I am sure they are well aware of the
reaction of riding horsemen on television and how prophecy can work to change or even
unite a group into a common cause against a perceived enemy.
For example When Barack Obama went to Cairo Egypt to speak there were some very
interesting things that Transpired. Egyptians compared Obama to King Tutankhamen.
King Tut along with other Egyptian Kings like Akhenaten were offspring of the “sun”
disc, or offspring of the Aten. Aten was also known as the great “alien” sun God, a
Reptilian God.
The Egyptians heralded Obama as royalty and the president did not miss an opportunity
to give them reason to believe he had some divinity and method to his appearance
there. While in Cairo, Obama called himself Barack Hussein Obama. This was one of
the rare times his three names were used in an official capacity. In Cairo he used all
three names because of the power they possess and because of what might be a bit of
prophetic projection to Muslims.
According to a 17th Century Hadith from the Bihar al-Anwar , Imam Ali Ibn Abi-Talib
prophesied that at the End of Times and just before the return of the Mahdi, the
Ultimate Savior, a “tall black man will assume the reins of government in the West.”
Commanding “the strongest army on earth,” the new ruler in the West will carry “a
clear sign” from the third Imam, whose name was HUSSEIN Ibn Ali. The tradition
concludes: “Shiites should have no doubt that he is with us.” THE PROPHECY IS
CODE. A Tall Dark Man sent from Hussein is with us.
In a curious coincidence Obama’s first and second names–Barack Hussein–mean “the
blessing” or “light shine” of “Hussein” or “Sent from Hussein” in Arabic and Persian. His
family name, Obama, written in the Persian alphabet, reads O Ba Ma, which means “he
is with us,” these names spoken and declared before Muslims carry powerful magic
foretold in the Hadith’s tradition.
Coincidentally Barack is the name of the White horse which carried Mohammed into
heaven from the Dome of the Rock.
I hate to think that our next monumental step in our evolution is watching ourselves
devolve into fearful rabbits because of medieval prophetic visions that hold us hostage.
It is equally embarrassing to know that there is a way to manipulate the masses by
posting an account of some strange anomaly and having people riot, panic and spend
wasted hours trying to prove a hoax by inventing a hoax.
The declaration of the extraterrestrial presence is waiting in the wings because the
whole pseudo-religious and political exploitation of an event like that creates the perfect
environment for a mass deception.
You can ask any Christian, Muslim or Jew, they believe in an externalized
extraterrestrial god that rules the narrative that rules their lives. This narrative seems to
be embraced with a bit of naiveté because the scenario includes mass destruction and
death. Christians believe they will be saved, Jews will be saved. Muslims believe that
destruction can be had all over the globe and they will not perish.
The world is waiting for a planetary savior to rule them and to control them. They are
looking for a Christ, a Mahdi, or Maitrayea. Jews await their messiah and all of them
carry the traits of the contemporary extraterrestrial that comes down in a beam of light.
It doesn’t matter if any videos or new reports of anomalous activities in the sky are
proven to be hoaxes. It is becoming quite obvious that there is to be a pervasive change
in the narrative. It is to include the possibility that all things that appear extraterrestrial or
alien are all part of the great cycle of creation.
With the current news reports showing Muslims rioting in Egypt and the spread of
revolution moving through the area like wildfire, what better way to unite a people than
to have flash before them a God or entity that reinforces their resolve.
Behold there comes a pale horse, and he who sits on his back is the representation of
death. Death comes from the air; It can appear as a simple anomalous ball of light over
a holy shrine.
From there the mind takes over and hell follows later.

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