I 911

For some people 1/19/2012 was just a date with no real earthshaking events to distract them from their daily routine. For others who use the internet it was a date where cyberspace experienced a possible false flag 9/11 type of event.
Megaupload, a massive file sharing site with a reported 50 million daily users, was taken down by federal agents. Four people linked to Megaupload were arrested in New Zealand and an international crackdown led agents to serving at least 20 search warrants across the globe. Later it was reported that the Collective hacker group
Anonymous was responsible for taking down sites for the FBI, Department of Justice, Universal Music Group, RIAA and Motion Picture Association of America.

Richard Clarke the former counter terrorism Czar told Stanford law professor Lawrence Lessig that there would be in the foreseeable future what he called an “I-911” or internet 911 where a major attack would take place online. This event would force Government officials to incorporate an internet “patriot act” limiting freedom of speech and freedom of movement online.
Coincidentally the date of 1/19 inverted is of course 911 which seems a bit convenient considering the large scale attacks that took place. Was this all planned? It seems too bizarre not to be the product of a false flag attack on the internet in order to create a reason to impose draconian laws on the internet.
If we haven’t had our I-911 already we most certainly are seeing various attacks that put the internet at risk and counter intuitive measures that give precedent to a government out of control to enforce more control over the people’s electronic press.
It is human nature to strike when angered, it is also human nature to acts that are peculiar to try and make a point. The effectiveness of such actions are always criticized or praised no matter where your opinions sit on the matter.
However when it comes to the latest series of web black outs and attacks on websites by Anonymous it seems that logic is lacking with ways to go after big government wanting to control the internet. While support efforts to bring down the Stop Online Piracy act and the Protect IP act I can’t help but think that the efforts of censoring for the sake of preventing censorship or attacking government and other sites by an egregore such as Anonymous is sealing the Internet’s fate.
This whole affair was predictable. In fact it was so predictable that one could speculate that the attacks on the Justice Department sites, the RIAA, the MPAA et al were all carried out by the government claiming to be Anonymous. Barret Brown of project PM told the press that it was only 70 minutes after the website Megaupload.com was taken down by the feds that the other sites were hacked and shut down.
It was pointed out the timing of the move to take down Megaupload was arguably bad considering it was done the day after many websites had censored themselves by “blacking out” in protest.
What it indicates and what is missing in the conversation is that Megaupload was taken down without the passing of SOPA or PIPA and the attacks from Anonymous should have been limited because of security firewalls that sites like the Department of Justice should have.
So let us surmise that the Government has tremendous power and the expertise necessary to follow the example of Wikipedia and others to voluntarily shut down and say that it was carried out by a group that literally has no leader and quite frankly has no organization.
As I have said Anonymous is an egregore. It really is not tangible. It’s similar to the idea that anyone can be Santa Claus but there is really only one Santa Claus. Everyone can participate and yet no one knows that they are participating.
Anyone can be anonymous, and yet no one is anonymous. They are only expected to do what they do and when they do it – there is no one that it can be traced to.
We are shown that the shutting down of Megaupload can be done without SOPA or PIPA laws. Can you imagine what they can do with more power and provisions to shut down and eliminate sites that they feel are extremist or otherwise in violation of their new laws?
This goes far beyond piracy and piracy is not the only issue. It is manipulation to test the waters for compliance and plausible deniability when it comes to Internet sabotage.
The issue as I see it is that it seems blatantly obvious to me that these counterintuitive measures, first by Wikipedia, Google and others with their self imposed shut downs or going dark created an opportunity for some organized group to make their move. Out of the darkness we see a coincidental attack where various other “hacked” sites and shut downs take place and government agents make a symbolic move.
Does this sound contrived? Isn’t this an obvious indication of a false flag attack in order to create an I-911? The whole premise of the protest prior to the attack didn’t make sense—and I was told by my listeners that it was a great idea.
How is it that those who fight against internet censorship and shut downs are the first to use it to prove their point? Were those who stood is solidarity with Wikipedia and other sites duped into being part of an internet psy-op a day before the shot heard round the world in cyberspace would become the I-911?
Think about it – there were several sites that were in solidarity that went dark the night before. They all had links to various sites that were supposed to educate people on SOPA and PIPA. People thinking they were participating in a protest could have clicked a link that would send enough digital attacks to targeted sites causing a chain reaction that could have anonymously brought down FBI, Department of Justice, Universal Music Group, RIAA and Motion Picture Association of America.
Then in order to create more buzz a story is released saying that the Whitehouse is next. Then Anonymous is blamed. Everyone is responsible and yet no one is responsible. The reality is that if anyone went to a dark site and clicked a link they may have contributed to the attack. Just clicking on a dark site and any of its links created the chain reaction necessary to kill certain sites on the net. I have to admit that on January 18th my personal computer crashed and I had to use a start up disc to reformat the hard drive. This was after I visited Craig’s list. I was then told that I picked up a virus because something turned off my firewall. I was able to recover my computer. I ran a virus cleaning of my C drive and then went to work. I used my work computer the night of the “Blackout” and picked up another virus when I visited Wikipedia.
I wonder if my computer IP’s were compromised and sent a message to all of the sites that crashed.
Did my computer pick up malware that was used to create a chain reaction DDOS attack?
Do you wonder if yours was also used to cause sites to crash? If it was that easy to bring down sites with a simple protest ploy—we could easily end up destroying the internet for a cause that we might think is right.
What is at stake is the beginning of what can be the “digital civil war.”
And in any war the biggest casualty is the truth.

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