There are times when the pop culture stories tend to get a little paranormal. I kind of dread these moments because people often tend to become cynical and say that there are far more important things to talk about and that it is a waste of time to indulge in a bit of pop communion.
However, there are exceptions to everything and such is the case of the unfortunate death of Whitney Houston. Now I know that there are a lot of websites that have sprung up saying that Whitney Houston died as a result of a so called Illuminati sacrifice and while I am not sure if this is the case, the activity of the Hollywood glitterati seems to be most peculiar especially after one of their most prolific voices has been silenced.

I was texted by my fiancé on the Saturday afternoon that Whitney Houston was found dead in her room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Of course I was saddened by the news, but wasn’t shocked at all by it, only because I knew of how badly she treated herself and of her tumultuous marriage to singer Bobby Brown.
I was also thinking to myself that this could mean that they would have to postpone the Grammy’s. I couldn’t fathom the idea that they would perform in the very Hotel where Whitney had died. I was wrong. The show was to go on as planned and while Whitney’s lifeless body remained in a hotel room on the 4th floor of the Hotel the party and festivities went as planned.
Three hours after Whitney died Limos pulled up to the hotel. The paparazzi prepared their cameras as hundreds of high-profile elites and celebrities worked the room at the annual Clive Davis Grammy party. While Houston’s body remained in the room, her teen daughter stood outside fighting with authorities to see the body. Picture in your mind the scene of a Coroner’s hearse and a “crime lab” van parked alongside the black limousines and SUVs escorting celebrities to and from the event.
This spoke volumes especially after the strange tweet a week prior to the death from Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson’s daughter warning “The Illuminati is everywhere” and drawing cryptic pictures of pentagrams, death skulls saying “shhh” and human sacrifice.
She intimated that whoever the Illuminati are, they were responsible for the murder of her father and it seemed she was trying to tell the world that something was in the works.
It was so eerie to see that Whitney’s interview with Oprah was being played on news specials where she commented on Michael Jackson and how seeing him deteriorate frightened her and that she could easily see herself becoming like him. Whitney commented how she couldn’t believe that he died at only 50 years old.
She claimed back in 2001, she saw Michael look frail, which in turn made her look inward at herself. She noticed that both of them, who knew each other for over 20 years, looked sick and gaunt. Michael of course warned many of his fans and followers that his life was in jeopardy and stated on several occasions that he felt that he was being targeted by a group of organized occultists that were out to destroy his reputation and his career.
There are many that say the same for Whitney. Allegedly Whitney had a secret that if it were to be let out into the public she felt would ruin her career and her life. The allegations seem to point that she was either gay or bisexual, however there is also another rumor that Whitney had literally lost her soul and that it was reduced to a commodity as her condition went from being a healthy and happy diva, to a tired looking and gaunt shell, incapable of singing or functioning without maintenance medications.
Those who saw the Grammies know how quickly the music industry rushed to contextualize her as a fallen Goddess of her genre. At the same time however they were literally dancing and singing at the pre party as her corpse was above them being taken out of the Hotel room.
They were joking in Tweets about her cocaine usage and damnations of on-again/off-again lover Bobby Brown. People rushed to condemn her as yet another fallen junkie until reports came out that she had died from an accidental lethal cocktail of Xanax and alcohol. It was also interesting to note that pill bottles were all over the room. Spilled open and scattered as if we were supposed to believe that this is what was normal for Whitney.
This has always seemed farfetched to me. Whenever a celebrity dies and they have a reputation of drug use, we always have to hear about how their prescription bottles are strewn everywhere and pills are found spilled out by the bed or the floor.
People don’t do that. They don’t carelessly spill Xanax or even pain killers everywhere, especially if they are allegedly addicted to them. They either ingest them or they put them in a place where no one can get to them. I have to conclude that if there were bottles of pills spilled everywhere, it had to have been a staged set up.
The death of Whitney Houston will go down as an accidental death, but it may be a death that is somehow tied to the spiritual warfare that is happening in the music industry. I was informed that Whitney was supposed to perform the song “Jesus Loves me” at the Grammy Party. She had performed it two nights before at a local club with family and friends together.
It seemed that Whitney had new found faith that she wanted to demonstrate. She was attempting to break away from the burden of the music industry and all of the pressures that existed to perform in ritualistic ways like Madonna and others.
Just a week before Whitney’s death we saw the ritualistic performance of Madonna and her kabalistic symbolism and imagery that also utilized Luciferian and Illuminati symbols and sigils leaving people asking, what was it that they saw. Were they witnessing the arrival of the goddess from above and her fallen descent into the abyss after offering a final prayer?
It was Madonna’s spectacle at the Super bowl that had occult overtones, unlike Whitney who made a top ten hit off of her performance of the national anthem at another Super bowl.
The night Whitney’s death, the Grammy’s also were full of spectacle and again another ritualistic performance by a singer who just a week ago shared the stage with Madonna. Nicki Minaj’s horrible and scattered performance of what was called “Roman Holiday” was introduced by a short film called the “Exorcism of Roman,” featuring a possessed Nicki Mina jin need of an exorcism, the performance turned literally transformed into a live exorcism. The spectacle was a mess and a bit creepy as the exorcism ended with Minaj levitating into the air, with hooded Satanic drones staring up at her lifeless body.
The question on everyone’s mind was why did Minaj choose to frighten everyone with a depiction of an exorcism?
She arrived at the Grammy’s dressed as the scarlet whore of Babylon with an escort who looked like the Pope.

The song had lyrics about the little Roman or the child of the devil. Perhaps it is a reference to a baby that is the child of Satan. It also was filled with Mary worship and holy mother deliverance and being exorcised from religion. She is then taken up into the air and appears lifeless.

The song was also about Mind control stating that there are people (controllers) who wish to use drugs and medications to make alterations on your brain. The song states that this is how they change America the hard way.
Take your medication, Roman
Take a short vacation, Roman
You’ll be okay
You need to know your station, Roman
Some alterations on your clothes and your brain
Take a little break, little break
From your silencing.
Could we be speaking of the way the elites tend to destroy lives and that the demons were in need of exorcising? Was this a metaphor for a spiritual warfare or “Roman holiday” in the music industry and that it is time to destroy the old ways to make way for the new ways, the new art, the new music?
Whitney’s life was snuffed out little by little until here was no life left in her eyes. Two days before her death she was seen in public and the paparazzi had captured some curious things. Her arm appeared to have a scar from a cut and her legs looked as if there were blood spots on them.

Was Whitney part of some sacrificial rite? Was she visited by someone who cut her and was she bleeding when she was at the TRU nightclub two nights before she was found dead?
The questions remain unanswered, and if we want to have truth about the affair, we will never know. She will make more music for the industry dead than alive as is always the case with singers and performers who die early and are often targets of an industry whose greed is responsible for the changing of internet laws, and the promotion of violence and the sexualizing of Children.
I don’t have much to offer by way of black magic symbolism, and numbers that add up on behalf of Whitney, only coincidental dates that fall on Pagan Holy days like Imbolc, where Candles are lit and sacrifices are made. Even Chaka Kahn said t Pierce Morgan that the Music industry has become demonic while commenting about Whitney’s death. Khan says that the industry “sacrifices people’s lives and their essences at the drop of a dime.”
I guess you can determine what really happened with Whitney After that statement I have nothing more to say.

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