In 2009 the United States was being told that a health crisis was looming. We were being told that there was a killer flu ready to strike and that it was time to prepare for millions to die. No one really paid attention to it. In reality the flu scare had no legs and while people die of the flu every year it seemed that no one was really concerned enough to be vaccinated. While there were few standing in line to not take any chances it all seemed to be a hysteria created by the Obama administration to fill the pockets of one of his campaign contributors, Baxter international.

While the whole flu thing is behind us we are not out of the woods with regard to a number of diseases that we thought we had conquered. With the metaphor of the Zombie and vampire still lingering in the popular culture and on the nightly news it is important to realize what the metaphor of the zombie and the vampire truly are and whether or not we have developed this tulpa or manifested a thought form that is indicative of a looming plague on the horizon.
I first suggested that this was the case a few days after we first heard of the Rudy Eugene attack in Florida. At the time of the incident there were surrounding stories that really didn’t capture the attention of the media. Many of these stories dealt with mysterious rashes turning up in Fort Lauderdale Florida and flesh eating bacteria scares that had happened all over the country, the majority of them within 100 miles of the Centers for disease control in Georgia.
On June 14th, 2012 it was announced that one of the victims of the flesh eating bacteria died. Pastor Linda Snyder, of the United Methodist Church in Sacramento, died after nearly a six-month battle with the infection. Snyder was rushed to the hospital on January 6th when a wound – possibly an abscess – was taken over by necrotizing fasciitis.
It is frightening to think that something as simple as a small cut could turn into a deadly affair as Necrotizing fasciitis is a rare but serious soft-tissue infection that can destroy the muscles, skin and underlying tissue in a person it infects. It occurs when a flesh-eating bacteria – often Streptococcus – invades a cut, wound or scrape and releases harmful toxins that kill tissue and disrupt blood flow to the infected area. As the tissue dies, bacteria enter the blood stream and spreads through the body, often requiring surgeries to stop its spread. A person infected by the bacteria is unlikely to get necrotizing fasciitis unless he or she has an open wound, chickenpox, or a weakened immune system.
They are saying that the malady is rare but it seems that many of these so called untreatable bacterias are the result of over prescribing antibiotics. When a doctor prescribes a medicine that inadvertently kills you is known as Iatrogenesis.
It is estimated that there are 900,000 physicians in the United States. These physicians can cause about 120,000 to 225,000 accidental deaths each year. Many of these deaths are caused by well intentioned “cures.” These deaths are called “Unintentional Injuries” by the CDC and rank as the fifth biggest cause of death behind Heart disease and respiratory failures. These “unintentional Medical Injuries” are known as iatrogenic artifacts or diseases caused by medical advice or procedures.
There is also the situation in medical practices where the cure, or the solution to an aliment seems to be far worse than having the disorder itself. For example, there are drugs that are given to people in order to make them feel better, but have side effects. So a doctor will prescribe them another drug to counter act the effects of the first drug. This creates a way for doctors and drug companies to make money off of keeping you sick. It is simple, put a patient on a drug that continually requires re-examination, testing and prescription renewal. This is where the cure becomes worse than the initial treatment. It is common and in some cases deadly. One of the more blatant times this has happened was almost 40 years ago.
During the first Swine Flu scare of 1976, it was estimated at the time that the disease could infect 50 million to 60 million Americans. But it never unfolded. Only about 200 cases of swine flu and one death were ultimately reported in the U.S. However, a panicked CDC called on President Ford, and Congress to begin a mass inoculation of the population. 40 million people lined up to get the vaccine. More than 500 people are thought to have developed Guillain-Barre syndrome after receiving the vaccine; 25 died. Many saw it as a political farce and a cruel open biological experiment on the American people.
A year later, there was a mountain of information that was declassified regarding the U.S. Biological weapons programs that included the unknown testing of Bio Chemicals on the people of the United States. Some of these reports showed that citizens were sprayed with various chemicals resulting in dementia, miscarriages, impotence, headaches, neuralgia, Herpes Zoster, nausea, irritable bowel syndrome, birth defects and low grade fevers.
The sprays were aerosolized and dropped from planes. For those who consider chemtrails to be hoaxes or fraudulent there is documented proof that aerosolized diseases were released on an unsuspecting public and from there we were seeing strange behaviors in what were once curable diseases.
By the year 2000, there was a great deal of money going into the advertising of drugs that allegedly alleviated these very same problems. From Prilosec to Viagra, to specially modified over the counter medications for migraines, these new miracle drugs were developed in the early 1980’s tested and prepared for approval. Many of these new drugs were developed allegedly to counter-act the effects of an environmental accident caused by bio-weapon open-air experimentation on the American people from the 1940’s to the early 1970’s.
All the new drugs on the market now are available because of iatrogenic artifacts produced by the government and tested by the military on the United States populace.
In 1979, a declassified review claimed that the United States intensified its development of ethnic weapons designed to selectively target and eliminate specific ethnic groups who are susceptible due to genetic differences and variations in DNA. These weapons were classified under Project Code named MK NAOMI which specifically was a plan to store materials that could either incapacitate or kill a test subject and to develop devices to use for the diffusion of such materials over widely populated areas. Much of the details of the operation and how the materials were dispersed is scarce. However, new programs replacing M.K. NAOMI through the U.S. Army’s Special Operations Command gave evidence of at least three covert techniques for attacking and poisoning crops and animal products that have been examined under field conditions.
After the experimental spraying, evidence suggests that under MK NAOMI, CIA funded scientists were called in to use special surgical devices, standard blood coagulants, cryogenic technology, and microwave equipment, to use on “infected” farm animals. Reports surfaced about so called “Cattle Mutilations” where bovine test subjects are found with surgically removed ears, lips, tongues, mammary glands, genitalia, anuses, and blood. The carcasses were air-dropped into fields out of black helicopters.
However the Mysterious circumstances surrounding the mutilations were then misconstrued by the media. The government-spread rumors that the mutilations were of “extra-terrestrial” origin or attributed to “satanic cults“ or “coyotes and other natural predators.”
If predatory animals can uniformly select body parts, mainly the ones used in reproduction and excretion, and then remove all the blood from the carcass leaving the remaining good meat to rot what we are seeing is a meticulous animal doing the killings.
However, evidence suggests that the more down-to-earth explanation is in the direction of a possible attempt at analyzing potential health hazards in uncontrolled herds of farm animals. Literally checking up on the progression of diseases and radioactive effects on cows. Cows are like the canaries in the biological Coalmine.
They are capable of incubating and even keeping in their tissues evidences of bacterial infections, radioactive isotopes, hormones, and other diseases that we think we have eradicated.
Cattle Mutilations are not part of some alien agenda. They are hideous attempts at getting first hand information on biological threats that are looming on the horizon. Cattle are like open books and black-ops scientists can monitor their results of experiments using cows.
It is all part of “plausible deniability” with regards to a silent and deadly culling of people that are too weak to sustain the constant bombardment of viruses and toxicity to the body. Open air experiments have now been declassified and allegedly abandoned; however, open air cures, inoculations, and simulant drops may be happening due to loopholes in the laws.
Just Prior to the 2009 Swine Flu Scare , there was a flap of cattle mutilations in Colorado. In one case, all that was left of a calf was the head, spinal column, and back legs of the animal. There was no blood in the area of the animal, and what was left of the body looked crushed. Farmers speculate that what was left of the body was dropped from a high altitude. If you follow news stories carefully you will see that Cattle mutilations often happen before a serious disease outbreak or after a major industrial accident.
In the Ground Zero Article BIO-SENTINELS: The Four Legged Canaries in A Coal Mine published in 2002, a report on “second creation” experiments concluded that before any major disease outbreak or pandemic there usually are reports of strange cattle mutilations, the reason is quite simple. It is known that “second creation” creatures like Bovine tend to hold virulent strains of influenza and contaminants of all kinds in their bodies. These contaminants can remain in the digestive systems of these animals for long periods of time without making the animals sick. Bovine have been known to carry Yersinia pseudotuberculosis and Yersinia pestis along with brucella. Cows now carry new and deadly prions called Bovine Spongiform encephalopathy. This is commonly known as mad cow disease. The blood of cattle can be used to force multiply abiological component creating a more lethal biological force multiplier and then use humans or small animals as carriers. Bovine blood has been used in the past as a force multiplier for the advanced bio-weapon brucellosis.
Using refined methods of Zoonosis and genetic modifying, diseases were synthesized and force modified into strains that were available but still illegal to be used on humans. Modifications on strains of Brucellosis using cattle were made in order to spread it to enemy troops but would not pass into other populations. These are known as “smart virulents” the newly modified Brucellosis would cause undulant fever in humans. It was a quiet weapon that possessed interesting traits.
The modifying of the disease created a disabling bacterium that disappeared after the infection. Troops could be infected yet exhibited no signs of the bacteria when examined by a doctor. Bio- engineers created a stealthy weapon. They extracted the active agent of Brucellosis from the Brucellosis bacteria. Although the active agent, the mycoplasma is still there, the bacteria have been discarded, and your blood tests will be negative even though you are infected with the brucellosis mycoplasma.
This newly modified Brucellosis was tested in several locations. In the summer of 1984, it was tested at Tahoe-Truckee High School in California. The teachers’ lounge was the target area. Seven of the eight teachers assigned to the room became very ill within months. There were other undisclosed locations where the pathogen was tested using an airborne aerosolized delivery system and contaminated mosquitoes.
Many people began suffering from general debilitation and tiredness. When it became known that the contagion was spreading into the general population, top officials with the National Institute of Health and Center for Disease Control, as well as the Defense Department and the Department of Health and Human Resources, began a program of misrepresentation of the disease to mask their role in its origin. The illness was claimed to be connected to the Epstein-Barr virus and was labeled “Chronic Mononucleosis.”
This has now become known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. In the beginning this disorder was classified as a psychological disorder.
Now, with all of the chemtrails claims, and the reports of respiratory illnesses associated with them wouldn’t it be worth the trouble of investigating the possibility that these trails are making people sick and weakening their immune systems?
The idea of using mosquitoes and small animals to carry disease creates a plausible deniability for government tests to be responsible for things like Necrotizing fasciitis, strains of e-coli and now Yersinia pestis otherwise known as the black plague.
Yes even the black plague has returned and seems to be showing up at about 3000 cases per year in New Mexico, Colorado and Oregon. In a recent Oregon case, a man in Bend Oregon got the disease from a small animal. The unidentified man was infected while trying to take a mouse out of the mouth of a stray cat that his family had befriended. Either the mouse or the cat bit him. The body of the feline is being sent to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for testing.
According to the Oregonian newspaper the plague is associated with the Middle Ages but the bacterium has never disappeared though the disease is rare in Oregon. Five people in Oregon — including the man currently in the hospital — have been sickened by the plague since 1995. All of them recovered. But since 1934, four people in Oregon have died from the plague.
The multi-organizational megalith perpetrating these biochemical projects against humanity includes the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) and its research arm DARPA, plus the Department of Energy (DOE) with its huge network of national labs and universities. Private defense contractors and pharmaceutical companies are heavily involved. Cooperating governments of other nations and probably some United Nations agencies are complicit, since the aerosol projects are global in scope.
They have also been known to synthesize certain biological contaminants and diseases for use in war. Our scientists have been known to force multiply new strains of flu, rabies and even HIV.
The Chemical Advanced bio programs that have put us in the trail of Iatrogenocide have been created and perpetrated by the same shadow government lunatics who have waged four limited nuclear wars since 1991. Radioactive Uranium tipped weapons declared both illegal and immoral by the entire civilized world, have been used by the Pentagon in Desert Storm, the Balkans campaign, and the on-going occupation-wars against Afghanistan and Iraq. Few Americans understand the extent of carnage inflicted in the name of their fathers across this planet for nearly a century. The use of so- called Depleted Uranium does not disperse, but remains in the atmosphere . It is organo-toxic, mutagenic and carcinogenic to all living for 4.5 billion years.
When I read stories and opinions about Chemtrails being a hoax or an overreaction to normal condensation trails, I have to point out the facts. Since 1994, there has been a sense of urgency to correct an error in judgment with bio weapons by using another error in judgment using another form of aerosolized bio treatments. The Chemtrailing of the populace is not only damaging our health but it also is causing problems with the upper atmosphere. They have created a monster that is culling the entire planet. It is bio-engineered Iatrogenocide
As we stare into the haze of an oily sky and wheeze, vomit and cough with our modified diseases and pandemics attacking our immune systems, remember it is all for the war to let freedom ring. It is all for the good of the people. Our own deaths will be at hand because we followed the advice of the social engineers that we are so enamored with. We continue to vote for them. The ones we gave a blank check to that will write us off if it means they can benefit.
It is similar to a doctor that has offered a bad drug and then covers up the side effects with other bad drugs. The American people continue to cheer on the wars and the torture as they are victims of a slow iatrogenic torture themselves.
The cure is the cull, the zombies and vampires are the symptom.
The incurable crisis looms on the horizon—Open your mouth and say Plague!

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