I have been part of many UFO investigations and have even been the chief source for many network TV shows about UFO crashes. I am well known for my investigation into a UFO incident that happened near Tracy California. It was the subject of a UFO Hunters special and my co-investigator Olav Philips was asked about our research into the mysterious “Fallen Angel” that triggered a mass sighting from San Francisco to Reno. It was story straight out of the X-files, with military personnel snooping around a remote area, black helicopters doing ground sweeps a tire fire where the owner is found dead on his bulldozer and a flatbread truck carrying out a strange machine that appeared to be delta shaped.

I can tell you that the entire incident was written off as a meteor sighting. However there were many anonymous intelligence personnel that were willing to go n the record about experimental craft being tested near Lawrence Livermore labs and anonymous faxes that were sent to us indicating that the Military engaged in a combat situation over the San Francisco bay sending an unknown flying object into a fiery crash Here is the report featuring the story with Olav Phillips, Ground Zero’s executive producer.
That story was reported in 1998, back when surveillance drones, and other such aircraft were still in the top secret category and UFO’s still meant craft that are unidentified. The technology was most definitely alien to all of us back then however now, with drones being shown on display in Iran and UFO;s over Russia the task now is to wonder how much of this technology has been ours all along and where exactly did this technology comes from.
Recently I have been having a bit of déjà vu as I have been hearing about an incident in Kentucky and another in Kansas where something peculiar has happened and people are still baffled there. It is a UFO incident with many eyewitnesses, many reports of a strange flying object and even a local news report showing many pictures of the strange aircraft receiving military and police escort.
Still the people are questioning what they have witnessed,
On December 11th, 2011 I was reading about a number of mild earthquakes that were felt in Kentucky and New Jersey. I did some research on the USGS site and saw no tremors not even a mild tremor in any of those areas. Meanwhile as I went to twitter to see if I could find anything on the earthquakes I was reading about several sightings of fireballs over Oklahoma, Kentucky, Tennessee and Kansas. I figured that we were schedules for a meteor shower and so it really didn’t really impress me as something to cover. In the meantime I was preparing for my show for Monday busily preparing for the week. I was sent a news memo about a UFO seen in Perry county Kentucky that sounded eerily similar to the report I did in Tracy California in 1998.
There was a fire ball; people reported a plane crash, and an unbelievable explosion that caused a mild earthquake in the area. Then came the report that it wasn’t a plane. First It was reported to be a UFO or a saucer looking craft 30 feet in diameter crashing near a pit or a mine and opening up the earth. Then there were others who claimed that there was a drone that was being tested and then it fell out of the sky.
I searched for the report and there was a small blurb that said the following:
“There are still no answers as to what caused an apparent explosion in Perry County Sunday night. Crews spent hours searching Sunday night after initial reports of a possible plane crash, but they gave up the search around 1:00 a.m. and said it was probably an explosion at an abandoned mine.”
Then it got a bit confusing “Now officials with the Division of Abandoned Mine Lands are saying there is no evidence at the mine that would support an explosion. Some say they felt their homes shaking, others say they saw a fireball, but as of now no one can say for sure what happened in Perry County Sunday night. Preliminary reports of possible plane crash were ruled out after searching for hours and finding no crash scene, that led officials to this explanation.”
According to officials an abandon mine just randomly exploded opening up the earth around the trees. They said it happens all the time.
Is that why people in the area had to stop and wonder why they saw what appeared to be UFO Crash in the area?
This seems like part of a UFO puzzle. After I read Twitter reports that claimed on December 10th. There were earth quakes being reported in Virginia, in New Jersey, and elsewhere. I was seeing a pattern. This could have been a Sonic boom. It could have been part of some exotic craft test.
It could have been a UFO… but was it? I really didn’t know. Then I read a report and saw video footage that made everything come together and still I am scratching my head over the whole “revelation” and how ineffective it all seems to be.
A UFO on a Flatbed Truck, in broad daylight? It’s the Holy Grail right? Nope. Just routine, according to police. How clever, you transport something that looks highly suspicious and all you have to do is say that it is nothing to worry about and people will follow.

Even with the incident receiving local news coverage and many photographs and witnesses, the military and the police have said that people who have seen the aircraft should keep quiet about it.
I often wonder how many people see strange things like this and are afraid to come forward because they are afraid of the repercussions. Apparently it still happens today, just like it did during the cold war.
One of the most inane slogans I keep hearing in public service commercials is “If you see something say something.” Hearing the statement makes me cringe because it sounds like something that would be posted next to a World War II era poster pitching War Bonds.
But of course we live in the quasi Nazi stasi era in history where we value paranoia over reality and doublespeak and political correctness to hide the fact that the slogan only applies to what is perceived as terrorist activity.
The truth about this slogan is that it means absolutely nothing; you’re only supposed to say something if you see something you think is terrorism. Crime is reported all the time and there are phone calls to police agencies reporting all sorts of anomalies. The bottom line is the slogan is there to report anything or anyone that is different. It is clearly an invitation for vague, unspecific people to make vague unspecific phone calls, to vague unspecific agencies, reporting vague unspecific criminal activity committed by vague unspecific individuals, with vague unspecific motives.
Welcome to our war on terror, all based on vague unspecific reasons.
Why not have a slogan that says if you hear something fear something – then you can arrest anyone who has a radical view against the government. Oh that’s right they are already doing that by passing the “We are really Nazis but don’t say anything act” and the American people are doing their duty by shutting up and the occupy movement is out there protesting ports.
The more we read the news, the more the weirdness escalates and as I had said before “I know this is the Apocalypse, but is it exactly the way you pictured it?”
Everything seems to be right in front of our face and if you see anything and then say something about it—there are people who will tell you it is nothing to get excited about.
If it isn’t terrorism, who cares? If it is something scandalous with a politician, push it over a week’s time and destroy a career. Promote the corrupt, downplay the sensible, put a spin on statistics and give a stage to those who don’t deserve it.
Now it is possible to manipulate a UFO report and then transport something that looks bizarre in any town USA. Probably because no one is going to say something when they are told it’s not important, or that it should be kept quiet for the sake of national security.
This is America now and it is so peculiar that even the most outrageous stories happening in broad daylight are down played as common place and “Nothing to see’ nothing to report.”

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