Sometimes it is a disadvantage to know a few things about the occult and symbolism. You no longer can watch a movie, or a music video without feeling or sensing that the symbolism involved is not somehow tied to some ancient magic that is proven to be powerful.

Symbolism as we well know is powerful and symbols are empowered as sigils or talisman that can create feelings and attitudes. One of the more magical of symbols of course is the Swastika. At first the symbol was a symbol of life and healing, then after a manipulation and repositioning the Symbol became a mesmerizing artifact and now represents all that is vile and inhuman on planet earth.
It appears to this day in film, and in presentations and with it comes a tsunami of feelings. It is an obvious affective tool to send a message today and there seems to be no apparent change in the way this symbol will be seen for generations to come.
In the book Simulacra and Simulation by Jean Baudrillard symbols shape reality and even though many do not know the meaning of the symbols many of them do resonate with us for some reason and our minds are drawn to them. Certain colors stimulate sexual feelings; certain sounds can be triggers that bring back memories, smells, even enjoyable of even tragic moments in our lives.
Symbolism can either reveal certain truths, or it can obscure of hide real intent and purpose. The question is why are the symbols being used, are they part of a greater ritual and what is the purpose of the ritualism and simulation? Will it make an imprint on the people who witness it? Is it coincidence or intentional.
These questions need to be asked every time and image shows up on the paranormal radar screen. I always see these interesting images and while occult imagery is always attributed to some Satanic or Illuminated conspiracy, the idea of such imagery needs to be examined and looked upon with curiosity and intrigue rather than just limited to an intentional Satanic brainwashing.
Like it or not symbolism always affects our decisions and our subconscious. Those who have studied deep occult symbolism will know that sacred geometry and other factors are responsible for choice and enticement.
You see it in religion, you see it in politics, you see it in the music industry. It cannot be avoided and you can decide if it is manipulation, or full of some sort of evil intent.
One of the Rock bands I grew up with when I was kid was KISS. From the beginning I was considered the weird kid on the block for listening to these “demonic’ rockers who painted their faces in ghoulish make up and had a blinding logo that was designed to look like the Nazi SS symbol.

As I got older and began to read about occult symbolism I was starting to speculate that perhaps co-founder of the band, Gene Simmons had an extensive background in religious studies, because of his training in Rabbinical school. I was actually forced by a seminary instructor to prove to him that KISS was not an acronym for Knight’s or Kings In Satan’s Service. In the process of proving him wrong I was especially keen on reporting that while KISS was not a satanic band they most certainly had a lot of explaining to do when it came to their appearance and how all of the designs for their characters seemed to replicate Old Testament images.
What I had determined is that the faces on each member of KISS represented the four faces seen by Ezekiel during his encounter with the great wheel within the wheel. If you recall the ancient tale, the encounter that the prophet had was similar to that of a modern UFO encounter. He describes the creatures he saw and called them the ‘faces of God.”
“Each of them had four faces and four wings. Their legs were straight and their feet were like a calf’s hoof, and they gleamed like burnished bronze. Under their wings on their four sides were human hands. As for the faces and wings of the four of them, their wings touched one another; their faces did not turn when they moved, each went straight forward. As for the form of their faces, each had the face of a man, all four had the face of a lion on the right and the face of a bull on the left, and all four had the face of an eagle.”
Now think of the symbolism one had the face of a Celestial Man.

The other had the face of a Lion.

Another with the face of a horned bull or Ox

And finally there was one who had the face of an Eagle.

Now you may say to yourself that both my comparisons of both Gene Simmons and Ace Frehley may be stretching it a bit. However it has to be explained that Gene Simmons personae is that of a Horned Demon with wings, a representation of the Tauran or bull God. Ace Frehley of course had chosen to be an ancient astronaut character instead of the Eagle. After Frehley’s departure from the band there was actually an idea of the Eagle representation returning to the band. The makeup scheme was devised but never used.

Instead replacement Vinnie Vincent used The Egyptian Ankh in his makeup and when the “Lion” left the band (Peter Criss)

Eric Carr chose the face of a Fox to be his personae a representation of the Trixter in some European legends.

I once brought this up to Gene Simmons when I had a brief interview with him and he told me that if anything that it was all accidental and that he was impressed primarily with Comic books and that his character was based on The Monarch of the Inhumans, “Black Bolt” and that when he is onstage he is imitating Godzilla.
Well, as you can see the pageantry of Godlike Humans creating loud and amazing music captures the attention of all of us.
This brings us to the pageantry of the recent Super bowl 46 and the halftime performance by the iconic Madonna.
There are a lot of symbologists on the internet and beyond that have gone on the record stating that Madonna’s leanings to Jewish mysticism were evident in her performance and with all of the ancient symbolism she used in the spectacle, she literally was summoning demons with a “Goetic invocation.”
The invocation is there to open the portals and allow for fallen angels to do their basest magical arts. I have spoken before about these rituals and how many magicians written about in various books were reluctant in performing these rituals. However it seems that if the fringe reports are correct, we may have witnessed a virtual “black mass” on network television performed at a game that conjures the ritual meme of war.
I offered that I saw a lot of covert occult symbolism in Madonna’s performance and used social network to at least demonstrate how many of her moves, her headdress, and other factors contributed to what appeared to be some Illuminati conjuring. While many saw it as an evil act, I saw it as fascinating and a very important event as America was given a full on taste of ritual at its most garish and hyperrealist.
When Madonna was delivered to the audience in an almost “Godlike” fashion I was completely reminded of the High priestess Tarot Card.

The card represents the mother of all and the guardian of the unconscious mind. That is the key because it is the unconscious mind that they are after when opening up a portal into the inner workings of the soul. She first appears to be like the ancient image of Ishtar. Ishtar is depicted with wings and her carriage pulled by muscle clad guards had wings also. Another Tarot card that I can also use to show simulacra is the Chariot Card.

Madonna “The Goddess is pulled by chariot into the world and the world recognizes her unlimited power of creation.

From there we hear Madonna sing in her song Vogue “Strike a Pose” and we see her wearing what appears to be the headdress of Hathor and positioning her body into a familiar simulacra. That is of the image of Baphomet the horned Bull like god.

There is also the imagery of ancient Babylonian symbolism of the winged eye, or planet. The symbol is associated with the arrival of a God that judges humanity.

As we are mesmerized by all of the symbolism and tight performance, we are dazzled by a series of pentagrams, kabalistic symbols, and marching bands. The final performance is the sermon, the final appeal to the Gods to hear the words of the ritual. Madonna and Cee Lo Green wear Saturnalian robes as they perform, and we see the all Seeing Eye below them, a symbol that has been linked to the Illuminati.

At the end of the performance Madonna sings the last line of the song “Like a prayer.” Rather than the Goddess ascending, she descends below the stage as she sings the words “and it feels like home.” Is this symbolic of the goddess going into the underworld? It is highly speculative and still for those who know very blatant occult symbolism and ritualism.
For some the performance was entertaining and striking. Somehow we all felt something deep inside of us. It was symbolism that goes into the collective unconscious and is done is subtle and profound way. Whatever you believe, wherever your faith is, there is always ritualism and spirituality that uses symbols and signs to somehow convince you that there are self professed gods among us and they are here to convey a message.

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