The prevailing thought of a lot of non religious individuals is that bodies are just
machines that malfunction and eventually shut down. The functions of the body
slowly shut off and the body is dead. This is according to these non religious people is the end.
There is no afterlife and no return. On the heels of a prediction of Judgment day by a
religious cult, and he quote of a well known physicist that there is no life after death, the
consensus is being forced into discussing their beliefs about science, religion and the thought of an apocalypse that seems to be well underway.

Hawking in the midst of news relating to the rapture and cults waiting to be taken
up with the dead stated that Heaven is a fairy story for people who are afraid of the
The United States still holds a strong belief in heaven. According to a
2007 study of religious beliefs across the country, 92 percent of Americans said they
believe in a god or universal spirit, and 74 percent said they believe that there is a
However, as faith in the United States still seems to show that believers are abundant,
elsewhere there seems to be a schism and a lack of faith in the possibility that there
is something beyond the earth. Once again, it seems that there is a well planned
apocalyptic psy-op happening around the world where religion seems to be clashing
with science and denominations are also at odds with prophecy, and dogma.
We are now inviting dimensional though it religion, the introduction of aliens as either
saviors or demons and a well known scientist is now calling out those true believers in a
heaven and asking them for some intellectual honesty.
Taking a nod from another agnostic and somewhat atheistic science fiction writer
Arthur Clarke, there is a memorable scene in the film “2001 a space Odyssey” where HAL the computer is
disconnected. The scene is quite creepy as HAL begins singing “Daisy, Daisy a bicycle
built for two.” The cutting of power to HAL did not result in gibberish or garbled data,
but a memory of a song. The song apparently was in HAL’s data processors and so
literally we witnessed the computer have a near death and afterlife experience as all
of his neuro net was cut resulting in a lingering memory. HAL was dead, but the song
was his adieu. Now this of course was science fiction and yet it was placed in the story
to have us wonder if there is something more and as death closes in we hold on to our
memories and take them with us as we pass into the next life.
In real life this experience has been recorded to happen with computers as well. In a
published article in Scientific American called “Daisy Daisy” by Philip Yam it is reported
that when a type of computer program termed an “artificial neural network” is “killed”
by cutting links between its units, it in effect approaches a state which “might” be
something like biological “death.” S.L. Thaler, a physicist at McDonnell Douglas, has
been systematically chopping up artificial neural networks. He has found that when
between 10% and 60% of the network connections have been severed, the program
generates primarily nonsense. But, as the 90% (near-death!) level is approached, the
network’s output is composed more and more of previously learned information, like
HAL’s learned song! Also, when untrained artificial neural networks were slowly killed,
they responded only with nonsense
This is fascinating because what we may learn from this is that the soul may just be a
series of electronic impulses that are expelled during death. However these impulses
have intelligence and are not necessarily just scattered. They are focused and have
sentience and intent.
Thinking there is no after life can be unsettling and if it is true it seems a bit unfair.
It is hard to imagine we as humans have the potential to reach a high level of
consciousness only to have it end here with nothing else to look forward to.
It is peculiar to imagine that there are groups of people out there that look forward
to peril, trials and death because it is written in the passages of scripture. Never
before has there been such an anxiousness for destruction, rapture, and judgment
which places an externalized savior in the position of a butcher ready to slaughter non
believers to make a point about complete adherence to draconian dogma. The world
cannot be limited to pages in a book, philosophers, the clergy and even scientists who
have decided for the benefit of the world that it is better to realize that there is no life
after death and that mortality is merely a roll of the dice.
I have always wondered about what perceptions most people have of life after death.
I have supposed that there are many people who call themselves Christian who have
always tried to imagine heaven as some sort of “destination zero” that is also an ending
of sorts. What I mean is that after we die it seems that there are a number of people
who believe that “paradise” is a place of comfort with no emotional commitment. No
pleasure, no pain. There is no suffering and no challenges. Only adherence to worship
of a God that resembles Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees and a heaven that looks like a
cross between the Emerald City shown in the movie the wizard of oz and a sponge
painted Easter tableau seen in elementary schools.
Imagining that for eternity would bore me. It would also be unfair and a lonely, boring
experience. It would be a heaven that would be hell and I would much rather be in a
position to learn more about what it takes to be a human that is given the privilege of
reliving this adventure on earth all over again. How can the imagination of an afterlife be
so cold and devoid of imagination and adventure. We are dead longer than we live and
I would hope that the experience afterward would be fair and full of more life with all of
the wonderful experiences that we all share here in this dimension.
In my experience as a paranormal investigator I have had experience with so called
ghosts and it seems that they are trying to communicate with us. If we could only
hear them as their voices are carried on the wind. They aren’t physical voices since
they have no physical bodies to speak. However their intelligence carried electro —
magnetically seems to be bent and shaped through the use of electronics that have
aided in the investigation of what is known as EVP.
Electronic voice phenomena has been overlooked by science as some sort of
Pareidolia. However using scientific methods I have been able to use electronic
mediums to somehow get longer and more clear communications from alleged spirits or
entities that exist just on the edge of our existence.

I want to explain that while many people use it as proof of life after death it may not
mean that anything beyond this life exists at all. It is merely an anomaly that can be
explored and documented.
I have seen ghosts—I have documented my experiences and thanks to my radio show I
was also able to have plenty of witnesses to the phenomena.
It is quite startling to hear
the voices and it is difficult to have direct conversations with the anomaly. But there
have been answers, attempts at contact, paranormal phenomena surrounding the voice
imprints and so we must view it as a breakthrough to some degree.
Stephen Hawking should realize that there is a plethora of unexplored areas in our
world. I am completely shocked that a man that I shared quantum theories about Santa
Claus would even shut down the possibility of life after death.
Scientists can believe that they have replaced God, however it seems that perhaps they
have opened the doors even wider. They haven’t destroyed or replaced God.
They are trying to kill childlike faith. What it may evolve into is the hypothetical heaven
and a more solid view of other places where the human body combined with the soul
can travel without death.
In the meantime it is easier to imagine that there is no heaven in order to replace it with
another place that man has yet to discover.
Hopefully it will happen in our lifetime.

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