In the 1980’s the book Behold a Pale Horse was released. It was during that time I had a quick moment where I met the man who wrote it, William Cooper. Cooper was bald guy with a bloated face and seemed to be a little crazy with a lot of the things he spoke about. He was talking with a conservative talk show host Mills Crenshaw and also knew another man that I worked with named Wolfgang Gossett. It was Crenshaw, Gossett and others who were some of the pioneers of real talk radio before we were polarized with Conservative and progressive talk.
For me, talk radio was always a way to put my ear to the ground and hear remarkable stories that somehow escaped the local news and wound up in the local barbershop. Amongst the Jackelopes and deer head trophies I would always get an earful of the latest conspiracies and plans for the future of the country.
Most of these stories would once again reflect what was heard on the local talk radio stations. The stories were part of the myths in my life that built upon my eagerness to be a news reporter and eventually the host of the show Ground Zero. When you have been immersed most of your life in these stories of treachery you begin to dismiss some of it and other times you see things that remind you of what may be true or at least exploited for those of us that have been watching for many years.
I had a bit of a flashback to my meeting with Cooper when I saw the Movie X-files Fight The future. The Character of Dr. Alvin Kurzweil played by Martin Landau gave a message to Agent Mulder about an invasion that the shadow government would plan and carry out during the fourth of July weekend. He pointed out to Mulder that FEMA would be used to carry out procedures to secure the continuity of government. He hinted that perhaps the takeover would be connected to intelligence linked to the possibility of an extraterrestrial threat. He claimed that the threat was very real and that there would be hints to suggest that there would be several close calls from space and then the threat would become more obvious and there would be camps set up for refugees fleeing for their lives.
This bit of prophecy given to Mulder was taken with skepticism and even in a scene that cryptically reinforced the idea; Mulder is seen urinating on an Independence Day Movie Poster. The meme of aliens attacking on Independence Day was subliminally given to those watching. This whole idea was taken directly from Bill Cooper’s book “Behold a Pale Horse” where Cooper claims that he saw intelligence Data on something called Operation Red Light, where an invasion on American soil would one day be staged in order to enforce a police state on the country. It would be day where the president would leave Washington and where most people would travel away from their homes.
The reason I bring this up now is because of the circumstances surrounding the news lately. The extra-terrestrial threats, UFO sightings and many other interesting things that circumstantially make me feel uneasy. While sometimes movies are predictive programming and we sometimes get flash backs to events in the films, I must tell you that I am sensing a weird vibe that feels just like an X-files episode or something taken directly out of the pages of Behold a Pale horse.
I was particularly concerned about a number of news stories that I was reading about Rocket launches, test firings of missiles, UFO reports out of Russia and England, rogue space junk threatening astronauts on the ISS, and news that there was a possibility of an attack on a large NATO country over the fourth of July weekend.
On June 20th it was announced that Ships from Russia, France and the United Kingdom arrived at Naval Station Norfolk to participate in FRUKUS 2011. FRUKUS Stands for France, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States. It is an exercise that is being organized in order to work together to fight a common enemy. FRUKUS consists of two phases: ashore and at-sea. While ashore, Sailors from each ship will participate in training areas including damage control, fire fighting and ship handling. The at-sea portion, which begins next week, will provide critical training in maritime domain awareness, anti-piracy and maritime interdiction operations.
The drill will document how a joint effort from all countries can provide protection against an enmet that threatens the world. In the meantime it was reported by Joyce Riley of the independent radio broadcast “The power Hour” that truckers form all over the country was noticing military convoys moving from the south to regions near the east coast.
CNN also reported on June 19th, that people who are planning a beach trip on the fourth of July be aware of a drill called Operation Mailed Fist. The word Mailed is code for armored fist.
The drill stretches from Quantico Marine Base in northern Virginia to the Navy’s Pinecastle Bombing Range in Florida. With thousands of Marines and other service members involved, it’s the biggest such drill ever on the U.S. East Coast. The test will include movements of heavy artillery and aircraft from one point to another. According to the Military vacationers “who are located near the bases … will see an increase in air and ground traffic at various times throughout the week, but there should be minimal impact on activity near beaches other than occasional fly-overs at relatively high altitudes
Meanwhile president Obama will be leaving Washington DC for the weekend. It is being reported that he and his family will be in Camp David during the Holiday weekend.
I need to remind everyone that all of this seems to be coincidental evidence to speculate that something is going on behind the scenes. The multiple drills and standby as well as the joint exercise with other countries send a very peculiar message that perhaps the world is preparing for some sort of world threat. It all reflects back to what I know of Bill Cooper and his predictions of an invasion on Independence Day. The world is devastated and Americans are forced to change the ay they live and think. Be grateful for our day of independence and understand that our freedoms are fragile. Perhaps they are Soon to break as we move into a dark time of failed relationships, death in the Middle East and in the area where we must be vigilant. That is at home.

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