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John Horrigan is a historical researcher who specializes in historical weather, historical astronomy, great fires, World War II anomalies and Unexplained Mysteries. He has delivered over 500 lectures in the last 7 years.
He is a revolutionary war reenactor with the Lincoln Minutemen and considered to be an authority on unknown events of the American Revolution.
He belongs to several historical societies including the Economic History Association, the Economic History Society, Watertown Historical Society and the Massachusetts Historical Society.
This is John Horrigan’s twentieth year of paranormal investigation. His specialties include historical UFO research and cryptozoology.
John has produced and hosted countless cable television and radio programs dedicated to unexplained mysteries over the years
His paranormal investigations have taken him to British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and Ohio pursuing the illusive sasquatch. He has met legendary bigfoot personalities like Grover Krantz, John Green, Don Keating, Rene Dahinden and Peter Byrne.
Horrigan has also traveled to Loch Ness, Scotland and to Lake Champlain where he conducted research on lake monsters.
Horrigan is the producer of the CD entitled “Mysterious Bridgewater Triangle”, that delves into tales about a spooky swamp in Massachusetts. It can be found at
Horrigan has investigated classical UFO cases by travelling to UFO “hot spots” like Area 51 in Nellis, Nevada; Gulf Breeze, Florida; Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia; Kecksburg, Pennsylvania; The San Luis Valley in Colorado; The Plains of San Agustin and to Roswell, New Mexico on three separate occasions.
He is a leading authority on black helicopters and has a website devoted to these anomalous aircraft:
Being the son of a retired Air Force Intelligence agent, John Horrigan’s interest in aviation and the military has always been at a very high level. He’s had the honor to visit several military bases such as Edwards Air Force Base, Dryden Space Center, White Sands Missile Range, Stallion Gate, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Lockheed Skunk Works, Sikorsky, Boeing, McDonnell-Douglas, Cheyenne Mountain, Holloman Air Force Base, Kirtland Air Force Base, Fort Carson, Peterson Air Force Base, Eglin Air Force Base, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Sandia Labs and Los Alamos.
His knowledge of astronomy is extensive. A 30-year subscriber to magazines like Sky & Telescope and Astronomy, John has attended public lectures at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics since the age of 16. He’s seen 12 comets in his life, every planet (except for Pluto), Asteroid Vesta, many nebulae, planetary conjunctions, star occultations, the Transit of Venus, the Transit of Mercury, solar and lunar eclipses, the Comet Shoemaker-Levy impact of Jupiter, double stars and he has glimpsed satellites like Skylab, Mir, ISS, Envisat, Genesis 1 and 2, HST and several STS missions soar overhead. He knows the night sky.
Horrigan has studied Radio Astronomy and has visited the Very Large Array twice (1996, 1998) outside of Socorro, New Mexico and the Greenbank Radio Telescope in 1997. He has catalogued a chronology of gamma ray bursts, studied sunspot cycles and compiled a study of unexplained radio signals. He has attended a SETI conference at Harvard University in 2003 where he got to meet Doctors Frank Drake, Geoff Marcy, Jill Tartar and Paul Horowitz personally.
His websites are and

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