Christmas is for the children and believe it or not out of all the people asking questions of the internet about the 2012 end of day’s scenario the majority is under the age of 16. How can any child go through the holidays worried that it may be their last? How can parents not take this into account and help them to enjoy their holiday and feel loved. Perhaps it is best to keep all differences aside, live and love and postpone the instant gratification of the moment and understand that what ifs are there to remind us of how fragile our lives really are.
How fragile our relationships are and how important our families are.

No matter what religious path you follow, whichever prophecy you care to worry about and whatever you hear from the financial soothsayers in the back of your mind you can’t deny that you haven’t thought about the possibility that tomorrow will be a year from the date of what is the end of the Mayan cycle. The end of the Mayan Calendar falls on December 21st, 2012. So if the Mayans kept an accurate calendar and the prophetic approximations are correct this Christmas will be our last.
I am curious if anyone who stood in line for Black Friday, if anyone who pushed and pulled hair, pepper sprayed and trampled people for a waffle iron even thought about t the possibility that the last Christmas will happen on Sunday December 25th, 2011.
Christmas has become little more than an annual exercise in spending too much money and maxing out Credit cards. We don’t have to buy things we don’t need. We always seem to buy for people on our lists, people we don’t even like, people we want to impress. Millions of American families are doing this from homes they are about to lose. Homes they don’t even own, and quite possibly homes that can be seized from them with all of the new draconian Laws they are passing.
If there is no money out there to be spent, then how do people find the cash to buy a bunch of nonsense for a day? I am really trying to bust through the illusion and wonder if we really are going to see a complete and utter failure of the banks and the losses of people who will file into the streets demanding some sort of financial breaks for their excesses.
I guess this last Christmas will be a time where we all can pretend that everything is okay. The elite are giving us one day to enjoy what is left of our lives at Christmas and then as the prospect sickens and the snowfall starts to take on that gray look from all of the pollution we will son return to the harsh reality of the fact that we didn’t realize that this could be the final observation of our normal lives and that a new world awaits where we could see major changes happening so quickly we will barely have the time to take a breath.
This year I believe that there is a real tangible excuse to be a little paranoid this Christmas. There is an excuse for feeling needy. There is an excuse for wanting to find a way to be with family, and a valid reason for taking that full four day weekend off. There is a reason for holding hands, a reason for hugging, contacting old friends and family. There is a reason to drink the wine at Christmas dinner and really savor its rich flavor. Sipping it slowly and deliberately for the sake of the final Christmas this may be.
If you decided that there would be no tree this year, maybe you should leave the house and pick one of the more forlorn looking trees on the lot. You should bring it home put it in the stand with an aspirin in the water just like your mother told you. Do it because you love your mother. Do it because even though she would nag at you and try to raise you well—you really aren’t as bad off as you think you are. Do it because Christmas was that time of year where you would eat at the table as a family, and you would sneak a piece of ham or turkey, and take the black olives and put the fingers in the holes just to be a smartaleck.
If it is the last Christmas, maybe we could convince schools to allow a Christmas tree to be set up in the offices. Maybe the mayor of your town could soften up a bit and allow a manger next to the little place where Santa sits.
That’s it—if this were the last Christmas would we all act like we do? Would we get all worked up over a nativity scene in the public square? Would we all sneer at each other if someone neglected to say Merry Christmas and decided to embrace everyone’s views by saying happy holidays?
Has anyone realized that this Christmas is the celebration of the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible?
In 1611, the Bible ceased to be a Hodgepodge of forbidden Latin text work of magic, it became a work of magical literature that everyone could read. They read works for wonder and thought it to be the word of God. Ironically the bible also spoke of the end times. The apocalypse was a very real thing to the people who read the bible and as wars and rumors of wars spread – the people at the time were beginning to wonder if the end of the world was nigh.
They begin to spin tales of witches, warlocks and treachery. It gave way to rituals and satanic sacrifices. It opened the mind to all kinds of paranormal ideas and many people began to dismiss it as a writ of tomfoolery. Religion became as divisive as it is today. Soon religious viewpoints clashed with other viewpoints and wars broke out signalingthe end.
It had to be the end so they thought- and today we are in the same mind set. That is why I bring up the possibility that this Christmas could be your last.
There are so many signposts and signals that we may see the expiration date of this world. There are a lot of people who have convinced themselves of their fate. Christmas this year is just another stop over – a layover spot that can easily be hoped will pass away until the New year’s party. This year Christmas may have to be the final destination and if it is, will you be camping there or will you live in the moment for the year to come—at least until December 21st, 2012. Only if this really is the due date coming .

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