A week has passed since we were bombarded with UFO reports up and down the west coast. As I was doing background study on the history of UFO’s in the Northwest, there are many reports including the UFO reports that arguably kicked off the modern UFO era. The pacific coastal reports of UFO’s range from Astoria Oregon to parts of Chile, Hawaii and Japan. These areas have a rich history of UFO reports that border on the paranormal and spiritual more than the nuts and bolts versions we see and hear about in the United States.

The reports go back thousands of years. The light ships that were reported anciently were the basis for many stories of Gods in the area moving about legendary islands and continents. One particular continent mentioned is Lemuria or Mu.
Lemuria allegedly was a gigantic landmass that eventually sank, leaving only small islands in the pacific. There are many speculation and theories as to how Lemuria met its demise; however I find it fascinating that there are legends about islands in the pacific that have on them ancient bases for extraterrestrials. Islands that are found and then disappear are legendary and stories that are told by the shaman and the High priests seem to indicate that some of the inhabitants of Mu were able to escape this planet and live in the heavens. These beings are said to be anthropomorphic with tan or orange skin and able to see like the birds as their eyes are positioned in such a way to do this.
Some people claim that evidence of these civilizations can be found on Easter Island in Chile.
Easter Island is thought to be one of the few remaining portions of the lost continent of Lemuria. It lies 2300 miles west of South America, approximately halfway between Chile and Tahiti, and is best known for its huge stone carved figures, known as Moai. The island is known by the natives as Te Pito o TeHenua, meaning ‘the navel of the world’. Many people who have studied the stories of the lost continent have referred to Lemuria as the umbilicus of mankind, literally where much of creation was had, and where mankind flourished and lived at a higher level of consciousness.
There are also great tales of Lemurians, who were able to flee to the mountains and that some can be found in India and Mt. Shasta in California.
The reality of a lost continent is a also linked to catastrophist theories that civilizations of the past have been taken out due to massive meteor strikes. Global cataclysms have often been dismissed as a gateway discussion to tales of paranormal intervention and extraterrestrial inoculation and remain as hypothetical guilty pleasures for those who really want to discover possible civilizations that were capable of flight, mass communication, and artistic architecture.
The religious texts paint a limited picture of ancient civilizations, and there are pre-adamic texts that warn us of an unstable and volatile planet that is tossed to and fro by dragons and monsters.
Religion has given us a guided way of suspending our disbelief in supernatural wonders and science tries to stifle the imagination and the forbidden knowledge of civilizations that may have wiped themselves out due to carelessness, or even because they were the target of some extraterrestrial, or celestial intervention.
More and more evidence is being uncovered that indicates that there is some truth to the possibility of an ancient civilization that sank under the waters of the Pacific. The Yonaguni Monument is alleged to be a massive underwater rock formation off the coast of Yonaguni, near Okinawa , in Japan. While many archaeologists and geologists believe that it is a natural formation, some hold the view that some of its features are man-made.
Tool marks and carvings have been discovered upon the stones (and documented) which indicate that they have were constructed rather than being natural stone structures. There is also the remains of a human face and another stone structure where carving exists. The carving shows what appears to be a human face wearing a feathery head dress, similar to what has been seen on the walls of structures produced the ancient Mayans, Aztecs and Toltecs.
I do know from experience in South America that Lemuria is very real and the islands that exist in the south pacific are very important for strategic maneuvering and communications. Island groups near Chile and Argentina have been shrouded in mystery and the Falkland Islands or Malvinas have been part of a great war. Some of these islands have been the subject of investigations into the possibility that some prehistoric creatures are still there roaming in the wilderness.
Nahuelito is to this day the most talked about South American Plesiosaur. The creature allegedly lives in Lake Nahuel Huapi. . In 1897, a Chilean farmer in Patagonia reported hearing the sounds of something heavy being dragged along the pebble beach near Bahia Blanca. Soon many other sightings and reports were gathered about the creature that had a swan like neck and a strong leathery body.
Many sea faring men say that they have seen giant squids or serpents in the waters and many considered them to be tall tales until October of 1997. A giant squid that measured nearly 50 feet was caught off the coast of Tasmania.
Less than 50 giant squid have been spotted in the last hundred years. Is it any wonder that no one believed in them? No one in that 100 years time could produce a corpse of a squid of that size. Yet many will reject the possibility of irregular saurian species living in the waters today.
H.P. Lovecraft wrote about Cthulhu. It was one of the first stories to rise up and speak of a malevolent serpentine extra terrestrial. Cthulhu had a brood that was scattered throughout the earth after Pangea, the time where the continents were connected.
These hideously demonic Titans were half dragon half octipoid and would often find themselves at odds with other alien races that visited this planet. A cataclysmic event took place that wiped out the dinosaurs and sent Cthulhu and his spawn to various underwater dwellings. These dwellings were great stone palaces, which sank beneath the waves trapping the spawn and keeping them in suspended animation.
An earthquake allows Cthulhu to roam the seas again causing slaughter and Chaos. After his reign of terror his Island fortress sinks below the surface and Cthulhu sleeps with the promise of his return. His return of terror and bloodshed. His return of disasters that only take place upon the waters.
The Japanese Godzilla was a monster that was awakened from its sleep due to the nuclear explosions in Japan. The inspiration for the rubber-suited monolith was of course based on reports of a real life mammoth serpent that was sighted soon after the atomic bombing of Nagasaki.
The legends of the Pacific span many miles and many thousands of years.
Lemuria, like other mythological civilizations, and religious ideologies, are part of humanity’s quest to remember that we are not physical beings searching for our spiritual experiences, but spiritual beings having a physical experience. We drift from higher to lower frequency of thought consciousness and is now we are learning of the great heritage and of the consequences of our decisions and thoughts. We are merely moving through alchemy of time and in time will grow to understand the complexity and beauty of the elusive mysteries of life.

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