Back in 2005 I had worked on a project with David Talbot that was going to boost the
awareness of the magnetic universe. I was doing commercials and lending my voice
to presentations that were mind blowing. The group I was working for was called
Thunderbolts.info promoting the book Thunderbolts of the Gods by David Talbot and
Wallace Thornhill. The book was an amazing look into our electric cosmos. There was
a particular slide show that I was involved in creating that had me intrigued. A segment
showed Paleolithic art or art from the Old Stone Age.

The artists of that epoch in time would paint pictures of animals, trees and vegetation on
the walls of caves and dwellings. Then the artists disappeared and new artists emerged

These Neolithic artists created artwork that rarely depicted animals and vegetation.
The depicted their surroundings as barren with ghostly and alien looking images. Most
people claim that these strange looking beings were extraterrestrial visitors to our
earth. However there are new theories that claim that Neolithic artists had to hide in
their caves as the earth went through a magnetic shift. The art reflected a shift in brain
chemistry and a shift in the natural order.
The images on the caves reflected what mankind saw at the time under the electronic
cloud and magnetic pole shift changes that had a lasting effect on the brain chemistry.

Many walls and rocks show that the artists drew what appear to be stick figures of men.
The question that was posed by Talbot and Thornhill was that If they are men, then why
do some of these figures have many arms and legs? Their answer was that they do
not represent men but lightning bolts or sparks coming down from the sky or a plasma
It was during this time that these powers or magnetism were deified by the ancients.
Plasma and lightning would be the power of God. Eventually Jupiter, Zeus, and Thor
were considered the Gods of lightning and thunder. Their symbol was the tree of life.
The spark of life was given from heaven and to the tree that was the called the holy oak
tree. In biblical texts a “flaming sword” or an arc of electricity protected the tree of life
from corruption.
There were also signs of columns of electrically charged clouds. Vortices of fire, and
electrically charged columns of light that danced on the ground, parted the seas and
killed the fish and frogs. Elijah’s vehicle is thought of as a magnetically powerful column
of electrically charged wind. It was seen as a “Shining vesture”, a “Vehicle,” the “key to
the kingdom of Heaven”, and a “Seal” of regeneration. It was a called the whirlwind of
fire, the Infernal Maelstrom, or a Serpent Rope.
This vehicle of magnetically charged air was said to have come down from god. It was
believed to be a doorway to heaven a stairway used to climb to the sun.
It can be said that all life on this planet is here because of the transformation of solar
energy. All that is from light gave us life in abundance on this earth. All vegetation,
animal and human life is magnetically charged. The way we move through time is
calculated by the movements of the sun, the moon and the stars. We live on a planet
that has simple alternation. We know that we live in a world of hot and cold, left and
right, light and dark and a north south polarization. The poles are divided into two
geomagnetic fields. The earth rotates on its axis to create one day and one night.
The rotational phases of the earth are dawn, zenith, twilight and nadir. On a larger scale
we have the equinox and the solstice where the poles are in dawn or twilight and then
both respond to the winter darkness or the summer light. At the North Pole the months
of December through March remain dark. Locales in the northern most places of the
hemisphere have dark winters and in most places the sun does not begin to rise until
the end of January or February.
The synchronistic order of the sun and its appearance in the northern hemisphere
changed on January 11, 2011 or 1/1/11. On a date considered a palindrome, a small
observation in an even smaller town in Greenland was made on that date. After a
dark winter in the northern hemisphere the sun makes its debut in the town of Ilulissat,
Greenland’s most westerly town on January 13th. The villagers were frightened when
they saw the sun rise two days earlier on the 11th.
For the first time in history the sunlight was creeping above the horizon before it was
supposed to. Of course there have been plenty of so called “sober explanations”
as to why this happened. Global warming pundits were saying that the glaciers had
melted changing the horizon. Some were saying the Greenland was sinking or that it
was some sort of optical illusion. There are others who are speculating that there has
been an axial precession. An axial precession is the slow and continuous change in
the orientation of the earth’s rotational axis. The idea is not too farfetched because
precessions have been a common occurrence throughout history.
There have also been stories in the bible and in the Quran about events where the sun
would darken or stand still in one place for days. The book of Joshua in the biblical
canon speaks of an event where the sun had stalled in the sky and also speaks of
another biblical text that was rejected form the biblical canon called the book of Jasher
or in the Hebrew the book of the “upright. “
“And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people had avenged themselves
upon their enemies. Is not this written in the book of Jasher? So the sun stood still
in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day.”—The book of
Joshua Chapter 10:13
Further more in ancient writings the sun standing still is accompanied by stories of the
crossing star or sphere that brings with it a shifting of the seasons and the changing of
the equinoxes. The crossing star or object of great size moves though the constellations
Scorpio, Sagittarius and Libra. The final crossing point is through the constellation
Notice the four constellations spoken of represent the four magnetic phases of the
earth and according to some astrologers can quite literally pose as the four horsemen
of the apocalypse. Ophiuchus represents the pale horse of prophecy and with his
arrival comes pestilence and death. Later he uses the snake to heal the sick and raise
the dead. He is the 13th named house of the Zodiac. He brings with him change and
In the 13th card of the tarot, death rides a pale horse.

As he arrives a King dies, a Pope or Bishop welcomes him and the sun rises between
the temporal towers that represent the changing of time. The temporal towers also
have been interpreted as the sun shining on the New Jerusalem or the new world that
changes as the sun transforms the earth for the new creation cycle.
The flower or the “Ros crux” on the flag of the rider is a representation of healing and
change. The Ros crux can also be depicted as the celestial light cross. The cross in
alchemy is the synonym of light, because any figure of a cross contains the three letters
L V X or LUX. The Rosicrucians believed that light was the menses of the Serpent of
heaven. The serpent of heaven to the ancients was in reality a comet or sphere that
would cross the sky and bleed pure gold from heaven.
From The writings of The Mirror of the Rosy Cross we read of the new crossing star and
its location in heaven during times of change:
“Yea, the Lord God hath already sent before certain messengers, which should
testify his will, to wit, some new stars, which do appear and are seen in the firmament
in Serpentano (Serpentius/Ophiuchus) which signify and give themselves known
to everyone, that they are powerful Signacula (signs) of great weighty matters”.–
Speculum Sophicum Rhodostauroticum
An intriguing story was published in the London Telegraph on January 28th 2011 about
how NASA is tracking a “runaway star.” The massive star is racing at 54,000 mph
through a cloud of dust and gas. NASA used an orbiting observatory called WISE that
sees the sky in infrared light. NASA says that It recorded the star’s yellow arc as its
powerful stellar winds push the gas and dust out of the way.

Astronomers believe the star, labeled Zeta revolved around another star. The uncanny
coincidence is that this runaway star is found in the constellation of Serpentarius
Ophiuchus, but its companion exploded as a violent supernova, flinging Zeta out into
deep space. Zeta Ophiuchi, as it is known, is a very massive hot blue star that is 65,000
times brighter than our own Sun and 20 times its size. It lays 458 light years away and
would appear brighter in the night sky if it were not shrouded by the gas and dust.
Now science will say that these anomalies in space have no effect of consequence on
planet earth. The cynical skeptic will claim that astrology is superstitious nonsense and
that these events in space are akin to perhaps dropping a basketball in the sea and
expecting it to create an eventual tsunami.
However there are those who have written various books on the matter of heavenly
bodies such as asteroids, planets and the moon affecting the magnetic properties of
the earth which eventually creates earthquakes, super storms, floods and volcanic
The sun standing still may be hard to fathom, however changes in planet orbits, axial
precession, wobbles and other anomalies can most certainly change the magnetic field
of the earth and a magnetic correction or even a complete pole shift can change the
way we live and could have in some cases catastrophic effects, any disruptions of the
magnetosphere cold mean disaster for planet earth.
The magnitude 9.3 earthquake that occurred in the Indian Ocean off the coast of
Sumatra in Malaysia on December 26th, 2004 was one of the most devastating quakes
ever recorded. It caused a powerful tsunami which devastated coastal regions of
many countries leaving over 240,000 people either dead or missing. It was declared a
disaster of biblical proportions.
Just 44 hours later, scientists reported that gamma ray telescopes orbiting the Earth
picked up the arrival of the brightest gamma ray burst ever recorded! The Gamma ray
burst (or GRB) finally arrived from deep space on December 27, 2004 at 21 hours 36
minutes (Universal Time) and was 100 times more intense than any burst that had been
previously recorded. It equaling the brightness of the full Moon but radiated most of its
energy at gamma ray wavelengths. The blast temporarily changed the shape the Earth’s
ionosphere, distorting the transmission of long-wavelength radio signals.
Scientists say that the Gamma burst came from an area between Sagittarius and
Scorpio. The same area ancient astrologers had pinpointed as the area of the serpent
bearer Serpentarius or Ophiuchus.
One of the more fascinating theorists of our time was Immanuel Velikovsky. In his book
Worlds in Collision we read about how many myths, religions and cultural traditions
were formed anciently because of a catastrophic event s that are tied to celestial
markers or signs.
Velikovsky wrote highly controversial theory that has been rejected by science that that
anciently, the earth encountered a near collision with the planet Venus, and that in
this near collision, affected the rotation of the Earth in such a manner as to result in the
apparent observation of the sun and moon standing still.
This affected time and quite possibly shaped some of the various ancient religions.
While you can read how many astrologers want to dismiss the “Ophiuchus fad” you
have to consider that something is out there trying to send us a message. It is a
massage of enormous power, something so powerful as to bend the magnetic field of
planet earth.
It’s been a few weeks since a Minneapolis astronomer told a newspaper that the
earth’s spinning axis was wobbling. Parke Kunkle, a board member of the Minnesota
Planetarium Society, said that Earth’s wobbly orbit means it’s no longer aligned with the
stars in the same way as when the signs of the zodiac were first created by the ancient
Babylonians. This sent shockwaves throughout the astrological community because
what Kunkle was saying is that it was time to bring back an old house of the Zodiac that
was rejected.
This rejected house was revealed to be Serpentarius /Ophiuchus. According to Kunkle,
the moon’s gravitational pull over the millennia has created about a “one-month bump”
in the stars’ alignment. This means that the Zodiac needs to be changed in order for it to
create order in the Zodiac. A New Zodiac system that best reflects what is happening
Ground Zero listeners were well aware of Ophiuchus and proposed changes that I
had presented on past shows and in a very remarkable video called AD 2012 The
Forestructuring of the new aeon. The theories expressed in the video were first
presented in 2006, 2007, and in 2010 respectively.
For those not familiar with my show, there was a mild sense of panic and skepticism as
someone had pulled the rug out from under the collective belief system. The changes of
the zodiac created frenzy in people and it was as if they awakened or were distracted.
Who would have guessed that something as trivial as a zodiac sign would have
triggered such hysteria in people?
It has often been theorized that all things in the public narrative are shaped by
religionists and the occultists. Many will argue that politics shape most of our views.
However politics like everything else in this world is shaped on how we view a magical
God and the order of all things in the Universe including the stars, planets and the sun.
Atheists will claim that they are unaffected by God or even superstitious astrology.
To their own folly it needs to be said that in the grand order of things, all of the pieces
fall into play only as the majority dictates. When majorities are governed by leaders
who have faith in various religious backgrounds and other “magic” the culture will reflect
the movements of its leadership.
This has been the case for thousands of years. The way planet earth is affected by
God or the planets and the sun is of great interest in the 21st century. The way the
planet reacts is a reflection of thoughts we harbor in our collective unconscious. We are
resonant beings. We also respond to the electric world around us. The geomagnetic
field is an essential element in the physical makeup of the planet Earth. In recent weeks
it has become evident that there are preparations being made for a remarkable change
in the way we view our way of life here on earth.
There are many people who believe that there will be an event that will confirm the
belief that there may be an extraterrestrial threat, or perhaps the disclosure of alien life
outside of our earth. There are others who eagerly await a “rapture” thinking that Jesus
is coming to suck up all of the true believers into a great cosmic Hoover cleaner leaving
behind the evil people to be crushed by some horrible catastrophe.
No matter how ridiculous you may find these scenarios you have to understand that
many people have these ideas or core beliefs and they are what guide the world. It is
how mankind copes with a world around him that seems to be out of control.
According to the British Geological Survey, we could now be headed into a magnetic
reversal. This would create major change on the planet and very well could be the
reason for the recent bird, fish and cow die offs. The magnetic shift would be the main culprit for the sudden warming and cooling of the climate. The changes have nothing
to do with the political machinations of “carbon emissions” and everything to do with the
poles shifting and where sunlight is distributed on the planet.
I received a message in my Facebook form a listener in Australia asking about the
horrible flooding that is taking place there. Diana Kaiser wrote to me and in her letter
“I write to you in connection with the recent Australian floods. I currently reside in
Australia and as an insider can testify to the effect that these events are out of ordinary
and only can be described as “biblical”. Unfortunately, I was not able to find any
editorials, commentary or interpretation of these events from the perspective of an
alternative media.”
I think that the majority of the alternative media probably hasn’t written anything on the
subject matter because they can’t pin any of this on HAARP or global warming or any
other instant ad-hoc theory they can throw at us like fish to seals.
However if a pole shift were taking place and Australia moves just off from the equator
by smallest of degrees there could be climate upheaval and the changes would show up
in the weather patterns.
On January 17th a huge Snowstorm flattened homes in China. Pakistan experienced
major flooding similar to that of Australia. Storms that have caused massive flooding in
Brazil, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines may create a famine as most of the crops have
been damaged and mass deaths have occurred.
California has had their share of bad weather with six days of a heavy downpour which
prompted Federal Emergency officials to contemplate the possibility of an “ark storm”
scenario. An ark storm is a Mega storm that can occur where water drops in feet not
inches. The storm could produce a 10 foot wall of water that could flood the state from
the Yosemite Valley to the Pacific Ocean.
There was also a report filed in Tampa Florida about how a runway there had to be
renamed because it had literally moved magnetically. While it was pointed at the true
geographical North Pole, it was not aligned with true magnetic north. This is because
the magnetic pole has shifted and pilots were not able to find the runway on their
The magnetic effects have also opened the doors for an increased reporting of strange
phenomena. People are sighting anomalous creatures, an increase of demon sightings,
alien and UFO reports and the sighting of a huge butterfly or bird seen flying over
I also stumbled upon a rare weather anomaly that happened in Argentina. On January
11th, 2011 a strange cloud formed in the sky that at first looked like a Tornado. The
cloud column hovered in the air and remained intact without breaking up. This cloud
was being held together by electricity; the highly electrically charged cloud would not
break up and appeared like the descriptions of the ancients of “Elijah’s Vehicle. A ribbon
of magnetic energy had come up for the earth to hold together this cloud column that
loomed in the sky.
As Velikovsky has pointed out there was a time when man saw things he did not
understand. He would look to the sun for a warning. He would sacrifice his own children
and animals to keep the sun from standing still or keeping the night from remaining.
He would write that the Earth would soon be overwhelmed by a rain of fire or the lands
would sink beneath the waters killing his livestock and his family. Man would see great
demons and beasts and would record their messages of doom.
Unfortunately these messages have been canonized as gospel to the majority of the
faithful. The mark of the beast, Armageddon, The Four Horsemen, The false prophet,
Babylon the great, Falling stars, stinging locusts, giant hailstones, the seven last
plagues, The bottomless pit, The lake of fire. These images of terror and catastrophe
from the book of Revelation have greatly influenced the thinking of millions of Christians
through the ages. Even the secular press is now featuring images of doom and using
phrases such as “Apocalypse” and “Armageddon” to describe calamities in our world.
One of the biggest contradictions in biblical eschatology is that while God has said in
various writings that we live in a world without end there are those who see that the
world will eventually meet its finality.
It is admittedly difficult to step outside of your self destruct programming. Many people
sense that end times may be rapidly approaching. You can call changes in the universe
whatever you wish.
Like the changing of the seasons comes the changing of the earth. We are becoming
more aware of it. The reason is because we have so many people who want to make
what is happening political. That is why we now see that many political leaders have
focused on a disaster capitalist ideal.
They are banking on the idea of a weak eco system, a mentally ill public, and a
militarized enforcing of policies that destroy human rights. There is money to be made
on the suffering of others. There are conversions to be made by implementing the
rituals of end time’s eschatology.
This may be a cynical view of the state of the world but look around you and pay
attention to the news reports. Everywhere you look you see the mental decay of human
beings. With every strange anomaly that takes place on the planet there is always
some theory produced by science that will direct you towards the unfounded idea of
global warming and the popular conspiracy theorists will say that it is part of HAARP or
Chemtrails or even aliens.
The thing that is being overlooked is that the planet is and has always been a hostile
place at times and that perhaps things like HAARP or Chemtrails or even particle
accelerators speed up the process of the earth devouring itself under the bombardment
of electromagnetic tinkering. HAARP or other instruments of chaos may contribute to
these anomalies but I believe that they are not always the direct cause of what is going
In my opinion it is more than just some propaganda of climate change. It is far more
complex than HAARP or Chemtrails. It is all part of the organization of the cycles of the
Universe. It is part mystical and part scientific.
The cataclysmic cycles of time have been written about in various books of antiquity
and have given us the impression that mankind was at the mercy of the elements and
that they would pay attention to the changes and realized that the movement of the
earth was based in its relationship with the sun and the other planets.
Today this is dismissed as superstition, but these superstitions are programmed within
each of us and the solution to the quieting of the sun and the planet has always been an
infusion of blood and sacrificial rite.
Throughout history blood has always flowed in rituals devoted to our sun gods. The
basis of most religious faiths is always mixed in blood rituals of some kind. There is a
manner of shedding blood which has been deemed reverent, and another mode which
is profane. We probably don’t even realize that this is our reality. The earth can be a
violent place and it has always passed away ritualistically through water, fire, and blood.
Ancient History clearly attests these truths.
The historical narrative has always spoken of cruel acts of bloodshed, blood stained
altars with offerings to the sun in order to keep the planet from being torn apart. The
shaking and volcanic activity frightened the primitive man and this is how he would
cope with such anomalies. The shedding of blood and the fear of the end times has not
escaped us in the 21st century and as we can see the earth has now shown that it can
be a very harsh mistress.
The cycles of death, healing and resurrection have been the basis for religions and
mythologies for centuries. Symbols and stories from great serpents to dragons have
often been defined as healing symbols and now we have been told that the symbology
of the great serpent holder is to be recognized in the Zodiac.
There are other ancient symbols that also represent the solar revolution that is sealed
in blood such as the serpent eating its tail. This symbol is known as the Ouroboros.
The Ouroboros is the sigil of alchemy and the satanic symbol of Leviathan, or the great
beast of primal chaos.
The serpent locked on its tail represents immobility and yet coils around the earth
demonstrating perpetual movement. It represents the confusing message of your end
being your beginning, your disintegration becoming reintegration. It is death before the
spark of creation. It is believed to be the representation of the grand eternal cycle. To
some it can represent blasphemy.
All of the signs and sigils are remarkable oracles to identify with. They create a feeling
inside of all of us. It is something that is buried deep in the unconscious mind. When
we hear of catastrophe we somehow are triggered into the idea that things are breaking
down and that we are headed for our extinction.
Most of the time, what we feel as a sudden catastrophe is merely the breaking point of
disaster, easily seen and easily foretold by those who have witnessed the patterns and
have noted the steps that have been carried out in order for the chaos to transpire. It is
wise to take a deep breath and try and understand just what the universe is trying to tell
you when some crisis happens.
There are also subtle changes that you are not even aware of, that you can’t even see
that also affect you. They may not impress you at first and there will be many people
who will write them off as products of an overactive imagination. People tend to ignore
things until they become religious dogma or political agenda. This in my opinion is
dangerous. The codependency on governments and religions to tell you how to react to
these anomalies is tantamount to a zombie like complacency.
The mixture of religion, politics and science is all in the plan to develop an umbrella of a
new religious movement, a universal construct for whatever new plans are lurking in the
shadows. Plans that are meant to lead you into making choices you would not normally
The elite are using eschatology and the threat of final judgment as a weapon to further
their control over a world that does not take the time to uncover the conspiracy that
hides the keys to occult or hidden knowledge.
Most people seem to think that they know when they are being manipulated even
though the lines have blurred and our satisfaction wanes. We seem to want something
more; we lack contentedness and wonder if we are truly living in the end times.
All signs point to the possibility that perhaps we will all succumb to some extinction
level event. These signs could also be misinterpreted. I am excited to be living in times
where the earth is showing its miraculous power.
These times are the interesting times. They are the times to learn new things and above
all live as of every day as if it were your last. We should live and love as if we would
never have that opportunity again.
Finally, as I was preparing for my weekly show I received an instant message. One of
my listeners had said “We should let the world end. Humans deserve everything they
get; they have abused planet earth enough.” I wrote back and said “Okay do you want
to be the first to go?”
Of course he did not reply.

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