Skeptics argue that abduction cases now have a readymade template because of publications such as “Communion” by Whitley Streiber, “Fire in the sky” by Travis Walton and several X-files episodes. While the standard profile is in the public consciousness, we may be witnessing a repetitive scenario of Alien infestation, obsession, and possession of humans. With all of the conditioning mechanisms in place that indicate that an alien threat has arrived, perhaps we need to be careful. It is argued that people can’t be too safe these days. So in order to prevent an unwanted intruder you take all of the necessary precautions. With security alarms and deadbolt locks you can crawl into bed and tuck yourself in knowing that you are safe from harm.

For thousands of people however no lock or alarm can keep the other demoniac intruders of the night from entering the home. They are able to use forces that are alien to humans. Forces that are unexplainable and can tear you away without warning. These intruders drag you away, you are powerless to resist and you end up in an unknown terrifying place. Then you are subjected to a humiliating series of surgical procedures and invasive experimentation.
After you are returned to your home, you try to cope with the idea of being violated and you continue to have flashes of recall and you fear that this is not the last time you will see these invaders. Chances are it won’t be. There are also chances that the intruders may look in on other family members and subject them to the same abuse.
It’s all too familiar to investigators who know about something known as CE-4. Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind where a “contactee” or “expieriencer” is kidnapped, abused, and experimented upon by unknown abductors.
According to some surveys nearly 2% of Americans believe that some strange intruder has abducted them. The abduction scenarios read like a recipe in most cases and there is also the same amount of people within the set of reported cases that are determined to be psychotic or delusional. The fact is that not every case is a true abduction case. This does not mean however that the phenomenon is not happening.
The handful of accounts that have no explanation are horrifying and deserve investigation. If this kind of kidnapping and torture was carried out by a human agency there would be a consensus demand for an investigation into who or what was responsible. Since such a small amount of people claim that these events are happening, governments have not investigated them.
There has also been the theory that world governments are involved with the abduction processes and that perhaps a collusion with aliens exists or the most horrifying of all, humans are carrying out these experiments and using the alien stories as a cover. After all, an “alien” would not be able to stand trial for these crimes against humanity. Abductees were claiming for many years that invasive procedures were being used for some higher purpose and that DNA was being sequenced in order to study humans. The invasive procedures included the removal of sperm, Ova, DNA, and human fetuses.
Abductees for many years were saying that they have seen firsthand that these aliens were able to extract sperm and ova from them but many claimed that they saw clones of themselves and clones of several other mammals in labs that were on ships. Many abductees made claims that the aliens were using their DNA to replicate alien hybrids. These cases were best known and heard in the late sixties, early seventies and eighties.
While we argued their validity in the 1990’s it is evident that in the beginning of the 21st century things like cloning is a reality and DNA sequencing has been going on in order to map the human genome. Were the abductees telling the truth and were all of the cases truly alien abduction or some other experiences meant to duplicate the template or profile that had been suggested by the mainstream media?
It is becoming more and more evident that what was considered fabricated prophecy 20, even 40 years ago is beginning to transpire.
That the tales of DNA sequencing, hybrid cloning and various other alien prophecies and so called sciences are appearing now , seemingly out of nowhere. Also diseases of all kinds are showing up and people are becoming resistant to other diseases. Is this evidence of alien contact with humans?
It can be eerily similar to what happened to the early inhabitants of the Americas when the Spaniards brought smallpox to the New World. When a new breed enters an unexplored region they bring with them new customs, new behaviors, mixed breeding, and disease.
All of this is debatable but think of all the things that have turned up in the past 20 or so years. While you are at it, think of when the first abduction case was reported in the modern era and then do the calculating.
Since the first reported incident of abduction from the Betty and Barney Hill case in 1961, we have heard the stories of needle like probes, DNA sampling, sperm removal, and ova removal. Why would aliens want this? Then came other stories that were similar however there were variations such as aliens having sexual intercourse with humans and women bearing alien children. Then came the histories of genealogical abduction where visitors came by from time to time to look in on other family members. We learned that the majority of abduction cases seem to be multigenerational. This has been documented keeping a family secret of the abuses of nightly intrusions where husbands are forced to watch wives being abused, and brothers and sisters are marched side by side into strange craft and are tested and sampled. They are experimented upon and are used as examples so that the hybrid offspring can lean to be more human.
Skeptics would like to believe that all the experiences are psychotic episodes and suggested memories. Then came the accounts of abductees claiming that they had alien twins and clones of themselves on board. Also alien hybrid children started becoming the focus as with the case of Katharina Wilson, the author of the “Alien Jigsaw.”
While many argue that nothing is happening it may be prudent to point out that in the 50 or so years since it was alleged that the earth had been accidentally visited by extra terrestrials at Roswell in 1947 and since the so called abduction phase of the alleged mythology, there has been a transformation of the earth and its inhabitants. It can be argued that time can change everything; however it was alleged by abductees and expieriencers that the aliens themselves warned us of global catastrophes and cataclysms.
It was the aliens who allegedly experimented on our animals and plant life. It was the aliens that conducted intrusive and horrific experiments on humans. It was the aliens that were cloning. It was the aliens that were mixing species and creating mutations. It was the aliens who predicted that we would see the results of our meddling with powers that would eventually destroy us.
So, in order to see the future and wonder if all of the abductees were fabricating their stories let’s look at the track record of what has happened in the nearly 50 years of the abduction phenomenon:
– HIV and AIDS have appeared virtually out of nowhere
– Bacterial infections that cannot be cured with antibiotics
– Morgellon’s Disease a malady that has been called the “alien disease” where victims have fibrous wounds that seem to regenerate and kill healthy cells.
– Cancer rates have increased.
– Mad Cow disease appears out of nowhere. Researchers have spoken of cattle mutilation and its alien heritage, could there be a connection?
Alien behavior in humans is present with the rise in pedophilia and violent acts committed by children. Sexual drives are diminishing in healthy males. Sterility is on the rise. Infertility is rising in a number of women. New forms of birthing procedures are becoming rapidly available. Cloning is now a reality.
Suicides are on the rise, UFO Sightings and paranormal phenomenon is being reported by more people now than ever before. Increased drug treatments for anxiety attacks and panic. Also people complaining of stomach and intestinal distress and headaches. Psychotropic drugs are being used to make children more passive, Governments using ignorance to cover up truths. Religions being corrupt and police forces corrupted as well.
Use an open mind and ask yourself if there needs to be proof of an alien threat? Ask yourself why this has happened in a relatively short time. Ask yourself why this happens to generations, to children and families?
The tampering that we have talked about is still going on today as it did in the times of Noah, and during the times of creation. Think about it. Do you need proof of an alien infestation and possible human tinkering and possession that has been talked about for nearly 6 decades ? Circumstantial evidence indicates that the abduction scenarios are very real and lead to episodes of fear, paranoia, psychosis, and even death.
When a whole planet is consumed physically, spiritually, or mentally the future is evident.

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